The One With Monica’s Big Decision

Written by: Monica2887

This is my very first fanfic and it will not be very good, but keep in mind that I am new to this. Disclaimer: I do not own these characters in any way shape or form. [I really wish I did though.] Enjoy!!! P.S. Everyone knows about Monica and Chandler   

Scene 1 - Central Perk; Ross in chair, Rachel and Phoebe are on the couch, Joey is at the table. Suddenly Monica bursts in.

All: Hey Mon.

Monica: Where is Chandler?

Rachel: He’s in the bathroom. Why? What’s wrong?

Monica: Okay. I ran into Richard today.


Ross: Well, what happened?    

Monica: He started to talk to me and he kind of told me that now he wanted

to…. Sort of get back together with me and have kids with me.   

Joey: What about Chandler? Does he know?

Monica: No - what should I do?

At that minute, Chandler walks in from the bathroom. Everyone was patting Monica on the back and looking at her with shocked expressions.

Rachel: You are so right Monica! Your hair is uneven!   

Chandler: Either I missed something or our lives are really this sad.

Opening Credits

Scene 2 - Chandler’s room; Monica is sitting at the edge of his bed looking at Chandler while he sleeps. Chandler slowly wakes up and notice her staring at him.

Chandler: Don’t tell me we are doing this again. [Monica does not say anything] Are you okay Mon?

Monica: Well, I have to tell you something - it’s serious.

Chandler: Come here. [ He motions her with his hand. She crawls over and lays down next to him.]

Monica: I saw someone today.

Chandler: Who?

Monica: Richard.

[ We see Chandler’s face tighten]

Chandler: And…

Monica: He wants to get back together with me.

Chandler: Oh. And what did you say?

[ she pauses]

Chandler: Mon. Oh My God. You didn’t tell him about us. [ he gets up ]

Monica: But I do not want to get back with him. I love you.

Chandler: Are you sure? Listen he did not want to have kids. What about that?

Monica: He kind of wants to now….

Chandler: [ stares down ] Whatever you want Monica. I thought this was good but maybe it is just nothing at all. You tell me. [he storms out]

[ Monica looks sadly after him ]

Scene 3 - Monica and Rachel’s; It is early in the morning and Monica is sitting on the couch crying quietly. Rachel comes out of her room, looks at Monica, walks to the bathroom. She looks at her watch and she walks back out to Monica.

Rachel: Mon, what are you doing up?

Monica: Oh I just wanted to sit and have some quiet time.

Rachel: Oh and 5:00 in the morning is a good time to do that? [ she pauses and looks at Monica] You are criying. Wait. Is it about the Richard thing?

Monica: Yes. Chandler did not take it very well and I do not know what to do.

Rachel : Well, do you still love Richard?

Monica: No………… I am going to go see Richard. [ she storms out of the apartment with Rachel calling behind her]

Commercial Break

Scene 4 - Monica is at Richards, knocking on the door. The door opens.

Monica: Hi.   

Scene 5 - Joey and Chandler ‘s apartment. Joey and Ross are watching t.v. and it is about 11:00.

[Rachel comes in]

Rachel: Have you seen Monica?

[ we hear a bump and something dropping from Chandler’s room as he races to his door at the sound of Monica’s name]

Chandler: Where is she? Is she hear?

Ross: What is going on?

Joey: Yeah where is Monica?

Phoebe walks in and hears the question. She does not see Chandler.

Phoebe: Monica is at Richard’s but do not tell Chand - [ she sees him]

[ Chandler has a very pained expression as he slips back into his room and slams his door shut]

Scene 5 - Richards Apartment

Monica: Richard I have to tell you something. I do not love you anymore. I am seeing someone else and I am really in love. I am sorry it did not work out but he is my best friend. I love him. [ gasps] He does not know… Oh my God! He thinks I love you… I told Rachel where I was if she tells…

Richard: SLOW DOWN Monica. I will take you to his place okay?

Monica: Yes. But wait before we go you understand why I have to do this right?

Richard: Yes I know. It is okay, really. It is because you are in love with Chandler - I understand.

Monica: How did you know it was him?

Richard: You mean you did not know? Chandler always loved you. He used to talk about you all the time. He would never shut up. And you two were always so close….

Monica: It is that obvious? Wow.

Richard: OH and the fact that Rachel called me beofre you came to tell me what was going on.

Monica: Oh…. Let’s go!!!

Monica is just showing up at Chandler and Joey’s apartment door. She slowly knocks and enters. No one is there. She turns around, then thinks twice as she runs to Chandler’s room.

There is a time lapse and the next thing you see is Chandler looking sad walking out of the girl’s apartment into the guys. He has Monica’s bath robe in his hands. He enters the apartment and quietly smells the robe. Then he goes to his room and lays down on the bed.


The bedroom light goes on and we see into the room. Monica has gotten a candlelight dinner set up.

Chandler: Mon?!?!?

Monica: Chandler - It has always been you.

She is standing on the bed now. She grabs him and they start to kiss. He pulls away and smiles.

Chandler: So there is no more Richard?

Monica: No Richard. I love you Chandler.

Chandler: I love you too Monica.

They start to kiss. Then Chandler runs and slams the bedroom door shut and we can not see anything anymore.

Ending Credits

Monica and Rachel’s apartment - everyone except Monica and Chandler are there. Suddenly they burst in through the door smiling.

Phoebe: Ooh! Ooh! Let me guess what you guys did. You -

Joey interupts

Joey: You go Chandler!!!

Ross: Hey Mon - please do not go into details.

Phoebe: But I thought they did it.

Everyone stares at her.

The End