The One Where Ross And Rachel Are Caught

Written by Les Latta.

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright,
Kaufman and Crane.

This takes place after Ross and Emily are divorced, and everyone knows about Monica and Chandler...

By the way I am a HUGE romantic so I favor the couples a bit, sorry.

Scene: Rachel and Monica's Apartment


They've just had a party and they were all very, very drunk, Phoebe and Joey have gone home and Monica and Chandler get up and go into Monica's room, which leaves Ross and Rachel sitting on the couch together, now Rachel is extremely drunk and Ross isn't much better

Ross: Well, I better go then...

Rachel: Do you have to?

Ross: No, great party

Rachel: Yeah, do you want another drink?

Ross: I shouldn't but okay.

Rachel gets up to get another drink for the both of them but falls over because of her drunkenness. She just happens to fall onto Ross who is now lying on the couch.

Rachel: Ooo, sorry, I didn't mean to ... (fades out)

Ross: I don't mind

Rachel: Ross, what was I doing?

Ross: I'm not sure (giggles)

Rachel: Ross, you are my best friend in the entire world, next to Monica

Ross: Thanks, you're mine to, but not next to Mon.

There is just silence whilst they look at each other...


The next morning, the scene is Rachel's bedroom and Ross and Rachel are, yep, you guessed it, in there together. The are both stirring, and they roll over to see each other and they wake up quickly.

Rachel: Um, hi?

Ross: Hi?

Rachel: What-are-you-doing-here?

Ross: I don't know.

Rachel: Um, okay.

They just lay there for a while and they both lean forward and kiss very passionately, and things start to heat up.


Monica and Chandler are there and Monica is making some breakfast and Chandler is standing behind her with his arms around her stomach

Monica: That was a really nice party last night, wasn't it

Chandler: ooh yeah

Monica: When everyone was here

Chandler: Yes, that's what I meant too... but after was good to wasn't it?

Monica: yes it was

She turns to face him

Monica: I love you...hey Rach should be up by now... RACHEL!!

Chandler holds his ears as she shouts


Rachel: (stops kissing Ross) Um, COMING, hey, um, Ross, just wait here will you, (smiles)

Ross: Okay, (smiles)


Rachel enters with a really big smile on her face, and Monica and Chandler just stand there looking at her.

Chandler: Hi

Monica: Hi -to chandler- shouldn't she have a hangover?

Chandler: Umm, YES

Rachel: (happily) Morning

Monica and Chandler just look at her and she goes into the bathroom to get ready for work. Chandler and Monica sit and eat breakfast.


Later in the day and Ross walks into Monica and Rachel's apartment and everyone is there. Ross and Rachel look at each other and smile without letting anyone else see.

Phoebe: Hi Ross

Joey: Dude...where have you been?

Ross: Why'd you ask that?

Joey: I dunno.

Ross goes into the kitchen and Rachel follows and they are both standing at the sink talking quietly, or so they think, but everyone else can hear them and they are listening without Ross and Rachel realizing.

Ross: Hey

Rachel: Hey, yourself, where have you been all day?

Ross: Thinking of you

Rachel: I missed you

Ross: Me too, I can't believe that this is happening

Rachel: Me neither, it's so good,

They are now facing each other and Ross puts his hand on Rachel's hip, and everyone else (Phoebe, Joey, Monica and Chandler) gasp. Ross then realizes what he has done and quickly removes his hand and...

Ross: I got that bug of you

Rachel: Thanks, she kisses him on the cheek

Everyone else is sitting there dumbfounded.

Monica: What was that?

Phoebe: He's her lobster!

Meanwhile Rachel and Ross are still just looking at each other and Rachel finally realizes that everyone is looking at her and Ross.

Rachel: Oh, look! We're outta Milk, I better go get some, Ross wanna come?

Ross: Sure

They quickly hurry out and Monica gets up and goes over to the fridge and pulls out 3 bottles of milk and places them with the one that's already on the table. She just stands there.

Joey: Oh, Oh!

He gets up and runs over to the door and opens it, only to reveal Ross and Rachel kissing.

Joey: Look! Look!

They all look, Ross and Rachel don't realize that they are watching, everyone else screws up their faces and turn away.

Phoebe: Lobsters don't do that!



Sorry guys, I couldn't be bothered writing anymore