The One Where Ross said Rachel

************************************************************************* Warning! Contains lethal spoilers for the Season 5 premiere! Not for the faint hearted! *************************************************************************

Written by: Hayley

(Scene- Phoebe is sat on the couch in Monica's apt, with a phone to her ear. She looks gobsmacked. Then she sees us)

Phoebe: Oh Hi. Not you again. I suppose you want to know what happened last time. Well....... (We now see various shots of the Season finale with Phoebe narrating) Ross went off to marry Emily with Monica, Joey and Chandler. He wanted Rachel to go too. But she didn't want to. So Ross goes all mad and leaves. Later on the next day, Rachel realizes that she still loves Ross. She decides she wants to tell him that before he marries Emily and decides to go to London. I did try and stop her, I really did. But she ran out with all her stuff. Then she ran back in again then ran back out. It all happened so fast. Anyway when Rachel got there she saw how happy Ross was with Emily that she didn't tell him. I got all that from Joey so I don't know if that's true. Then during the ceremony Ross said Rachel's name instead of Emily's name in his vows. Again I don't know whether that's true or not because I was listening through a crappy mobile phone a few hundred miles away. But I heard a few gasps so.... thats all you need to know. Ooh I'm pregnant so that's why I'm not there. Just a minor fact you might want to know. And Joey is very homesick and the duck is very sick all over my favorite shoes. (Listening on the phone) Ooh they're saying something. Well it would be better if you went over there yourself because I'm not telling you no more. (Cut to the Church)

Vicar: Shall I go on?

Ross: Emily please I'm sorry. Come on, please? (Rachel looks very disappointed. Emily sighs. Ross's face brightens up)

Emily: Okay.

Vicar: Okay. Ross repeat after me. I Ross.

Ross: I Ross.

Vicar: Take thee Emily.

Ross: Take thee..... (He looks at Emily, then at Monica, Chandler and Joey, then his Mom and Dad then at Rachel then back to Emily) Take thee Emily.

Vicar: Till death parts us. (I know there's more. I'm just cutting it short)

Ross: Till death parts us.

Vicar: The rings please. (Chandler gives Emily's ring to the vicar and Monica gives Ross's to the vicar) Emily repeat after me. With this ring.

Emily: (Angrily) With this ring.

Vicar: My symbol of our love. (I don't actually know all of them. But I'm trying)

Emily: (Angrily) My symbol of our love. (She jams the ring on to his finger)

Vicar: Ross. Repeat......

Emily: Come on we know. Get on with it.

Vicar: Ross. (Ross who too is angry at Emily jams her ring on her finger) I.... Umm.... now pronouce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. (Emily quickly pecks Ross on the side of the cheek. Everyone looks a little surprised. The music starts up. Ross and Emily begin to walk, with false smiles, towards the door. They get outside)

Emily: (Angrily) See you at the reception.

Ross: Emily...... (Emily storms out. The camera fades out on Ross's face. The credits begin)

Opening credits

(Scene- Emily's parent's house. The reception. Emily is walking around and Ross is following her around begging her to forgive him. Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Joey are sat together in the middle of the room)

Ross: Look Emily talk to me.

Emily: Look Ross. If you want to talk to me you start off by telling me why you said Rachel's name instead of mine.

Ross: Emily.....

Emily: Oh you can get it RIGHT now.

Ross: Listen.

Emily: I AM listening Ross. I've been listening to you since I've met you. I listened to you scream when you had your ear pierced, I listen to you cry in agony when you played rugby. I also listened to you say Rachel's name instead of mine. (She stands there silence for a moment and Ross looks at her hopefully) And to me that still means she means a lot to you still. That's why........ I have to leave you.

Ross: What?

Emily: I've no choice. (She runs off and Ross follows her. Everyone looks at each other surprised. Obviously they've been listening)

Joey: What do we do now? (From offstage we hear a door slam and a few cries of anger) Maybe we should just leave it for now.

