The One where it turns over (a.k.a. TOW it falls apart part 3)

Written by: EFN

This script is based on characters, events, and places originally created by Marta Kauffman, David Crane, and Kevin S. Bright. This script is not intended as a derivative work of the NBC series Friends, and may not be reprinted for commercial usage without the express written consent of EFN.

* Hi! How are you! As in the last ep. (episode) If you don't remember anything from the last part there is the Pre-intro scene which will remind you the last chapters digest all I'll remind is : "it's a week after ‘TOW Chandler in a box’"

** Sorry about the long time that you had to wait (if you DID wait) for the 3rd part I had some computer problems etc. so... ready or not here comes TOW it turns over

*** And of course thank you all feedbackers very much and to the ones who didn't liked the last part I tried to make this one more in the ways that you mentioned

[Pre intro-Scene: Joey in the hotel lobby]

JOEY: hey! how you doin'? what's up? I hadn't saw YOU for a while... what? What happened? But it'll take a while! well... if you don't care... so anyway (as he talk we see pictures of what happened on the previous episodes like in last chapter) it all basically started when Ross announced that Ben ,Carol and Susan are going to London for three years! Actually before of that Monica made a move on Chandler who broke up with Kathy because of it and told that to Monica who ran away and became kind of angry on him! so then... Ross decided to move to London and Monica joined while Chandler & Rachel had kind of fling and ran away to London to think!! AND Phoebe had a new job, which figured out as hidden camera stuff, but she was so scared so she ran away with their money to... London while a waitress and me went to... London when she left me with money and a bra... oh! oh!! and then Rachel & Chandler decided to make Ross and Monica jealous by saying that they are a couple what made Monica to... be with me, and Ross to want to go with Rachel!! And, and!!! then Chandler told Rachel that he doesn't want to be alone and asked her to explain that to Ross and after all she need to decide between that and Ross and... that's it!! (pause) oh! Wait! From the news room!! We have a new scoop!!

[Cut to: the royal suite outside Rachel's room Ross and Chandler talk]

ROSS: ...and he took…

CHAN: only underpants…

ROSS: to London? (Laughing)

(Rachel is coming out from the room)


ROSS: well...

RACH: I made my decision…

[Fade to black... to be continue title on the screen, The screen cuts to Joey which is VERY confused...]

JOEY: what? what was that? wait a sec we have a problem in the broad cast!! let's go to... opening titles ok?!


[Scene: the suite; Ross & Chandler in their talking then Rachel enters]


ROSS: well...

RACH: I made my decision...

CHAN: good!! ...for you!!

RACH: well... I want to say something before... the decision

ROSS: (intense): YEA!?!?!?!

RACH: well the whole story actually started when Monica - your sister confused Chandler and me so we decided to think about... all in... here so then...

CHAN: (quick) we decided to make up a story when we star in it as a couple

RACH: exactly!! Because...

CHAN: (quicker) we wanted to make you Gellers jealous

RACH: that's correct

ROSS: that's not fair! He knows all the answers

CHAN: (quick) I know...

RACH: anyway... NOW Chandler wants us to pretend that we are a couple to make Monica envy too

ROSS: I get your point

RACH: my decision is Ross (Ross looks up as Chandler looks down) BUT (Chandler looks up Ross looks down) I figured that that would hurt Chandler SO... it's Ross's decision...

CHAN: what? for that you thought for 1 hour? You're like... Joey...

RACH: watch out!! I can still decide alone!

CHAN: so Ross!!! how are you?

ROSS: fine! Thanks!

CHAN: remember the time when I... I... helped you somehow?

ROSS: um... look! I know that it'll sound selfish but we can't help you

CHAN: but...

ROSS: I know that you have problems but it's not our fault!!

CHAN: look! I helped you two to get together by me going with Rachel!! You can sacrifice another day or two for me! You're not that horny! (looks at them) I hope...

ROSS: look! I know Monica she'll need other convince I... I don't have a strong character I gave up too soon not like Monica she is a fighter!! Don't worry we'll help you too!

CHAN: yea... right! thanks "friend"! you'll help me... IN A YEAR!!

