Friends or Lovers?

An Orginal Fanfic by: LiSa

A Blast from the Past

Chandler looked at his watch, and taped his foot impatiently; the girl behind the counter was taking forever. He looked around the convince store and his eyes fell on a young woman who was crouching over by the magazine rack. He felt his heart beat faster as he noted her style of clothing, baggy and scruffy yet stylish. Her saw that her hair was long, straight and black, coming down just past her shoulders and it shone under the store lights. Looking at her brought back memories, memories of the happiest days of his life.

'Liana?' he thought 'could it be you?'

"Sir," came a loud nasal voice, with a thick Long Island accent. Chandler turned and looked at the cashier.

"Yes?" he asked a little disorientated. The cashier gave him as look which indicated that she had the same fondness for him as she did for the dirt of the ground beside him.

"You're order is ready" she said and handed him a bag containing his roll and apple. Chandler nodded and the paid the cashier. Then he turned around and looked around the store for the young woman he'd been looking at. He saw her, standing with her back to him over by the sweet section, he started towards her but changed direction when she turned around. Chandler was crushed, there was no way this girl was Liana, mainly because of the fact that she Asian and Liana had been of Irish descent. He shook his head and walked out of the shop. He couldn't believe it had been almost eight years and he still looked for her wherever he went. He shook his head and went on his way back to the office, knowing the mistake he had made back in college was one that he still regretted and he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Later that day, Ross stepped into a bookstore on his way to Central Perk to meet the others. In one hand he carried a book with ragged edges. He'd only had the book for two months but he'd read it five times or more.

It was a book by a new author called Elizabeth Hanson, and she was signing copies in the store that day. He joined the long line and settled in for a wait. He opened the book and started reading. He figured the reason he liked the book so much was because there were a lot of characters who reminded him of people he knew, also it was new and fresh plot that didn't follow the old rules for a spy novel. He could swear that one of the characters, an old boyfriend of the heroine was Chandler's alter ego, there was also a character that reminded Ross of himself. Ross realized suddenly that he had read the first two chapters and was at the top of the line.

"Uh Hi" he said to the woman who was sitting at the table. Ross looked at her and felt as if he knew her. Her small eyes, and large mouth and wide nose where an unusual combination but one that fitted together to form a beautiful face.

He noticed that she was looking at him in a strange way too.

"I'm sorry," she said as if coming out of a trance "I have the strangest sense that I know you"

"Me too," said Ross "but I don't know anyone by the name of Elizabeth Hanson"

"Wait!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together "You're Ross Geller!"

"Yes, but who are you?"

"I'm Liana Ahern, remember from college. I was best friends with you old girlfriend Carol Willick" she said and stood up. Ross was shocked, as he finally recognized the face of the girl, who was now a woman, that he had spent almost a year and half of his life talking and chatting with. Liana came around the table and hugged him.

"Oh my god it been so long" she said into his ear. Ross nodded; it had been almost eight years.

"I know" he said and returned her hug. Liana pulled back after the embrace and looked at him, shaking her head.

"You have changed so much!" she said

"So have you"

"You've matured from a cute guy in a handsome man, Geller" she said and looked at him. Ross didn't know what to say.

"We..ll you know..." he started

"Listen," interrupted Liana "I have to finish the signing, but lets meet up at my apartment later tonight to talk" She walked around to the other table and picked up a pen. She took the book that Ross had been holding and scribbled a note on the front. Then she handed the book back to him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"This is so great" she said as she sat back at the desk, "I'll see you tonight"

"Su..sure" said Ross and walked back along the line towards the door and out onto the street. He opened the book and started to read the inscription:

Dear Ross

So great to see the nicest guy in the world again, I'll see you tonight and you'll bring some of the old times back into my life and we'll have some new times. It'll be fun

Love ya!


After that followed her address. Ross closed the book and smiled to himself. He made his way off towards the village and Central Perk to meet the others. Liana was right this would be fun.

Old and new flames alight!

Ross walked into Central Perk and sat down next to Monica. He nudged her and she looked up.

"Hey Ross" she said and turned back to her magazine, Ross nudged her again.

"What is it?" she said not looking up from her magazine.

"Where Chandler, I have something to tell him"

"No idea, did you know that Pete raised my salary again?" Monica said with a frown.

"God what a dog, and I suppose the fact that he wants to marry you bites too" Ross said

"But he won't give up that stupid competition" She said and shook her head.

"What if he did?"

"Then I'd have some serious thinking to do" Monica said and leant forward to take a sip of her coffee. The door to Central Perk flew opened and in came Phoebe and Joey arguing loudly.