Rachel: Monica can I talk to you for a minute? Alone.

Chandler: Why can't we listen?

Rachel: Because it's girly stuff. (Joey and Chandler look at each other and pull a disgusted face)

Chandler: Don't worry we'll go. (They disappear)

Rachel: Mon what do I do?

Monica: Not a another what do I do questions.

Rachel: Mon. I'm in emotional turmoil here.

Monica: Oh.

Rachel: Do you think I should talk to Ross?

Monica: Did you just here what was going on with him?

Rachel: I know. But do you think it still means something? You know with Ross saying my name and all.

Monica: Honey, Ross is a married man now. They maybe mad at each other now but they'll get over it. They'll be happy and have kids and live happy ever after.

Rachel: No Mon. I think you missed my point. I need positive advice not crappy happy ever after stuff. Maybe I should talk it over with Ross. (Monica doesn't answer her) Monica be a bit more understanding, okay. (Rachel walks off. Monica sits there confused. Chandler comes over to her)

Chandler: Hey. So what was the girly stuff about?

Monica: Nothing important. Just you know Ross, Rachel stuff. You wouldn't understand.

Chandler: You didn't tell her about.......

Monica: No! I wasn't on planning to either.

Chandler: Right. I knew you wouldn't.

Monica: You didn't tell Joey. Did you?

Chandler: No. He was so mixed up about his own problems. He's broken up with Felicity.

Monica: Oh. That's why there was no more dip left. (Off stage we hear Joey cry Chandler. Chandler drops his head)

Chandler: See you later. Meet you in the wine cellar. In fifteen. (Chandler begins to walk off)

Monica: (Confused) Seconds or minutes?

Chandler: I suppose it could be seconds. (They both start counting in their head. Then they both run off. Joey comes in)

Joey: Chandler! Chandler! (He sees Ross and Rachel outside a door and goes towards them) Hey you guys have you seen Chandler?

Ross: (Shouts) NO!

Joey: Okay, man. I was just asking. (Ross starts banging on the door) What's going on? (Emily starts shouting from the otherside of the door)

Emily: Ross! You humiliated me. I ought to hate you. No wait a minute. I do hate you.

Ross: Come on you don't hate me. (Emily makes a frustrated noise and there's a bang at the door) You just might not like me a lot.

Emily: Just go away. (Rachel begins to open her mouth, when Emily interrupts her) And you don't need to say anything Rachel. There's nothing either of you can say or do. I'm dumping Ross and that's it.

Joey: Look Ross if it's any consolation, I've been dumped too. (Joey pats Ross and Ross just looks at him as if to say 'shutup')

(Cut to the wine cellar. Lots of wine in here. There's a big box in the corner with bottles on and other stuff. We can't see anybody, until Judy and Jack [Monica and Ross's Mom and Dad] come in)

Judy: Jack, I'm so tired. Everything seems to be piling up around me.

Jack: Well let me sooth you a little. (They begin to kiss. We see two heads rise up from behind a box, Chandler and Monica's. Chandler has Monica's lipstick all around his mouth. They both pull a disgusted face and duck again. The box shakes a little and a bottle begins to roll off smashing all over the floor. Jack and Judy look round)

Judy: What was that?

Jack: Hang on. (He goes around to the box and pulls Chandler and Monica up by their hair)

Judy: Monica! Who is this?

Jack: Don't worry dear. It's the gay one that lives opposite Monica.

Monica: Mom, Dad. Chandler's not gay.

Chandler: No! I've been told that I give off those sort of vibes. But I'm not really. Well I'm with Monica so that proves that I'm not.

Judy: That doesn't prove anything. Monica gets desperate. She goes for anyone. (Monica sighs)

(Scene- Outside the door. Ross and Rachel are talking)

Rachel: So why'd you say my name at the wedding?

