"TO We've All Been Waiting For"

This bit o' fanfic is set after the little slip up which ended TOW Ross' wedding pt2.
It's just what i'd like to see happen. And yeah, it's mushy! :) I haven't actually gotten that far with it yet, so if anyone would like to send suggestions as to what should happen next, please feel free to mail me at wish_sky@hotmail.com cya
- Sky

Voice over - "Previously, on Friends..."

[Various shots from finale - Ross talking to Emily about bad luck; Rachel saying "congratulations" to Ross; Chandler and Monica in bed together; Ross saying THE WRONG NAME - and shot of each of the friends looking shocked, goes to minister]

PRIEST - "Shall I go on?"

[Emily looks in horror at Ross, then around her, then once more at Ross, then she runs down
the asile and out of the church.]

JOEY - (whispered to Phoebe on phone) "Oooh, Emily just left, she looks pretty crushed" [door slams] "That was Emily slamming the door"

ROSS - "Emily!!" [runs after her]

JOEY - (still to Phoebe, as Chandler stands dumbstruck next to him) "Whoa, now Ross has
gone after her - " [door slams]

[We have zoom in on Rachel, almost in tears, looking around her, all eyes on her. She stands
up slowly]

RACHEL - (softly) "I'm...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come....(to parents and guests) I'm, I'm sorry"

[she runs out of the church, and the door is once more heard to slam]

JOEY - [shot goes to Phoebe, we can still hear Joey] "Ooh, that was Rachel slamming
the door" [shot still on Phoebe, Mr&Mrs Geller both get up and leave as do Mr & Mrs Waltham. Door slams as Gellers leave] "That was Mr and Mrs Geller"

MRS WALTHAM - [voice heard over phone as Phoebe makes a face] "Steven! DO SOMETHING!!   NOW!!! [we hear a loud thump]

JOEY - "That was Mrs Waltham hitting Mr Waltham with her bag." [door slams - loudly - Phoebe winces] "I think thats about it" [door slams again] "Op, that was Monica" [Phoebe makes an 'is-anyone-gonna-do-anything-BUT-slam-doors?' face]

[shot goes back to church int. Loud murmurings as Joey and Chandler exchange glances. Chandler walks to front]

CHANDLER - "Uh, well, it seems we're having a slight delay with the wedding, though I guess you
noticed...." [swallows] "Uh, please feel free to, y'know, wander around, try the food, (shrugs) take photos, we'll try and have everything up and, well, running pretty soon. (pause - he attempts to lighten the atmosphere) So, anyone here from Seattle?"

[Shot goes to somewhere outside the church. Monica is pacing around nervously by a buffet, fidgeting. Chandler enters silently behind her]

CHANDLER - (quietly, hesitantly) "Hey"

MONICA - (turns, and speaks softly) "Hey"

CHANDLER - "How are you holding up?"

MONICA - (nervous and panicky - obviously not 'fine') "Oh I'm fine, I'm fine, I just,...I just can't believe this is happening, this isn't what's s'posed to happen, (begins to finger the food at the buffet nervously) this is not how it's s'posed to go! I mean, right now he should be pronouncing them man and wife and we should all be happy, and, [picks something up from buffet] this salmon patte should be MUCH more savoury!"

CHANDLER - "Hey, hey hey hey...."

[Chandler walks over and takes the salmon out of her hand, resting his hands on her shoulders for
comfort. However they are obviously uncomfortalbe, as they look at each other. Monica finally pulls
away, smiles slightly and sits down]

MONICA - (laughing nervously) "Well, at least my mother can't blame me for this....not that she won't try"

CHANDLER - (dead serious, softly, yet firmly) "Monica...."(pause) "We...we have to talk"

[Monica looks up at him, her smile fading. She looks down and nods]

MONICA - (very softly) "Yeah"

CHANDLER - "Monica, last night...I don't..."(swallows, runs hand though hair) "I don't know why, or how it happened, I...I don't even know what to say..." (pause, Monica looks up, then down again) "I just need to know....what, what we did...what did it mean to you? What...what do I mean to you?" (Monica looks up sharply - Chandler is very emotional)

MONICA - "Chandler I, you're my, my best friend, y'know....and I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I didn't feel a little wierd discussing this with you, but....what happened was, very special" [Chandler's turn to look up sharply]

CHANDLER - (pause, as Chandler paces a little, collecting his thoughts) "Monica, you're an amazing woman, you, you're beautiful, you're smart, sexy...." (pause, licks lips nervously, still pacing) "And, my head is saying, y'know, what could a woman like you want with, with a guy like..." (he stops pacing and looks up, with tear-filled eyes at Monica, meeting her gaze steadily.) "a guy like me..." (he pauses, and touches his heart) "But my heart....." (He looks down, then up again at her. He shrugs) "Monica....I love you"

[Monica's face registers shock]

MONICA - "Oh Chandler I - Oh, God," (shakes head and looks down - Chandler blinks hard and looks down too, discouraged.) "I think..." (looks up) "I think, I love you too"

[Chandler looks up in disbelief, mouthing the word "what?" tears in his eyes, trying to speak but unable to. He rushes over to her and stops, then brings his hand up to her face.]

