THE ONE WITH THE TRIPLETS 

By Cynthia F.

Iīve did it Ą!!  Well this is actually the first Fanfic I do, so I hope Itīs good enough for you to read it.  This fanfic itīs about Phoebeīs babies birth, and also will be filled with a lot of surprises; so i hope you like it. Here we go!!!  And special thanks to Eric Aasen, keep the good work man!


Scene 1
All the gang (except Phoebe) including this time the proud parents : Frank and Alice, are sitting at the waiting -room of the hospital in where Phoebe itīs giving birth.  We can see Rachel and Monica sitting on a sofa, Rachel is reading a VOGUE magazine, and Monica itīs just relaxing (almost falling asleep) Ross itīs on the opposite sofa, between Franck and Alice, and Chandler itīs intrigued for what Joey is doing. Joey itīs offscene

Franck: I actually canīt believe it!! Iīm gonna be a dad!!!

Alice: And Iīm gonna be a mom!!  Well not exactly a birth mom but….

Franck: Well at least  you wonīt suffer the pain!  Right??

Alice:  (in a sad way) I guess……..

(Ross that itīs between them, starts feeling a little bit unconfortable)

Rachel : Oh my god! Monica, look at this dress, its gorgeous!! Monica? Mon?

(we can see and hear that Monica fell asleep, and she itīs  snoring outloud, Rachel realizes)

Rachel:  Nevermind

Chandler: Hey Joe! What the……(we can hear a crash! Bang! Bum! From the place where the vending machines are)

Joey: You stupid machine!!(while slamming it) cīmon gimme that. No you donīt! No you donīt!
Ross: Hey man! This is a hospital! Remember?? So, no shouting.!!

Joey: Sooorry. (still at the vending)

Chandler: So what are you……. (we can hear a big final crash and an EOWW!!!)

Chandler: Doing?

(Joey appears all wet, with an empty crushed cup of coffee, and still with pain says:)

Joey: (in a painful voice) Hey guys! Does anyone have an extra quarter?

All: (With a stunned face)

Joey: You know, I still need some coffe!!


Still at the hospital, Frank and Alice are getting a little bit desperated. Monica is still asleep, and Ross is starting to. Joey is sitting near Chandler who its still laughing at Joe that is all wet . Rachel leaves the magazine at the table and starts to sing to herself a song , then she starts playing with her hair (still singing)  until she realizes that itīs starting to get bored.

Rachel: Oh, cīmon guys! Cheer up!, we are here because we are supposed to be happy. Not sleeping!!

Chandler: (Turning to Joe) Iīm HAPPY!!!  (laughing)(thumbs up to Joe)

Joey: Mhhmm!! Sure you are!

(Ross who is half asleep, and half not, kind of hears Rachel screaming, so he quickly incorpores himself and repeats sleepily)

Ross: Hospital! Ok we are still at the hospital!

Rachel: What!

Ross: (still very sleepy and barely opening his eyes) What??

Rachel: Ugh!! Forget it
Alice: Why are the doctors delaying so much. Maybe somethingīs wrong! Or maybe there were more than 3 babies!, maybe 5. Oh no! What are we going to do with so many kids! (starts shaking Ross desperately, who is sitting behind her)

Ross: Wha… What??

Frank: Relax honey!! (releasing her from Rossīs shoulders) Everything itīs gonna be fine. OK?

Alice: Are you sure? Do you promise?

Frank: Yes I do, Itīs just normal baby-delivery stuff.   I guess..

Rachel: You know what, thatīs it!! Iīm going to find out whatīs going on. Be right back. (leaves)

Monica: (In her dreams) No Chandler, donīt go, stay here with me!! I need you!!

Chandler: (Opening his eyes in shock)

Joey: What is she talking about?

Chandler: I dunno, maybe she is wondering something about me.

Joey: So, go ahead and figure it out!!
(Chandler stands up and goes towards Monica, who itīs still speaking nonsense)

Chandler: (trying to wake her up) Hey Monica!, Monica. What the hell are you talking about?       (of course he knows)

(Monica, awakened, suddenly opens her eyes and cleans the rest of the drool she had on her cheek)

 Monica. Where are we??

Joey: We are expecting the storck to arrive!!!
(Chandler turns to Joey with a you-are-so-stupid look)

Monica: The WHAT?

Joey: You know, the storck!!  (starts to flutter like a bird)

Chandler: Clueless! I give up! End of the game!

Monica: Oh! Now I remember, we are at the hospital where Phoebe itīs going to have her babies!

Joey: right!

Alice: Actually, they are OUR babies

Frank: We both made those babies, but we just borrowed them to Phoebe for a while!

Chandler: And one itīs going to have MY name!  JA! (proudly) (annoying Joey of course)

Joey: Iīve been over it! OK (sobbing*) that doesnīt affects me anymore.

Chandler: Yes I can see it.

Monica: Wheres Rach?

Chandler. She went to see if there were any news.

Monica: And…..

Chandler: And….. I suppose they arenīt any.

Frank. Calm down! There will be soon.

Alice: I already can imagine them! So tiny, and cute and so defensless. I canīt hardly wait to see them!