Ross: Rachel. Before you get all squeaky and blubbery, the fact that I said your name does not mean a thing to me. We're over okay. Did you here that Emily? Me and Rachel are over! Emily? Emily! (Ross starts banging on the door. Rachel looks upset and Joey comes running over)

Joey: Dude, remember, Breath, breath.

Ross: She's not answering me. (He grabs Joey by his collar) Why isn't she answering me?

Rachel: Maybe she's upset. I was upset when I was at my wedding and ran out the bathroom window.

Joey: Do you think.....

Ross: No okay. Emily wouldn't do that.

Rachel: Well she's not answering you.

Ross: Look I don't need your help.

Joey: Well why don't you break open the door. See if she has run away.

Ross: Look she hasn't run away. (Joey and Rachel frown at each other) Besides if we do break open the door my Mom and Dad will have to pay for a new door as well as a new wine rack. Joey: Okay. (He begins to walk away, slowly. Rachel follows him)

Rachel: See you later.

Ross: Maybe I could just crack it open a bit. But I'm going to need your help.

Rachel: No, No. You said you didn't need our help.

Ross: Well I do now. People change move with the feeling.

Joey: Well how are you going to do it? (Ross looks at Joey. He clenches his fists and his face goes red. Then he tries to elbow the door down. It doesn't work. He tries again. But he can't do it. Rachel starts laughing a little)

Rachel: Do you know how funny that looks. Glad we're here huh?

Joey: Look dude. Why don't you use the key? (He holds up a key and opens the door)

Ross: Where'd you get that?

Joey: I have my ways. (Joey opens the door. Ross pushes past and runs in. Emily isn't there. The window is open. Ross collapses on to Joey's shoulder)

Rachel: Emily may hate me, but she thinks just like me.

(Scene- Still the reception. It seems to be over and everyone is clearing up. Chandler and Monica are seated on the couch, alone)

Monica: Sorry about my Mom.

Chandler: No it's okay. I'm used to it anyway. My mom always thought I was gay too.

Monica: Hey, about what's happening between us.

Chandler: We're not breaking up now. We've been together nearly a day.

Monica: Well why are we hiding it from everyone?

Chandler: Because it's fun! Come on you must admit it. It was funny when we got caught.

Monica: Yeah. But I don't think it would work back at home in New York.

Chandler: Why?

Monica: Because, we're like brother and sister y'know.

Chandler: No I don't know.

Monica: Well how about everytime we're in a foreign country we can have sex without anyone knowing.

Chandler: What's the point in that? We're in England now, if we went back New York we would be in a foreign country to all those in England.

Monica: Chandler. No. Okay. Lets say that this is a holiday romance. Except that we see each other every day. When we not on holiday.

Chandler: This is beginning to confuse me now.

Monica: Next time we're abroad we can carry on this, from where we left off here.

Chandler: Right oh I see. You mean we'll just have to book a lot more holidays abroad.

Monica: Right.

Chandler: But we still have another night here.

Monica: Right. No one will miss us here. (Chandler and Monica begin to sneak off. Then they run out)

(Cut to Ross who is drowning his sorrows in the bathroom where Emily ran away. A man comes in and sees Ross)

Man: Oh hello? Didn't expect spectators. Wait your the groom. The husband. The one that got the names wrong.

Ross: I WAS the groom. I'm NOT the husband. I AM the one who got the names wrong.

Man: Sorry.

Ross: My wife has ran away, because I called her by my Ex-girlfriend's name, okay.

Man: Okay.

Ross: I'm glad we're clear on that.

Man: Your ex- girlfriend? Isn't that a rule?

Ross: Huh?

Man: Well there's three ways in which you treat a woman. One, if you love her you hold her purse while she flirts with the shop assistant. Two, Never switch on the TV when making out. And three and the most important, you never call your girlfriend by your ex-girlfriends name.

Ross: You don't think I know that.

Man: I'm just making a point.

