The One With The Storm

Written by Tarynne

Scene:Monica's and Rachel's, Monica is cleaning the fridge when Ross enters.

Ross: Hey Mon!

Monica: Hey Ross, did you listen to the radio about the storm that's coming?

Ross:Yeah,apparently it's gonna be huge!

Monica:Yeah well I hope the chairs on the balcony won't blow over.....I'm going to go bring them in.

(Rachel enters)

Rachel: Oh hi Ross.

Ross: Hey Rach can you do me a favour and ring Chandler at work

Rachel: Yeah sure what for?

Ross: Well since there is a huge storm coming I thought someone should warn him.

Rachel: Oh ok!

(Rachel picks up the phone and rings Chandler)

Chandler: Monica look I told you I will be home soon!

Rachel: Chander it's Rachel well I was ringing to tell you about the storm but I guess Monica's already told you...

Chandler: Um well yeah thats thats ahhh what she called me for I mean what else would Monica call me for you know (chandler laughs nervously)

Rachel: Yeah okay then... seeya later.

Chandler: Bye,bye Rachel!

(Chandler hangs up and sighs)

Chanler: God that was close!!!

Rachel: Ross I rang Chandler but apparently Monica has already rung him!!!

Ross: Strange, I don't rember Monica saying anything about calling him when I mentioned the storm a minute ago.

(Monica walks in with the chairs)

Rachel: Hey Mon how come you didn't tell us that you called Chandler and warned him about the storm?

Monica: Well silly thats what I was just about to tell you.

Ross:Oh okay it just a bit weird that you would warn Chandler but not Joey.

Monica: Ummmm well I did ring Joey at his audition but umm he was umm to,to,to .....busy!

Ross and Rachel:Ohhhhh.......

Monica: Yeah so anyway I just heard on the radio the storm is going to be so bad that there warning everyonne to stay at home and lockup now.So I thought maybey we can all just hang out hear and comfort each other.

Ross: Hey thats a good idea I'll go ring Phoebe.

(Ross picks up the phone just asPhoebe runs in the room)

Ross: That was fast!!

Phoebe: Sorry but this storm is like freaking me out!

Monica: It's okay Phooebs we were just about to ring you, everyone's coming over and were all gonna stay together.

Phoeebe: Oh thank God!

Ross: Hey I just heard Joey I'll go get him.

( The girls start organizing candles when suddenly a loud crah of lighting comes, Phoebe dives on the floor)

Monica: Phoebe are you okay?

Phoebe: No my nose I think it's broken!

Monica :I'll get some ice Phoebe just try and relax.

(Everyonne is sitting around except Chandler, Phoebe has her head up in the air tring to balance the ice on her nose, Monica gets up)

Monica: Joey I don't why you had to bring these stupid birds over.

Joey: Hey they are just as frighend of storms as any of us.....well maybe not as scarced as Phoebe.

(They all look at Phoebe)

Phoebe: So Im scared of storms, Ross is scared of reindeer, Monica scared of ..DIRT , Rachel your scared of shadows and well Joey is scared of mice.

(Joey jumps on the chair)


Rachel: Hey Monica why are you pacing up and down the kitchen?

Monica: Oh I was just woundering where Chandler is......

Rachel: Why are you so worried he's probably just stuck at work.

Monica: I'm not worrying.....Im just gonna go to my room for a sec (Monica walks slowly to her bedroom but then quikens her pace when Rachel isn't looking, she shuts her door and dials Chandlers number)

Chandler: Hello

Monica: Oh my God where the hell are you?

Chandler: Look Im so sorry but they have closed the doors at work and me and this other woman are trapped in here, I was just about to call you.

Monica: Is this woman attractive?

Chandler: No she is really ugly, unfortunately it wasn't Jill Goodacre like
the last time.

Monica: I'm glad shes ugly but ok so should I try come get you or what.

Chandler: No sweetie don't go out in the storm look I will be fine in here till the storm blows over.

Monica: Ok sweetie I love you.

Chandler: I love you to bye!

( Monica walks back in and sits down when the lights go out)

Phoeebe: Screams

(Monica lights a candle)

Monica: There you go Phoebe everythings fine, hey Joey can you pleas get some more
candles from the cupoard.

(Joey walks to the kitchen and opens the cupoard, and starts screaming)

Ross, Phoebe, Monica, : What???

Joey: Jumping on table,MOUSE, MOUSE

Monica: There can't be a mouse I steralized the kitchen today.

Joey: Well I'm telling you there is a mouse.

Rachel: It's okay It ran out the door when I opened it.

Monica: Joey why are you so scared of mice anyway?

(Phoebe starts laughing)

Phoebe: I know why.

Joey: Phobe don't tell I told you that in strict confidence!

Phoebe: Don't worry I never tell a secret.

(Monica, Ross and Rachel beg Joey until he gives in)

Joey: Okay, I was seven.....

(Flashback to Joey when he was seven, Joey is lying in bed when his mum walks in with a jar of jam.)

Joey's mum: Joey here is ome jam to settle you in.

Joey: Thanks ma!

Joey's mum: Now don't you listen to what your sisters tell you alright Joey.

Joey: Ok ma I love you.

Joey's mum: I love you too pumpkin.

(Joey's mum leaves and two of Joey's sisters enter)

Joey: Get out Theresa and Beth!

Theresa: It's okay jo where just gonna tell you are story

Joey: Okay.

Beth: Once uoon a time there was a boy named Joey one night when Joey was asleep a giant mouse came in and ate him all up. From then on giant mice all over the world now hunt down all boys called Joey and they eat them while there asleep.

Theresa: Goodnight Joey don't let the bed mice bite.

(Sisters walk out leaving Joey terrified)

Ross: (Giggling) You believed your little sister.

Joey: Hey shut up you let Monica beat you up when you were younger.

(The storm gets louder and the group huddle together till it ends and the lights come back on. They all look up except Phoebe who still has her head under a blanket.)

Monica: Hey Phoebs it's over you made it!

Phoebe: I did!

Rachel: Yeah you were great Phoebs.

(Phoebe happily gives all of them a hug)

Monica: Well since the storm is over I'm gonna go for a drive.

Rachel: What? Where it's 3am in the morning.

Monica: Yeah well Im gonna find a 24 hour mini mart and buys us all breakfast and while I'm on the way I may as well pick Chandler up.

(Monica rushes out of the room)

Joey: That was weird!

Rachel: Yeah it was.

Ross: Well Monica gets weird after storms I remember when she was nine and she had this rabbit she left out in the storm and as soon as it finished she ran out and got him...god she was in love with that rabbit.

Rachel: Wow that must mean she cares about her friends alot to go get Chandler.

Joey: Umm yeah Monica and Chandler are close friends so thats why she got him I mean it's not as if she loves him as a partner but you know loves him as a friends.

(They all stare at Joey)

Ross: I guess Joey is weird after storms too.


(Monica walks in Chandlers building and sees Chandler at his desk, she runs over to him)

Monica: I was so worried about you!

Chandler: Me too.

(They kiss and start to walk off just as they are about to leave an attractive woman runs after them)
Woman: Chandler! You forgot your scarf!

Chandler: Thanks.

Woman: Oh so this must be Monica.

Monica: Yeah hi.

Woman: Well gotta go bye Chandler!

Monica: If she's ugly then I must be an ogar!