The One Without The Wedding

Written by LoneWolf
Based on the characters created by Marta Kauffman and David Crane

Scene 1: The Church in London

[The Scene starts where the finale left off. Emily is standing at the alter, and along with everyone else, is staring at Ross in disbelief]

Priest: Shall I go on?

[Emily looks at the priest and then back at Ross again. Everyone is in shock. A few seconds go by and then Emily slowly turns away from Ross and walks down off the alter and begins to walk hastily down the aisle]

Ross: Emily! Emily wait please! [Begins to chase after her]

Mr. Gellar: [Getting up out of his chair to get in his way] Ross!?....what's going on?

Ross: Dad please? Not now.

[Moving his dad aside to go after Emily, by then she had already left the church]

[After Ross exits the ceremony area, there is nothing but silence. Everyone is just looking at each other not knowing what to think or say]

Chandler: [Trying to break the tension] So, how about that Lochness huh?

[Beginning Credits Start]

Scene 2: Outside the Church

[Ross comes running out of the church. He looks all around but Emily is nowhere to be found. Distressed, Ross goes back into the church]

Scene 3: Inside the Church

[Ross stops at the entrance to the ceremony area. Everyone turns around to look at him. He then, very slowly, begins to walk back up the aisle while being watched by everyone in the church. As he walks back up onto the alter, he first looks at Monica, then at Joey and Chandler, and then he faces the crowd]

Ross: [Slowly] I'm...I'm really sorry. But...I don't think there's gonna be a wedding today. I'm....I'm so sorry everyone. [Looks directly at Emily's parents] I'm so sorry Mr. and Mrs. Walsum....please don't hate me.

[Then, very slowly, begins to walk down off the alter and back down the aisle towards the exit of the church. Chandler, looks at Joey and then runs off the alter and down the aisle and catches him right in front of Rachel. Rachel also stands up]

Chandler: [With his hand on Ross's arm] Hey man... where are you going?

Ross: [Looks at Rachel] To find my bride.

[He then looks away from Rachel and continues walking down the aisle and leaves the ceremony area. Rachel watched him leave with a concerned and worried look on her face]

Mr. Walsum: [To Jack Gellar] I'm gonna kill you with my thumb.

[Fade to Scene 4]

Scene 4: The exit door to the church

[Mr. and Mrs. Gellar, Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler are all thanking and apologizing to the guests for coming]

Monica: [To some couple that we don't know] Hi, we're so sorry about everything but thank you so much for comming.

Mr. Gellar: [To Mr. and Mrs. Walsum] Listen...I hope you two can accept our deepest apologies. I mean you have no idea how bad we feel about this.

Mrs. Walsum: Now don't be silly it's quite alright. Personally I think it was rather absurd that my daughter was going to marry a man she's only known two and a half months.

Mr. Walsum: [Pretending to be nice] Well anyways we should get going. I'm afraid we must now go find our daughter and see if she is alright. It's been an interesting couple of days with you Americans. Good day now.

Mr. and Mrs. Gellar: Bye now.

Mr. Walsum: [As him and his wife are walking away] I can still kill him with my thumb.

[As the last wedding guest leaves the church, Chandler shuts the door and they all walk back into the ceremony area to get ready to start cleaning up]

Rachel: [Concerned] You guys...don't you think we should go and find Ross and see if he's O.K. I mean isn't that more important than cleaning up this church?

Chandler: [Sarcastic] Oh I think someone doesn't feel like cleaning.

Rachel: [Feisty] That's not what I meant!

Chandler: [Realizing she is in no mood for his jokes] Look....he said he was going to go look for Emily so I think maybe it's best if we just let him be for awhile.

Monica: [To Rachel] Yeah honey...I agree with Chandler.

[There is a short silence]

Joey: Man, this sure isn't the way things were suppose to go.

Monica: No...No it wasn't.

