The One When The Unthinkable Happened


Written by: Emily.

Note: Hi, I’m Emily, and this is my first fanfic, it’s taken me about a week and a half to write, and I really enjoyed doing it, so I hope you enjoy reading it. Also this is set in season five, somewhere after Rachel and Joey have found out about Chandler and Monica.

[Scene: Chandler, Joey and Ross’ apartment. Ross is looking through some old boxes, desperately looking for something. The apartment is in a mess.]

Ross: Oh…. where is that dinosaur toy !!

[He comes across a photo and stops]

Ross: (hurtfully) Oh! (he grabs his stomach)

[He flops down into one of the leather chairs, looking sorry for himself]

Ross: Why?!

[Looks like he’s about to cry]

Opening Credits.

[Chandler, Joey and Ross’ apartment, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe are there. Joey is looking bummed Chandler is trying to help.]

Chan: Look Joe the girls probably just…

Phoe: (entering) Hey, do you guys know what happened to Gromit when Wallace left? (Stops, looks.) What’s up Joey?

Chan: Oh well he’s just bummed because he can’t get a girlfriend and I have one (he starts dancing)

Phoe: Oh right, who?

(Chandler stops dancing)

Chan: Me and M… Oh it doesn’t matter just this girl.

Phoe: What’s her name again?

Chan: Her name? Oh her name, her name is M…M…Melissa

Phoe: Oh ok (looks confused)

[Chandler looks relieved]

Phoe: Anyway, Joe how about I get you and me some Knicks tickets that should cheer you up.

[A smile spreads across Joey’s face.]

Joey: (happily) ‘kay.

[Joey runs into his room excitedly.]

[Monica and Rachel’s apartment, Monica is there reading a magazine.]

Chan: (entering) Hey. Anybody else here.

Mon: No

Chan: Oh good.

[He goes over to her and starts kissing her. Monica pulls away from the kiss]

Mon: But Rachel will be here in a minute. So I’ll see you tonight.

Chan: (upset) Okay

Mon: (she stands up) I love you. (Monica gives him a kiss on the cheek)

(Chandler smiles and leaves)

Rach: (entering) Hey, why was Chandler looking like he had scored when he left?

Mon: Oh well, I just told him a very funny joke

Rach: Oh really, what? (trying to catch her out about her and Chandler)

Mon: Um… why did the chicken cross the road?

Rach: I don’t know.

Mon: Um… to get (thinks) to the other side.

Rach: Oh. (Forces a laugh)

[Mon and Rach both look in the other direction, looking puzzled.]

[The next day Rachel is in the foyer, just coming home from work. She sees Danny with another girl.]

Rach: Hey Danny.

Dan: Hey Rachel, oh while you’re here I’d like you to meet my new girlfriend, Cici.

Cici: Hi, Rosa is it.

Rach: Rachel.

Cici: Hi, I’m new here. Yeah, Danny and I were just talking about you.

[Danny starts to look worried and tries to let Cici know that it was private]

Rach: Oh yeah, what did he say. (Rachel thinks it’s something good so she is smiling)

Cici: He said that he thought you…

Danny: (interrupting her) Come on Cici let’s go.

Rach: No I wanna hear?

[Cici carries on while Danny stars at the floor]

Cici: He said he thinks you fancy him, but he doesn’t feel the same way, but he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Rach: Oh, (she starts to look upset) he said that (tries to look happy)

Dan: Come on Cici let’s go. Now!

[Rachel and Monica’s apartment, Ross is there looking upset, with a beer in one hand and a photo in the other. Rachel enters looking upset]

Ross: Oh (he turns to face the door) hi Rach.

Rach: Hey, Where’s Mon?

Ross: She’s gone to work.

Rach: Why aren’t you at your place?

Ross: Oh Chandler has a date over tonight, and he wanted Joey and me to stay away tonight.

Rach: (changing the subject) what’s up with you? (She walks over to the fridge and gets a beer out.)

Ross: Oh… I um found this picture. It’s of Em and me.

Rach: I get it!