ROSS: look! We'll help you to get together!! Not that I'm very delightful by the fact that you'll be sleeping with my sister...

CHAN: so that's the reason!! I got that now...

ROSS: we'll help you two but now... now me and Rach have a little make up to do...

CHAN: but...

ROSS: you know what? Let me help you from now ok?

CHAN: alright!! How?

ROSS: take the keys for mine and Monica’s room... you and Monica can talk over there

CHAN: you're kicking me out from my room?

ROSS: you want to stay and watch?

CHAN: I'm leaving! I'm leaving!

(Chandler leaves)

RACH: I feel like he's hurt...

ROSS: I know me too but the only way for him to be with my sister is to talk to her... believe me!!

RACH: I believe... so... about the make up... it's make up and make out?

(they kiss)

ROSS: I believe so too...

RACH: me too... I'll lock the door

[CUT TO: Chandler going on an elevator suddenly he remembers something and goes back to the room, finds up that the door is locked and starting to knock]

CHAN: Rachel? Ross? (silence) Ross? Rachel? (silence) (yelling) HELLO!! LOVE BOAT PEOPLE!!

ROSS: (voice from the room) Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

CHAN: the key!! I need it!!

ROSS: um...

RACH: (interrupting) he's busy now...

CHAN: you sure make-up fast... so how would I get in the room?

ROSS: Monica is Theeeeeeeere!!

CHAN: ok... ok... so just give me the number of the room?

ROSS: um... room 356!! It's on floor 3!!

CHAN: well... good... whatever to you!!

ROSS: oh yea!! for you too!

[Scene: near room 356 Chandler is knocking on the door]

CHAN: hello! Monica!

(Phoebe comes)

CHAN: hi!

PHOE: hi! What are you doing here?

CHAN: it's a long story... actually it's Ross and Rachel

PHOE: I know that! I heard you talking in your suite!

CHAN: what?

PHOE: I was running from a couple... never mind why! And I reached the suite!

CHAN: when?

PHOE: when you talked about drunk Joey

CHAN: so you've heard everything

PHOE: yea... sorry for you!!

CHAN: then why did you ask me what I were doing here?

PHOE: being polite..

CHAN: ok... (knocking on the door) MONICA!!

PHOE: she's not here! I think that she'll be back in the morning!

CHAN: why? where is she?

PHOE: um... with... Joey!

CHAN: well... that's great! I wish I had more days like this...

PHOE: don't worry it'll be fine

CHAN: how do YOU know? You are some kind of the wizard from Oz?

PHOE: um... no... but I know stuff

CHAN: ok! Then tell me! Where should I sleep tonight?

PHOE: I don't know that yet!

CHAN: what a PERFECT day!! No! perfect week! Well... I really can say the week wasn't so bad... Joey decided not to be angry at me I found out about Monica and I slept with two women... Rachel and Kathy and.... now I'm telling all of that to you... and I don't know why! So it was a bad day...

PHOE: done?

CHAN: yea!

PHOE: ok... don't worry! It'll be fine...

CHAN: yea... right

PHOE: really Chandler it'll be good!

CHAN: I really don't think so!! I have no room! No where to go! And no... no love!

(crowd: :”ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” )

PHOE: don't worry! (she hugs him) about the room, you'll have it again tomorrow! And about the place to go you can sleep in my room tonight!

CHAN: and about the love?

PHOE: don't worry

CHAN: ok all right (he looks sad)

PHOE: don't do that! Don't be upset!

CHAN: ok I'll try to

PHOE: now smile! (he does so but he looks sad (not like Joey when she tells him that he is a bad actor but sad...)) you see! Now you are a good boy! (he smiles again, she kisses him on the cheek and it becomes a passionate kiss (like in TOW the flashback with Phoebe and Ross) betwthem as the screen fades to black)


[Scene: Joey's room various of clothes on the floor and in the bed Joey and Monica (cover with a blanket) the watch near the bed says: “6:00”] (Monica wakes up)

JOEY: (from sleep) oh yea! I like it that way!!

MON: (not realizing yet) what? (NOW she's realizing) AHHH!!