"How could he ask you out?" Joey practically shouted, Phoebe shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know he said I had the right look," she said

"But he's the director"

"Well stuff happens Joey" Phoebe said "Hey there's Ross, ROSS! How are you?" Phoebe ran over and sat down beside Ross and hid behind his shoulder as Joey sat down in a huff. Monica looked up from her magazine at Joey.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Well" said Joey, and gave Phoebe a dirty look "I brought Phoebe along with me cause she'd been helping me learn my lines, anyway we get there and she's reading with me, and out of nowhere the director appears, asks to talk to and ba boom, Phoebe's dating him"

"What's so bad about that, I mean he's just your director " Monica said, and Phoebe nodded. Joey gave her another dirty look and she ducked behind Ross again.

"Itís just...its just I mean she shouldn't be going out with guys she doesn't know" Joey said and got up and stormed into the bathroom.

"Do you think he's still mad?" asked Phoebe.

Just then Chandler arrived, and came over and sat down in the chair Joey had just vacated.

"Hi Chandler" Ross said "Guess who I saw today"

"A gnome riding a bicycle" was Chandler's reply, Ross shook his head and it was on the tip of his tongue to tell him, when he changed his mind. Why should he tell Chandler? After all he had dumped Liana.

"Actually you're right" said Ross.

"For once" Monica said with out looking up from her magazine.

Chandler gave Ross a strange look and went over to the counter to get a cup of coffee.

Later on that evening Ross stood in front of the Liana's apartment, holding a bottle of wine. He gathered himself together, and knocked. There was the sound of footsteps inside, and then Liana opened the door, wearing a stunning red-dress.

"Ross!" she cried and hugged him, "Come in" Ross followed her into the stylishly decorated and spacious living room. He smiled knowingly; everything was reflective of Liana's tastes, which hadn't changed in the past years.

"Oh wine!" Liana exclaimed and took the bottle from him. She went into the kitchen and Ross heard the opening and closing of cupboard doors as he sat down on the large and squashy blue sofa. Liana emerged from the kitchen carrying the opened bottle of wine and two glasses. She set them down on the coffee table and sat down, close to Ross. She filled the two glasses and handed him one of them. "So Ross" she said settling back into the sofa "tell me everything"

Two hours and three bottles of wine later, Ross was finishing off telling Liana about his break-up with Rachel and the decision he'd had to make several months earlier.

"You know Ross" Liana said and edged a little closer to Ross, "I've always thought you were the sweetest guy" She placed her hand on his knee and Ross looked at it and gulped. He didn't know what to do, he'd had a crush on her in college but she'd been with Chandler. Now, well now things were different he concluded.

"You know Liana" He said and looked at her, smiling "You've become very sexually aggressive" Liana smiled and leaned in close.

"I always went after what I wanted" she said and kissed him. Ross returned the kiss, and wrapped his arms around her shoulder. He leaned back against the couch and she leaned forward. Then there was a shrill knocking at the door.

"Crap" liana said and pulled back, she smoothed her dress and went over to the door and answered it. There stood and tall, blonde woman in tears.

"Its over between me and Alan, we're getting a divorce" she said and burst into tears. Liana wrapped her arms around her.

"Ahh Alli don't cry, come on in" She said and led her friend inside. Liana brought Alli into the kitchen and sat her down at the table, and then she came outside.

"I'm sorry," she said to Ross who was all ready getting ready to leave.

"It's alright, I understand"

"I thought you would" she said and followed him to the door. She opened it for him and he walked through and stopped.

"How about we go out tomorrow or the next day?" he said, Liana nodded.

"Tomorrow eight, you can pick me up here" She said and kissed him on the cheek, the she closed the door and Ross went on his way.

A Tangled Web

Joey looked up from learning his lines as he heard Phoebe's familiar voice. He tried to clear his head, and concentrate but the laughter of the director Michael, and his friend was hard to block. Joey could hear the pair of them making plans and he wondered why their relationship was bothering him so much. He focused on his lines, trying hard to learn them. The language was so complex in this play. Words such as extrovert and utilitarian flew right over his head.

"Hey Joey"

Joey looked up to see Phoebe sitting on the side of his chair and he smiled.

"Hi Pheebs"

"What'cha doin'?" she asked

"No much"

"Listen, Michael is off doing his director thingy and I thought I come over here and talk to you" Phoebe said and then added coyly "and ask if he talks about me at all?" Joey was about to tell her that he hadn't actually heard Michael mention Phoebe's name since they'd started going out a couple of days before.

However when he saw the looked of expectation on Phoebe's face he just knew he couldn't disappoint her.

"Oh yeh, all the time, he hasn't shut up about you, to tell the truth itís a little annoying" Joey told

"Really?" Phoebe said and smiled happily. Joey nodded and she hugged him.

