The One With Joey's Cousin

Written by:  Rikki Donaldson

Disclaimer:  These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright, Kauffman, and Crane Productions and
                  Warner Bros.  Their  use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment.

I would like to give a special thanks to Miranda Harrison for helping me write my first fan fic!

(Scene:  Central Perk-Everyone is there.)

Monica:  What time is it?

Chandler:  2:30.

Joey:  Oh, man!  Are you sure it's 2:30 today?

Chandler:  No.  It's 2:30 yesterday.

Joey:  I gotta go!

Rachel:  Why?  What's the matter?

Joey:  I gotta pick up my cousin at the airport.  I was supposed to be there an hour ago.

Ross:  Which cousin?

Phoebe:  Probably the one waiting for him at the airport.

(Joey rushes out the door.)


(Scene:  Chandler and Monica's apartment.  Everyone is there except Joey.  Chandler, Ross, and Phoebe are sitting at the kitchen table.  Monica and Rachel are standing beside them.  All of a sudden, Joey rushes in with his cousin.)

Joey:  Hey, guys!  This is my cousin.  Everyone, I would like you to meet Isabel.  Isabel, this is Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel.

Ross (squeaky):  Uhhhh.........hi!

Chandler (laughs shyly):  Hi!

Isabel:  Hi!

(Chandler and Ross can't stop staring at her.  Monica gives Chandler an 'Excuse Me' kind of look.)

Chandler:  What?  Ross is staring too!

Monica:  Yes, but Ross isn't my fiancee'.

Isabel (speaking to Monica and Chandler):  Oh!  Are you getting married?

Monica:  Yes.

Chandler (hesitating):  Yes.

Isabel:  So Joey, where am I going to stay?

Joey:  Well, I was thinking you could stay with me, and Rachel could stay with Phoebe if you two don't mind?

Rachel:  I don't mind.

Phoebe:  I don't mind either.

Joey:  Okay then.

Chandler:  Well, Monica and I have a spare room.  You could just stay here instead.  That way, everyone won't be moving everywhere.  Is that okay, Monica?

Monica:  Oh yeah.  That would be okay.

Isabel:  Okay.  If that's okay with you Joey.

Joey:  Yeah.  That's fine.

Monica:  All right.  Well, I'm gonna go fix the room up then.

Isabel:  Oh no!  Don't worry about it.  I'm very tired.  I just want to go to sleep.

Monica:  I'll show you to the room then.

(Monica and Isabel exit.   Phoebe and Rachel follow them.  They all go into the spare room.)

(Scene:  Central Perk-Ross and Chandler are there.  They are sitting on the sofa.  Chandler is reading a book.  Ross is just sitting there.)

Ross:  Dude, what are you doing?

Chandler:  Well, Ross, this is a book.  I stare at the words for enjoyment.

Ross:!  I mean about Isabel.

Chandler:  What are you talking about?

Ross:  Well, you were totally drooling over her when you are supposed to be engaged to my sister.

Chandler:  What?  That's crazy!

Ross:  Is it?  Is IT?

Chandler:  Look, I got to go.  I am supposed to have a nice homemade lunch with my future wife.  Bye.

Ross:  See ya!

(Scene:  Chandler and Monica's apartmaent-Chandler walks in and Isabel is there.)

Chandler:  Oh...hi!  Monica!  (voice breaks) MONICA!

Isabel:  Oh.  She's not here.  She had to go to work.

Chandler:  Okay.  Well, I'm hungry.  I didn't eat lunch.

Isabel:  Yeah.  Me neither.  Do you want to go get something to eat?

Chandler:  Uhhhh......yeah...YES!

Isabel:  Okay great!

(Scene:  Chandler and Monica's apartment-Chandler and Isabel are back from lunch.)

Isabel:  Well, that was great!

Chandler:  Yes.  Yes, it really was.  (Pause) Well, I'm going to go to my room.

(As Chandler is walking towards his room, Isabel grabs his arm.  She pulls him toward her.  Isabel kisses him.  Monica is standing right by the door.)

Monica:  Chandler.

