Series 6, Episode 1

The One With The Circus Monkey

Written by Ryan & Justin, courtesy of J and Ryan Ltd.

Writers Note:

This is our first script of series 6 that we think would be really cool, just to recap Monica is still with Chandler, and nothing else much has changed. We decided to write this script because we like Friends so much and we would like to see if we could write a script as good as some others that have been written by Friends fans - like Chris Freestone. His 3 scripts so far are brilliant and they inspired us to write this.

If you have anything to say about this script. Praise, insults, comments, tips anything just send us an E-mail at;

[Scene: Rachel and Monicas Apartment, Phoebe and Ross are there as well]

Ross: Hey, where’s the cheese and tomato pizza I asked for?

Phoebe: Ooh, I thought you wouldn’t mind if I swapped with you because when you and Rachel were going out...(Luckily Rachel is at work)

Ross: Hey look, don’t bring back the past, and anyway I could never eat a Cheese, Chive, Pickle and-Frogs intestines anyway.

Phoebe: Well I find it tasty

Ross: Ok look, I’ve had enough of this, y’know me and Rachel, y’know we were over like ages ago and she’s moved on and so have I y’know?

Phoebe: But you’re her lobster

(Rachel enters)

Ross: However much I want it to happen, y’know, at one time maybe but now, I don’t think she’s interested anymore.

Opening Credits

[Scene: central perk, Joey & Chandler as Rachel enters]

Rachel: Hey you guys

Joey: Hey

Chandler: How’s my favourite girl?

Rachel: Ok, listen you guys, last night I walked in on Ross as he was talking to Pheebs and guess what he said?

Chandler: He got stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre?

Rachel: No that was you

Joey: You’re so stupid

Chandler: Ok, you’re the one...

Rachel: Ok, guys, guys, this is really important!

Chandler: What - you mean he did get stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre?

Rachel: No, ok he said that he still loved me

Chandler: He said the same thing to me last night, don’t be fooled

Rachel: No, what should I do, I need your help, Monica’s at work and Phoebe’s somewhere and I can’t talk to Ross

Chandler: Well, I’m glad after all of them, you came to us

Joey: Well, in this situation I think the best thing for you to do would be to go to China

[Scene: Monica at work at the restaurant, serving man reading newspaper]

Monica: Ok sir, here is your soup of the day with a crusted loaf, oh my god, Richard

[Scene: Central Perk, Chandler & Joey as Monica enters ]

Chandler: Hey Mon.

Joey: Hey

Monica: Guess what happened to me today?

Chandler: Ok, I’ve done this one before, ok oh got it, you got stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre?

Monica: Look, what is it with you and Jill Goodacre!

Chandler: Hey like you have to ask that one

Monica: I was at the restaurant and guess who I saw

Chandler: J...

All: Chandler!

Chandler: I was going to say Joey’s dad (He picks up his coffee and drinks some)

Monica: Anyway, I saw Richard

J & C: And?

Monica: Well he… wants me to go to dinner with him

J & C: Oohh no, no, no, no….

Joey: You remember what happened last time

Chandler: Yeah and you don’t wanna start dancing again

Joey: Look, the main thing is you didn’t say yes

Chandler: You didn’t…YOU did

[Scene: Rachel and Monicas, the gang are there]

Monica: I heard about the Ross thing

Rachel: Yeah?

Monica: Well aren’t you going to speak to him

Rachel: Why?

Monica: The last time you kept things in, they slipped out another way

Rachel: Y’know your right, I’m going to go out there and ask him straight

Monica: Good for you (She starts to leave the room with the others)

Rachel: So Ross…emm

Ross: Emm what? (He says sarcastically)

Rachel: Well this morning…you sounded if…you needed to go out somewhere

Ross: Well now you come to mention it, I wouldn’t mind going out

Rachel: Good

(To Monicas bedroom)

Chandler: So, what’s this about "Twinkle Toes"

Monica: Shut up a minute, She didn’t tell Ross

Joey: Oh man, we could be in here for weeks

Monica: That’s it, I’m going out there to tell him what she was going to say!

Phoebe: Look what are you going to say

Monica: That he still loves her!

Phoebe: Look I was in the room, all I said was she was his lobster

Monica: So what I want know is, did he say he still loved her

Phoebe: This is exactly what he said (She puts on her Ross voice) However much I want it to happen, y’know, at one time maybe but now, I don’t think she’s interested anymore.

Joey: Great voice Pheebs

Monica: Okay, I’ll have a word with Rachel about what he really said and maybe…she’ll wanna get back with him

P, C & J: Whhoooow!

[Scene: Central Perk, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey & Phoebe (Rachel is waiting for Ross to come and pick her up)]

Monica: Look Rach, about Ross…

Rachel: Y’know he is such a great guy…

Chandler: Yeah, he must have taken after me

Joey: How can he of taken after you, he would of ended up with a bad sex life, he definitely took after me

Monica: Could you two be quiet!

Phoebe: Yeah because you’re both wrong, he took after me

(Ross enters)

Ross: Hey

All: Hey

Ross: Rach are you ready

Rachel: Yeah but Monica was going to tell me something (She looks at her)

Monica: It doesn’t matter (Then under her breath she say) Just don’t say the L word

Chandler: Well done Monica, another master plan works out

Phoebe: Looks like you pulled a Monica!

Monica: Phoebe!

Phoebe: Oh yeah, we changed that didn’t we

Monica: Yes MOM

Commercial Break

[Scene: Joey, Chandler & Ross’s Apartment]

Chandler: So Joe I’ve been wondering, you remember back in London...


