The One With The Babysitting

Written by : Vicksteria

Disclaimer: The characters and their stories belong to Bright, Kaufman, and Crane and NBC and Warner Brothers. I mean no
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Hello all friends fans. This is my first ever fan fiction for any kind of sitcom or t.v. serial. So just pardon me if I've made any kinda errors on anything in it. I've been watching friends a awful lot and have the whole vcd collection of season 1 to season 5. In this fan fiction, I've tried my best to stick to each character as potrayed by the actors in the actual thing. So I hope you all like it and ejoy reading it as much as I did writing it. And If you like it, just write to me and lemme know so I can put up more. Thanks a lot.

(Central Perk - The Whole gang is there except Rachel.)

Ross : (Gleefully) So Ben is gonna spend the whole week with me!

Monica : Thats really great. Hey, since he's gonna be with you for the whole week, why dont you let him stay over at aunt Monica's place for a day or two?

Chandler : (Taking a sip of his coffee) ..and uncle Chandler's...

Ross : Umm....I dont know, I actually kinda planned the whole week already.

Monica : Carol just called you 10 minutes ago asking you to 'babysit' Ben for the week and you already got the whole week planned?? What are you gonna do? Take the 4 year old to your Paleontologists meetings???

Ross : Hey, first of all, I am not babysitting my own son! And Secondly, I am not gonna take him to any of those meetings! Just one maybe..but not all!

Monica, Oh yeah? Well what do you plan to do for the remaining week?

Ross : Thats gonna be just between the father and the son. None of the 'people who think paleontologist meetings are boring's business.

(Monica just mocks and looks away.)

Joey : So, gonna take the whole week off or sumthin?

Ross : Well, not actually, But I could take Ben to work with me and while I am busy, Laila, The receptionist could take care of him. She loves kids.

Joey : Is She the one with that cute little mole a little above her upper lip?

Ross (smiling) : Yep!

Joey : Man...lucky kid!


Phoebe : Wow.

Ross (looking at Phoebe) : What?

Phoebe : You would let a receptionist babysit lil Benny but you.....

Ross (cutting in) : Dont call him that...he's ben. (looking down really depressed)

Phoebe : Why? whats wrong with benny??

Monica : He had a pet squirrel with that name once who died because ross flung him in the air to see if squirrels were aerodynamic!

Ross : Did not! He bit my finger while I was feeding him and just...burried his teeth in my finger. So make him let go..I had know...(looking real sad).

Joey : Fling him in the air to check his aerodynamic abilities??

Chandler : (Laughing) Good thing you didnt bite him back, you could have killed it!

(Everybody just glares at Chandler.)

Chandler : Ok I get it. Bad Joke. I gotta go now, Catch you kids later. Bye.

(He kisses monica and walks out of Central Perk.)

Phoebe : Hey! He left without letting me even complete what I had to say! So Rude!

Ross : Anyways, I gotta go too. Gotta pick up Ben.

Phoebe : Hey! I am not done with my...

Ross : Later Phoebe. Bye bye everyone.

All : Seeya.

Phoebe : Why doesnt anybody want me to complete my sentences!!

Monica : Aww. (Putting her arms around Phoebe). Thats not true. I am here.

Joey : too!

Phoebe : Forget it. The moment is gone. Besides...I forgot what it forget it.

(Scene cut to Rachel's Office)

Rachel. (On the phone). : No Sir, I havent tried on the bikini's yet. We've models to that for us. (pause). Why thank you.(smiling) What? Our models are costly??? And You think I come cheap! (Slam down the phone)

Kim :(on the intercom) Oh Rachel, Darling, could you come in for a minute.

Rachel : Sure.
(Rachel gets up and walks upto Kim's office.)

Kim : Come in. I've some really good news for you

Rachel : Well, what is it?

Kim : We're opening a new branch for Ralph Lauren. And guess who has been apointed the new Managing Director for it?

Rachel : (A bit nervous) Well...I've no idea...

Kim : Congratulations sweetheart! (Kim gets up and opens up her arms for a hug)

Rachel : Oh My God! (Jumps up in excitement and hugs Kim tight)

Kim : Take it easy Sweetie. You've earned it!

Rachel : I cant believe this is happening!

Kim : Well Neither can I. I mean....forget it. Congratulations!

Rachel : Oh thank you Kim! Thank you very much! I cant believe I've made it!

Kim : Oh yes you have. Now start packing cause you'll have to move within a week

Rachel (pauses, her happiness fades away) : Packing? Wh..why? Why do I have to pack?

Kim : Well sweetie, it wont be easy to travel up and down from New York to Washington everyday would it?