Ross: Your point is clear. I've already had six guys come in here and tell me that exact thing you have just recited. If you want act all relationship counselor there's a guy out there who has just broken up with his woman. He's goes by the name Joey.

Man: Nah. That's where I got those three rules from. (Sees Ross's expression) I'll go find another bathroom.

(The hall just outside Monica's hotel room. Chandler and Monica approach it. They look around and go inside. They lock the door. Monica put her arms around Chandler's shoulders. They're just about to kiss when they see Rachel, sat smiling on Monica's bed)

Rachel: (Very surprised) Well, well London certainly has changed a few people.

(Chandler and Monica break quickly and straighten themselves up)

Monica: Rachel. What are you doing here?

Rachel: Watching you.

Chandler: This isn't what you think it is.

Rachel: Oh. No I know. You were checking to see who is taller. I know. Been there. So how long has this being going on?

Monica: How long has WHAT been going on?

Rachel: Monica, come on. I'm not stupid.

Chandler: Your not?

Rachel: I just watched you two practically kiss. You can't tell me there is nothing going on. So who else knows?

Monica: Only you and my Mom and Dad.

Rachel: Does Ross know?

Monica: No. And he's not going to know. Is he?

Rachel: No. No. He wasn't going to know. I wasn't planning on telling him either. Never entered my mind. So, does Joey know?

Chandler and Monica: NO!

Rachel: Well who can I tell. I have to get it out of me.

Monica: You tell no one. And if I find out you did tell someone I will hunt you down and set blood sucking, Hungarian, green wombats on you.

Chandler: Or she'll just give you verbal abuse.

Monica: Anyway this is only a foreign fling. When we get back there'll be no more. Just plain old Monica.

Chandler: And plain old Chandler. Who dreams about what could of been. (He stares of in the distance)

Monica: But if we happen to be abroad again we can........ do it again.

Rachel: Okay. I'm not sure if I understand that but...... Well do you guys want to come and get a drink or something?

Monica: Let us change first.

Chandler: Give us five minutes. (Rachel sighs and begins to walk out)

Monica: Make it fifteen. (Rachel looks round at them both) Hey were still abroad.

(Scene. Later on. Monica's hotel room. Rachel is there on her own. The phone rings and Rachel rushes around to find out)

Rachel: Coming! How the hell can you find a phone in a (Picks up the phone) Helloo?

Phoebe: RACHEL!

Rachel: Phoebe.

Phoebe: You okay?

Rachel: Yeah. I mean Ross told me we were completely over. And that him saying my name meant nothing. You do know what happened right?

Phoebe: Yeah. I was listening through a phone. But I wasn't sure about it but you just said it so that means it's true.

Rachel: (Unsure) Okay.

Phoebe: So what else is happening that I'm missing.

Rachel: Well. Chandler and Monica........

Phoebe: Yeah I know them. Hey is that the same Chandler and Monica as the ones we know?

Rachel: We don't know any more Chandlers or Monicas.

Phoebe: Yeah well your in a different country.

Rachel: So?

Phoebe: There might be more Chandler and Monica's there. DUH.

Rachel: The Chandler we know is the only guy who is named Chandler. It's such a stupid name.

Phoebe: Hey! One of the babies is called Chandler. Don't go insulting it when it's not even born yet. It's going to have a tough life as it is. It doesn't need you going on about how crappy it's name is.

Rachel: Sorry Pheebs.

Phoebe: No. I know. But I suppose Chandler is a crappy name. So what were you going say about him and Monica.

Rachel: Well....... when I was waiting for Monica in her hotel room. Chandler and Monica came in...... kissing.

(Phoebe has a startled expression on her face)

Phoebe: Oh my God! Kissing?

Rachel: Well not exactly. But they almost were.

Phoebe: That doesn't mean anything. They could of been seeing who was taller.

Rachel: No I know they're up to something. We went for a drink but they both left quite quickly. Haven't seen them since. Although I remember them saying something about a foreign fling. It's finished as soon as they're back in New York.