Chandler: [Optimistically] Hey you know though, maybe things will be O.K. I mean, so....they're not getting married today, that doesn't necessarily mean it's over...I mean it's not like he...[Looks at Joey] slept with her bridesmaid.

[Joey gives his typical "What did I do" look]

Joey: Ya well hey, at least I DID something last night. Why don't don't you tell us what you did last night Mr. no fun.

Chandler: [Getting defensive] Nothing. Nothing. I did nothing I tell you. Yep that was me. In my room all by myself all night baby. Right Mon?

Monica: [Taken by surprise] Ye...Yeah...absolutely... never saw him at all the whole night.

Joey: [To Chandler] Ya know I knew your life was pathetic but the fact that you proudly admit it's pathetic is just....

Rachel: [Finishing Joey's Sentence] Even more pathetic?

Joey: [Nods] And there ya go!

Monica: But seriously you guys, I think Chandler's right. This all has to be just a misunderstanding. I mean Ross was probably just so happy that Rach came that he just happen to blurt out her name by mistake. I mean..... it could happen to anyone.

Rachel: [Reluctanly] Yeah....Yeah I'm sure that's all it really was.

Mr. Gellar: Maybe. Or maybe not.

[They all look at Mr. Gellar wondering what he means]

Mr. Gellar You know you guys, one important lesson I've learned throughout my life is that some things will happen that can't necessarily be exlpained....[looks at Rachel and smiles] ...but they happen for a reason.

Mr. Gellar: [Puts his arm around Mrs. Gellar] Well we've had a long day so do you kids mind if we just head back to the hotel and leave you to clean up?

All: No go right ahead.

Mr. Gellar: [Smiles] Thanks. Oh and don't worry about Ross....if I know my son he'll come through this just fine. See ya.

All: Bye.

Chandler: [Turning and looking at the ceremony area] Well....This is going to be alot of fun?

Monica: Look the sooner we get started the sooner we'll get done.

Chandler: [Walks up to Monica] Is that how it's gonna be tonight?

[Monica gives him a "shut up" look]

[Fade To Scene 5]

Scene 5: The Walsum's House--The Next Day

[The previous night Ross had been out all night trying to find Emily. He had been to the Walsum's house a number of times but no one was there except the housekeeper. Finally he had decided to go back to his hotel room for the night. In the morning he decided to return to the Walsum's house to try again]

[Ross knocks on the Walsum's front door, the housekeeper answers]

Housekeeper: [Sarcastically] Well I can't tell you how surprised I am to see you again Mr. Gellar.

Ross: Yeah....I know...I'm Mr. and Mrs. Walsum here? Please?

Housekeeper: [noticing his sincerity] Just a minute please. [shuts the door]

[Ross turns around and watches the rain fall onto the city of London. The door opens and standing in the doorway is Mr. and Mrs. Walsum]

Ross: Oh thank god Mr. and Mrs. Walsum you're here.

Mr. Walsum: [Aggrivated] What do you want Ross?

Ross: Mr. and Mrs. you have any idea where Emily is? Please I need to talk to her. I mean... I know I'm the last person she probably wants to see right now but what am I suppose to do? Just leave London without talking to her? Please you have to tell me where she is?

[Mr. and Mrs. Walsum both look at each other and then back at Ross]

Mr. Walsum: [hesitantly] She spent the night at her friend Colin's house Ross.

Ross: [Dejected] Oh.

Mr. Walsum: [Looks at his wife and then back at Ross] Now if you'll excuse us....

[Mr. Walsum shuts the door leaving Ross standing there drenched in the pouring rain]

[Fade To Commercial Break]

Scene 6: Ross's Hotel Room--Later on that night

[Ross is laying on his bed watching T.V. He had been in his room all day completely lost in thought. He had not seen any of the gang since the wedding. Suddenly there's a knock at the door. He shuts off the T.V. and goes over and opens the door to see Monica, Joey and Chandler standing in the hallway]

Ross: [sighs] Hey you guys.