(Rachel stares at Kim dumbfounded, as Kim Just keeps smiling Slyly.)

(Scene Cut To Monica And Chandler's. 7.30 pm)

Monica (screaming) : Chandler, its been an hour now since you've been in the bathroom. You know I've this meeting with that new chef at Aurgley's. hurry Up!

Chandler (screaming from inside) : Gimme a second I'll be out in a few minutes!

(Door Knock - Ross walks in wearing a suit along with Ben.)

Ross : Hi Monica.

Ben : Hey Aunt Monica.

Monica : Ooh My sweet lil nephew's here. Give Aunt Monica a nice warm hug.(walks closer to ben and hugs him tight, picking him up in her arms.) Well, what is your Daddy all dressed up for???

Ross (Smiling real broad) : Well...umm..Mon, You wanted Ben to stay over with you for a while right, well..I thought over it and....

Monica : now you want me to babysit your son ? For what?? So that you could go out and have your fun while I take care of this lil sweetie??? Mean Daddy!

Ross : Aww C'mon Mon, Please try to understand, You remember I was telling you about that female called Heather whom I met during our 46th Annual Paleontologists Meeting?

Monica : The one who's nose you almost broke while showing her how a T-Rex gets his prey????

Ross : Yeah..well, I have a date with her tonite. And I almost forgot about it...please? could you do this for me???please??
(Goes down on his knees with his hands joined)

Monica : Well, I am sorry Ross but I have an appointment too..and I...

(Ross Gets up....Chandler walks in with only a towel wrapped around him.)

Chandler : Hey kids. Hows it goin?

Ross : Hey! Put some clothes on, we've got a little child in this room!

Chandler : C'mon Ross. He's only 4 years old.

Ben : Ewwwwwwww! Uncle Chandler's got hair on his chest!

Chandler (embarresed) : Maybe I should put some clothes on.

Ross (getting back to Monica) : Oh alright. I'll just call her up and cancel the date...the only one I could've had after months...months of lonliness...months of pain...months of...

Monica : Stop it Ross! I'll think of something.(lost in deep thought...she suddenly comes up with something). Hey! Why not leave him here with Chandler??? He's not doing anything important. He's just gonna sit around watching sum stupid reruns.

Chandler (walks back out, wearing a t-shirt and pyjama's) : Did sumone mention my name???

Ross : Oh No! Not him. Not after what he did that day on the bus! He left my little baby on the bus while hitting on sum girls. no way! He's not at all responsible!

Chandler : Hey hey hey! ho! I am not responsible???? I could be responsible! I am responsible!(Looking at Monica) Tell him I am responsible. (Looking back at Ross) If I can take care of your little sister..the what problem could the little....(Monica glare at him.) Ok, I think this is where I shut up.

Monica : Look if you wanna leave Ben over here you can. Chandler could take care of him. Or where's Phoebe and Joey???

Ross : Phoebe's is going for dinner at Frank and Alice's and Joey's got a date with Laila. Rachel's busy with I am left with absolutely nobody! Couldnt even get a babysitter at this hour!

Chandler : Well hello?????

Ross (looking at Chandler...) : Oh Ok. I'll leave him here with you.

Chandler (jumping up and down) : Alright! Come here lil big Ben! We're gonna have some man to man time together!

Ross : Ok , I gotta go.'s a list of what to do and what not to do...remember, he has to be in bed by 9.30. And if you take him out for a while or sumthin, please dont take the bus. And even if you do, please make sure you get out of the bus WITH him. ok? I dont want anything saying 'property of human services' on him ok?

Chandler : ok.

Ross (walks over to ben and kisses him on the cheek) G'nite Ben. Daddy will pick you up in the morning. G'nite Monica, G'nite Chandler..and remember...

Chandler : No Bus....

Ross : Correct.

Chandler : What about strip joints???? (Ross glares at Chandler) Kidding. He wont be allowed in there anyways (looking at ben) looks like a kid.

Ross : Then how come they let you in??

Monica (Laughing) : G'nite Ross. Have a good time.

Ross : G'nite.

Ben : G'nite daddy.

Chandler : G'nite daddy...dont forget to get us our barbie dolls tommorow. (Monica glares). Aww c'mon now that was funny!

(Scene cut to Phoebe and Rachel's : Rachel walks in, looking real tired, Phoebe's getting ready.)

Phoebe : Hey!

Rachel : Hey.

Phoebe : You look depressed. What happened?

(Rachel sits down on the couch..looks down as tears roll down her eyes.)

Phoebe : Rachel!! what happened??? (walks over to rachel and puts her arm around her shoulder) tell me?? Is it ross again????
(Rachel just shakes her head and doesnt stop crying)

Phobe (almost on the verge of crying too) : Ok you better tell me whats wrong or I'll start crying too. Whats wrong???