"This is so great" she said " I so like this guy, and our Karma's just mix great" She hopped up off the chair and bounced from left to right.

"I have to go tell Mon and Rachel!" she said and skipped away her long skirt flowing behind her. Joey watched her go, then shook his head and turned back to his lines.

Ross looked at his watch and cursed. He was going to be late to meet Liana, he knew how much she hated lateness, back in college it was all she and Chandler ever really fought about. Chandler who had to work late and therefore would not be coming to the dinner tonight, at which he was going to introduce Liana to the others. He still hadn't told Chandler he was dating the only girl apart from Janice who he'd had gone out with for more than six weeks. Two years was a lot longer than six weeks. Frankly Ross didn't know how, Chandler would react and didn't want to chance it. Liana was the first woman since Rachel whom he'd actually had strong feelings for and he didn't want to mess it up. No, Chandler and Liana would have to stay in the dark about the fact that they were so close to each for the first time in eight years.

Chandler took a break from the WENUS and sat back into the chair. He was glad he was almost finished, he hadnít expected to be. Now he'd be able to go out with the others for dinner tonight. And didn't Ross say he'd be bring his new girlfriend? Chandler was surprised that Ross was being so secretive about her, he didn't seem to want anyone to meet her. Oh well, tonight they'd all get to see her. Chandler was about to go back to work, when stopped and opened his desk draw. He pulled out a small snapshot of a young girl with long black hair, and unusual features.

"Liana" he said and ran his hand across her face "I'm sorry"

Monica wiped her forehead with her sleeve as she stirred the steaming pot of bolounese. Why she always had to do these things herself was a mystery to her. After all she had five assistant chefs underneath her and most of the time all they did was stand around looking bored. She shook her head and then pushed back a stray strand of hair that fell into her eyes. She looked over at Mario, he was Italian, and heíd do a good job.

"Mario" she said to the sleepy young man who was leaning against on of the counters. Almost instantly he snapped to attention.

"Yes Ms. Geller" he said.

"Do this sauce, Please" She said and the stunned Mario almost ran over to her and took the wooden spoon and started stirring. Monica looked at her staff and decided that she'd have to trust them sometime.

"Iga, will you check the fish and then prepare the vegetables, Andre look after the potatoes, Alison watch those burgers and Henry start on the chicken"

The four assistant chefs sprung into action and Monica watched them and smiled. They'd do fine, and if they didn't she'd make sure they did next time. She removed her apron and hung it on a hook on the wall. She swept back her hair and went into her office. She collapsed into her chair and put her head down on the table. She was really tired; she'd just have a little rest. She didn't realize she had fallen asleep until knock on her door woke her up.

"Come in" she said without raising her head. The door opened and in walked Pete.

"Hey Mon" he said, and she looked up and gave him a weak smile. Pete came over at sat down on off the chairs at her desk.

"Mon..." he said

"The answer is still no"

"I'm giving up the Ultimate Fighting Championship"

Monica's head whipped up.

"What!" she exclaimed.

"I'm giving it up, for you"

"Oh god, if this is a dream"

"Its definitely not, I was crazy before, but now I'm not" Pete said and standing up, walked around the table and kissed her.

Rachel looked up from her book, when she heard the door. She got up and went over, tucking her hair behind her head. She opened the door, and there was Ross with his new girlfriend, Liana something or other.

"Hey Ross" she said and gave him a hug. "Hey Rach, this is Liana"

"Hi" said Liana and offered her hand. Rachel shook it and looked her over.

Well at least she was respectable looking. Ross took Liana's hand and led her inside.

"Boy this is a nice apartment," Liana said gazing around the living room.

"Yeh, Monica decorated it"

"Monica's you little sister, right Ross? I think I met her once, about ten years ago, she was chubby, small but pretty," Liana said to Ross.

"Yeh that's Monica, except now she's small, thin and really pretty" said Rachel. Liana smiled, and sat down on the couch.

"Well if you ever want to sell it let me know" Liana said.

Rachel looked at Ross and saw that he had gone very pale.

"Are you okay Ross?" She asked

"Yes" He managed to gasp. Liana looked at him concerned.

"Are you sure you look pale"

"No, No I'm fine"

Liana nodded and turned back to Rachel. She starred at her long and hard, and Rachel began to shift under her gaze.

"I'm Sorry" said Liana "I could swear I knew you"

"Really?" said Rachel

"Wait, did your nose use to be bigger?" Liana asked, Rachel reddened slightly and nodded.

"That's it!" Liana exclaimed and clapped her hands together "You're that girl in the picture, the picture Ross used to carry around in his wallet"

Rachel smiled and looked at Ross who was adverting his gaze.