Ross: What’s up with you?

Rach: (starting to look sad again) Oh Danny has a new girlfriend.

Ross: That’s a shame!

[They both take a sip of their beers]

[Rach and Mon’s apartment, about 2 hours later. Rach and Ross are still there, and drunk! They’ve had about 20! Beers each]

Rach: I mean it’s not fair, I thought I was really getting somewhere with Danny.

Ross: And I thought me and Emily were just getting over our differences.

[Rachel stands up]

Rach: I wish I could find someone who loved me, (pause, turns and looks at Ross who is looking at the floor.) like you!

[Ross looks at Rachel, then stands up and looks into Rachel’s eyes. He leans forward and they start kissing passionately and start going towards Rachel’s room.]

[The Knicks game, the Knicks have the ball, and Joey is very excited]

Joey: Come on Knicks, Come on Knicks!

[The Knicks score and Phoebe gets over excited and starts dancing]

Phoe: Go Knicks! Go Knicks! Go Knicks!

[She looks up and sees she is on the big screen.]

Phoe: Oh cool! Joey look.

[She points at the big screen, then continues dancing.]

[Chandler, Joey and Ross’ apartment. Chandler and Monica are there.]

Mon: Wow! This all looks really romantic.

Chan: (looking really proud off himself) I know, I did it all myself.

[Monica frowns at him. Chandler walks over to her and starts kissing her. She pulls away.]

Chan: What?!

Mon: Can we have dinner first?

Chan: What? Why?

Mon: I just need to talk to you first.

Chan: Oh ok. (Disappointed)

Mon: Chandler, it’s good news don’t worry. I promise.

Chan: Ok, what is it?

Mon: Chandler, I’m (pause) pregnant!

Chan: Oh my god, (pause) great. (He forces a smile, stands up and hugs her)

[From the other side of the hug you she him, looking shocked and disappointed]

Mon: You really all right with it? (Looking pleased) I thought you’d act differently.

Chan: No it’s great and just what you always wanted. (Thinks) But aren’t the others going to get suspicious when you are pregnant and you haven’t told them who the father is?

Mon: You think we should tell them?

Chan: Yes, but I think it can wait a while.

Mon: (Relieved) Ok.

Chan: Ok. (He walks over to her and they kiss.)

[The next day, Monica and Rachel apartment. Ross is waking up. He then sees Rachel and widens his eyes in shock.]

Ross: Rachel, Rachel, get up!

Rach: What? (Calmly) What? (Angrily)

Ross: Why am I here?

[Thy both look shocked, trying not to meet each other’s eyes]


[The Coffee House, Monica, Chandler, Ross and Rachel are there. Ross and Rachel are looking very uncomfortable and are sitting on either side of the couch.]

Phoe: (entering with Joey) Hey you guys.

Joey: Hey.

[Ab-lib hellos]

Chan: Oh, Joe how was the Knicks game last night.

Joey: It was brilliant, oh and guess what Phoebe was…

Phoe: (interrupting) I want to tell it!

Joey: Okay! (Takes a step back)

Phoe: Well, we were watching the game and the Knicks scored, and I got all excited. So I stood up and started dancing and, (pause) now I’m a CHEERLEADER!

Rach: Oh my god!

Mon: Great!

Chan: (Looking confused) Weren’t you meant to do that in High School.

Phoe: (Looking annoyed) I didn’t go to high school!

Ross: (trying to act pleased) I think it’s great Pheebs.

Phoe: Thank you Ross. This is going to be great, oh I know I should have a knew name. (Thinks) Oh…oh Phoebeleader.

[Everyone looks surprised]

[Chandler, Joey’s and Ross’ Apartment. Chandler is alone and Monica enters.]

Mon: Hey, you alone?

Chan: Yes.

Mon: Listen, I was thinking we could tell the others about us in about (pause) a minute.

Chan: A minute!

Mon: Look Chandler I know it’s sudden.

[Chandler laughs]

Mon: But I’m fed up of sneaking around, and if we really love each other there is no need to keep it a secret anymore.

