Serious Friends

An Orginal Fanfic Series by: LiSa

Alright so here's another alternative FRIENDS world. These are episodes that I would have liked to have seen. However I didn't bother waiting for the writers to go and write them. The series isn't finished yet, I have to write a Joey story. That's what it is, you see. Each Friend, bar Ross and Rachel who share a story, get a main plot. The first is Friends or Lovers, a Chandler story. I got fed up with seeing Chandler either never get a girlfriend, or when he did dump her for some stupid reason. So I figured that there was something in his past, that made him the way he is. That's were Liana came from.   Change the backstory and I guess you could say she could be Kathy. Monica's story is The Wedding, Ross and Rachel share Lobster Love, and Phoebe has Baby Love. As for Joey who knows what inspiration will strike me. I'd like to point out that although Liana has moved in Monica's apartment, she is NOT a replacement for Monica. Pete and Liana are the seventh and eighth friends, because our favorite sitcom characters can't be stuck in a time warp forever. I hope you like the stories.

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