Rachel (between sobs) : I got promoted...

Phoebe : Thats depressing??? No wonder Ralph Lauren always looks sad to me.

Rachel : No. I got this promotion...but if I really want it....(starts crying real loud)

Phoebe (starting to cry too) : And I thought Ralph Lauren was a nice could he???

Rachel : Its not that! He doesnt want anything. (Somehow manages to stop crying). Its just that..If I want this Job...I'll have to leave New York...which mean I 'll have to leave you guys.

(Phoebe looks at Rachel..real sad as tears start rolling from here eyes)

(Scene cut  to Monica and Chandler's )

Chandler : So Ben, what do you wanna do now??

Ben : Why do you have hair on your chest??

Chandler (a little embarresed) : Again....So Ben, what do you wanna do now???

Ben : How come you have hair on your chest and mom doesnt????

Chandler (completely embarresed) : Well Ben time for your Dinner! Wanna grab some burgers and french fries??

Ben : Mommy would be really angry if I had that for dinner.

Chandler : Which One? Mommy Carol Or Mommy Susan?? (Laughs frantically while Ben just keeps staring at him. He suddenly realises that ben is just 4 years old.)

Chandler : What?

Ben : You're Wierd.

Chandler : Well, thats why your Aunt Monica loves me so much. (smiles)

Ben : I'll have to warn her now.

(Scene cut to Phoebe's And Rachel's)

Phoebe : Well, are you gonna take the job??

Rachel : I dont know. If I dont, Kim probably gonna fire me from my current job, which she has been waiting to do...If I do, I'll be losing out on you guy, and I dont wanna lose anything. (starts crying and rests her head on Phoebe's Shoulder)

Phoebe (Putting her arms around her, eyes filled with tears.) Rachel, you'll have to make a decision! (Pulls her head up slowly) Tell you what, you go get some sleep. I'll make you some hot choclate if you want. I'm sure you'll be up with a decision by tommorow morning. (kissing her forehead)
 (Rachel gets up, wipes off her tears, and walks towards her room. and stops)

Phoebe : What?

Rachel (Tears swelling up in her eyes) : How are the rest of them gonna react?? Mon, Chandler, Joey (Pauses)...Ross?

Phoebe : They are your friends, we are your friends Rach, and I am sure whatever decision you take will be fine with us..(thinks of ross) well, 'almost' all of us.
(Rachel turns around and justs stares at phoebe)

Phoebe : I'm gonna make some hot choclate for ya.(Gets up and walks towards the kitchen. Rachel just walks into her room and shuts the door behind her)

(Scene Cut to Mon and Chandler's: Chandler and ben are back from their dinner, Monica Enters just a few minutes after them.)

Monica : Hey!

Chandler : Hey. (Walks upto her and kisses her on the cheek)

Monica (Walking upto to Ben) : So, how did my lil boy behave today??

Ben : Well, he was fine, he bought me sum choclate fudge after dinner!

Monica (Laughs and turns back to Chandler) : Ross and Carol are gonna kill you if they find out you fed him that!

Chandler : Well, they wont find out about it cuz lil ben wont tell them...or, I'll just tell them about that lil puking thing he did in the bus today, for which I might inform you we were thrown out.

Ben : Well, it wasnt my fault. He was driving too fast!

Monica : Enuf with you two babies! c'mon Ben time to go to bed.

Chandler (rushing towards ben and grabbing him in his arms, he picks him up and into the room. Ben keeps laughing and giggling hard as the phone rings..)

Monica (Answering the phone) : Hello? Oh Hi Pheebs, excuse me for a sec , (Screaming to chandler and ben ) DO YOU GUYS MIND KEEPING IT DOWN? I'M ON THE PHONE HERE!

Ben and Chandler : OKAY AUNT MONICA!

Monica : Yeah Pheebs whats up? (pause) What happened to her? (Pauses) WHAT??? (pauses, her eyes fill up) Oh my god. (she just hangs up the phone. Chandler comes in)

Chandler (Walking upto her and putting his arms around her): What?? What happened sweetie?? whats the matter???

Monica : Rachel..(voice cracking up)...she's...she's moving away.

Chandler (Sighing) : Ok what did Phoebe do now???? Is it the whole crazy running thing again???

Monica : No...she's moving.. to Washington...

(Chandler pulls away for a movement and just stares at Monica with total shock)

End Credits.

No Teaser. Just clips of next weeks episode - Rachel tells everyone about her decision to move, Joey's upset because his date calls him a dumb dodo, and ben falls sick and..guess who gets blamed?