Phoebe: What else did they say?

Rachel: Well they said to keep it all a secret.

Phoebe: Well they're not going to be very impressed with you.

Rachel: (Realizing) Oh. Never mind they won't know I only told 1 person.

Phoebe: Actually 4 persons and 2 non persons.

Rachel: Huh?

Phoebe: Do I have to explain every signal time?

(Scene. Chandler and Joey's hotel room. The camera pans out to see some clothes strewn out across the floor. There's a knock at the door and we cut to outside of it. Joey is stood there with a blond haired woman. Joey knocks again)

Joey: Chandler open up. It's me. Chandler. (He knocks again. We cut to the inside of the room. Chandler and Monica quickly pop out from under the sheets. Both very surprised) Chandler. Open up. I haven't got a key. (Chandler and Monica both keep very silent) Chandler I know your in there I just saw you go in. I need to come in. (Whispers) I have a girl with me. (Joey smiles at the girl and the girl gives a faint giggle)

Chandler: Yeah. Well so do I.

Joey: No you don't. I watched go in there with Monica (Silence from Chandler and Monica) Hey wait a minute I've found my key. (We hear keys jiggle in the lock and Monica darts underneath the sheets again. Chandler and tries to straighten things up around him when Joey suddenly bursts in and Chandler tries to act innocent) Hey. What are you doing?

Chandler: Nothing. I was sleeping.

Joey: You said you have a girl in here.

Chandler: I was lying. Come on a guy like me needs to lie about things like that.

Joey: Dude, since when........ (Joey bends down and picks up a bra which is laid on the floor)

Chandler: (Nervous) Umm....... You know the person who was in here before must of left it here. I was going to take it down to reception when all of a sudden I remembered that....... you.......... had a girl up here the other day. (Joey indicates to Chandler to shutup. But the girl that was with Joey huffs, and crosses her arms)

Girl: You told me you hadn't made love in 3 years. (She walks out)

Joey: Good going.

Chandler: Yes but Joey that line doesn't always work for very long. Remember Monica and that guy.

Joey: Oh yeah. She was sucker.

Chandler: Yeah. (Chandler suddenly flinches)

Joey: Chandler what's going on?

Chandler: The truth? I was....... meditating. Monica came here and lent me some of her clothes which she wasn't wearing. I mean....... she didn't have them on, no she had clothes on but she also lent me some which she wasn't wearing at that space in time. I needed the clothes so that I could....... keep warm.

Joey: You had to have women's clothes?

Chandler: Yeah. It ruins the karma if you don't.

Joey: You hang out with Phoebe too much, man.

Chandler: I know. (Chandler makes a fake giggle. Joey goes into the bathroom and closes the door. But he carries on talking to Chandler)

Joey: Want to hear my night so far.

Chandler: If only you stay in there. (Monica quickly grabs some clothes which are lying on Joey's bed she starts to get changed very quickly)

Joey: Ross is totally upset. Emily ran away.

Chandler: Bummer.

Joey: The last I heard was that someone found his head down the toilet. I don't think he was too happy.

Chandler: Yep. Nope. Of course. (Monica is having a bit of struggle. Chandler is trying to keep everything quiet. Suddenly Joey comes out of the bathroom. Monica goes under the covers again. Chandler's bed is in a state. With clothes everywhere. The sheets are all crumpled up. Again Chandler is sitting there trying even harder to look innocent. { I suppose everyone knows the harder you try to look innocent the more it doesn't look very convincing. Trust me I've been there} Joey has a puzzled look on his face)

Joey: What happened to my shirt? I put it on my bed. And.....(He looks down and sees three feet sticking out of the bottom of the bed. Chandler sees them too)

Chandler: Did you know I had three feet? That's why I can't dance. I have two left feet........ and a right one too. (Joey now looks suspicious)

Joey: You don't need to hide it from me now, Chandeman. I know what's going on. (Joey tugs at the sheets on Monica's side)

Chandler: Don't do that. You'll see my......... stuff. (Joey gives one last pull. The sheets come off on Monica's side. Monica is laid there in Joey's flowery shirt { Which you might well remember} She looks up at Joey, guilty)

Monica: Hey, Joe.

