The One With The Vacation, Part Two

Written by: Monica2887

[ we see clips from the last scene as we hear Courteney Cox say, PREVIOUSLY ON FRIENDS- we see rach and mon talking about vacation, joey win the lottery, and them all waiting at the gate at the airport]



[from the last scene]

Airport Person: You may now board plane 243 heading to cancun Mexico

[they are all sitting in chairs: rach and phoebe are talking, joey is drinking a soda, chandler is in between monica and ross, who are both sleeping. We see chandler look lovingly at Monica and then he looks at Ross and frowns]

Chandler: For the love of god, wake up man!!! [he shakes ross]

Airport Person: Final call. Anyone heading to Cancun, please board the plane now.

Joey: That’s us. Comeon.

[ross,joey, and phoebe get up and grab their bags]

Chandler: Hey Monica. Come on. Time to go.

[ Monica looks up, gets up, groans, and grabs her, bags]
[ chandler gets his bag as well and they walk off]

[we see joey run back]

Chandler: Where are you going Joe?

[joey leans in and whispers something into chandlers ear]

Chandler: They have that on the plane you know.

Joey: Oh.

[they walk onto the plane]

[we see them all in the plane]

[they are in groups of two- chan and mon, rach and pheebs, joe and ross]

[we see rachel clutching her chair]

Phoebe: What’s wrong?

Rachel: Oh it’s just the fact that we are going to be flying for hours over land and water, and it is usually Monica that worries but since she is asleep…

Phoebe: Whoa, slow down Rach. This will be fun. It is Vacation. Just …go to your happy place.

Rachel: Fine.

Phoebe: Good girl. See, Phoebe knows what she is talking about.

Rachel: [under her breath] Yeah right Pheebs.

[we see Ross and Joey]

Joey: Then Phoebe told me it was on backwards so Rachel and Monica had to…

Ross: The plaid socks

Joey: What?

Ross: I forgot my socks. They were sitting right there on my bed right in the pile and…

Joey: Dude they are just socks.

Ross: Those socks were special.

Joey: If you want to go and get sentimental…

Ross: sentimental? Did you, Joey, just said sentimental?

Joey: Yeah so what?

Ross: What does it mean?

Joey: umm… Chandler told me it.

Ross: Yeah I thought so. Anyway, those socks…

Joey: Oh no!

[we see chandler and monica]

Chandler: Mon, wake up . Hello! Honey???

[he leans towards her and studies her face]
[she slowly opens her eyes]
[they both jump]

Monica: What were you doing>

Chandler: Well, never mind that you are up let’s celebrate!!!

[he tries to do his chandler dance in his seat]

[she yawns]

Chandler: Mon…

[she is asleep]
Chandler: I tried…


Same scene

[we see a close up of Phoebe’s face. She is asleep. We see her smile and we drift into her dream]

-phoebes dream

[ it is a lake and she is in a canoe with the chick and duck]

Dream Phoebe: And this is my happy place.

Chick: chirp

Duck : Quack

[she sails out of view]

[we see a sleeping Rachel and we go to her dream]

[it is an airplane falling out of the sky and people are jumping out the door with parachutes. Rachel is falling and screaming]

Rachel: aaaagggghhhhh!!!

[she sees a falling Monica, who is sleeping]

[her parachute goes out and it is a big dinosaur parachute]

Rachel: Ross!!!

[we see a sleeping Ross and we go into his dream]

[he is in a field of flowers and he is holding plaid socks]

Ross: I will never leave you again. Plaid Socks never again!!!

[he does a little kartwheel]

[we see a sleeping Joey we go into his dream]

[he is in a class]

Teacher: Joey, this is the last straw. You have to quit thinking about Baywatch. Your punishment is to write sentimental and its meaning.

[We see a horrified Joey]

[we see a sleeping Chandler and we go into his dream]

[he is filled in a room with sleeping people]
Chandler: Hey Wake up folks!

[no one moves]

[suddenly a girl walks up to him]

Girl: You have a girlfriend? Oh darn

Chandler: Yesssss…. I do- do have a girl—friend [ he stumbles around]

Chandler: Monica!!!

[we see a sleeping Monica and we go into her dream]

[she is at a bonfire and there is a lot of people there. Chandler is standind on a table, in a hawaiian shirt and necklace, doing his chandler dance in front of everyone]

Chandler: Monica come here.

Monica: Are you out of your mind?

[people push her towards him. She gets up next to him and dances with him]

we see a sign at the bottom of the screen=a lot of hours later

Everyone is up

Airport Person: We are now in Cancun. Thank you for flying and enjoy your stay. Thank you!!!

[they all get up,stretch, and get their bags]

[ they walk off the plane]


[They are all standing in the lobby of a hotel]

Chandler: Ok Mon and I will share a room.

[they move close together]

Ross: Fine but only because we have three rooms only and that is the only reason.

Rachel: Plus the fact that they are going out.

[ross makes a face the sighs]

Ross: My best friend and my sister!!!

Chandler: Please stop saying that. You have to.

Phoebe: Ohh!! I will stay with Rachel.

Ross: OK.
Joey: Alright by me.

[they all get in the elevator]

[ we see the elevator open up]

[ross and joey have the room number 218]

[ monica and chandler have the room 219]

[ rachel and phoebe have room 220]

[ we see it get dark outside and the sun go down]

[we see their hotel room windows]

[ slowly, one by one the three lights go out]


the little teaser is just clips of the next episode-
    a sunny beach, all the friends playing volleyball, a hospital