"Well I never knew that" Rachel said.

"Aren't you lucky" Liana said to Ross "You got your dream girl, too bad your were stupid and slept with someone else"

"It was a big mistake," said Ross, nodding his head in agreement.

Suddenly the door burst open and in ran Monica.

"I'm getting married" she screamed, Rachel jumped up.



"Oh my GOD" said Rachel and jumped over the couch and ran to Monica and hugged her. Ross stood up and looked at Liana, she motioned for that it was okay and he ran over and hugged the pair of them.

"This is so great!" Liana said and watched the three of them hugging. She looked around and saw the bathroom, and went over and walked in, wanting to leave to three alone and she also had to go to the toilet.

Ross looked up from hugging Monica in time to Chandler walk in.

"Oh God No!" he said, and almost fainted.

An Angry Head

Chandler grinned at Monica and Rachel and Ross in a group hug, and leaned against the doorframe.

"I thought I told you not to play with the super glue," he said. Ross and Monica and Rachel let go of each other, and Monica ran forward and hugged Chandler.

"Pete and I are getting married!" she told him.

"Really! Thatís so Great Mon!" Chandler said as they hugged. Rachel looked at Ross and then hugged him.

"Liana must be feeling left out" Rachel said and turned to look at the couch.

Ross didn't want to look and was hoping that Chandler wouldn't stay.

"That's strange I wonder where she's gone" Rachel said.

"WHAT?" Ross said and turned around.

"Who?" asked Monica, who had realized Chandler from her hug.

"Liana, Ross' new girlfriend" Rachel said "Wait Chandler maybe you know her, didn't you to go to college together Ross?" Ross wasn't listening to Rachel he was staring at the bathroom door, hardly breathing, and his skin white as snow. There was the sound of the toilet flush, and the door started to open.

"Ross.." Chandler said, his voice sounding like that of a scolding teacher.

"What?" Ross said and turned to look at Chandler.

"How many Liana's did you know from col.." Chandler stopped right in the middle of his sentence as Liana walked out of the bathroom and over to Ross, taking his hand. She looked at Rachel and smiled, then Monica, and finally her eyes fell on Chandler and her smile changed to shock. She blinked her eyes a couple of times, and then wiped them with her sleeve. Then she shook her head as if trying to clear her vision, and then she looked again. Chandler was still there.

"Hello Chandler" she said, her voice unreadable.

"Liana..You're Ross' date?" Chandler said, his voice a little shaky. Liana nodded, Chandler looked at Ross then walked out of the room.

"Chandler!" Ross called and went after him.

"What was that about?" Rachel asked Liana.

"Itís a long story"

A Huge Mistake

June 1st, 1989

Liana Ahern whistled along to the Beatles tape on her Walkman. They were still the best group in the world, she thought to herself as she looked over her college yearbook, one she had helped to produce. This would be her last though; this was her last day of her last week of college. Her Finals were over, and classes were finished. She looked up at the tall buildings of the campus that surrounded her. Four years, she spent here, four years of studying, partying and falling in love. She'd never been away from Ireland for so long, but she now felt that New York was her new home. After all the people she loved most in the world were here.

Someone tipped her shoulder and Carol Willick, Liana's best friend and one of those people, sat down beside her. Liana stopped the tape and removed her headphones. Carol smiled happily and Liana grinned back at her. Both girls had reason to be happy. They were both leaving college and going into the world for the first time,

Carol and her boyfriend Ross Geller were going to be moving in together soon, and Liana and her boyfriend Chandler Bing were getting along just fine. Liana thought it funny that she and Carol, best friends were dating best friends. She thought it even funnier that Carol had intended to date Chandler and Liana had wanted Ross. Carol had thought that Chandler was effeminate, she'd always liked that in a man, whereas Liana had thought that

Ross' tall, dark and charming look was more her style. In the end Ross' kindness and understand had wooed Carol, while Chandler's wit and warped sense of humor had hooked Liana, and so for the past two years, the four had been almost inseparable, while Ross and Carol were in fact inseparable as were Liana and Chandler. Now Ross and Carol were moving in together, and Liana and Chandler were going to go on as they had, for now.

"Liana" said Carol and broke Liana's reminiscent mood.


"Are you coming back to the dorm to get ready for tonight?"

"Yeh sure" said Liana and stood up, stretching her legs.

"Isn't this great?" Carol said "We're leaving college and we're in love"

"Yeh, It is great isn't it, and it'll get better too" Liana said, and they too started in the direction of their dorms.