Joey: I knew you weren't meditating.

(Scene. Jack and Judy's hotel room. Jack and Judy are there with Ross. Ross is half sitting and half laying on the couch. He looks tired. Judy comes in with a glass of juice. Jack is sat opposite him)

Judy: Here you are dear. (Ross takes the glass and drinks the lot at once)

Jack: Ross come on. You can't lay about like this. Your wife is out there somewhere sobbing her heart out over you.

Ross: Yeah. Then how come....... (Ross pauses and goes silent)

Judy: Ross dear!

Ross: (Waking up) Two please. And take out the alcohol. I'm not aloud to drink.

Jack: I think he's tired.

Ross: He, has a name!

Judy: Ross why don't you try and sleep for a bit. Then you'll be able to look for Emily tomorrow.

Ross: Yeah. But what if I don't wake up. I'll live in my own dreams forever. And I won't be able to go home. (Ross moans then he falls asleep)

Jack: (Whispering) Night son. (He places a blanket over him)

Judy: Night Ross. (She kisses him)

Jack: They come and go don't they. Monica's found someone......

Judy: Jack honey I think he's gay.

Jack: I told you that.

(Scene. Probably somewhere in the middle of the night. We're outside the door to the bridal suite. There is a sign hanging on the door knob. Reading " Please if you have to disturb, shut your eyes when you come in". Ross comes wondering in. { He's obviously woken up} He still is a little bit tired. He sees the sign and tries to read it but he can't. He knocks on the door. From inside there's a few bangs and squeaking then a jiggling at the door. Monica opens it slightly. She's in a white robe. She sees Ross and opens the door more)

Monica: Ross. You okay?

Ross: Yeah I suppose. (They hug)

Monica: I heard what happened.

Ross: Yeah. I....... What are you doing here?

Monica: I didn't think you'd ask. Umm.......... here we go...... Umm. I was reading. (She runs to the bed and jumps on to it. And searches, frantically for a book) I was reading without a book. I didn't bring a book of my own. And as you and Emily don't read. I was reading without a book.

Ross: You haven't been drinking have you, Mon.

Monica: Of course I was. I've no man. So I drink and read without a book.

Ross: Monica, your more twisted than, Mom.

Monica: Thanks. I like being compared to her. (Ross comes over to the bed and sits himself down on it. Monica tries to shove him off but Ross just looks at her weird)

Ross: Mon, calm down. I'm only sitting here so I don't have to sit on the doorstop.

Monica: Okay. But please don't move about too much. (She smiles) So. What's going on with you?

Ross: Emily locked herself in the bathroom and then she ran away. Then this man told me how to treat her when she's not even by my side. I miss her Monica what do I do?

Monica: Couldn't you have gone to Mom and Dad?

Ross: I did but. I was to drunk and tired to even keep my eyes open. So I came here. To pick up some stuff then I was going to come to you for company. But your here so I don't need to walk too far. (Ross moves himself a bit. Monica's eyes widen and she flinches a little)

Monica: Ow. I mean, how can you move about like that when I told you not to.

Ross: Monica what is wrong with you. Why aren't I aloud to move?

Monica: Because...... I was trying......... to keep........ that side of the bed cold.

Ross: You were planning on sleeping here?

Monica: Well I said Rachel could stay in my room because all the other rooms were booked. So I came here because I knew you weren't going to be here. (Ross looks at her hurt)

Ross: You knew Emily and I wouldn't be here?

Monica: I only decided to come here a few minutes ago. Joey said you and Emily had a bit of a tiff. So I came here.

Ross: You do get yourself out of some scrapes, don't you?

