The One With The Scare

By: Joanne

This script would be for the fifth series of friends, Ross and Rachel have decided to get back together and Pheobe is still pregnant.

Scene 1 - Monica and Rachelís apartment

Chandler is sitting on the couch and Joey is sitting on the table facing Chandler. They are giving each other make overs. They both have a large towel on their shoulders, clipped at the front plus they have their clothes on. Chandler is finishing Joeys make-up while Joey sprays a bit more hair spray on chandlers hair. Joey hair and Chandlers make-up has already been done.

Joey - There, that is ..........a work of art.

Chandler - Just a bit more blusher and .........there you look gorgeous.

Joey - What else can we do???

Chandler - We could try on their clothes!!!

Joey - I want Rachelís closet, shes got better taste.


Scene 2 - Monica and Rachelís apartment

Chandler and Joey are sat on the couch watching t.v. All of their make-up

is off and they look normal, well as normal as can be.

Monica walks in, Chandler and Joey turn to face her

Monica - Hi

rack then walks over to the kitchen table>

Chan/Jo - Hi

Mon - Joey Have you got on lipstick?

Joey - em........... I just was em......kissing a girl!!! Yeah, cute blonde, blue eyes, great figure, huge.....

Mon - Joey..... what was her name?

Joey - I don't know.....what am I supposed to know EVERYTHING about her???

Mon - No maybe just her name though

Pheobe rushes in excited

Pheobe - Hey you guys, come quick, the chick and the duck are dancing!!!

Joey - REALLY!!!

They all rush over to Chandler and Joeys apartment, Joey runs out first.

Scene 3 - Chandler and Joeys apartment

They all rush in to see the chick and the duck standing in the middle of the floor. Pheobe takes out a CD of Tom Jones.

Joey - Thats Chandlers by the way

Chandler - No its not, its yours!

Pheobe puts on the CD they all wait for the chick and the duck to start dancing. The chick and the duck stay still. Joey and Pheobe stare at the chick and the duck in disappointment Chandler and Monica try not to laugh.

Pheobe - Well they were doing it a minute ago. Maybe their just shy.

Joey - Come on chick, come on can do!!!

Pheobe - Hey your a pretty good dancer where did you learn to dance?

Joey - Its in the geans

Pheobe - Where let me see

Joey - Hey not thoughs ones

Pheobe - Oh right

Chandler - They're in his room

Scene 4 - Coffee house

Ross and Rachel are cuddling on the couch talking, Gunther is behind them clearing tables.

Rachel - So do you want to come over to mine tonight? Iíll cook dinner!

Ross - OK! hey donít bother with a main course, lets skip to dessert

Ross - Oh! Iíve got to go, Iíll see you tonight! < he gets up, walks away, waves to Gunter then goes out the door, >

Rachel - See ya honey!

Gunter - Oh I love you!

Rachel - Did you say something Gunter???

Gunter - oh me no

Scene 5 - Girls apartment

Its the next morning, Rachel is at the kitchen table eating cereal, Monica walks out of the bathroom looking really pale, she is obviously sick.

Monica - Ugh!!!

Rachel - so Iíll take it you donít want any left overs from last night then. Are you still ill? thats ever since London, you really need to get to a doctor.

Monica - I think I already know whats wrong with me.

Rachel - What, whats wrong with you???

Monica - OK there something I have to tell you I think .........

Pheobe walks in the door

Pheobe - Hey, youíll never guess what happened to me today!

Monica - I think Iím pregnant!!!

Rach/Pheo - What???

Rachel - Whoís the father???

Monica - Chandler

Rach/Pheo - Chandler???

Monica - In London, the night before the wedding, Chandler was comforting me

Rachel - well thats what I call comforting someone

Monica - I think Iím falling in love with him

Pheobe - thats great!!! theres Rachel and Ross, and now you and Chandler

Rachel - Have you taken a test yet???

Monica - No, Iím to scared to see what the result is I mean if I was then what would I tell Chandler, he might not want to be a dad yet, and my parents, thatíll be another thing for them to disapprove of. But I really want to be a mum more than anything in the world.

Pheobe - I have an idea We can all take pregnancy tests itíll be really fun!!!

Rachel - Pheobe, you are pregnant

Monica - Yeah and I donít know if I want to know

Rachel - Well youíll have to find out sometime.

Pheobe - Yeah! and you have to tell Chandler.

Monica - No Iím not telling him until I know. Pheobe go and buy some pregnancy tests!!!

Pheobe - Oh ok Iíll be back in a bit.

Pheobe picks up her bag and jacket, as she slams the door it goes to a commercial>


Scene 6 - Boys apartment

Chandler and Joey are both faced towards the doors to their rooms they are both singing and dancing like fools to music, the chick and the duck infront of them donít move. They both get really carried away with the music. Ross walks in carrying a plastic bag. Chandler turns round to see him standing at the breakfast bar. They both stand there looking at Joey. Joey notices Chandler isnít beside him and turns round.

Ross - Hi, Jo, I didnít know you could sing that high.

Joey - Ha, Ha, very funny but the chick and the duck are almost there now.

Chandler - You should here him in the shower

Joey - Yeah! and you should here yourself in bed

Joey - Hey Chandler, Itís was a joke, Ross thought it was funny, didnít you!!!† Whats with the back pack?

