The One With The Vacation, Part Three

Written by: Monica2887

[we hear Matthew Perry say,"previously on friends" - we see them get on the plane, we see them on the plane, we see them at their hotel, and we see their lights go out at the end of the day]



[Scene one- about 9:00 a.m. - their hotel]

[Ross and Joey’s room]
[ Joey is laying on his back snoring very loudly][Ross is asleep in his bed with a pillow over his ears and the sheets over his ears too]

[Joey rolls over and stops snoring. Ross quickly wakes up because of the lack of noise]

[ Ross untangles himself from his bed and gets up and walks to the window]

[we see Joey wake up]

Joey: Ross?

Ross: Hey you are up.

Joey: yeah [ he stretches]

Ross: Well I am going to go get dressed.

Joey: OK.

[Ross walks out to the bathroom]

[he comes out a minute later saying

Ross: Joey, can you hand me that bag?

[Joey is fast asleep]
[Ross goes and gets his own bag]

scene two- everyone is at a restaurant

[it is a round table right next to a big water fountain][from far right it goes chandler, Monica, Rachel, Joey, phoebe, then Ross]

[the waiter comes by]

Waiter: Have you made your decisions yet?

Monica: Yes I would like the shrimp platter please and a small diet coke

Waiter: OK. Next?

Rachel: Yeah, ummm… I would like the same as her.

Phoebe: I want a garden salad and a water.

Waiter: All right and the guys?
Ross: I want the special soup of the day with the baked beans to go with it and a coke

Joey: Oh me too.

Chandler: I would like the house sandwich with chips and a sprite

Waiter: Okay. I Will be right with you

Everyone: [assorted okays and thank yous]

[the scene fades into the water fountain and we know that a time lapse has occurred] [ now everyone has finished their meals except Ross who is loudly slurping the remainders of his soup. He slurps three times before…]

Monica: Okay, Ross could you go with out slurping at least one?

Phoebe: Yeah it is like you are a,,, slurp-aholic.

Chandler: Hey how about we go to the beach in a while.

Rachel: Swimming after we eat that is wrong it…

Monica: Rach, there will be lifeguards.

Rachel: Oh count me in.


[the next scene is a beach]
[chandler and Joey are in the water splashing around]
[Monica and Rachel are sun tanning]
Ross and phoebe are talking]

Ross: You see Phoebe there is no way that Barney was ever alive.

Phoebe: Oh I see.

[cut to Monica and Rachel][chandler and Joey come up to them but they have their eyes closed]

chandler and Joey smile at each other
[ chandler goes by Mon and Joe goes by rach]
[they both shake water on the girls]

[ the girls scream]

Monica: Bing, you are soooo dead. [ she gets up and chases him into the water]

[rach and Joe watch them go into the water. Monica jumps on chandlers back and they both go under. They come up laughing and they kiss.

Joey: So Rach, would you like to chase me?

[he smiles flirtingly at her]

Rachel: Joey,… [ smiles ] you’re on!!!

[ she gets up and chases him]

[we see a view of the beach from a higher view when we go back down]

[ we see chandler and Monica with Rachel and Joey all playing in the water playing . they all jump on Joey, then on chandler. He does not come up for a while]

[ we see Joey dragging chandler out of the water]

Rachel: Is he okay?

Monica: Chandler can you hear me honey?

[Ross and phoebe run over]

Ross: What happened?

Rachel: Well, lets just say Chandler went under and did not come up fast enough.

Joey: Is he breathing?

Ross: Check his nose and see if he is breathing.

[Joey does so]

Joey: What does it mean when no air comes out?

Phoebe: Oh no…

Monica: Move aside.

[she frantically starts doing CPR on him]

Rachel: Mon, when did you learn that?

Monica: That is not important. What is important is for you to go get a lifeguard, now. Hurry!!!

[next scene: a hospital. We see a black screen then a blurring image of five people gathered around in a hospital view [ this is what chandler sees upon waking up]

Monica: Honey, how do you feel?

Chandler: Mon???

Ross: We are all here buddy.

Chandler: Ross??

Chandler: What happened?

Rachel: You must have gone under and hit your head, because you have a deep cut on your head and a stomachful of salt water.

Ross: The doctors had to pump out your stomach and give you stitches

Joey: Monica was making out with you when you were unconscious

Monica: No I was not. I was trying to do CPR.

Joey: making out/….

Chandler: Joey, it is CPR.

Joey : Make up As many fancy nicknames as you want, I know what it is. [ he smiles to himself, then quickly frowns and looks around the room]
Hey can I use your bathroom?
[he runs off with out an answer]


[Same scene: an hour later. Chandler is in his hospital bed, and as the view widens we see Joey in a bed next to him.]

Rachel: So what happened???

Joey: I went in there and got sick then I felt dizzy and I passed out.

[Monica and Ross come through the door]

Monica: Joey, the doctors think you are sick because of the Mexican water. You know how the water always makes people sick? Well that is what happened to you. They think it will happen to chandler. [ they hear a noise]

Ross: I think it just happened to Chandler.

[They peak around the corner and look at chandler]

Everyone except Monica and Joey: Ewwwww…

Phoebe: We were not supposed to drink the water, oh no…

[she runs off to the bathroom]

[we see a scene of later that night in the hospital. Ross is just leaving]

Ross: I am going to go to the hotel, but I will come back first thing in the morning.

[we see that Phoebe is sick in bed too]

Rachel: Okay we will either come to the hotel or stay here.

Ross: OK bye.

Monica: bye

[mon is by chandler is sleeping, rachel is by Joey, and phoebe is asleep.}

Chandler: [ waking up]
Hi Mon. You look very pretty.

Monica: Thank you but how are you?

Chandler: Okay…

Monica: We are going to cut the vacation short.

Chandler: No I am fine, really.

Monica: No you are not. We have to go home and take care of you.

Chandler: What about Phoebe and Joey?

Monica: Them to, but especially you.

Chandler: Why especially me?

Monica: Because… you are my… [she quietly starts to cry]

Chandler: Okay Come here.

[ Chandler carefully pulls Monica up to him and they hug as the scene fades away]


[ We see scenes of the last vacation episode including the hospital, the hotel room with the sick friends in it, and them boarding the plane]

[ In the story you have just read, the friends characters had supposedly been in Mexico about four days so far]