Monica: Hey. [comes in and gives him a hug]

Chandler: Listen we wanted to stop by last night to see how you were but we kind of'd want to be alone for awhile.

Ross:'s O.K. I'm actually really happy to see you guys.

Monica: So...are you O.K.?

Ross: No...not really.

Monica: So..uh...I take it you haven't talked to her huh?

Ross: [Ignoring Monica's question] She spent the night at Colin's house.

Monica: [Curious] Colin?

Joey: You mean her ex-boyfriend Colin?

Ross: Yeah that's him.

[Awkward Silence]

Chandler: [Trying to break the tension again] Well least she didn't go and spend the night with a lesbian.

[Laughs and gives Ross a playful punch on the arm. Stops laughing when he realizes nobody else is]

Chandler: Oh ya know...London sucks...if we were back in America you all would have laughed.

[pouts over to the couch and and sits down]

Monica: So....How did you find this out?

Ross: This morning....when I went back to her house...trying to get her parents to tell me where she was and...that's when they told me.

[They all look at each other not knowing what to say]

Chandler: [optimistically] O.k so she spent the night at Colin's...that doesn't necessarily mean anything happened.

Joey: Yeah I know Ross maybe she just needed somebody to be with, and to talk to, and to comfort her, and to....

Ross: [Finishing Joey's Sentence] Have sex with?

Monica: Come on now...You don't know that.

Ross: Yeah I know...I'm just....[Sits down on the couch] confused.

Monica: [Sitting down on the couch next to him] About what?

Ross: About what it is that I want. guys... a month ago....Emily was like this dream come true to me. I mean I loved every second that I spent with her. And when I asked her to marry me it was because I thought she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. But now....I'm starting to wonder if that's really why I asked her to marry me?

Chandler: Well...Why else would you have asked her?

Ross: [Sighs] Because maybe I was afraid of loosing something really special for the third straight time in my life.

[Short silence as they all look at each other]

Ross: I mean....I'm starting to think that the REAL reason I proposed to her was to insure that I didn't loose her. I mean is that such a bad thing? Does that make me an awful person?

Monica: [Comforting] No. It just makes you a "Person". It just proves that you're just like the rest of us. Afraid of being alone, loosing something special, not feeling secure.

Ross: Yeah?

Chandler: Absolutely.

Ross: [Hesitantly] Thanks...Thanks you guys. [Hugs Monica]

Joey: Hey listen Ross, what ever happens with you and Emily, ...we're all here for you alright man.

[Joey pats him on the arm]

Chandler: Yeah... definitely...besides that's really what us best men are for... guys to get drunk with when you ruin your wedding.

Ross: [Starts to laugh] Good point.

Chandler: [excited] Yes! I'm back baby!

Ross: [Concerned]So...uh...where's Rach?

[They all look at each other as if not sure what to say]

Monica: She...She flew back home.

Ross: What? Why? Is she upset about what happened?

Chandler: [Not telling him why she REALLY left] No... She...uh...she could only get 2 days off of work so she had to go back.

Ross: She didn't say anyting about what happened at the wedding?

Monica: Well..she kind of just looked at it the same way we did....that you were just so happy that she came you made an innocent mistake and that it wasn't a big deal. I mean that IS what it was right?

Ross: [Hesitantly] Yeah...Yeah absolutely. I mean... what else would it be? I mean it's not like I'm still in love with her's not like she's still in love with me right? So....

[They all look at each other, realizing that Ross really has no clue about Rachel's feelings]

Monica: Well listen, I'm sure you really need some time by yourself right now so why don't we leave you alone for awhile.

[Joey and Chandler nod]

Monica: [hugging Ross] If you need anything just give us a call O.K.?

Ross: Yeah sure...hey Chandler what's your room number again in case I feel like giving you a call and going out for a few drinks or something?