Monica: I sure do.

Ross: So what was that bit about a cold bed?

Monica: So that when........ I'm hot I can roll over into cold. (She smiles pleased with herself)

Ross: Mon,........ (he moves again)

Monica: For the last time please do not move. Because......... I didn't tell you this....... but I brought my teddy bear. He's sleeping at the moment so don't move about. He needs his sleep. We leave tomorrow.

Ross: Which teddy's this? (He puts his hand under the sheets and pulls Chandler up by the hair)

Monica: Yep. That's my life-size one that looks like Chandler.

Ross: Oh my God. What, How, Monica?

Chandler: Ross this isn't what you think.

Ross: No. You two happened to be in robes, in bed, doing stuff.

Monica: Well, we're not doing stuff now.

Ross: No I think it's great. (Chandler and Monica breath a sigh of relief) I mean Chandler, and my sister doing stuff. Fine by me. Your both so lonely and hopeless I happy that you've finally found each other. So is this a permanent arrangement?

Monica: Well, we both agreed that we only do stuff in foreign countries. So when we get back to New York we just act as friends but when we're abroad again.......... we........ you know.

Ross: That sounds like a sick fairy tale, Monica. What so this is like a foreign fling?

Chandler: If that's how you want to put it.

Ross: Well I'm just so happy for you. (The camera closes up on Ross who is biting his lip) Just so happy.

(Scene. Next morning. Airplane. Chandler, Monica and Joey are there. Chandler and Monica are sat together. Joey is sat on the otherside talking to someone)

Joey: Hey, you ever been handgliding? (The man is dressed in suit and tie obviously and very important business man. He looks at Joey and shakes his head. Joey looks at him oddly) Do you smile? (The man opens his newspaper and hides his face) Obviously not.

(Cut to Chandler and Monica. Monica is looking out of the window)

Monica: Do you think we're nearly there?

Chandler: I don't know.

Monica: Do you think we're closer to England than America?

Chandler: I suppose.

Monica: That means we're still over foreign seas. Doesn't it?

Chandler: I guess. (Chandler and Monica both look at each other. Then Monica gets up)

Monica: I'm going to the bathroom. Maybe I'll see you there in a few minutes. (Monica walks past and ruffles Chandler's hair. Chandler perks up. But before he can get Joey comes over and sits in Monica's empty seat)

Joey: Hey.

Chandler: Hey. I was just going to the bathroom.

Joey: Hold it in. Monica's already gone. She could be a long time. Well I'm here you can talk to me. I don't think I should mess with that man anymore. I swear I saw a Swiss army knife sticking out of his pocket. So, what's going to happen with you and Monica when you get back? Is it one of those one night stand things?

Chandler: Well it wasn't just a one night stand I think it was a few nights stand. Anyway we agreed it was just a foreign fling and we'll be back to normal when we get back. Nothing will happen. No sex , no nothing.

Joey: Yeah right.

(Scene. Airport. Rachel is sat there with all her luggage around her. Ross enters with his luggage. Rachel tries to hide herself with a magazine. But Ross spots her)

Ross: Hey Rach.

Rachel: Hey Ross. I thought for a minute then you were my Dad but your not. So.

Ross: So what you waiting for?

Rachel: A plane to New York. You?

Ross: Well I came to wait for Emily. We were supposed to go to Greece for our honeymoon and I thought she might of gone.

(Rachel smiles to herself) Rachel: You know you should just go without Emily. Have fun in Greece without her. I mean look how bad she hurt you. You can't go all the way to Greece with her now. I mean there would be no escaping her. With you shouting and screaming at her about dumping you and her shouting and screaming at you. I mean people would stare. You should just forget about her and find someone who will appreciate you. Don't worry I'll tell Monica where you are. (She looks at Ross and smiles)

Ross: You know what. I think I will. Emily has been nasty to me. I deserve a break. Greece will cheer me up. Thanks Rach. You've helped me. But I'm not forgetting about her. I'll still love her. She was so nice to me and........