Chan: Fine! (They kiss)

[Monica and Rachel’s apartment. Everyone is there and Monica and Chandler are about to tell them all something]

Mon: You guys have probably been wandering why I’ve been sneaking around since I got back from London, Well the truth is I’ve sort of been dating someone.

All: (apart from Chandler) Who?

Mon: Well um…(looks at Chandler) Chandler. (She smiles at Chandler and holds his hand.)

[Everyone looks shocked and (apart from Ross) pleased for them, but Ross looks shocked and angry with Chandler.]

Ross: Great (Trying to make a Happy face.)

Phoe: That’s brilliant. (Pause) Ok my turn my turn. You guys want to see some of my moves, (they all nod) ok, one, two, three.

[She starts dancing and singing rubbishly, then she is interrupted by a Knock at the door. She opens it and it’s a salesman.]

Salesman: Hello, I was just wandering have you ever thought of soundproofing your apartment.

Phoe: What?!

Salesman: Well I heard your voice from downstairs and I wanted to die. It was terrible. [Phoebe starts to look angry.] I was nearly strangling my self It was just so.

Phoe: Ok! [Very angry.]

[Phoebe looks very upset, as the salesman goes, and they all look sorry for her.]

Mon: Don’t listen to him Pheebs, I liked it.

Phoe: Really? (Looking pleased)

Chan: Absolutely.

Rach: I thought it was brilliant

Joey: I gonna teach that guy a lesson.

Ross: (dazed to Monica) I can’t believe you slept with Chandler.

[Everyone stares at him.]

[Monica and Rachel’s apartment. Phoebe, Rachel and Monica are there.]

Rach: Can I talk to you guys for a minute?

Mon: Yeah, ok.

Phoe: Give me a Y, give me an E, give me an S, what have you got YYYEEESSS!

Rach: Ok. (Stares at Phoebe.) Last night, when I came in from work, Ross was here and he was really upset about Emily, because he found a picture of them together. I was also upset because Danny has a new girlfriend. Well we um kinda got really drunk and well, (Looks really uncomfortable.) when I woke up this morning he was there.

[Monica gasps and Phoebe looks as if she is really clever.]

Phoe: Um Rachel it sounds like you slept with him.

Rach: (Rachel glares at Phoebe.) I know that! I Wanted you to tell me what to do, so, what should I do?

[Cut to Chandler, Joey’s and Ross’ apartment. Ross is there telling Joey an Chandler about Rachel and the night before.]

Joey: Get back together with her!

Chan: Yeah, get back together with her.

Ross: Look I don’t even know if she wants to get back together with me. Do you think she’d want to?

Joey: Absolutely, she told you she loved you when you came back from England, right?

Ross: Yeah, but…

Chan: Then go for it!

[Monica and Rachel’s apartment. Monica and Phoebe are still talking to Rachel.]

Mon: Come on Rach go for it. Go on march out there and see if he wants to get back together with you.

[The hall in between the apartments. Ross and Rachel have just come out of each apartment. They spot each other and are very uncomfortable.]

Rach: Hi!

Ross: Hi!

Rach&Ross: I think we need to talk!

Ross: Ok you wanna go first.

Rach: Um…ok. What happened with us? I mean do you want to get back together?

Ross: Do you?

Rach: I asked you first!

Ross: Well…Ok yes, I guess I do. (Pause.) Do you?

Rach: Yeah, but if we’re going to fight a lot again I think we should just be friends.

Ross: Well then I guess the big question is do you forgive me?

[Meanwhile, In Monica and Rachel’s apartment. Phoebe is looking through the peephole.]

Mon: Phoebe! It’s My turn, let me have a look

[Back to the hall Ross and Rachel are still talking.]

Rach: Ross I’m sorry, but, I can’t forgive you for what you did, but I would love to get back together

Ross: I would to, but, (Getting angry.) if your going to make me take responsibility of the whole relationship again, then forget it.

Rach: (Trying to calm down the situation.) I wouldn’t do that. Look, we could start again, from square one.