Chandler: Oh..uh..just call Monica's room I'll be there [realizing what he just said]

[Monica gives Chandler another "Shut Up" look. Ross and Joey have a confused look on their face]

Chandler: [not knowing what to say] be..because...I'm...

Monica: Because he's...helping me pack...Oh yeah boy did I bring alot of stuff let me tell you.

Ross: [Noticing how weird they're acting but just shakes it off] O.K. then...I guess I'll call Monica's room if I feel like going out for a few drinks.

Chandler: [Hastily] Sounds like a plan to me later man!

[Monica stares at Chandler with a "You idiot" look as they're leaving]

Joey: [Also very confused but then shakes it off] Yeah well...later Ross.

Ross: Later Joey. [Shuts the door as Joey leaves]

[Outside in the hallway]

Joey: [To Chandler and Monica, jokingly] Ya know if I didn't know any better I'd think you two were sleeping together.

[Monica is stunned]

Chandler: [Sarcastically] Well I'm glad you're not that dumb man.

[Joey smiles and gives him a "Right On" gesture with his thumbs]

[Fade to commercial break]

Scene 7: Monica and Rachel's apartment

[Phoebe is sitting on the couch reading when Rachel comes in with her luggage looking really really distressed and sad]

Rachel: Hey Phoebs.

Phoebe: Rach...what are you doing back here?

[Rachel stops right before she enters her room and turns to Phoebe]

Rachel: Like you said Phoebs. [Sadly] He's in love with the british chippy.

[She turns back around and goes into her room and shuts the door]

[Fade To Scene 8]

Scene 8: Ross's Hotel Room

[Ross is on his bed watching T.V. There's another knock at the door]

Ross: You guys bored already? It's only been an hour.

[He opens the door expecting to see Joey, Chandler, and Monica but instead, standing in the hallway is Emily]

Ross: [Ecstatic] Emily!

Emily: Can..can I come in?

Ross: Yeah please.

Emily: [Walks to the center of the room and turns to Ross] My parents told me you stopped by looking for me this morning.

Ross: Yeah. I was out looking for you all last night. This morning I went by your house because I figured your parents might know where you were.

Emily: [Hesitantly] And they told you didn't they?

Ross: [Looking down at the floor] Yeah...Yeah they did.

Emily: It's not what you think Ross. I mean nothing happened.

Ross: [Short pause and then nodding his head] I know.

Emily: [Curious] You do?

Ross: Yeah...I do. Because I trust you.

[Emily is touched and gives a weak smile]

Ross: [Breaking the silence] Listen....Emily....about what happened at the church.....[honestly] I don't know what to say.

Emily: You don't have to say anything.

Ross: [Curious] I...I don't?

[Emily walks over to the couch and sits down]

Emily: [Sighs] I did alot of thinking last night.

Ross: Yeah?

Emily: [Looking away from Ross] Yeah. And it took me awhile but I finally realized something.

[Emily looks back at Ross]

Emily: Ross.....[In disbelief] what are we doing? I mean....we were about to get married!? I mean marriage is about spending the rest of your life with someone and it's a huge decision. And.....[Shaking her head]'s not a decision that should be made just based on six wonderful weeks you spent with someone.

[Ross is looking at her and then looks away, really thinking about what Emily's saying]

Emily: But that's not the only thing I realized.

[Ross looks back at Emily]

Emily: It wasn't until last night that I realized just how quickly we rushed into this. And I started thinking..... why? I mean.... [Inquisitively] what was the rush?

[Short silence]

Emily: Maybe.....we are both running from something and saw this as a way to get away from it.

[Ross is thinking deeply about what Emily is implying]

Emily: I think we've both made a huge mistake. I mean ....this is kind of ironic some ways I almost want to thank you for doing what you did yesterday. I mean....Ross ....I'm not ready to get married....and neither are you.

[Ross goes over and sits next to Emily on the couch]

Ross: [Sighs and then starts nodding his head] Yeah....