Frank: (excited) You know what babe? I love you so much.
They  both get trough Ross (who itīs in the middle of them and who itīs still asleep) and start kissing passionately (they donīt care that Ross itīs in the middle)

Joey: Hey you guys….. (starting to figure out whats going on with Frank and Alice)  COOL!!!

(both Monica and Chandler have a Iīd-better-donīt-look look on their faces, and just ignore the fact of the kiss with Ross in the middle)

Ross: ( getting awakened by the crunched by the hugs and kisses)

Ross: Wha…. wha….. whatīs…………..     Oh my god!!!  I donīt want to participate on this!!!     HELP!!!
(getting apart from them and rushing to stand up)

Ross: Enough!!

Joey: Hey, you are ruining the show!!! Get off the way. (Ross then stares at him with a mad look)   Ohhhhkeeeyy I see

Frank and Alice donīt care, and they start kissing again.

Ross: Whatīs going on? is Phoebe done yet?

Monica: Done yet? Ross, sheīs not a cow ok? Sheīs going to have the pain of her life and 3 huge babies!!!

Ross: Sorry.

Joey: About Phoebe looking like a cow, well I do think she……. (Monica stares at him) Ok I get it.

Ross: And wheres Rach??

Chandler: Oh, she just got desperated and went to see if there were any news.

Ross: And…..

Chandler: And….. Whatīs with that part, does it is too hard to understand!!! (Mad) There are no news yet!! We wouldnīt be here if there were!!!

Joey: Well it could be that…..
Chandler: Joe

Joey: Shut your mouth!!

In her looking for help, Rachel sees a very handsome resident doctor. Rachel approaches to him and starts making some conversation.

Rachel: Hi!

Robert: Hi! Can I help you?

Rachel: Well, Iīm here īcause one of my best friend itīs havin triplets. Well they are not from her, they are from her brother.

Robert: (Stunned) Oh, I see……

Rachel: Oh, no, no, no, no. Actually the babies, um, I mean, the embryos , were stucked on my best friends uterus, īcause her brother and his wife couldnīt have any. So…

Robert:  She offered to nurse them?

Rachel: Right! Thatīs it! Um, my name itīs Rachel.

Robert: Well, hello Rachel, Iīm Robert. And I canīt help you, īcause Iīm on the  Intensive Care Unit. But, listen, er, Iīm on my lunch brake now, so would you like to have a cup of coffee at the caffeteria?

Rachel: If Iīd like?, well (thinking about Phoebe and the babies) Iīm not sure, you know, cause my friends babies could be born anytime. And  all the rest of my friends are at the waiting-room.

Robert: Well, itīll just take us a minute.

Rachel: Ok, letīs go, but only if you let me go in 10 mins.

Robert: K
They walk to the elevator.
Finally a doctor comes in and of course bringing good news.

Doctors: Any of you who is relative of, wait, Ms. Phoebe Buffay???

Frank: Iīm her brother, and Iīm the proud father!!!!!!!!!

Doctor: (stunned)

Alice: So, how are my babies??

Doctor: Let me get it straight, you (pointing Frank) are the dad?

Frank: You bet I am!

Alice: And Iīm the mom!!

Monica: So, howīs Phoebe, and the babies?

Doctor: Oh, shes perfectly.

Frank: The babies! We wanna know about my babies!!!

Chandler: Yes I wanna know about Chandler!

Ross: Can we see her?

Doctor: Well, shes right now still at the delivey room, but as soon as she is transfered to a room you can come in and see her.

All: Cool, all right!

Joey: And in the meantime, can we see the babies?

Doctor: Iīm glad to announce that you have a beautiful girl and two handsome boys

Joey: Yeah, talking about news.

Frank: Yes we knew that were coming a girl and two boys, but I mean ( sounding desperate) are they complete? Five toes on each foot?, and five fingers on each hand?, and two eyes?, and….. and…….

Ross: Hey! Take it easy man!

Joey: Yes, b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

Monica: So, can we see them or what?
Doctor: Not all at one time, but sure you can come one by one or well by couples. At the nursery, they are beeing cleaned up.

Joey: Why should they be dirty?

Rachel itīs at the caffeteria with Robert, and she is trying to get rid of the boring medical terminology conversation.

Robert: ………….And then I instead of extracting the liver I took out the pancreas!!!!   HA HA HA HA

Rachel: Amusing isnīt it, but Iīll be better going.

Robert: No wait, why are you going?

Rachel: Hello??? Is anyone there? My friend Phoebe, remember is having triplets.

Robert: Oh I remember, but Itīs to early to go, let me just tell you the time when I told the nurse to make…………

Rachel: (to herself) What a geek!!!

Still at the waiting-room, Frank and Alice are not there, they went to see their babies.
Monica itīs sitting  with Chandler, and Joey itīs zipping another cup of coffee. While Ross is wondering whereīs Rachel.

Ross: Rachel has been too long looking for help isnīt it?
Chandler: Kind of.

Ross: Iīd better go and look for her, and tell her whatīs going on.