MONICA - (softly, wiping tear from Chandler's cheek) "You're crying"

CHANDLER - (softly) "So are you" (he leans in and kisses her gently)

[Shot goes to view of Joey, behind them, still talking to Phoebe on phone {$$}]

JOEY - "Now I'm going through to where the food is, nope Ross isn't here, but oh! Here's Chandler and - " (stops dead as he sees them)

[Shot still on Joey, we hear Phoebe speaking]

PHOEBE - "What? Joey what's going on?"

[Joey's eyes are wide, his jaw has dropped, eyebrows raised. A slight smile comes across his face.
Phoebe is still yelling at him, he absently brings the phone up]

JOEY - (to Phoebe) "Chandler and Monica..." (pause, shot goes to confused Phoebe, and back again) (in true Joey style, grinning) "They're makin' out!"

[shot goes to Phoebe who has a look of sheer shock on her face]

PHOEBE - "WHAT!?! What the - "

[Shot still on Phoebe]

JOEY - "Ooh, wait, they've stopped, he's talking to her, she's talking back, OOH! He's kissin' her!" (Phoebe smiles incredulously) "OOH! She's kissing him back!"

JOEY/PHOEBE - (in unison) "Awwww"

[Shot goes to Monica and Chandler, who break apart, smile, then hug and kiss again]


[Hallway with a large wooden door, Emily comes bursting into view, and rushes through the door.
She is followed closely by Ross, still calling her name. He goes through the door, leaving it slightly ajar. Rachel enters, and cautiously approaches the door, she leans in to listen, but is startled when Mrs Geller comes up behind her]

MRS GELLER - "Rachel! Are you eavesdropping?"

RACHEL - "Oh! Mrs Geller, hi, no I know I really shouldn't have come here, and it is all my fault, and I'm really sorry, it's just, I have to know what's going on, I - " (she is cut off by Mrs Geller)

MRS GELLER - "No, honey, look it's fine, It's not all your fault, my son was more at fault, and I see that, "It's just...."

RACHEL - (fearing a reprimand) "What?"

MRS GELLER - "Can I listen in with you?" (Rachel is surprised, then half smiles and the two lean on the door to listen)

[Scene cuts to Ross and Emily. Ross has caught up with her and grabs her arm]

ROSS - "Emily wait!"

[She turns around, crying] - - - - - - -

[Ross grabs Emily from behind, she struggles and hits him clean across the face]

EMILY - "How hard is it!?!? How HARD is it to say EMILY?? EMILY!! I mean, it's not like it's, like...like it's...'MACHEL' !"

[panting, trails off, Ross lays hand on shoulder to comfort her]

ROSS - "Emily...Emily..."

[She collapses, and sinks down onto a bench]

EMILY - (surprisingly quietly) "Do you even realise how emBARASSED I was in there?"

ROSS - "Emily I'm sorry! I don't know what happened, I don't know what to say, I - "

EMILY - "Ross! For once in your life try to understand....You can't keep throwing people away as if they mean nothing to you - "

ROSS - "Emily, you mean everything to me - "

EMILY - (angrily) "Stop it!! Stop pretending - "

ROSS - "But - "

EMILY - "No! Ross, let me finish....You humiliated me in front of everyone I hold dear, you humiliated my parents, YOUR parents, not to mention poor Rachel..." [cut to Rachel, behind door, then back]

ROSS - "I know, I know I did, I just - "

EMILY - "Do you still love her?"

ROSS - "What?"

EMILY - "Rachel....you're still in love with her, aren't you?"

ROSS - (More as if trying to convince himself) "No! Look I told you, Rachel and I are finished! That, that ship has - "

EMILY - "Sailed, right....Oh stop trying to convince yourself, Ross - "

ROSS - "No! I'm sick of, of her not knowing what she wants!" [cut to shot of Rachel, crying, standing behind the door, looking as if every word is painful] "It's like, every time we get back together, she finds something wrong, and, and I've finally gotten over her" [cut back to Ross] "I love you, emily, - "

EMILY - (sadly) "She loves you."

