The One Where Rachel Comforts Ross

Written by: Mandie

This is my fist try at writing a fanfic so if you don't like it ( or you do) please e-mail me. This takes place some where around TOW a cop, but ross does have a couch. Ross and rachel are not together but chandler and monica are. Thanks! Oh, and I don't own the people, they belong to some one else.





P.S. I'm a R & R fan so this is mostly about them, sorry C & M Fans!




[scene: Ross at carol & susan's apartment, knocking on the door.]

CAROL: (opening the door) Oh, hi Ross. Come in.

ROSS: Okay. (starts to go in)

CAROL: (yelling) SUSAN!

ROSS: Did you have to do that?

CAROL: Oh, sorry. Um, sit down

SUSAN: (entering room) Hi! Ross.

ROSS: Hello. Now what did you want to talk to me about?

CAROL: well I guess the easy way is to just tell you, and get it over with.

SUSAN: I'll go first, because he already hates me. Well we have decided to move too, ( fast and quite) Denver!

ROSS: Wha, Wha, WHAT!?

CAROL: We hoped you wouldn't be mad.

ROSS: (MAD, yelling) Wha, Why, why would I be mad? Just because my ex-wife and her wife are taking my son to Denver where I will never be able to see him agian, is that a reason to be mad! No I don't think so! You, You, You know what? I'm leaving now! See Ya! (leaves)

SUSAN: Well I think that went well.

opening credits

[scene; centel perk, everyone but ross is there.]

(Ross enters)

ROSS: (in his sad slow way) Hi.

MONICA: What's wrong honey?

ROSS: Oh nothing, just bad day at work.

MONICA: You sure?

ROSS: Yes!! I mean, I'm sure I'm sure. thanks.

MONICA: Well Okay. (long Pause)

CHANDLER: Anyone up for some coffee?

ALL: Sure, Please, etc.....

(long Pause)

PHEOBE: Well........?

CHANDLER: What? (everyone but ross is looking at him, ross is off in his own little world.)

RACHEL: Well you just ask us if we wanted some coffee, then you did nothing.

CHANDLER: I asked you if you wanted some I didn't say I would get you some! I was just trying to breack the ice!

PHEOBE:You are so mean Chandler Bing!

JOEY: Yah! What she said!


CHANDLER: (to Monica) But I'll get you some my sweet!

MONICA: Okay! Thanks Honey! (Chandler goes to get coffee)

RACHEL: (kinda dreamy) It sure would be nice to have a boyfriend. (in case your wondering where ross is he is still kinda spaced out.)

[scene: everyone there; ross and rach on oppisite ends of the couch; chandler & monica & phoebe on the floor and joey in the chair. The Gang just finished watching a movie and ross has not told anyone about carols move.]

MONICA: That was a good movie! (Fast) Okay, ready to go to bed Chandler?

CHANDLER: (also Fast) Okay! (they run to the bedroom)

PHOEBE: I have to go write some new songs, so I'll see you guys later! Bye!

JOEY, RACH, & ROSS: Bye Phebs! Goodnight! (Pheobe leaves)

JOEY: Well I better go too, I have a interview tomorrow. Goodnight!

ROSS & RACHEL: Bye Joe! (joey leaves)

(long pause)

RACHEL: Okay Ross, I want to know what's going on with you! You have been really out of it the last couple of days, and I'm really getting woried about you!

ROSS: Okay! It's just that I went over to carols the other day and susan told me that they are moving to Denver and taking Ben with them! And I don't know what to do about it!

RACHEL: (wispering) Oh, Ross I'm so sorry!

ROSS: No, I'm the one who should be sorry, I should have told you guys about it. It's just that Chandler and Monica are always busy plus it's Monica's nephew, and I couldn't talk to Joey or Pheobe 'cause there just Joey and Pheobe! So you are the only one I can really talk to Rach.

RACHEL: Oh Ross honey, I don't know what to do?! What are you going to do?

ROSS: That's what I've been trying to figure out.

RACHEL: Come Here. (she moves over to him and hugs him tight.)

ROSS:(still huging) Thanks Rach.

RACHEL: (ross is laying in the corner of the couch with rachel huging him, she stops huging him and lays her head on his chest.) I'll help you throught this ross, I will, anyway I can. (she closes her eyes and it apeares that she is asleep.)