Ross: (Angrily.) What? Through away everything we had? I’m not going to do that!

Rach: (Getting angry.) Ok then maybe there’s no point in us getting back together, and we should really think of what we want!

Ross: (angrily) Fine!

[They both turn around and start to go into their apartments, they stop, turn around and realise that they are still in love with each other. Ross goes over to Rachel and they start kissing. Ross stops.]

Ross: I know what I want Rach, (pause) I want you.

Rach: (touched) I want you to. But I think we need to talk about this.

Ross: Ok I’ll come around later, when no one is in, ok?

Rach: (smiles) Ok I’ll see you later. (She turns and leaves.)

Ross: Bye. (Ross watches her go and then goes in himself.)

[Monica and Rachel’s, Rachel enters and Monica and Phoebe start asking questions.]

Mon: So what happened?

Phoe: Yeah, tell us.

Rach: (Sounding depressed.) I don’t know, we’re going to talk later, so if you guys could…

Mon: Yeah ok.

Phoe: Are you upset, (Rachel nods.) you wanna come down to the Coffee House with me and Mon.

Rach: Ok

[Later, Monica and Rachel’s apartment, Rachel is there nervous and pacing. Ross enters.]

Ross: Hey

Rach: Hey you.

Ross: Ok, do you wanna talk first, again.

Rach: Ok, um… First I need you to understand that after what we’ve been through it’s gonna be hard to just go back to what we were like before and secondly I still don’t know if I can forgive you.

Ross: Ok I can accept that, as long as you can accept that I won’t take responsibility for the whole relationship

Rach: Ok, but I need to learn to trust you. So you wanna get back together?

Ross: Yes, I do. You?

Rach: Well… yeah.

[Ross and Rachel stare at each other’s eyes for a moment, then Ross steps forward and kisses Rachel passionately. When the kiss ends they hug. As we fade to.]

[Phoebe’s cheerleading practice. Phoebe’s getting very confused and making up her own dance.]

Phoe: Um, don’t you think it would be easier to do this.

[She starts to do ballet rubbishly.]

Teacher: That’s ballet!

Phoe: So! (She looks confused.)

[Everyone looks as if she’s stupid.]

[Coffee House. Everyone is there, except for Phoebe.]

Phoe: (Entering, looking upset.] Hey you guys?

Rest of the guys: What’s wrong Pheebs? What’s up?

Phoe: It doesn’t matter. (pause.) No, it doesn’t, (pause.) I got kicked out of cheerleading class. (Sounding upset.)

Rest of the guys: Oh! Pheebs are you ok?

Phoe: (Starting to cry.) Yeah, it didn’t mean that much to me anyway. (Cry’s even more.)

[About half an hour later, Phoebe is still upset and Ross is about to leave.]

Ross: Bye you guys. (To Rachel.) Bye sweetie.

Rach: Bye honey. (They kiss, the others look disgusted.)

Mon: Um Ross, before you go I want to talk to everyone for a second.

Ross: (Looks at his watch.) Ok

Mon: Right, you guys all know that I’ve been seeing Chandler, (Ross gives Monica a look like ‘How could we forget.’) Well there’s something I forgot to tell you yesterday. (Everyone apart from Ross is like what, what’s the news!) I’m pregnant!

(Ross looks shocked and like he’s going to kill Chandler.)

Chan: Yes, we’re pregnant. (Flings his hands in the air.)

Ross: (Trying to look pleased.) Con (Forces it out.) gratulation.

Mon: Wow! You really ok with it?

Ross: Couldn’t be better! (Trying to act happy for them)

[We hear in the background everyone saying congratulations as we fade in on Ross’ face looking angry.]

Closing Credits.

[Phoebe’s dream, she is a cheerleading teacher.]

Phoe: Right, everyone copy me.

Pupil: But you do ballet

Phoe: (Shouting.) Hey, this is my class, either do what I say or get out!

[Phoebe glares at the pupil and then starts to do ballet again, including bits like, give me a P and stuff as well.)

The End.