Monica: Maybe she found a cute little resident doctor and itīs fooling around with him (giggles)

Ross: Well, that can be too,  but anyway. Iīm coming back soon, Iīll go get her.

Chandler: Ok

Joey: If you go near the caffeteria, could you buy me some Oreo?

Ross: Iīll try ok?

Joey: Totally understood.

(Ross leaves)

Joey: Iīm going to the bathroom.

Chandler: You donīt have to explain us where are u going.

Monica: Go ahead, have fun.

Joey; thanx

(Joey leaves)

Chandler: Finally, we are alone.

Monica: Yes.

Chandler: Um, Monica?

Monica: Yes?

Chandler: Just  a couple of minutes ago, when you were asleep. You kind of said “things”.

Monica: What kind of things?
Chandler: You know, our things. You were calling: “Chandler, donīt leave me, stay here, Chandler!!”  Where you dreaming or something?

Monica: I suppose, but I donīt remember.

Chandler: Iīm glad you were asleep, cause this way I can deny everything, although nobody suspected. I guess.

Monica: Listen Chandler, Iīve been thinking about us.

Chandler: And….

Monica: I think itīs better if we continue just as friends.

Chandler: Mon, donīt tell me that.

Monica: īCause, you know I now know the “both” sides of you.

Chandler: So, me too, whatīs wrong with that?

Monica: That we are best friends, and besides I donīt wanna keep hiding things.

Chandler: So, what are we going to do? I love you, did you know that?

Monica: And I love you too. But this isnīt meant to be, īcause we are like brother and sister.

Chandler: So, you consider me the same you consider Ross?

Monica; No silly, I do feel “something special “ for you.

Chandler: Well I now can feel at ease.

Ross itīs looking for Rachel, and he founds her at the caffeteria with Robert. Then Ross approaches to them, and can see that Rachel itīs bored ītill hell. So he goes on her rescue.

Ross: Hi!

Rachel: Ross! Hello
Ross: Hi, um, Rachel? Whe have been waiting for you.

Rachel: Yes Iīm so dum, Itīs just that the time flew so fast.

Robert: Hello, Iīm Robert.

Ross: Hi, um, anywhere, Rachel, will you mind if we go with Pheebīs?

Rachel: No, absolutely, no. Well Robert, I guess itīs goodbye then.

Robert: My pleasure. Iīll hope I will be seeing you?

Rachel: I hope. Letīs go Ross.

Ross: Bye Doc!

We see Ross and Rachel at the elevator.

Ross: So, what about that doc huh?

Rachel: That? That was the mistake of my life, I mean, I have never been sooooo bored!!

Ross: Was it much more boring than when you had to expend some time with  me at the museum?

Rachel: Even worst!

Ross: Iīm glad! Good!

Rachel: Listen Ross, you never did anything that bored me OK? So donīt feel bad.

Ross: No, I mean I just was asking, you know. īCause I still care of you, you know, as a “friend”

Rachel: Iīm happy that you still care about me ( they hug) Thanks Ross.

(they arrive to the floor and the doors open)

Joey itīs back from the leak and Chandler and Monica are just wasting the time. Ross and Rachel arrive.

Rachel: Hi guys!

Monica: Hey! Where were you?

Rachel: Long story

Joey: Hey look, here they come Frank and Alice!

All: Congratulations! Howīs Phoebe?

Frank: Sheīs fine, and the babies too. You can come in now if you want.

Chandler: Hey! Letīs go

Phoebeīs room, sheīs there resting, suddenly the whole gang arrives.

Phoebe: Hey guys!

Joey: Howīs my Pheebs? (kissing her)

Ross: Hello!

Monica: How are you sweetie?(hug)

Phoebe: Iīm fine. So, have you seen the babies?

Chandler: Nope, not still.

Phoebe: Man! They are cute.

Monica: And Frank and Alice are so happy!

Phoebe: Yey , boy Iīm happy too.

Rachel: Ross Are you ok?

Ross: Oh, huh? Oh yes, yes Iīm fine. Just thinking. This reminds me when Ben was born. You know it reminds me Carol, and all that stuff, and suddenly it also reminds me Emily. And that Iīm such an idiot.

Chandler: Hey man! Cheer up

Rachel: Yes Ross, this is not a sad moment.

Ross: Thanks guys, Iīm sorry Pheebīs.

Phoebe: No prob

(outside the room)

Frank: Iīm a dad!!!!!!! Look there they are, oh they are so beautiful!!!(screaming)

Ross: Hey (sreaming too) shut up!!! We are at a hospital!!!!  Thereīs sick people in here!!!!!!



Joey itīs again near the vending machines, but now he is flirting with a cute nurse.

Joey: How youīre doing?

Nurse: Fine, Thanx

Joey: So, are you up for some coffe?

Nurse: Sure, why not.

Joey: Ok, Here we go um……. could you just borrow me some quarters?

Nurse: Sure why not?

Joey: Ok, here they are, um…….. could you just take the cups out of the machine, please?
Nurse: ohhhhkeeey

Joey: thanx. (Sitting on a sofa), and how about some Oreo? I do love Oreo cookies.

The nurse: Listen pal, you canīt have everything in life.


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