The One Where Rachel Acts

By: Monica 2887 - Enjoy!!!

1st scene: Monica and Rachel’s apartment. Rachel is looking through a newspaper, Phoebe is talking to Ross and Joey, Monica and Chandler are talking about something and cuddling.

Rachel: Nothing, There is nothing to do. I looked through the whole newspaper and not one job opening anywhere.

Ross gets up and goes over to Rachel.

Ross: Well, next time try the whole paper, not just the fashion sales ads.

Rachel: Why would I do that?

Ross: Hmmm… for a job

Rachel: Yeah right.

Joey: Hey Rach - if you want, you could be in this play I am trying out for tomorrow.

Monica: Joey don’t you have to be a professional actor or something to do that?

Chandler: Honey, look who you are talking to!!!
[gets up and goes to Joey]
Does he look like a professional?!?
[ Joey smiles and turns the tv on]
Joey: Wow, Elmer Fudd, I love this guy!!!



Joey and Chandler’s apartment Joey and Rachel are in there. Joey is teaching Rachel how to act.

Joey: Now one eyebrow up is the troble mean look try it.

Rachel unsucessfully tries it.

Joey: Good.
Rachel smiles at herself.

Joey: Now try dancing. [ he makes up a little idiotic jig and Rachel perfects it] Now singing.

Rachel starts into her Copa Cobana song. Joey was smiling now he is frowning and holding his ears

We hear a door open and Chandler’s head pops out.

Chandler: Joey what is that horrible, gut wrenching screaming? Shut it up!!!

He notices Rachel. It hits him and he realizes that it was Rachel. He smiles uncomfortably.

Chandler: Hey Rachel. That was beautiful. Carry on.  Goes back in bedroom holding his head.

Joey: Let’s try that one more time. Copa Copa Caban----- [ interrupted by Rachel who is singing loudly off key]
She keeps singing.

We hear a door bang open -

Monica: We get the picture. Copa Cabana - we know we know. Shh!!!

Goes back in bedroom

Joey: One more time. Let’s try a different song.

Rachel: ooh, ooh ooh!!! Grease, let me sing grease!!!

Joey: Ok.

Rachel sings: You better shape up-

Joey: drops his glass of water and it shatters.

We hear a loud sigh and hear a door slam open. Monica and Chandler walk out.

Chandler: See you we are going to Monica’s room.

They leave and Rachel starts singing.

Chandler and Monica: SHUT UP!!!

Rachel: Let’s go to that audition.

Joey follows her out the door. He runs back in, grabs earphones, and puts them on.


[central perk: everyone is there]

Ross: So how did auditions go for you too?

Rachel: Well…

Joey: Great! I got the main role, Rachel got the main girl role playing my girlfriend, and they are still looking for the guys two best friends.

Chandler: Are they guys or girls?

Rachel: Well actually it is a couple.

Monica: I know who could do it. They are a very cute couple, young, friendly, in love, cool…

Joey: Carol and Susan!

Monica: No us. [ she points to herself and Chandler]

Chandler: Yeah we would be perfect.
Come on.

Rachel: Fine. But first we need to know if you guys can act, sing, dance…

Monica: [under her breath] HA… better then you.

Rachel: What did you say?

Monica: I need to tie my shoe.

Joey: Fine we will see ewhat you guys can do tonight at Mon and Rach’s apartment. Good Luck!

[later that night]

Chandler and Monica had just finished the lion king song, dirty dancing song, and grease.

Joey: Now for acting.
[chandler and monica sigh]

Monica: Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou romeo?

Chandler: Right here my love
Joey: Now for dancing.

[ Chandler and Monica look worried]

Joey does his little jig they perfect it because it is so easy and stupid

Rachel: I guess we will see you at rehearrsals then

[monica and chandler high five]

Monica: Wiat we are a couple so we can kiss.

Chandler: Yeah

[they kiss]



Director: Monica Geller, you won the part of Isabel and Chandler Bing, you have the part of Robert.

Chandler: Yeah!!!

[night of the play]

Joey: Alison, let’s see if we can get Isabel and Robert to go with us.

Rachel: Okay, sure thing Andrew.

[monica and chandler come out]

Monica: Oh Robert, look at the stars tonight. Is it not beautiful?

Chandler: Yes it is beautiful but so are you.

He kisses her

Monica: Look there is Alison and Andrew.
[end of the play]

Monica: How was it?
Ross: Good.
Phoebe: Not bad.

Rachel: That was so much fun. I am going to practice my singing tonight.

Monica: Oh great.

Chandler: Yea.
Joey: Good luck Rach.

Rachel walks off

Ross: I bought those new and improved ear plugs you guys wanted.

Everyone: Thank you!!!



[Rachels room]

Rachel: [singing] Someqwhre over the rainbow…

[living room]

[the tv is up very loud, everyone has ear plugs, and Monica plugged in a hair blower]

Everyone is smiling