JOEY: (still asleep) why is THAT scary?

MON: Joey? (louder) Joey? (screaming) JOEY!!!!!!

JOEY: (asleep) what?

MON: he is A sleeper... (thinking) oh my god!!! What have I done?!

JOEY: (sleeping) you had great time with Joey!!

MON: ok... ok... relax... it already done!! (beat) I just don't remember it... so wait a second!! He can't remember it too!!! That's cool!!!

(suddenly Joey starts to roll over the bed , Monica wants to run but as she get up (note: blanket is still on her body) she feels something then checking something under the blanket and realizes)

 MON: oh my god!! I am naked!!

JOEY: (sleeping) well duh!!!

[Scene: a room somewhere a various woman clothes on the floor while in the bed lies Phoebe]

(Chandler comes from the shower dressed up)

CHAN: I can't believe it!! Just can't!! what did I do? (thinking) and why the hell am I talking to myself? To wake her up?

(suddenly Chandler thinks of something and walks out)

[cut to: Joey's bedroom Monica is dressed and now she's walking out]

[cut to: outside Phoebe's room Chandler walks to the elevator and presses the button to order the elevator]

[cut to: outside Joey's room, Monica goes and orders the elevator too]

[Cut to: Chandler, the elevator comes and he gets into it]

[Cut to: Monica the elevator comes, the door opens and she discovers Chandler! Both of them are in Total Shock and they are looking at each other wide open eyes]

[Scene: the Royal suite , Ross and Rachel are in the bed asleep, suddenly Rachel wakes up, goes to one of the cabinets and starts searching for something, then Ross wakes up]

ROSS: honey?

RACH: what?

ROSS: what are you searching at... (opens the light it seems that Rachel and him can't see until they adjust their eyes to the light, then Ross looks at the watch) six in the morning?

RACH: it's just the... (saying something un-clear)

ROSS: what?

RACH: last night I totally forgot about that!

ROSS: what?

RACH: the shorter version of the letter!

(Ross’s face freeze)

[Cut to: Chandler & Monica near the elevator, both of them are still in shock then, after a few seconds while they are looking at each other wide open eyes the door closes, Monica presses the button again and they continue to look at each other, after a few seconds the door closes again Monica presses the button again, the door opens they continue to look at each other]

CHAN: (still shocked, eyes wide open) a.... a... are you gonna come inside?

MON: (s, eyes wide open) o.... o.... ok!

(they continue to stare at each other then Monica realizes and gets into the elevator)

CHAN: so how was your night?

MON: um... quiet

CHAN: what?

MON: What's the big surprise? I was in my room!... reading!

CHAN: no you weren't!

MON: what?

CHAN: we all know that you were in someplace else!!

MON: and how do you know?

CHAN: I was supposed to sleep in Ross’s room tonight  after... well... Rachel dumped me for Ross

MON: oh... sorry for you. And when was it?

CHAN: around... midnight

MON: oh... ‘cause me and Joey went to... the lobby to drink something and we got back at... 01:00

CHAN: maybe that's true! You got back to... His bed!

MON: what?

CHAN: ok... at first you are trying to seduce Joey all night, then you're going with him to his room, then you're not in your room at midnight and now... it's 6:00 in the morning and you are coming into an elevator!!! You were WITH Joey last night and it means only one thing!!

MON: wow... you're good!!

CHAN: thanks

(silence, the elevator reaches the floor (floor 3) Monica and Chandler are coming out and starting to go to the room)

MON: so where were you last night?

CHAN: (speechless) um... well... uh... in my room!

MON: wrong!

CHAN: what?

MON: you just told me... "I was supposed to be in your room since Rachel dumped me for Ross" CHAN: thanks for reminding me

MON: anytime... so where were you?

CHAN: um... well... uh.... (they reach the room Monica opens the door and they go inside)MON: the only person you know in here which his room weren't taken... and I calculate your “friends making” skills is... Phoebe... and now you're back in 6:00 in the morning, this means that... (realizing while Chandler looks ashamed) you had sex with Phoebe?

CHAN: shhhhhhhhhhhhh!

