The One With Truth Or Dare

Written by: Monica2887

Disclaimer: The characters and their stories belong to Bright, Kaufman, and Crane and NBC and Warner
Brothers. I mean no infringement and make no profit. And not really directed by Wes Craven, of course.

[central perk: everyone is there]

Phoebe: I need a place to stay because there are some people coming in and cleaning the apartment.

Monica: Oh you can stay with us.

Phoebe: Good. Thanx.

Rachel: Oh we can have a slumber party!

Phoebe: Oh yeah. Like that one time I came over!

Monica: Fine and the rule is: no boys allowed.

Chandler and Joey: Not fair.

[Everyone turns around. Phoebe and Rachel get coffee. Ross reads a magazine. Joey gets up and goes to the bathroom. Monica gets up and goes to Chandler. ]

Monica: You know you can come.

Chandler: I'll be there.



[Monica and Rachel's apartment]
[It is night, and they are all in their pajamas.]
[There is a knock on the door.]

[Monica answers it.]

[Chandler and Joey are there.]

Chandler: Hi. Can we come in?

Monica: Sure.

Rachel: what happened to our no guys allowed rule?

Monica: Shhh. Why are you here?

Joey: Well, we were walking up here and Chandler drops our key into a sewer drain. So we are locked out.

Phoebe: Well, join us at our party.

Chandler and Joey: OK. Yeah!

[Ross walks in.]

Ross: Hey.

Rachel: Why are you here?

Ross: Well, I knew that when you said no guys allowed, that chandler and Joey
would find a way in here so I wanted to come too.

Monica: OK.

Joey: Let's play something.

Rachel: Not strip anything Joey.

Joey: Fine.

Phoebe: I know I know Truth or Dare.

Everyone: Yeah I guess.

[They all sit down with drinks. Chandler and Monica are on the couch, Phoebe is in the chair, Joey is on the armrest of the chair, and Ross and Rachel are on the floor.]

Phoebe: OK. I'll go first. Joey, truth or dare.

Joey: Dare.

Phoebe: I dare you to let me put lipstick on you and then you have to run up and down the apartment building stairs.

Joey: Fine

[Phoebe gets lipstick and puts it on Joey]
[He walks outside and starts to the stairs]

[Two hours later]
[They all are kinda drunk]

Monica: [laughing] Rach, truth or dare.

Rachel: Dare!

Monica: OK. I dare you to. ohhh. kiss Ross for one minute!

Rachel: All right, yeah, come here Ross.

Ross: OK. [he laughs]

[they start to kiss]
[everyone laughs]

[they keep kissing]

Monica: umm.. OK. Guys? It has been a minute. STOP.
[they don't stop.]

Chandler: Get a room.

Ross: Okay. [he gets up and goes to Rachel's room]

Phoebe: No Ross. Bad Ross. Come here.

[Ross goes there]

Rachel: Ross, come here.

[he goes there]

[they both fall dead asleep on the floor]

Joey: My turn.


[Next morning. They all are asleep in the living room, Monica is stretched out on the couch with her head in chandler's lap, Ross and Rachel are asleep on the floor. Joey fell asleep in Phoebe's lap]

Monica: [WAKING UP] Oh my head. Oh .. My Apartment!

[she gets up and starts to pick up the glasses and plates everywhere]

[she washes them and goes to her cabinets. She gets some Tylenol]

[Phoebe wakes up]

[Joey is on her lap]

Phoebe: Monica?

[Monica goes to Phoebe]

Monica: Yeah?

Phoebe: Get Joey off me.

Monica: Okay. [She pulls Joey's arm] Joey.

[Chandler wakes up]

Chandler: Here I'll help. [he stands up. ] Oh my god. How much DID I drink?

[he goes to Joey]

Chandler: Joey! [nothing happens] [he goes and rolls Joey right off on to the floor]
There you go Phoebe.

Mon, do you have Tylenol?

[scene changes]

[Joey and chandler's]

Joey: Hey so last night was pretty fun.

Chandler: Yeah it was OK.

Joey: Did Ross and Rachel ever wake up?

[Scene of Monica vacuuming around Ross and Rachel who are still on the floor]

[Monica goes over to the guys apartment]

Monica: Help me wake up Ross and Rachel.

Chandler: Yeah it is about time they wake up.

Monica: Not only that- Ross is drooling on the floor!

Joey: I'll go.

[they get back to the apartment and try to wake up Ross and Rachel. Joey hits Ross and Monica hits Rachel.]

Ross: [slowly waking up] What? What! Oh.

Rachel: [groans] I am going to be sick.

Monica: Honey, not on the floor. I just cleaned.

Rachel: [slowly getting up] You always have just cleaned

Monica: I heard that

Rachel: So? I said it LOUD.

[Monica just stares]

[central perk]

Phoebe: How are Ross and Rachel? Last night was great. I had fun. I mean, especially when we almost made Rachel pee her pants laughing? That was cool!

Monica: That was pretty interesting.

Chandler: I dont know. Last night wasn't that great.

Joey: That's just because you threw up first!

Monica: And you lost in Monopoly

Phoebe: And you got made fun of!

Chandler: Yeah well.

Monica: We're sorry, hon.

[she kisses him]

[Ross walks in]

Ross: Guys, here is a question: Why do I have lipstick on me?

Phoebe: You fell asleep first and we were bored.



[girls apartment everyone is there]

Rachel: [in bathroom screams]

Monica: [goes to bathroom] What what is it?

Rachel: [pointing at Ross] I kissed you!

Chandler: See, now you know how I am used to girls reacting to me.