Chandler: …do you remember…

Joey: B-B-BODDINGTONS! (High five’s)

Chandler: No, listen, that bride’s maids you meet up with?

Joey: You mean Felicity?

Chandler: Yeah that one

Joey: Of course I remember her, I’ve been writing and phoning her since…we left London, and since then her and I have been planning to meet up sometime

Chandler: You mean all this while you didn’t tell me?!

Joey: Well y’know you and Monica were all…

Chandler: Oh no, I forgot that she going to dinner with Richard

Joey: And what about it?

Chandler: Well they may…have a little dance, make a little love, well pretty much get down tonight

Joey: Well I have one thing to ask

Chandler: What?

Joey: Are you two still going out with her?

Chandler: Well I think we are

Joey: What about what Monica thinks

Chandler: I don’t know

Joey: Maybe she thinks your on a…

Chandler: Oh no, we are not doing a Ross and Rachel

Joey: Well, if you go and see her before she lives and ask her what going on

Chandler: Thanks, I’m going in

(Swap into Rachel and Monicas Apartment when Chandlers comes in)

Chandler: Wow Monica, you look great

Monica: Thanks

Chandler: Y’know, me and you, are we still together because y’know your going out with one of someone you’ve been out with before

Monica: Ross and Rachel did it

Chandler: That’s the problem. Look if you do that, what’s the excuse going to be?

Monica: That we were on a break?

(Joey barges in)

Joey: Oh NO way!

Monica: Joey!

Joey: Look, I don’t my friend to turn out like…like a lesbian lover, ten-time ex-wife low down on a breaker…person

(Phoebe pokes her head around the corner)

Phoebe: Ooh, what a speech

[Scene: A restaurant in middle of the city, Rachel and Ross are there, ordering the main course]

Waiter: What may we be having for the main course?

Ross: So Rach, have you decided what you are having?

Rachel: Yes I’ll have the Phss…Phssl…Phsslp. I’ll have the stuff that begins with a P.

Waiter: Yes Madam, and Sir what would you be having?

Ross: I’ll have the Chicken Curry

Waiter: What about any drinks?

R & Rch: No thanks

(The waiter exits)

Rachel: So Ross, the other day, I realised when I came in I heard you talking about me. You said that…that you still had feelings for me

Ross: Well I said something like that…

Rachel: Well did you or didn’t you?

Ross: Well I did say that I had feelings for you but I thought that you had got back together with Joshua

Rachel: Joshua! Him and me were over age’s ago, where have you been the last three months!

Ross: I’m so sorry, I had no idea, I haven’t on track lately.

Rachel: What has been happening lately?

Ross: Well Carol and Susan are now deciding to move away to an apartment near were Carols parents and…they have decided to take Ben with them.

Rachel: Oh no, I what are you going to do?

Ross: I don’t know

[Scene: Central Perk, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler & Joey are there.]

Joey: So how did the date with Ross go

Rachel: Well you don’t wanna know

Monica: Why, what happened?

Rachel: You mean you don’t know?

Monica: Know what?

Rachel: I don’t know if he wants me to tell you

Chandler: If he’s told you he must have been drunk

Rachel: He didn’t tell me about the feelings for me but he said that Carol and Susan are moving to an apartment near were Susan’s parents live

Joey: And?

Rachel: And they’re taking Ben with them

Joey: Oh man, I love that guy

(Ross enters)

Ross: Hey

All: Hey

Ross: Guess what?

All: What?

Ross: You remember my pet monkey Marcell?

All: Yeah

Ross: Well I’ve got tickets to watch him in the circus in Santiago

Monica: Wow Ross, are you going?

Ross: Yeah of course and I’ve got seven tickets and I’m taking you guys with me

Joey: So Ross, who is the seventh person going to be?

Ross: Well I thought you would of known. Because Ben is going away, I think he should be the seventh person.

Phoebe: That’s great

Ross: I thought Rachel would've told you that Ben was going away

Chandler: Oh yeah, she told us

[Scene: Santiago Circus, the gang and Ben are there]

Joey: This is great, Marcell is really good

Ross: Oh no, they haven’t…

All: They HAVE!

Ross: He’s doing the humping thing again

Phoebe: I thought that was just a phase

Chandler: Oh yeah it was, until Rachel gave it something to play with on the Plane

Rachel: How was I to know

Monica: Oh look he’s got a girl friend

Joey: Oh no he’s humping that too

[Scene: Chandler, Joey and Ross’s Apartment]

Joey: Y’know that man was very good at putting his head in Marcell’s mouth

Ross: He didn’t put he’s head in Marcell’s mouth, he put it in Marcell the man eating Lions mouth

Joey: Oh

(There’s a knock at the door)

Chandler: I’ll get it, it’s probably some nice women to take me away

C, R, & J: Marcell! (Marcell’s sitting there with two suitcases)

Chandler: Well he’s not quite the nice women to take me away-in fact he’s quite the opposite

Joey: Do you reckon that he’ll get on with the chick and the duck?

Ending Credits

[Scene: Central Perk, everyone is there]

Joey: wouldn't it be cool if monkeys weren't monkeys?

Chandler: what would they be then?

Rachel: maybe they would be nothing, the whole world full of non-monkeys!

Chandler: no, they would definitely turn into little hairy Joey's!

Joey: really, that is so cool!

Monica: oh please

[long silence]

Rachel: Why is it cool if monkeys weren't monkeys anyway?

Joey: That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!

The End

Courtesy of J & Ryan Limited.

Copyright 1999-02-16