Chandler tapped nervously on his coffee cup, and looked at Ross, who was talking away, however Chandler was not listening. Chandler was too engrossed in his own problem, how was he going to get out of moving in with Liana. It wasn't officially definite, but Chandler knew she expected it. After all hadn't she been so pleased about Carol and Ross' decision? He knew that's what she wanted, and he wanted to give it to her but he didn't know if he could. He scratched the back of his head, and sipped some more coffee.

He was feeling like a caged bird, and he was getting desperate. He just knew if he and Liana moved into together that it would all end badly. He would do something stupid to mess it up, and he didn't want to do that to Liana.

Maybe it would be better if they just broke up now; it would spare them a lot of heartbreak and sorrow. Well it would save Liana a lot; Chandler would still be devastated.

"So I'm going to ask Carol to marry me" Ross finished.

"WHAT?" Chandler exclaimed finally paying attention.

"I'm going to ask Carol to marry me" Ross repeated.

"Great" Chandler said, and took a gulp of his coffee. That settled it, now

Ross and Carol were getting married, Liana would assume that was the next step for them, and there was no way that Chandler was ready for that. After all hadn't his parent's got married right out of college and look where his dad had left his mom, and him. No, it was best to end it now, no matter how painful and spare Liana, rather than have her turn out like his mother, unable to trust any man. She'd have a new life, and Chandler was sure that after about ten or twenty years he'd be able to have one too. It was just going to be hard, really hard to watch her walk out of his life forever.

Later that night after the College leaver Ball, Liana, Carol, Ross and Chandler were celebrating Ross and Carol's engagement.

"Here's to the best friends in world" Liana toasted and they all clinked glasses. Everyone's mood was light and festive, everyone except Chandler's. He was dreading what he was going to do. Ross and Carol kissed and moved closer together. Chandler looked at Liana and she nodded. She leaned over and whispered in his ear "I think we should leave them alone". Chandler nodded and stood up, Carol and Ross didn't even notice. Liana and Chandler walked out of the bar.

"So where now?" asked Chandler

"Show me your new apartment" Liana said "So I'll know how to get there"

So they walked towards the village, where the apartment that Chandler had leased the week before with help from his mother. Chandler felt Liana's hand slip into his and then she took his arm with her other hand. "Its beautiful tonight, isn't it?" she said and lay her head on his shoulder, as they walked along. She was so happy; everything was perfect.

Here she was with her first love in every way, walking along in New York City, ready to start her adult life. Chandler glanced over at her and felt his stomach turned in knots and his heart wrench. She was so beautiful; she wouldn't be alone for long. He still didn't understand why she was with him, she could probably have anyone she wanted, and she would. He stopped in the middle of the street, and she lifted her head from his shoulder. He would have to do it here, because he couldn't have her in his new apartment, because if it had any trace of her it would drive him insane. She looked at him and smiled, but he avoided her eyes.

"Chandler, is something wrong?" she asked, and he had to look at her.

"I've been thinking, Well I've decided that" the words stuck in his throat, and he gulped and swallowed, and closed his eyes. He felt her squeeze his hand, as if to help him, support him.

"Tell me" she said softly. He took in a deep breath, and opened his eyes and looked right at her.

"I don't think we should see each other anymore" he blurted out. Liana dropped his hand and stepped back. Chandler couldn't look at her, and stared at the ground and so he didn't see the hurt in her eyes and the tears starting to well.

"Really?" she asked; trying to keep her voice steady, though she felt her world was about to collapse.

"Yeh," he said and kicked at the ground "I think that now, starting a new life, we should be able to try everything new, like new sports, and jobs and friends, and lovers"

"Sure, if you think"

"I mean" Chandler went on "We have to experience what it like to be with other people, I mean you've only ever slept with me, and I've only ever slept with you, so we shouldn't limit our horizons" Liana's lower lip trembled and she had to bite it. A single tear rolled down her cheek, and she wiped it away, she wouldn't let him see her cry, she'd be strong, for now.

"You're right," she said and stepped away from him "I guess this is goodbye"

"Yeh" Chandler said and finally looked up, and Liana gave him a brave smile that he returned. She stretched out her hand for him to shake and he took it.

"Goodbye Chandler Bing" She said as they shook, then she let go of his hand, turned and walked off into the darkness, off towards the apartment that she'd picked to start her new life in. Chandler watched her go, his heart falling apart.

"Goodbye Liana" he said, and then went on his lonely way.

A Week later, Chandler stood in front of the door to her new apartment. In his pocket was a small black box with a ring in it, and in his heart was a lifetime of regret. He knocked on the door and waited. He'd been so foolish, and stupid and he'd thrown away the only person he cared about.