MON: oh... my... god(Chandler closes the door)

CHAN: like you did better!!

MON: what?

CHAN: JOEY! Wait ‘till Ross hears that! He's gonna be... “wh... wh... wh... why did you do this?” and “didn't I say enough hi ?” can you imagine that?

(the camera focuses on Monica’s face as the screen blurs)

[Scene: the royal suite, Morning, Ross is up closing the door with a tray in his hand, Rachel is still sleeping. He puts the tray, goes and wake up Rachel]

ROSS: good morning honey!

RACH: huh? Huh? (realizing ) oh! Good morning!

ROSS: I've got you a breakfast in bed!

RACH: you made me a breakfast? That's so sweet!

ROSS: actually the hotel chef made you a breakfast I just ordered it

RACH: well.... that's sweet too...

ROSS: thanks! what a perfect morning! Nothing can go wrong!

(suddenly there is a knock on the door , it's Chandler)

CHAN: (enthusiast) Monica slept with Joey!! I'm going to tell Phoebe (Chandler runs away)

ROSS: wh... wh... wh... what?

(Joey comes running)

JOEY: I slept with Monica but you shouldn't know so when you catch Chandler tell him not to tell you (looks confused) bye! (running)

ROSS: wh... wh... I... MONICA!!

(Monica shows up)

MON: what?

ROSS: did you... have you... had you... had sex with Joey?

MON: um...

ROSS: oh my god!! (he closes the door and goes to Rachel upset)

ROSS: hi!

(The screen blurs back to Monica’s face)

MON: oh-oh!

[Scene: the royal suite, Rachel is still looking for the letter suddenly she finds it, Ross is still in frozen face]

RACH: I found it!

ROSS: (frozen) yes! How... many pages are the short version?

RACH: um... (counting) only ten (Ross relaxes) front & back... (Ross freezes)

ROSS: ohhhh

RACH: don't worry we'll read it together!

ROSS: ok! I'll see you later (lies down and goes to sleep)

RACH: what are you doing?

ROSS: continue to sleep! We really don't have to do this now!

(Rachel glares at him)

ROSS: right?

RACH: I’ll start to read... (Ross freezes) page one... well hi there Ross! After that humiliating part where you hadn't read the letter because it was long I made it shorter!! fine? Ok! Before we can start to work on this relationship...

(Ross lies down frozen)

[Scene: Ross & Monica’s Room Chandler is sitting on the bed while Monica walks around the room]

MON: what can I do? he will... I don't know what but it'll be bad

CHAN: I know I'm sorry for you

MON: and there's nothing I can do about it!(thinking) unless... you will shut up!!!!!

CHAN: what do you mean?

MON: please don't tell anyone about that... thing I had with Joey

CHAN: I don't think so!

MON: why?

CHAN: ‘cause Rachel or Phoebe will tell him anyway!

MON: no! why do you think so?

CHAN: Joey will tell them!

MON: no! he can keep a secret!

CHAN: think again!

(The scene blurs again on Mon’s face)

[Cut to: TOWithout the ski trip: Everyone but Ross are in Phoebe's Grandmother's cab. Phoebe's driving, Rachel's sitting next to her while Chandler, Monica & Joey are in the back seat.]

JOEY: Hey, does anybody else feel bad about Ross?

MON: Why? Do you think he's still mad at us?

CHAN: (to Joey) Well he's probably mad after you called him this morning to borrow his goggles.

JOEY: What? Mine aren't tinted.

[Cut to: the final scene from TOW the baby on the bus]

ROSS:(to Ben) So did you have fun with Uncle Joey and Uncle Chandler today?

JOEY: Yeah, he rode the bus today!

[Cut to: TOW the list: Chandler and Joey's apt, Chandler is near the computer holding the list while opposite him Rachel, Ross & Joey (this is the scene where Rachel sees the list)

ROSS: isn't that the, the short story you were writing?

CHAN: Yes,yes it is, short story, that I was writing.

RACH: And I'm in it? Then let me read it.


RACH: Come on.

JOEY: Hey! why don't you read it to her?

