The One With The Scary Movies

Written by: Monica2887

[scene one: central perk - chandler and monica are sitting together in the chair, ross and phoebe are on the couch, and rachel is by the table in the chair]

Rachel: Hey, where is Joey?

Ross: He said he was trying out for an audition.

Phoebe: Oh yeah for him!

[Joey walks in]

Joey: Hey guys, you’ll never guess what?

Monica: You got the audition?

Joey: No I completely blew it. But on thw way back I found something. Come upstairs in a minute and I will show you.

Chandler: Our little Joey always filled with surprises…

[everyone is in joey and chandlers apartment]

Joey: Here it is…

[out of Joey’s room walks a little puppy]

Everyone: Awww…

[the duck and chick walk out and see it. They run over and start quack and chirping at it]

Chandler: Do I have to stay here too?



[girls apartment: everyone is there and they are sitting around, bored]

Rachel: I know let’s rent some movies. Scary movies.

Ross: NO!!!

Joey: Why not?

Monica: Ross is scared of scary movies, they frighten him   

Chandler: Remember back in collage, when we rented pshyco…

Phoebe: Why? What happened?

Ross: Nothing…   

[we see a flashback of chandler and ross in collage]

CHANDLER: Hey ross I rented pshyco for tonight okay.

ROSS: Okay.

CHANDLER: Oh and I invited Monica over to watch it with us. Man she looks soooo fine since she lost weight. I mean……[he drifts off]

Ross: Dude that’s my sister! DO NOT hit on my little sis.

[there is a knock and monica enters]

Monica: Hey Ross, Hey Chandler.

[she walks in]

Monica: Do you mind if I make some popcorn?

Ross: Hurry.

Chandler: Better go show her where are bowls are.

[he runs to the kitchen]

Monica: Hey.,

Chandler: Hey. Umm… my bowls I mean the bowls are down there in that cabinet.

Moica: Ok. Thanks.

[she leans over and chandler sighs and walks out of the room]

[they are watching the movie]

[it is very dark and ross is sitting farther away and monica and chandler are closer]

Monica: Ohh… I can not watch.

[she buries her head in chandlers shoulder]

Chandler: It s not bad…

[we hear scary music and suddenly ross screams as loud as possible and throws the bowl of popcorn into the air]
Chandler and Monica look at each other and smile

Ross: Oh my god,,, stop ..ewwww… nnnnnnnooooooo!!!

[HE is clinging to a pillow]

Chandler and Monica ignore him

[we see a scene a couple minutes later]

[ross is fast asleep] and the movie just ended]

[chandler and monica start to talk]

Chandler: Wasn’t it so funny when Ross started crying at that one part?

Monica: Yes. [she laughs and leans her head forward]

Chandler: Hey Monica, I need to tell you something.

Monica: [she looks up] I need to tell you something too.

[they get closer and closer]

[their lips barely touch when Ross wakes up screaming, STAY AWAY HELP MOMMY!!!]


Rachel: You guys kissed.

Phoebe: In front of Ross>

Monica: We did not techanically kiss..

Chandler: It was more of a tiny lip touch and …

Phoebe: Huh???

Joey: Yeah you lost me too

Chandler: It was a kiss you stupid stupid man.



[We see Chandler asleep in his room][the puppy is sitting on his chest all curled up on him][he cuddles it]

[ross knocks on his door]
[no one answers so he opens it]

Ross: Chandler?

[he sees Chandler sleeping with the dog]

[he laughs]

Ross: Cheating on my sister with that dog? Niiice,

Chandler: Monica I love you. Monica you are the best. Monica you rule.

[he tries to kiss the dog]

Ross: Ewww gross. [he walks out of the room]

[ we see chandler lift his head and smile]
[he puts the dog down]

Chandler: Now, shoo~!~

Chandler: Hey do not smell Monica’s shirt no no.

[he looks and gasps]

Chandler: Oh dog you bad bad dog. Look at that mess, bad!!!

[monica and rachels apartment]

Rachel: let’s rent… PSCHYO.

Monica: Ross will freak…. Wait… Ross will freak out… yes!!! [ she smiles]

Phoebe walks in

Phoebe: Hey

Monica: Come here Pheebs…

[the girls all plan something]

[later that night]

Rachel: Hey guys, put the movie in we are just going to get some food

Phoebe: Ross, come here

ross: ok

[he gets up]

phoebe: help me open this ketchup.

[he does and she makes it spill all over him]

phoebe: oh no. you better go was your hands but you will have to go in the bathroom because this sink is too monica.

Ross: ok…

[he walks into the bathroom]

he sees a glint of metal
so he turns around and looks in the shower
he sees monica laying there,dead
he screams
the other guys run in
Chandler: what

ross: monica…is…dead


ross: look

[he opens the curtain and turns his back to the shower]
[the guys stare behind him]

joey: ross…

ross: what

[he turns around and a guy is standing there with a bloody knife and a black mask]
[ross screams and run away as fast as possible]

[the person follows him][ross kicks the person]

monica: owww…

[the person falls and chandler pulls off the mask]
[monica is sitting there grabbing her stomach]

Ross: OH my god. Monica?

Monica; Ross, you are sooooo dead.



Rachel: Are you ok?

Monica: I guess
. I have the most retard brother in the world, but it was worth it .

Phoebe: You should have seen Ross’s face
[she does an impression]

Rachel: And Joey and Chandler, you guys looked like you could have peed your pants.

Monica: Did I scare you Chandler?

Chandler: No not really,,,, yes,, umm///

Monica: Oh honey I am so sorry,,, [she gets up and kisses him]

rachel: You guys are so happy it is sick

Monica: I know!!!

Phoebe: Time for the movie

[they all sit down]

[The movie starts]

[all of a sudden the power goes out]

everyone gasps and screams

[lightning strikes and the room lights up]

Rachel and Joey get real close, Phoebe hides her head, monica is sitting on chandlers lap, and ross is under the table hiding]



[Next scene: It is Morning and everyone just fell asleep where they were]

We go next door and see that the guys apartment is totally ripped up

[ the puppy is sitting in the middle of the room looking around happily]