Rachel: Okay we're going backwards. Your supposed to be making yourself happy.

Ross: Right. Rach your so kind. (They hug. Rachel looks sad. But when they break she puts a happy face on again) Hey why don't you come with me? I'll need a friend. We certainly don't to fly in different directions alone. What do you say?

Rachel: I'd love to.

Ross: Great. Well we better get going or we'll miss our flight.

Rachel: Yeah. (The pick up all there luggage and walk off. We cut to Emily on the otherside of the room who looks quite sad. She closes her eyes and sits down. Ross comes back in. He grabs his jacket which he left. Then he to Joey with his eyes. Monica then rolls her eyes)

Joey: Monica your back. It took you a long time didn't it. Must of been cleaning the seat again. Do you want your seat back?

Monica: Umm.......... (Before Monica can answer a stewardess pushes her down into Joey's old seat) You keep it. (Monica sits back. And Chandler stares at her lovingly)

Joey: Dude. We're nearly there. No more thinking about Monica. You said that you had agreed. We're in America now.

Chandler: (Sarcastic) Joy!

(Scene. Later on. Monica and Rachel's apt. Phoebe is in the kitchen, picking her nose. { Disgusting} Monica, Chandler and Joey all walk in. All looking very tired)

Phoebe: Hey. Your back! I wasn't doing anything by the way. Hey I know what you all did. Ha. (She claps her hands excitingly. Joey, Chandler and Monica all collapse on the couch and sigh) Okay. Joey, you had meat.

Joey: You got me.

Phoebe: You had sex!

Chandler: No we didn't!

Phoebe: No not you Chandler, Monica as well.

Monica: Huh? Who told you? I mean no we didn't.

Phoebe: Rachel told me.

Monica: That bitch. She said she wouldn't tell.

Chandler: We all know Rachel isn't the best secret keeper. Joey: No Phoebe. They did have sex. But they said that it was a foreign fling and it's not to continue in New York.

Phoebe: I know that too. Rachel told me everything.

Monica: I'll give her a word or two when she gets back. Don't you worry.

Joey: Where's the duck and chick?

Phoebe: In your apartment playing on my ouijea board.

Joey: I have to go see. (He quickly runs out)

Phoebe: No Joey. Don't ruin the atmosphere in there! (She runs after him. Leaving Chandler and Monica, alone)

Chandler: Sorry about the plane.

Monica: No that's okay.

Chandler: So how long do you think this will last?

Monica: I don't know. You?

Chandler: I have to admit........ it was good. I never thought I would do it with you though.

Monica: Me neither. (Silence) Thanks for being there for me. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Chandler: Your great too. Don't get me wrong. But we could end up together remember that pact we made. That if neither of us are married when we'd forty we would get together and have a baby.

Monica: Yeah. Maybe it will happen. I mean neither of us have had the best relationships.

Chandler: No. But hey, you were the best. While it lasted of course.

Monica: You too. (They both hug)

Chandler: I hope your thinking about what I hope your thinking about. (Monica just looks at him. Chandler gets up and leaves) See ya. (Monica gets up and goes into the kitchen. She looks quite sad. Chandler bursts in through the door again)

Chandler: Hey I'm still on England time does that count? (Chandler and Monica rush towards each other and the kiss passionately. At this point the audience goes wild. Because we've never seen them kiss before. The camera fades on the two)

Closing Credits

(Scene. Airport. Ross walks in very upset. He looks at his watch and his eyes widen. He runs off in the other direction. Cut to the airplane Rachel is on. She looks out the window upset. Then we cut to the exterior of the plane. We hear Rachel say something)

Rachel: (Sad) Ross! (Happy) Hey I'm going to Greece. (Sad again) Hey I'm going to Greece. (We hear her ask someone something) Hey can we turn around and fly back? (Silence) No need to be like that.