The One With The Vacation Part Four: The Final Vacation Story

Written by: Monica2887

[you hear Lisa Kudrow, "Previously on Friends- you see the restaurant, the beach, and the chandler and monica hospital scene]



[scene one: about 7:oo a.m. the morning two mornings after the last scene]

[we see monica, sitting next to chandlers bed, with her head leaning against his arm , they are both asleep]

Chandler: [ he slowly awakens]

Monica: [ awakens and sits up]
Hi Honey.

Chandler: Did you stay here all night again?

Monica: Yeah.

Chandler: You did not have to do that.

Monica: [ looks him in the eye ]
I wanted to .

Chandler smiles faintly and weakly

[Joey and Phoebe wake up.

Monica: Hey guys you are up.

Phoebe: I feel so much better. Maybe it was not the water. I feel fine.

Monica: How about you Joey?

Joey: I feel okay, but a little …

Phoebe: Floopy?

Joey: yeah

Monica: Okay and how does Bing feel?

Chandler: Not that good.

Joey: Hey bing, what kind of view do you have from that window?

Chandler: Joey, I am getting sicker at that thought of you calling me bing.

Monica: Hey Joey, it’s kinda a personal thing.

Joey: Oh. Well it is not like I called him Mr. Big or used any of those other fancy nicknames you use.

Chandler: Joe, stop we get the picture.

Monica and Chandler pause and look at each other, then they smile

Phoebe: Stop it you two. Monica he is sick, don’t make him worse.

Chandler: Its okay Pheebs…

[Ross and Rachel burst in]

Rachel: We saw the doctor in the hall. He is coming to check on you guys right now.

[ the doctor comes in]

Doctor: [he looks at Phoebe] Are you Phoebe?

Phoebe: Yes

[doctor reads some sheets]

Doctor: How do you feel?

Phoebe: Great.

Doctor: Okay you can go you are fine. Just be careful.

Doctor: And Joey? You are still sick, but you can go. Would someone be in charge of him?

[doctor looks at rach]

Doctor: How about you?

Rachel: Okay fine I guess.

Doctor: And Chandler. You had more than all of them,so I am not sure what I should do. You have been in here for almost two days.

Monica: I will take great care of him I promise. We are heading home right away.

Doctor: How can I believe you will give him medicine, clean up after him, and watch him.

Chandler: First of all, I am not a little puppy. Second of all ,you do not know Monica. She even scrubbed the hospital floor last night to make sure I did not get sick or dirty by it.

Doctor: okay. One more night and you can leave in the morning.

Chandler: Okay.

Monica: Whew. Good lie there.

Rachel: Wait, you DID clean the floor last night didn’t you?

Monica: Yes.


[The next morning: Chandlers bags are all packed, and he is laying on his bed, dressed

Monica: Are you sure we packed all your stuff?

Chandler: Yes hon

Monica: Okay.

[she picks up his bag just as ross and come in.]
[he helps chandler up and out of the door]
[chandler sits in a wheel chair]
[he gets wheeled down on a elevator]
[joey is in one to]
[phoebe is laying on a couch in the lobby]
rachel is sitting by joey]
[they all get up and walk out into the street where a cab is waiting]

[next scene: Monica and Chandler apartment

Monica: We are all done packing. I already made sure Rach and Joey were ready, Ross is, and he helped Pheebs.

Chandler: Thankx.

Monica: You are welcome.

[she goes over and sits by him and leans her ehad on his shoulder]

[we see them all waiting to get on a on a plane]
[ they board it.]
[they are sitting the same way only joey and rachel are together instead of joey and ross]
[ we see the plane take off]

Monica: Now everyone say bye to mexico.

[we hear a lot of grumbles.]

Monica: Fine Don’t then.


Monica: Bye Mexico

Chandler: I heard that

[Monica slumps down into her chair]

[we see a last view of mexico]


[we see a view of the apartment building back home]

Monica: I love being home. New York rulz!!!

[she is cleaning her apartment]

Chandler: Oh yes. We get home, and I am laying on my girlfriends couch eating soup and drinking tea.
Oh yepee!!!

Monica: There is my chandler!

Chandler: The one and only.

[we see that he is laying on the couch]
[rachel walks out of her room and screams back,

Rachel: NO joey , no sponge bathes!

Monica: Oh come on Rach. He is sick.

Rachel: Yeah easy for you to say, you have your boyfriend.

Chandler: Joey is not your boyfriend?

Rachel: uggh.. no!!!

[ross walks in]

Monica: Hey.

Ross: Hey.

Chandler: Rachel gave Joey a sponge bath.

Ross: Really?

Monica: Yep. They are in love.

Ross: Oh really.

Chandler and Monica: Yep

[Rachel walks out with two pillows][she hits monica and chandler with them]

Chandler: Oww… I am sick remember?



[girls apartment - chandler and joey are sitting there with the girls [ rach and mon]

tv: Come to sunny Mexico…

Chandler: No
[flips channel

TV: In Mexico,

Joey: I dont think so
[flips channel

TV: Cancun Rules!!!

[turns tv off]

Rachel: Oh well.

[monica smiles]