ROSS: (he puts his arms around her and pulls her tight and puts his head on hers. (Looks down to see if she is asleep and it looks like she is but she is only almost asleep.) ( he puts his head back on

hers) (wispering) I Love You Rach. (he closes his eyes)

[cut to monica's room]

[scene; monica and chandler laying in bed.]

MONICA: Goodnight Chandler.

CHANDLER: Yah, it was pretty good wasn't it?

MONICA: Shut up Chandler!

CHANDLER: (giggling) Goodnight Mon.

[cut to Joey's room]

[scene: Joey alone in bed, dreaming]

JOEY: Oh, Lisa! You where great!

[cut to pheobe's apt.]

[scene: Pheobe laying in bed sleeping.]

(the camera just focuses on her for a moment and then backs off.)



[scene: the next morning. monica and rachels apt. ross and rachel still in each others arms on the couch, like the night before. They both wake up and look at each other, and rachel jumps up and sits on the other side of the couch and ross trys to move over more but is right up next to the arm of the couch. and now they both stare striat at the T.V. that is not on.]

RACHEL:(nervoss) Um, okay, turn on the T.V.

ROSS: (nervoss too)Um, yah, okay.(looks for the remote)

RACHEL:(still nervoss) Yah, okay um, I just got up(points to her room), form my room and you fell asleep on the couch, right? Okay?

ROSS: Um, yah.

(monica enters)

MONICA: Morning Rach. (pause)(looks back at them) Ross?

ROSS:(sounding like he is hidding some thing.) uh, hi, I fell asleep on the couch last night watching T.V. after rachel and every one went to bed.

RACHEL: (sounding like she is hidding something too) Yah! And I sleepet in there. (pointing to her room.) And I JUST got up.

MONICA: (giving them a funny look) Um, okay. I'm just getting a drink of water.

ROSS: Well I better go I'm supposed to be at work (looks at his watch) Now. Bye!

RACHEL: uh, yah. I gotta get to work too. Bye, Mon!

(exit ross)

(rachel starts to leave)

MONICA: Um, Rach honey, Your in your P.J.s.

RACHEL: Oh, right. (heads for her room) (monica gives another funny look)

MONICA: oh, and rach, it's saturday, you don't have to work.

RACHEL: They called this morning.

MONICA: funny, I didn't hear the phone ring?

RACHEL:(In a snappy voice) Well it DID Okay!!

(rachel goes into her room)

MONICA: (going into her room with a glass of water) Okay then.


[scene: Ross's apt. after work. he is laying on the couch.]

ROSS: (talking to himself) Oh, man! What am I going to do?! (puts his head in his hands)

[scene: only secends later. Rachel knocking on ross's door.]

(ross opens the door)

RACHEL: Hi. (pause) (they look into each others eyes for a moment and then look away.)

ROSS: you can come in. (rachel enters)

RACHEL: I just cam to see if you where doing okay.

ROSS: I'm okay, I guess. Carol has been gone all day so I haven't got to talk to her yet, but other than that I have been okay.

RACHEL: That's good, ross.

(she walks over to him to hug him but instead of huging her he kisses her very deply and lovingly, and she doesn't try to stop him.)

RACHEL: (after they break away) I love you too Ross.

(he kisses her again in the same sorta way, and they fall on to the couch and just lay there and kiss for a long long time.)

[cut to the girls apt.]

[scene: same time as ross and rachel are kissing on the couch. All but ross & racel are there. monica is sitting at the table doing some papaer work. chandler and joey and pheobe are watching T.V.]

MONICA: I wonder what ross is doing? he should be home form work by now. (gets up and goes to the big patio window to look out, when you look into ross's apt. you can't see who he is kissing but you can see that he is kissing someone.)

MONICA: Oh, you guys! come look ross is makeing out with some girl!

(they all get up and go to the window)

(Rachel moves some and then you can see it's rachel)

MONICA: Oh, my gosh!! It's, it's, it's, RACHEL!?!





[scene: Ross's apt. ross and rachel have stop kissing and are looking into each others eyes.]

ROSS: wanna do that again?

RACHEL: Uh, hu.

(they kiss again)


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