Ross - Oh itsí just some of my dirty washing

Joey -Why are you carrying your dirty washing???

Ross -Oh I thought I would put them in with Rachels washing and she would wash them for me, save me doing them

Joey - That is never going to happen

Ross - I bet you 5 bucks it does

Joey - Your on!

Ross - I better go and put this stuff in with her laundry.

Scene 7 - The Girls Apartment

Rachel and Monica are sitting on the couch talking about Monicasípossibility of being pregnant, when Ross walks in and nearly finds out.

Monica - I donít know how Chandler would take it if I was....

Ross - If you were what???

Rachel - If she was .......... too decorate his room!!!

Monica - Do you think he would mind???

Ross - em no, I donít think he would mind if you decorated his room, but you might want to ask him first just in case.

Rachel - If thats your dirty laundry, Iím not washing them by the way.

Pheobe races in excited heading for Rachel and Monica.

Pheobe - Iíve got them, Iíve got the........

Ross - Got the what???

Monica - Got the...... paint samples.

Pheobe - Yes I have the ..........paint samples!!!!!

Rachel - Yes we need to get on and see what colour it is so you better go and do some laundry

Pheobe - Hey guess what? I got a bargain, buy 2 get 3rd free. Rachel looks in the bag

Rachel - so why are there 6 in here???

Pheobe - I donít know, I just felt horrible only buying three things.

Rachel and Monica exchange looks.

Monica - Right, Iíll go first

Pheobe - so whos next??

Rachel - Iíll go. God I feel so sorry for her, which ever way it goes sheíll be upset.

Pheobe and Rachel stand there in silence for a moment. Then Monica slowly wallks out Rachel goes in the bathroom.

Monica - Well in a few minutes Iíll now, I need some air

Monica - I think theyíll be ready now

Rachel - Chandler, what are you doing here???

Chandler - What are you all doing with pregnancy tests???

Pheobe - oh we were just doing it for fun you know a girls night

Chandler - Well there all the same colour so either Pheobe isnít pregnant or your .... all.....pregnant!!! oh my god!!!

They all freeze, stunned at what Chandler has just said. Ross and Joey suddenly walk in.

Ross - hey have any of you got any washing powder cause Iím all out and ........what, whats going on???

Rachel - ME!!! oh god not from last night???

Chandler - Were both going to be dads!!!

Joey - WHAT??? oh I could just see you as a dad hello son! oh, your serious?† Who's pregnant??? Wait a minute Chandler you did it with Monica??? way to go man!!!

Pheobe - Monicas pregnant with Chandlers baby and Rachel with Rossís.

Monica - There must be some mistake, I canít be pregnant!!! Oh I think I just felt a kick

Pheobe - Really, already!!! Let me feel! I canít feel anything!!!

Chandler - I think we should double check before we do anything.

Monica - Pheobe! where is the other three that you bought???

Ross - I canít believe it. What are we going to do, is she going to keep it, do we have to get married???

Chandler - I know, I donít think I donít think Iím ready to be a dad.

Joey - Well I think its great, Congratulations!!!

Monica and Rachel walk out of the bathroom and look at their partners.

Ross and Chandler stand up.

Ross - Well???

Rachel - Iím not

Monica - neither am I.

Ross and Chandler run over to hug their partners, looking a bit releived.

Chandler - sorry if this sounds nasty but Iím glad in a way, I donít think Iím ready to be a dad yet.

Monica - Thatís OK, I think we should wait a while before we have kids.

Chandler - So weíre a couple then??? Hey, do you mean you want to have my kids???

Monica - Weíll have to see what happens. Yeah we can be a couple if you want too, do you?

Chandler - Yeah! I want to.

Rachel - I think Iíd prefer to be married first, before I have any kids.

Ross - I was married, had a kid, got divorced. I think we should wait a while.

Rachel - Yeah! Hey, if I was pregnant what would you have done???

Ross - Stood by you what ever

Rachel - Really?

Ross - Sure, your my girlfriend and I love you

Pheobe - Oh!!!! what a day,

Joey - Yeah!!!

Pheobe - So, youíll never guess what happened to me today.

Music then goes on to show the end of a scene, the credits come on the screen and we are then taken to the bit with the credits.

Chandler and Joey are in the girls apartment, they both have on there make-up, their hair is done and this time they have on some of the girls clothes on. They are both prancing about in high heels when Monica and Rachel suddenly storm in. Chandler and Joey stare at her in horror.

Monica - I knew you were up to something! Oh Joey, that dress really suits you, especially wearing them shoes as well.

Chandler - Give me that camera!

Rachel - I canít wait to show Ross and Pheobe, then maybe send it to the newspapers.

Joey - She wouldnít do that! Would she?

Chandler - Rach, Iíll give you $50 for that photo

Rachel - Nope

Chandler - $100 $150, Rachel, $200. Youíll stop her, wonít you?

Monica - Itís got nothing to do with me

Chandler - She wouldnít do that would she???

Chandler - Joey donít chase after her, your wearing a dress remember!!!

Monica smiles at him then walks into her room and shuts the door. The scene goes into black out.


That is my script. I hope you liked it. Please send me your critics or opinions to me at