(Chandler stops kissing Isabel and turns around.)

Chandler (nervously):  Hi.

Monica (running towards Isabel):  You witch.

(Chandler is holding her back.)

Chandler (speaking to Monica):  Calm down!  It meant nothing to me.

(Isabel gives an 'Are you serious' kind of look.)

Isabel:  That meant nothing to you?

Chandler:  Uhhhh.........

(They are both staring at him.  Chandler is nervously stammering.  Monica exits.)

(Scene:  Central Perk-Phoebe and Rachel are there.  Monica rushes in.)

Rachel and Phoebe:  Hey, Mon!

Monica (looking upset):  Hey.

Rachel:  What's wrong?

Monica:  I came home from work......

Rachel:  I thought you didn't work today.

Monica:  There was an emergency at the restaurant.  So, anyway, I walked in and I saw Chandler...(voice breaks)...kissing...Isabel!

Phoebe:  Why would he do that?  Isn't he your fiancee'?

(Rachel hits Phoebe on the arm.)

Monica:  So I thought.

(Joey comes in.)

Monica (sniffling):  I can't stay here.

(Monica exits.  Phoebe and Rachel follow.)

(Joey sits on the couch.  Chandler enters.)

Joey:  So, I heard you spent some time with Isabel today.  Isn't she great?

Chandler:  Not exactly.

Joey:  What do you mean 'Not exactly'?  She's just like a Tribbiani!

Chandler:  Oh, believe me!  I've noticed!

Joey:  What do you mean by that?

Chandler:  Well, after we got back from lunch, she grabbed me and kissed me knowing that I have a fiancee'.

Joey:  And you're complaining?  (pauses and thinks) Ohhhh!

Chandler:  There it is!  I have to find her.  Do you know where she is?

Joey:  Isabel?

Chandler (starts to get mad but holds back his anger): No!....(grinds his teeth)....Monica!

Joey:  Oh!  She was just here.  The second I came in, she left with Rachel and Phoebe.

Chandler:  Oh man!  (gets up and leaves)

(Scene:  Chandler and Monica's apartment-Rachel and Phoebe are there.)

Rachel:  I can't believe he would do this a few days before the wedding.

Phoebe:  I know!

Rachel:  Monica's really upset.

Phoebe:  I don't know why.  It's only Chandler.

Rachel:  Pheebs!

Phoebe:  What?

(Isabel enters from her room.)

Isabel:  Hey!

Rachel and Phoebe (mumbles):  Hi.

Isabel:  What's going on?

Rachel and Phoebe (mumbles):  Nothing.

Phoebe:  I gotta go!

(Phoebe heads for the door.)

Rachel:  Me too!

(Rachel and Phoebe exit.  Isabel goes to stand by the table.  Chandler walks in.)

Chandler:  Uhhhh......

Isabel:  I was hoping you would come back.

(Isabel walks toward him and leans toward him for a kiss.  Chandler stops her.)

Chandler:  Wh...wh.......what are you doing?

(Monica is walking towards the door.  She stops when she hears Chandler.  Then she opens the door a crack.)

Chandler:  Look, I love Monica.  I've always loved Monica.  I'm going to marry her.

(Isabel runs out the door, but doesn't notice Monica.  Monica walks in.)

Monica:  Chandler.

Chandler:  Oh, thank God!  I've been looking everywhere for you.  Everything that happened earlier wasn't......

Monica:  I know.  It's okay.

(Chandler goes to kiss Monica.  Monica stops him.)

Monica:  Wait!  Go brush your teeth!

Chandler:  Why?  What's the matter?  I haven't eaten anything since...Oh!

(Chandler heads to the bathroom.)


(Scene:  Central Perk-Everyone is there.  They are sitting on the couch.)

Monica: when I went back to the apartment, Chandler was saying how much he loved me.

Phoebe and Rachel:  Awwwww!

(Isabel enters.)

Isabel:  Well, I'm leaving.  Bye, everyone!

(Nobody speaks.)

Isabel:  Is anyone going to tell me 'Bye'?

(Monica jumps up and chases her out the door.  They both exit.)