He wasn't his father; he wouldn't make the same mistakes. Now he was going right the mistake he made the week before when he'd told Liana he didn't want to see her anymore. He'd been lying, he wanted to see her for the rest of his life, and it had just taken him a week to realize it. There were footsteps and Chandler readied himself to beg for Liana's forgiveness and ask her to take him back, to be his forever. The door opened and a tall black man stood there.

"Yes, can I help you?" he asked, Chandler took a step back.

"Is Liana there?" Chandler asked.

"Who's Liana?"

"The girl who lives here" Chandler said, and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Is that the pretty white girl with the long black hair?" the man asked.

Chandler nodded. The man shook his head.

"She moved out a few days ago, I was moving in while she was leaving. She said she was going back home to her parents in Ireland," The man said.


"She's gone to Ireland, said she was never coming back" Chandler looked at him then turned and ran, down the stairs out into the street. He was breathing hard, and panicking. What had he done? She was gone, gone and he'd never see her again. He felt like hitting his head against the wall, he'd been so stupid. He took the black box out of his pocket and opened it and looked at the ring inside. He'd been such an idiot, and now she'd never see this ring. He'd made a mistake, and he'd pay for it forever. Chandler knew that he'd never be able to let her go he'd never move on with his life. He didn't want to commit to anyone else; he wouldn't commit to anyone else. He closed the box and put the ring back in his pocket. When he got home, he'd put the ring away somewhere, to remind him of his mistake. No woman would ever be as wonderful as Liana, and no one could take her place. He shook his head, he'd never tell Ross, what had happened today. He'd never tell anyone, let them think that he didn't care. It didn't matter if they knew, Liana was gone, and he didn't want to look anymore of a fool then he already was.

The Turning Point

"Chandler" Ross said and put his hand on the door so Chandler couldn't close it. He pushed in, sending Chandler flying into the fridge door. Ross came in and closed the door behind him.

"Go away Ross, I don't want to talk to you" Chandler said still pressed against the fridge. Ross put his hand on Chandler's shoulder and pulled him back. Chandler wouldn't look at him and started towards his bedroom.

"Will you stop, we need to talk" Ross said. Chandler stopped dead in his tracks, and put his hand on one of the leather chairs. He turned slowly and looked at Ross, his eyes wide.

"Alright, you want to talk, lets start with this How the Hell could you do this to me?" Chandler said, his voice accusing. Ross shifted uncomfortably.

"Itís been eight years man" he said "and you dumped her"

"I made a mistake okay, a very big one" Chandler said, whacking the chair

"Don't think I don't know what a fool I was when I let her go, I've known for eight years"

"But it was eight years ago" Ross said

"Yeh, well I still think about her everyday, I still remember what a idiot I was, throwing her away cause I was afraid" Chandler said and went and sat down on one of the chairs, then swung around and looked at Ross.

"You never told me" Ross said, and sat down on one off the stools by the counter.

"Yeh, well I never told you I went to her new apartment a week after we broke up, I never told you how I wanted her back, how I had a ring to give her. I never told you that she was gone, gone back to her parent's in Ireland" Chandler said and picked at his coat.

"I didn't know" Ross said, suddenly feeling very ashamed for lying to his best friend.

"Yeh, well I did, and I still have that ring, and every time I go out with a woman I think of that ring and her, then I find faults with perfectly okay women, just cause they can never be her" Chandler said, and brushed back his hair.

"What about Janice?"

"Janice, was so different to her, that everything about her annoyed me. Janice never liked my jokes, Liana always did. All my friends like Liana the minute they saw her, you guys hated Janice. It was a load of things, thatís why she annoyed me so much, and then I think I actually thought that she was so different for a reason, to help me forget Liana, but then she went back to her husband..." Chandler said

"...And everything went back to normal" Ross finished and Chandler nodded

"Do you want me to stop seeing her" Chandler looked up at him.

"I don't know, can I just ask you something?" he said


"If it was the other way around and it was me and Rachel what would you want me to do?" Chandler asked. Ross sat very quiet for few minutes, thinking then he looked up at Chandler.

"I'd want you to stop, I understand, like Phoebe said she's your lobster"

Ross said and stood up. He started towards the door. Chandler followed him, and stopped as Ross opened the door.

"Are we okay?" Ross asked; Chandler nodded.

"Yeh, I'd forgive a friend over a lover any day" Chandler said.

"Is should have know though how you felt, after all she's your lobster"

Ross said and smiled, Chandler nodded, and Ross left. Chandler shut the door and looked around the apartment that he'd been for the past eight years.

"Too bad I'm not hers though" he said softly to himself.

Ross went back into Monica and Rachel's apartment; his mind made up about what to do. Monica and Rachel were sitting on the couch talking quietly.

