The One With Ross's Wedding, Part III

by: Tiffany Hindman


I couldn’t believe Ross just said that. Stupid! It’s Emily not Rachel. I knew I shouldn’t have come. I know, I know I love him; but if I loved him so much why couldn’t I have lived with him being happy. Probably because you would have hated yourself for it, Rachel.

Why did I just say that of all the stupid. Now what do I do? Emily was right, I shouldn’t have invited my ex to my wedding. But she’s your best friend. Oh what do I do? Everyone’s eyes are on me; not to mention Rachel’s probably more embarrassed than she ever has in her entire life. Look at Rachel, she looks so good in those leather pants. Get back to reality Ross; your marrying Emily not Rachel. Wait, I am marrying Emily not Rachel. Oh what so I do?? L

I told Ross not to invite Rachel now look what has happened. I love him so much, but now I am having doubts on how much he loves me. What should we do? Cancel the wedding?

This is the weirdest wedding I have ever seen in my life. Sure, I have had people get cold feet and I have even preformed dog wedding’s, but never has anyone said a different name then whom their marrying. Hmm, maybe I should write a book. I can see it now a New York Time’s bestseller initialed The Joy and Weirdness of Performing Weddings. I will become the next Robert Frost. I can see it all now.


"Um shall I go on?" the priest asked.

Ross gave Emily a look of fear and wonderment as though leaving it all up to her.

I have to face the fact Ross doesn’t love me he loves Rachel. Slowly I turned around.


"Thank you all for coming. We both, I think, are not ready for this, as we both have only been seeing each other for 6 weeks. This was out of not wanting a fling to end. I apologize for the inconvenience."

With that I gracefully walked out of the room.

I can’t believe she did that. She knew, Emily knew I still loved Rachel. Wait, I still love Rachel. Is that why she came out here, does she feel the same? Wait here she comes now. What is she going to do.

I knew he needed me. He needed to have my friendship. He loved me by gosh. At least I think he loves me. Oh if only he knew how much I loved him. He was my everything. Forget Joshua, I realized now the whole time I was trying to get him I was showing off for Ross. My Ross. My Mr. Scientist Guy. Oh how I loved him.

Love love love love love love love love love love love love

"Ross, how are you feeling." I asked.

"Well I feel fine, surprisingly." He answered my question.

"I love you, I thought I was over you, but I could never get over you. You are my everything." I finally worked up the courage to say.

"Well next time could ya tell me a little sooner we almost ended up like Caroline and Richard on that show Caroline in the City." Ross said lovingly.

"Yah, but they got together on the season finale."

"Hmm, I missed that one." Ross said trying to lighten things up between us.

"Classic episode." I replied.

"I love you Rach, I love your sense of humor, your hair, I even love your eyes when you get mad. Let’s go home." He said.

And its true, I thought, home is where the heart is.