ROSS - (surprised, then feinging indifference) "What? What, what makes you think that?"

EMILY - "Why else would she come to London?...I can see it every time she looks at you, the same look I thought you were giving to me..."

ROSS - "No, but i WAS - "

EMILY - (crying, angrily) "Take a look at yourself Ross. If you love her, why the HELL won't you just TELL her!? Instead of running away to find an escape route?...." (softly) "Because I don't want to be your escape route any more...I don't want to be in a relationship where I'm the only one who's in love...." (she touches his face) "At least make SOME good of all this....find out where your heart lies, and for God's sake, make the right decision.....So what's it gonna be, Ross?"

[pause, Ross, a tear creeping down his face, looks deeply at Emily, she looks back tearfully. He slowly shakes his head, no]

ROSS - "Emily I...I love you, and I'm so sorry....I'm not asking for forgiveness, I just want you to believe me..." (totally sincere) "I'm sorry"

EMILY - (softly) "I believe you.....I love you"

[their heads touching]

ROSS - (whispers) "Thank you"

[Emily nods in resignation, and gives him a brief kiss]

EMILY - (softly) "Goodbye Ross"

[cut to Rachel, who is crying. Her eyes widen as a loud snort is heard, as Mrs Geller blows her nose loudly. She passes a tissue over to Rachel, who takes it with a weak smile. Mrs Geller pats her on the shoulder. Rachel gives a thin smile and Mrs Geller leaves. Rachel leans on the door, slides down it so that she is now sitting against it, and sighs]

[cut back to Ross, Emily has left, he looks around, and picks up Emily's forgotten veil, with a slight smile. He then turns and walks back towards the door, and opens it, causing Rachel to fall, with a yelp, flat on her back, looking up at Ross with a tearstained, and surprised expression on her face. Ross has a similar look on his face, which turns serious]

ROSS - "Rach, we need to talk" [Rachel nods and looks away]


[cut to later, NY - Phoebe is on the phone talking to who she thinks is Joey, about Chandler and Monica kissing]

PHOEBE - "Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod!!!! I can't believe this! This is like, WAY bigger than the Ross and Rachel thing, this is like....so, what's happening? Are they still kissing? Do they know you're there? Are, are - "

CHANDLER - "Hey Phoebes, it's me"

PHOEBE - (pause, guiltily, trying to sound innocent) "Oh, Hey, Chandler, what's up?"

[cut to Chandler]

CHANDLER - "So I guess you heard?"

[cut to Phoebe]

PHOEBE - "NyyyyNO! No! No, I didn't hear any - no, heard what?"

CHANDLER - "Relax, Phoebes, how do you think I got the phone?"

PHOEBE - "Oh" (pause) "So did you two sleep together?"

[cut to Chandler, shocked]

CHANDLER - (fumbling) "What?! Did we - ? I, I don't.....it's really not.....what? What's that Mon? You wanna talk to Phoebe? Sure Mon! Mon? come back here!" (to phoebe) "hang on, she really really want's to talk to you, i'll just - MON!"

[shot of Chandler running out, Joey starts after him, then stops, then he sees the buffet table. His eyes widen. He looks after Chandler, then back at the buffet, then shrugs and goes over to eat]


[cut to hallway, with door, Chandler enters with phone, presumeably looking for Monica]

CHANDLER - "No, Phoebes, I swear, she want's to talk to you, she just - "

[He breaks off as he opens the door, Phoebe continues to talk. We see his head poking out from behind the door, his eyes widening, suddenly he snaps back inside, closes the door, and leans against it, nervous. He hears a tinny voice coming from somewhere, he looks around then down at the phone in his hand, in frustration he picks it up again]

PHOEBE - "......Listen, Chandler, Monica's gonna tell me anyway, sooner or later, so you might as well just - "

CHANDLER - (cutting her off) "Phoebes, Phoebes....shut up!"

PHOEBE - "What? What is it?"


[cut to other side of door, where Rachel and Ross are talking/fighting]

ROSS - "What RIGHT did you think you had to come in here and, and ruin what was supposed to be the happiest day of my life!!?! Huh? Did you ever stop to think about other people in this?...Rach?"

RACHEL - "God! Ross! I never meant to ruin your wedding, honest...." (he gives her a look) "Ok, well, maybe at first -"

ROSS - (points) "A-HA!"