"Hi" Ross said and looked around the apartment "Where's Liana?" Rachel stood up and looked at Ross.

"She went back to her place, she said she'd see you there," Rachel said.

Ross nodded.

"Did she say anything else?" he asked.

"She said not to worry nothing had changed" Rachel said "I guess you're pleased"

Ross shook his head, and Rachel came over to him and put her hand on his arm.

"No, it just makes breaking up harder to do" He said and looked at Rachel and gave her a weak smile. Rachel hugged him, and Ross held her close.

"I'm so glad we're still friends," he said to Rachel "Not like Chandler and Liana, I'm glad I still know you"

"I'm glad too," Rachel said. Ross pulled back and looked at her and smiled.

"Did Liana tell you what happened?"

"Yeh, everything. It was so sad, she really loved him, I think she still does a little, too bad his feelings changed" Rachel said, and looked at Monica who nodded.

"They didn't, Chandler just got scared of hurting her like his dad hurt his mom" Ross explained "He still loves her, too much maybe, he realized how stupid he was about a week after they broke up, and he went to get her back. I think he was going to ask her to marry him" Rachel was gasped, stunned.

"Are we talking about Chandler?"

"Yeh weird I know" Ross said "Listen I have to go talk to Liana"

"You should tell her," Rachel said, but Ross shook his head.

"I already broke his trust, I can't do it again" he said and turned and left. Rachel turned to Monica and shook her head.

"Poor Chandler"

Joey was feeling like he'd like to deck someone, as he watched Michael the director come out of Jane's dressing room. Joey watched as Michael paused at the door, and then kissed Jane, and it was no friendly kiss. No one treated his friend this way, Joey made up his mind and walked over to Michael, and tapped him on the shoulder. Michael turned and Jane retreated into her dressing room.

"This is for Phoebe" Joey said and drew back his fist, and punched Michael, breaking his nose. Michael collapsed against the wall. Joey leaned over and grabbed his shirt and pulled Michael up.

"Either you break it off with Phoebe or I'll mess up you face so bad that when she breaks up with you, no woman will ever want to go out with you again" Joey said in a low threatening voice. Michael nodded and then turned his head slowly to the left.

"Phoebe?" He said, Joey looked and saw Phoebe standing there, a look of disgust on her face.

"I know you didn't want me to go with him Joey, but beating him up?" Phoebe said and shook her head, her eyes flashing.

"But Pheebs?" Joey pleaded "Let me explain he was.."

"I don't want to hear it, and I don't want to talk to you ever" she said and turned. Joey dropped Michael and started off after her, but stopped and turned.

"You better tell her what happened or you'll be sorry" Joey said and took of running after Phoebe.

"You're fired" Michael yelled after him.

Ross stood in front of Liana's door and readied himself. He raised his hand and knocked. There were footsteps from inside and Ross her voice announce she was coming.

"Ross," she said smiling, when she opened the door. Ross smiled weakly.

"Can I come in?" He said, "We need to talk" Liana's smiled vanished and she nodded soberly.

"Sure" she said and stepped back letting him in. Ross stepped in let her close the door, and then he followed her over to the couch.

"So let's talk," She said sitting down. Ross sat down beside her, and cleared his throat.

"We can't see each other anymore," Ross said. Liana nodded calmly and looked at Ross.

"He asked you to, didn't he?" she said, Ross shook his head.

"No, but he made me realize that it wasn't fair to him or you"

"So, that's the way its going to be" she said and stood up "Chandler Bing makes his decision and screws with my life again"

"What?" Ross said

"You have no idea what he did to me. I haven't been able to have a proper relationship with anyone, I'm always afraid they'll hurt me like he did"

Liana said "these past eight years I've been through more men then shoes"

"Liana, listen..." Ross started to say

"No you listen," She said and looked at him "You are the only man since him that I know I can trust, and now he wants to ruin this too"

"Liana..." Ross said, but she shook her head.

"I'm not going to let him do this again" She said, and grabbed her purse from the table, and ran out the door.

A Happy Ending??

Joey stood outside Phoebe's door and knocked. There were sounds of footsteps, and Joey got ready to explain. Phoebe's grandmother opened the door.

"Hello Mrs...Phoebe's Grandmother, is Phoebe there?" Joey asked. Phoebe's grandmother nodded.

"Who are you?" She asked

"Joey Tribbani, Phoebe's friend" Joey said and held out his hand.

"Come inside" She said and stepped back to let him in "I'll get Phoebe" and she closed the door behind him. Phoebe's grandmother walked off in the direction of Phoebe's room, and knocked on the door. There was muffled noise from inside and she went inside. After a few minutes Phoebe came outside.

