The One with the Babysitting

(continuation of TOW the Kiss)
By: Cici

(Scene: Chandler and Joey's apartment, Joey is in the kitchen finishing breakfast, Chandler comes out of his bedroom, he has just woken up)

Joey: Have you been asleep all this time?

Chandler: Yeah, why?

Joey: 'Cause you promised you'd wake up early and fix the toaster and take out the garbage. I had to do all those things myself.

Chandler: Well, I'm sorry dear, but I had a long night. (Chandler goes over to the chairs and turns on the TV)

Joey: Fine. Ok, I have three auditions today. I won't be back till 7. Can you give the landlord my share of this month's rent?

Chandler (still watching the TV): Yeah, sure.

Joey: Don't forget.

Chandler (not taking his eyes off the TV): Ok.

(Joey goes over and turns off the TV)

Joey: What's up with you?

Chandler: What?

Joey: All you do lately is watch TV.

Chandler: Well drinking would make me an alcoholic. Will you quit nagging me!

Joey: Chandler, I bet you couldn't go a day without watching TV.

Chandler: I could if I wanted.

Joey: So do it, don't watch TV. Come on Chandler, go out and do something productive. You know there's people outside that door. Real people!

Chandler: Ok, fine.

Joey: Good. (Joey leaves)

(Right after Joey leaves Chandler turns on the TV again. Joey reenters the apartment, without turning around Chandler turns off the TV)

(Scene: Monica and Rachel's apartment. Ross enters with Ben)

Monica: Hey, Ross. Hi Ben!!

Ross: Monica, could you do me a really big favor?

Monica: What is it?

Ross: Ok, Carol and Susan dropped off Ben for the weekend and then I got an emergency call. I have to go some museum upstate. Since you're not doing anything, I was wondering if you could watch Ben for the day?

Monica: Whoa wait a minute, what makes you think I'm not doing anything? I happen to have a life too you know.

Ross: Oh come on Mon, please.

Monica (gives him a look): Ok I'll do it. This will probably be my last chance to be near a child, anyway.

Ross: Thanks! Ok, here's all his stuff. Ben, be a good boy! Ok, bye! (Ross exits)

(Rachel comes out of her room)

Rachel: Hi Ben!! What's he doing here?

Monica: I have to baby-sit. Ross had to go to some museum emergency.

Rachel: Oh! Well sorry but I'm not taking any part in this. I still have nightmares from last time. Are you sure you didn't give him brain damage?

Monica: No, I didn't give him brain damage!

(Phoebe enters)

Phoebe: Hey guys. Hey Ben! Rachel, are you ready to go shopping?

Monica: Hey why didn't you guys invite me to go shopping?

Phoebe: 'Cause you're no fun. You make us hold the handrail when we go up the escalator and you always tell us not to run or we'll knock down the pretty displays and…

Monica: Ok, I got the picture. Well me and Ben will have a good time without you guys.

Rachel: Ok Mon. Oh wait, Phoebe before we go I have to drop off our laundry.

Phoebe: Where?

Rachel: In the laundry room.

Phoebe: Uh…you don't have a laundry room.

Monica: They just built one.

Phoebe: Oh neat!

Rachel: Ok, let's go. Bye, Mon! We'll be back soon.

Monica: Bye guys.

(Scene: The new laundry room. Rachel is closing the door to the washing machine)

Rachel: Ok that's it. It should take about 45 minutes. That'll give us plenty of time.

Phoebe: Ok, let's go. (She goes over to open the door, but it won't open.) Uh-oh.

Rachel: What? What's the matter?

Phoebe: The door's stuck it won't open!

Rachel (panicking): What?!

Phoebe: Don't worry, I'm sure someone will come and open the door. We'll just have to stay calm and wait, ok?


(Scene: Monica and Rachel's. Monica is with Ben. Chandler enters.)

Chandler: Hey! Whatcha doing?

Monica: I'm babysitting Ben.

Chandler: Oh…

Monica: What's the matter, Chandler?

Chandler: Well, Joey says that I watch too much TV and that I should do something productive, instead.

Monica: Oh. So, what have you been doing?

Chandler: Nothing that's why I came over here.

Monica: Well, you can help me baby-sit Ben.

Chandler: Sure.

Monica: Good, I was just about to give him his lunch.

(Monica sets down a plate in front of Ben)

Monica: There you go Ben. (Suddenly, Ben throws food in Monica's face)

Monica: That's just great. (Wipes the food off her face)

Chandler: Hey you missed a spot.

Monica: Where?

Chandler: Right there. Here let me get it. (He holds Monica's face and gently wipes off the food)

(He looks into her eyes and she looks into his. Then Ben throws food in Chandler's face)

Chandler: Ok, this is gonna be a fun day.

[Montage: Scenes of Monica, Chandler, and Ben as a cute baby song plays in the background. (I don't know any cute songs about babies, so think of one as you read this.)]
[Chandler is on his knees chasing after Ben. Chandler then hits his head on the wooden beam.]
[Monica is about to lift Ben like she did before, but Chandler stops her]
[Monica is dancing around while holding Ben. Chandler is laughing at the way she dances. She throws at toy at him.]
[Chandler is on the couch with Ben. Chandler has a copy of Playboy and is showing Ben the pictures. Monica takes the magazine away.]
[Chandler is holding Ben's hands and guides him over to Monica, who hugs him with open arms.]

(Montage ends)

(Monica is closing the door to her room.)

Monica: Well, he's finally asleep.

Chandler: Good, I'm tired I think I'm gonna go take a nap too.

Monica: Thanks for helping me out today.

Chandler: My pleasure. I had fun.

(Chandler smiles and looks at Monica. She smiles back.)

Chandler: Well, I'd better get going. Bye, Mon.

Monica: Bye, Chandler.

(Chandler leaves)

(Scene: Laundry room. Phoebe and Rachel are still locked in)

Rachel: We've been here for over 5 hours and no one has come. Oh, God!!

Phoebe: Relax, this was fun.

Rachel: Fun?

Phoebe: Yeah you and me talking. Doing laundry. I only wish I'd brought my jacks.

Rachel: Jacks?

Phoebe: Yeah. When I was little, me and Ursula would play hide and seek. I'd always hide in the closet and then she'd forget about me and go do something else. So, I'd just sit in the closet for like hours and play jacks.

Rachel: Uh-huh.

(The door to the laundry room opens.)

Rachel: Yea!! We're free!!

(Mr. Treeger enters)

Treeger: What are you two doing in here?

Phoebe: Doing laundry for the past 5 hours.

Treeger: The laundry room isn't open yet, I still have to fix the locks.

Rachel: No kidding.

Treeger: Yeah, can't you read the sign?

Phoebe: What sign?

Treeger: The sign that suppose to be…well whaddya know I forgot the sign.

Rachel/Phoebe (sarcastically): Thank you Mr. Treeger.

Treeger: Sure anytime.