[Emily nudges him with a sweet smile on her face]

Emily: I had a wonderful time with you.

Ross: [Smiles back at her] Me too.....[Thinking].... even though I did almost get an ear infection and.....killed by a bunch of british rugby guys.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: Well, [Getting up off the couch] I better get going. I haven't been home in two days, I'm sure my parents are worried about me.

Ross: Yeah I know. We wouldn't want your Dad to kill you with his thumb. [Smiles at her]

[Emily laughs. Ross walks Emily over to the door and opens it for her]

Emily: So...I guess this is goodbye.

Ross: [Sincerely] ...I'll never forget you.

Emily: [Sincerely] ....I'll never forget YOU.

[Ross leans in and passionately kisses her one last time. After a few seconds, Ross slowly breaks away]

Ross: You take care of yourself.

Emily: I will....[Short pause]....good-bye Ross.

[Emily leaves and Ross continues to stand in the doorway watching her walk down the hallway. Then Emily stops and turns back to Ross]

Emily: Oh....I almost forgot....[walks back to Ross]

Ross: [Curious] What?

[Emily pulls the engagement ring off her finger]

Emily: [Handing Ross the ring] Hold on to this....hold on to it tight.....and save it for that person that it's really meant for.

[Ross takes the ring, looks at it, and then looks back at Emily. Emily sweetly smiles at Ross and then turns around and leaves. Ross watches her leave until she disappears around the corner. Then he goes back into his room and shuts the door. The scene then shifts to inside Ross's hotel room]

Scene 9: Ross's Hotel Room

[Ross is standing in front of the door looking at the ring]

[Ross then slowly makes his way over to the window. As he gets to the window, U2's "With Or Without You" begins to softly play in the background. He stares out into the pouring rain. The scene then shifts in which we are now looking at Ross from outside the window. Rain is flowing down the window. This scene then fades to outside Rachel's window in which she too is staring out into the pouring rain. We then fade to commercial]

Scene 10: Joey and Chandler's Hotel Room--The Next Morning

[Chandler and Joey are packing up their stuff]

Joey: [Grabs his hat off the night stand] Whoa! can't forget this baby!

Chandler: [Sarcastically] Oh I just HAVE to look stupid.

[Monica comes in]

Monica: Hey...[Curious] you guys know where Ross is?

Joey: What...he's not in his room?

Monica: No he's not and he knew we all had planned on going out for breakfast this morning.

Chandler: Well maybe he left a message at the hotel desk...I mean if he was up really early he probably didn't want to wake any of us up.

Monica: Yeah you're probably right. When you guys are squared away just meet me in the lobby downstairs.

Chandler: [Sarcastic] Oh is that where the lobby is? No wonder why I'm always getting stood up on the roofs of hotels.

[Monica makes a face and then leaves]

Scene 11: Hotel Lobby

[Monica comes walking up to the man at the service desk]

Monica: Hi.

Sevice Desk Man: Good day miss. What can I do for you?

Monica: Yeah...I was just wondering if Ross Gellar had left any messages here at the desk?

Service Desk Man: miss but he checked out early this morning.

Monica: [Surprised] mean he's already left.. with his luggage and everything?

Hotel Desk Man: I'm afraid so miss...and he seemed to be in quite a bit of a hurry if I might say so.

Monica: [Confused] Thanks.

Hotel Desk Man: You're quite welcome miss.

[Monica, still standing at the hotel desk, has a look of confusion on her face]

[Fade to Scene 12]

Scene 12: Monica and Rachel's Apartment--Later On That Night

[Phoebe is sitting on the couch watching T.V. Rachel is lying on the couch with her head on Phoebe's lap]

Phoebe: Rach?

Rachel: [Sadly] Yeah?

Phoebe: I think I'm gonna go lay down for awhile so...

Rachel: [Waiting for Phoebe to finish her sentence] So....?

