The One With The Preplan Jitters

Written by: Clara.

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright,
Kaufman and Crane.

Note: This is a continuation of "tow the ten bucks" so read it first! Ross has his old (season 3) hair cut back (I can not stand his new style!) If you don't like R&R then I suggest not reading this (well unless you wanna understand me other fanfics.) Chandler and Monica are together.

(Scene: A church fellowship hall. Everyone is there.)

Ross: This is a very nice church.

Phoebe(Phoe): yeah right, there isn't a priest!

Chandler(chan): Pheebs, there is one. He is just not now.

Phoe: Yeah but he lives here right?

Monica: He lives BY the church.

Pheo: Oh OK. (Walks away looking really ditzy, a look that can only be made
by Lisa))

Rachel(Rach): (looking very curiously around) Ross isn't this place the best?!

Ross: Yeah, but I would be married in a ditch to be married to you! (Sorry
it's corny but funny)

All: Awwwww that so sweet/how nice/exc.

Chandler: Ahh your *so* making me sick! (Pretending to barf)

Ross and Rachel kiss

Chandler: Would you excuse me?

Monica: Sure, where are you going?

Chandler: The bathroom, I was hoping you would come with me!?

Monica: OK!

Pheo: Oh-my-god this is a church! (Glimpses at R&R they are still kissing)
it's OK their getting married, but your just bad children bad!

C&M look down in shame

Chandler: I still have to go to the potty! (leaves)

R&R break

Rach: (While holding Ross' face in her hands) oh I love you Ross, I'm so glad
we are getting married!

Ross: I love you too sweetie, so much. I'm never gonna leave you again.

Rachel: (Resting her head on Ross' chest and him holding her very close to
him) I know honey I know, (she starts to cry very lightly).

Ross: Rach, honey don't cry (strokes her hair), I cant stand it when you cry,
it makes me so sad.

Rach: I'm sorry, I hear you say you love me, you're never gonna leave me, and
you're gonna make it last and I want to believe you, but I have to wonder,
no offence honey, but all your relationships seem to fail!

Ross: yeah but I um OK lets take a look shall we, carol, she is a lesbian,
cant change that, Julie I broke up with her 'coz I loved you, you, we broke
up because I loved you too much and I blew it, (she opens her Mouth to say
something) no wait let me finish, (she nods), Bonnie, broke up again because
I loved you, and Emily well that was two reason's one I loved you, and two
she's a bi*ch! See I've always loved you!

Rach: Yeah all your break ups where because of me even ours and this is your
third marriage, and we fight so much I wonder, will it work?

Ross: Rach honey do you love me?

Rach: of course I do but-

Ross: Could you live without me in your life?

Rach: Not a day!

Ross: Than that's all that matters (kisses her)

Rach: Yeah you're right, you're always right! (They hug and look at each
other and say together): lets get married a.s.a.p. (Yeah that's corny too)

Ross: Are you sure? (She nods confidently) OK when?

Rach: As soon as we can put a wedding together!

Ross: How about 3 months?

Rach: (Puts her arms around his head (much like in tow Ross and Rachel
y'know)) sounds perfect! (They kiss very passionately with all the love they
have, wrapped in that one kiss:))
they break and leave

Church sanctuary
(Where the priest preaches (for those who don't know:))

Phoebe is at the platform, Joey walks down the isle, then Monica, than
chandler, he goes to hold Joey's hand, acting as if they're getting married!

Phoe: Dearly beloved we are gathered here together to join together Joey and Chandler in holy matrimony.

Mon: (To Chan) you're such a beautiful bride! (Ross and Rach come in very happy)

Rach: Guess what?

Phoe: Noisy people in back....Shhhhh!

(They sit.)

Phoe: If anyone wishes these two people not to get married please speak now
or forever hold your peace?

Ross: (Standing up) No you can't get married!!!

J&C: Why not?!?

Ross: Because I'm in love with Chandler! (Trying very hard not to laugh)

Rach: (Stands, also trying not to laugh) you said I was the only one

(pretends to slap Ross, and runs out, then comes back) thank you (they clap)
oh yeah you have three months to practise to do that again!

C&M: Oh my gawd congratulations! (They go to hug them)

Rach: Thanx u guys (to Phoebe and Joey) don't you wanna hug us too?

Joey: So um where are we touring?

Ross: What?

Phoe: Is it on Broadway?

Rach: We aren't marring on Broadway!

Phoe: Oh...You're getting married in 3 months oh OK I get it! (Acts calm then
totally freaks out) oh my god you''re ha yes? that's so great!

(Hugs them)

Joey: Yeah congratulations man! (Shakes his hand) aw what the hell!

(Hugs him)

Rach: We haven't picked a date but.....

Ross: Some time in August!

Rach: Now do you promise not to be mad?

All: Sure!

Ross: We want u guys to pick who's gonna be the maid of honour...

Rach: (Joey and Chan start to laugh @ mon and pheebs) ....and we want you two
to pick the best man!

All: But....

Ross: Ah ah no buts they are NEVER good!

Rach: But we need a date honey!

Ross: how about August twenty....eighth!

Rach: Is it a Saturday?

Ross: Umm just a moment (he thinks) yep!

Rach: Sounds perfect!

Ross: OK lets go tell the minister!

(They run off holding hands :))

Chan: I'm glad they finally settled down!

All: Yeah

Mon: Well we should go!

(They leave)

Ross' apt. R&R there, in bed.

Rach: Well in three months we'll be married and I can keep u forever, where
ever I want! (Kisses him)

Ross: Oh yeah, that's what you think!

Rach: What do you mean?

Ross: I still have my bachelor party!

Rach: What if I go?

Ross: Yeah right!

Rach: Yeah I'm going to one of them!

Ross: I thought that was chandler and joey's job?!

Rach: No I'll give you a private one.

Ross: Ohh (they kiss, we'll just leave the happy couple alone )