The One Where Rachel Realizes

Written by Helen

Hi there! This is my first fan-fic and I’m trying something a bit different here, I am doing and Chandler and Rachel fan-fic. They’re aren’t many of them so I thought I’d do one! Monica and Chandler have just broken up because Monica was getting to neurotic for Chandler. He is over it (just) and she is bitter but still loves him. Phoebe is with Gary and this takes place after TOW Rachel Smokes, enjoy!

(Scene: Lobby in Rachel’s work, Chandler is waiting to take her out to lunch)

RACH: Hi Chandler thanks for waiting!

CHAN: No problem, but I HAVE to start smoking again, I just had a drag of your bosses cigarette and I might buy a pack while we’re out, is that okay?

RACH: Don’t worry, just don’t smoke them near me!


(Scene: Waiting to cross a road outside)

CHAN: So where do you want to go?

RACH: Oh, I don’t know, I hear there’s a new place on 10th street (I’m not from New York, or never been so I don’t know any of the street names, so you’ll just have to bear with me, okay J ?)

(Rachel steps out to cross the road, however she doesn’t see the high-speed car coming towards her)

CHAN: (screaming) Rachel! Look out! (He pushes her out the way however now he is in direct line of the car)(You can just tell what is going to happen can’t you?)(Chandler goes hurtling over the top of the car and lands in a very difficult position)

RACH: CHANDLER! (Going over to him) Someone call an ambulance! Someone call an ambulance! (No one does so she does so herself)

(Scene: Monica and Rachel’s: everyone is there except Rachel and Chandler)

JOEY: Please, Ross, once more? Explain to me what sort of a dinosaur Barney is, because I just don’t understand!

ROSS: No, Joey, Phoebe already told you!

PHOEBE: Yeah and I’m not even a paleo-whatsit!

(Monica is on the phone)

MON: Oh my God, I don’t believe that. Are you alright? You must be so shaken up. Rach, Rach calm down! What happened? He broke his leg and they can’t get his breathing back up to normal! Okay we’ll be right down! (To everyone) Oh my God! Chandler got run over and broke his leg and his breathing is all wrong! I said we’d go down there, is that alright?

ALL: Absolutely, yea sure!



(Scene: A hospital: Rachel is sitting on a chair looking upset, and everyone enters)

PHOEBE: Rachel? (She doesn’t look up)

(Everyone sits down and she looks up as Chandler is wheeled by after surgery)

(He has loads of cuts, bruises, bandages all over his face and neck; his leg is in traction)

PHOEBE: You know, if he looked like that regularly I wouldn’t be friends with him!

JOEY: That’s horrible, true, but horrible!

ROSS: Yeah of course!

(The doctor comes over to them)

DOC: (To Rachel) Your boyfriend ha

MON: He’s not her boyfriend!

DOC: (looking strangely at Monica) Well, Mr. Bing’s injury will need a couple of weeks to heal but the cuts and bruises will probably be gone by a few days, after which we can probably take his stitches out. He’s just had the surgery though so you can’t see him just yet but you can come back tomorrow if you want. What he did for you (to Rachel) was very heroic; he must like you very much!

RACH: Can I stay here tonight?

DOC: If you want (walking off)

MON: (hugging Rachel) Don’t stay here tonight on your own at night, come home with us!

RACH: (Breaking free of Monica’s grasp) NO! Monica I am going to stay here tonight whether you like it or not! (Turns on her hell and walks away).

(Joey takes a pocket book out of his pocket and crosses something out, turns back a few pages and giggles, then follows Rachel)


(Ross, Phoebe and Monica are returning to see Chandler, Rachel and Joey. Rachel and Joey are asleep and Chandler has his eyes shut. They shut the door)

RACH, JOEY AND CHAN: I wasn’t asleep!

CHAN: Hey, you guys, thanks for coming to see me!

ROSS: No problem. Man!

PHOEBE: Yeah, we are all here, even your ex girlfriend Monica! You remember Monica, you dumped her remember?

CHAN: Indeed, Hi Monica.

MON: Hi.


(Chandler is ready to go home and he is with Phoebe and Rachel)

RACH: You’re sure you’re alright to go home?

CHAN: Yes Rach, I’m fine you don’t have to worry so much about me!

RACH: Well, I…

PHOEBE: (Interrupting) Come on guys, the cab is ready

(Scene: Chandler and Joey’s apartment: Everyone is there)

CHAN: Hey!

JOEY: Hey man, you’re back!

ROSS: Hey dude! You feeling better?

CHAN: Yeah, just a little woozy. But I am so hungry!

(Everyone looks at Monica)

MON: I’m not cooking for him!

CHAN: Oh no Mon, I couldn’t expect you to get off your ass for someone on crutches. Oh wait, I didn’t sanitize these crutches before I came in, are you sure its alright for me to use them in here? (He smirks sarcastically and hobbles over to his chair)

MON: Oh, please would you just grow up for one minute and stop thinking you’re funny because you’re not! (She storms out and Ross follows)

JOEY: I thought you were funny!

(Rachel gives him a bag of chips)

CHAN: Thanks a lot, I am really hungry.

(Joey and Phoebe leave)

CHAN: Um, Rach, I’m really tired so I think I’m just going to have a cigarette and then go to bed, is that okay or did you want to tell me something?

RACH: Oh well its nothing, good night!

(As he gets up he falls into Rachel and they are very close, they get closer and closer until there lips meet in a very soft yet passionate kiss)

CHAN: We really (kiss) shouldn’t be (kiss) doing this (kiss).

RACH: Well we (kiss) are, so deal (kiss) with it (kiss) okay?

CHAN: Okay. (He smiles and so does she)

(They kiss for a while longer until… Monica comes barging through the door with her head down in a book)

MON: Hey Rachel, I need you to (upon seeing them) OH My God! What the hell do you think you’re doing!

They both look down guiltily.