RACHEL - (trying to explain, babbling) "But then this really rude guy on the plane told me to let you live your life and if I really cared for you - "

ROSS - "Rach, Rach, what...what are you saying?"

RACHEL - (pause - in tears) "Ross, I'm so sorry....I'm sorry, not just about today, about everything...I've been a bitch, SUCH a bitch!" [she sits down on a bench]

ROSS - (softening - he joins her) "No you haven't - "

RACHEL - "No! I have, I've...I've tried to get in the way of every relationship you've tried to have, like, like I owned you, or something, and everytime you've come back to me..." (looks up at Ross) "And evey time I just find another reason to push you away"

ROSS - "Rach...."

RACHEL - "And I've realised that I don't want to keep on like that, and all I really want is...you"

[with this she looks up into his eyes and he stares back in wonder]

ROSS - "Wait, let me get this straight.....I never got the nerve to ask you out, I wrote down a list with all your flaws, I SLEPT with another woman, and never owned up to it, and after all I've done to hurt you....you forgive me?"

[Rachel looks down, and Ross, holds up a hand to stop her talking]

ROSS - "Wait, wait a second, since we're being so honest here, there's something I've gotta say...."

[cut to Chandler, behind door]

CHANDLER - (groans) "Please GOD don't let it include the word 'break'!"

[cut back to Ross]

ROSS - ...."For many reasons I'm not gonna bring up that whole 'break' business..."

[cut to Chandler, who lets out a sigh of relief, then cut back to Ross]

ROSS - "....but, I never really owned up to it all without using some excuse, and the truth is, I had no excuse, and I don't know why I did it, no, no that's not true, I DO know why....I had convinced myself that you were in love with Mark, and I didn't know how to handle that...and the bottom line is, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I couldn't trust you enough not to hurt you."

[cut to Chandler, looking down, then cut back to Rachel]

RACHEL - "Ross - "

ROSS - (stands up) "I've made a decision, Rach, I can't - "

RACHEL - "I know you can't and I was stupid to even think you'd want me back after that whole thing, and I - "

[he kneels down in front of her and lays a finger on her lips to silence her]

ROSS - (soft) "I can't live without you Rach, and maybe, if you could trust me again, we could make it work this time around....I love you Rachel, I always will, I just need to know that you're willing to forget everything that's happened?"

RACHEL - (they are now very close) "I am if you are"


ROSS - (softly) "Hi, I'm Ross Geller"

RACHEL - (smiles) "Rachel Green"

ROSS - "Well let's start over then" (he kisses her gently, and the kiss grows deeper)

[cut to Chandler]

CHANDLER/PHOEBE(on phone) - "Awwwww"



[Joey is talking to Phoebe on the phone (!!), he has a cracker with something on it, which he takes a small bite out of, chews it with raised eyebrows, then reaches for another]

PHOEBE - "So, everything worked out?"

JOEY - "Yeah, and so Ross and Rachel took the first flight outta here"

PHOEBE - "Oh! Oh that is so great, Oh but not for Emily" (Joey nods, cut to Phoebe) "but - oh I cannot believe all this has happened, and, and I'M not there!"

[cut to Joey]

JOEY - "Aww, don't worry Phoebes, we'll tell you all about it when we get back, annndd...." (sing-song voice) "I got you a present too!!"

[cut to Phoebe, surprised]

PHOEBE - "A PRESENT!?! Oh, thankyou Joey! That's so great of you! Oh! So, so what is it?"

[cut to Joey, who picks up and admires another one of those big London-top-hats like the one he bought on the first day]

JOEY - (grinning) "Op, no, that's a surprise"

[cut to Phoebe, who is smiling in anticipation of her "present"]

PHOEBE - "Oh...Hey! You know what else is wierd? I've been talking to you ALL day, and we haven't got cut off! It's like the phone fairy doesn't want me to miss anything!! (laughs)....Isn't that wierd?......Joey.....Joey?

[cut to Joey]

JOEY - (triumphant, laughing) "GOTCHA! Ha ha!"

[cut to Phoebe, who is sarcastically mouthing a laugh]

JOEY - (on phone) "I'll bet you though I was really gone, didn't you? I bet you - " (he is cut off as the phone really DOES cut out)

PHOEBE - (pause thinking it is another joke) "Ha Ha, very funny.....Joey, I know you're still there......I can hear you breathing.....Joey? Yeah, well I can wait just as long as you.....who's stupid now?....Joey?"


Well, that's it guys, I hope you liked it :)
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