"I'm very angry with you Joey" She said and frowned.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have hit him, but he was cheating on with you with one of the actress" Joey explained. Phoebe got really quiet and sat down at the table.

"Really?" she said softly. Joey nodded and went over and kneeled down beside her.

"He's a jerk, Phoebe, No one should treat you like that. That's why I decked him" Joey said and took her hand. Phoebe looked at him, her eye welling up slightly.

"You mean it?"

"No one treats my friends like that and gets away with" Joey told her.

"That's so sweet" Phoebe said and hugged him.

"So are we okay now?" Joey asked

"Yeh, do you have to get back to work?" Phoebe asked, Joey shook his head.

"Nah, I got fired"

"I'm so sorry Joey" Phoebe said, Joey shrugged his shoulders.

"It was a stupid play, I mean even the name was stupid, after a cigar brand, Hamlet!" Joey said and shook his head "But it was nice to have the lead"

"Yeh too bad" said Phoebe.

There was a burst of knocking from Chandler's door. Chandler heard it from his bedroom and got up and made his way to the door. There were more loud knocks as he reached the door.

"Hold you horses, I'm coming," he said as he opened the door. Liana stormed in, her face red, her hair flying.

"We need to talk," she said, glaring at him.

"Okay" Chandler said slowly and shut the door. Liana threw down her bag, and started pacing back and forth, and then she stopped and looked at him.

"Well, I hope you've had fun over the past eight years, experiencing other people, cause I sure the hell haven't," Liana said. "And now for the first time that I am actually willingly to trust a man, YOU have to go and screw it up just like you did eight years ago"


"Don't Liana me, I know that you made Ross feel guilty, so know he doesn't think 'we should see each other anymore', boy those words seem familiar, why didn't you say them to me eight years ago?" she said angrily

"Look, Ross decided that it was unfair to our friendship to go on seeing you..." Chandler began "..And Once again you get your way, just like eight years ago" Liana interrupted.

"What the hell are you talk about?" Chandler said, his anger rising.

"Well you think I wanted to experience "other" people?" Liana said, "Do you think that I wanted to break up? Do you?"

"NO! I didn't want to either," Chandler said

"What?" Liana asked "It sure as hell seemed like it"

"I KNOW," he said " I got scared, and stupid, and I thought you wanted to move in together and get married, and I couldn't handle that"

"I never wanted that," Liana said, her eyes welling up slightly "all I wanted was you, and you didn't want me anymore" She turned away to conceal a single tear that ran down her face. Chandler spotted it though and went to her, putting his hand on her shoulder and turning her to look at him.

"I did, and I when I realized how stupid I was, I went to your apartment but the man there said you'd left" Chandler said

"Why?" Liana said the words almost catching her in throat.

"Cause I wanted you back and I wanted to give something" he said


"Wait a minute" he said and went into his bedroom, Liana watched him, and felt the tears start to fall. She wiped one away from her cheek as he came back out. He had something in his hand but she couldn't see what.

"Oh Liana" Chandler said when he saw she was crying, she wiped her face.

"I'm sorry," she said, and he shook his head, and wiped a tear away from her face. Chandler smiled softly.

"I wanted to give you this" He said and held up the box, and opened it.

Liana gasped, and took the diamond from the box. She held it up and looked at it.

"Was this a..." she asked

"..Yes" he said "Put it on, just for a moment at the least" Liana put it on her left ring finger, then gulped and put her hand over her mouth. She couldn't hold back the tears. She starts to cry freely, quiet sobs, escaping from her mouth. Chandler put his arms around her and held her, letting her just cry on his shoulder.

"Oh Chandler, why? Why? Why didn't you just talk to me" she whispered into his ear. Chandler put ran his hand over her hair, and then through it.

"Because I thought that you wouldn't understand" he said. Liana drew back and looked at him.

"I would have, I do" she said, and rubbed her red-rimmed eyes.

"Maybe now is when we need it..." He said, Liana shook her head.

"No, No its too late, its too late" She said, she looked around her and seeing her purse grabbed it from the counter.

"Liana" he said and she retreated towards the door, his tone pleading.

"Its too late" she repeated again and opened the door "Goodbye Chandler" she said and closed it after her.

"Liana!" he called, but the door didn't open.

He stood looking at the counter for a few moments, then looked at the door and at the empty ring box.

"No" he said to himself "Not again, I'm not letting her go" He ran to the door and opened it and there she was standing ready to knock.

"I guess its not too late, after all" he said, taking her hand. Liana smiled.

"Itís never to late for us, Chandler Bing" she said. Chandler breathed a sigh of relief and cupped her face in his hand.

"You're right, as usual" he said and kissed her.