Phoebe: So...I know I'm not a guy but will you get your head out of my croch so I can get up?

Rachel: [Quickly gets up] Oh...yeah....sorry.

Phoebe: [Getting up off the couch and then turning to Rachel] You sure you're O.K.?

Rachel: Yeah Phoebs I'll be fine. Now go give that old tired heavy body a rest.

[Phoebe walks into Monica's room and shuts the door. Rachel sighs heavily. She then gets up and slowly walks over to the window which leads out onto the balcony. She goes out onto the balcony]

[Scene shifts from inside the apartment to outside on the balcony]

Scene 13: Outside On Balcony

[Rachel walks over to the ledge and looks out over the bright night city of New York. The camera focuses on Rachel for a few seconds. The camera then slowly moves from Rachel to the big window behind her in which we can see into the apartment. The door opens and in comes Ross. He notices her out on the balcony right away. The camera then slowly moves back to Rachel in which now we see she has a tear dripping from her eye. A few seconds go by]

[The camera is still focusing on Rachel]

Voice From Behind Her: Hey.

[Rachel is startled by the voice and then even more startled when she turns around to see Ross standing out on the balcony]

Rachel: [Shocked to see him] Hi. What...what are you doing here?....I thought you guys weren't coming back until tommorrow?

Ross: I....uh....decided to come back a day early.

[Ross notices she's been crying]

Ross: [Concerned] You O.K.? You look like you've been crying.

Rachel: Oh it's nothing...I just...had a tough day at work that's all. So uh...where's Emily?....I mean you guys are gonna work it out right? [Trying to seem supportive]

Ross: Actually....we both kind of agreed that.... it wasn't going to work out....and....that we both made a huge mistake.

Rachel: So...she wasn't mad at you?

Ross: [A weak smile] No...she actually wanted to thank me can you believe that?....thank me for stopping her from rushing into something that she didn't realize she wasn't ready for until a few days ago.

Rachel: Ross I'm so sorry. I really am.

Ross: It's O.k. I mean...I wasn't ready either Rach.

[Rachel just stands there and looks at him]

Ross: Well anyway I just wanted to stop by and say hi seeing as how I didn't get to see you before you left London. But uh...I gotta take off right now. I'm suppose to go and visit Ben for a little while so I'll uh...see you later O.K.? [Starts to leave]

Rachel: O.K. [Short pause] see ya.

[Ross stops right before he's about to climb through the window and turns back to Rachel]

Ross: [With a sweet smile] Hey? you you think it would be o.k. if I....maybe asked you out sometime?... maybe?

[Music starts to softly play in the background. It's the music from the scene where Ross and Rachel first kissed at Central Perk]

[Rachel starts to smile because she remembers back to the first time Ross said that to her when she first moved into Monica's apartment.....she goes along with it]

Rachel: Yeah....maybe.

Ross: [Still smiling flirtaciously] O.k....O.k. maybe I will.

[Ross looks at her for a few seconds and then finally climbs through the window and leaves]

[Rachel has a relieving, sweet smile on her face. She turns back around and looks out over the city again, this time, with a tear of happiness dripping from her eye]

[Ending Credits Begin]

Scene 14: Airplane

[Chandler, Joey, and Monica are all on their flight back from London]

[Chandler is sitting between Monica and Joey. Monica casually whispers something to Chandler]

Monica: [Getting up] I've gotta go to the bathroom.. [She walks to the back of the plane]

Joey: [Confused] She just went like 20 minutes ago.

[Chandler shrugs his shoulders. A few seconds go by]

Chandler: [Getting up] Man I gotta go too.

Joey: [Confused] You just went like 10 minutes ago!

Chandler: [Defensive] Hey..I drank alot O.K.?

[Chandler walks to the back of the plane]

Joey: [Looking at his magazine] Ya know if I didn't know any better I'd think those two were having sex in that bathroom.