[Ross and Chandler stare angrily at Joey, Who does a face like: it’s the best idea]

[Cut to: later at TOW the list, Central Perk. Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe are there.]

PHOE: I... I cannot believe Ross even made this list. What a dinkus.

JOEY: Hey, cut him some slack. It was Chandler's idea.

[Cut to: TOW the flashback Chandler is interviewing Joey about the apartment]

JOEY: I'm an actor. I'm fairly neat. I ah, I got my own TV. Oh, and don't worry I'm totally okay with the gay thing.

CHAN: What gay thing?

JOEY: Ah, Y'know just in general people being gay, thing. I'm totally cool with that.

[Cut to: TOWhere old yeller dies, Chandler and Joey are on one side of the foosball table opposite to Richard (RCHRD) and Monica on the other side of the table]

JOEY: yea, he is really great to hang out with

RCHRD: well...

JOEY: no! no! seriously! Chandler and I just talked about this , he is so much cooler than our dads, I mean. Y’know our dads are ok and all but Richard... ow! Ow!! Ow!!! What are you kicking me for? Ah? I'm trying to talk here! (points at Chandler like: ”can you believe him?”)

RCHRD: ah... do you guys see me as a dad?

JOEY: oh, yea!

CHAN: (at the same time that Joey talks) No!

JOEY: (realizing) NOOOOOOO!!

[Cut to: Monica’s “imagine that” scene from before, Ross is near the door]

ROSS: wh... wh... wh... what?

(Joey comes running)

JOEY: I slept with Monica but you shouldn't know so when you catch Chandler tell him not to tell you (looks confused) bye! (running)

ROSS: wh... wh... I... MONICA!!

[the screen blurs back to Monica’s face]

MON: ok... but who said that Joey will know?

(Chandler glares at her)

CHAN: well I don't know I just thought that the fact that he slept with you is enough for him to know!!!

MON: well... he won’t remember it!!

CHAN: what do you mean?

MON: I was drunk, he was drunk , we were drunk

CHAN; yea...

MON: I left him asleep the drunk fact is enough for him to think “wow what a cool dream!”

CHAN: well... it is Joey, I won’t tell what I know to anyone

MON: yes!

CHAN: in one condition

MON: yes?

CHAN: well... I left Phoebe asleep too, you won’t tell anyone your info too! And you will be my alibi

MON: done!

CHAN: ok!


MON: what now?

CHAN: let's go to them and surprise them! And THAT confusion will... confuse them

MON: ok! This is a good idea

CHAN: I know! what can I say since... few days ago I'm just sleeping with my friends... OOPS friends who happens to be female friends ... and having good ideas about it!

(Monica glares at him)

CHAN: what? Don't you think it's great?

[Scene: the royal suite Ross is trying not to sleep as Rachel keeps talking]

RACH: page 5... back after all of that I think that you should agree with my conclusion in the end and the conclusion is... (Ross’s eyes opens up) well... I think I should elaborate well... with those Mark suspicions...

[Ross stands up]

ROSS: (yelling) ENOUGH!! NO MORE!!

RACH: what?

ROSS: I don't want to listen!! This stuff is boring B-O-R-I-N-G and that's it! If you want to tell me something tell me without this letter!

RACH: well... (looking at the letter)

ROSS: no! no more letter! (takes the letter and tears it up)

RACH: (offended) if that's what you think then... good-bye!

ROSS: What?

RACH: I can't deal it again! I'm trying to make it up and still each time you... you sleep with someone or falling asleep or screaming (screams) WE WERE ON A BREAK!!

ROSS: well that what I feel

RACH: then here is the door!

ROSS: well... ok!

(they stay in there places)


ROSS: bye-bye!

RACH: would you like to go away?


RACH: well you won’t make up with me again

ROSS: I know! I just don't have other place to be in 6:30 in the morning

RACH: ok! Then we'll wait! But remember this is the last break up!

ROSS: ok! (goes back to sleep)

(the camera zooms out from them (like in the end of TOW the morning after) as Ross is asleep and Rachel looks shocked) (FADE TO BLACK)

[Scene: Outside Phoebe's Room Chandler and Monica Comes and knock on the door]

PHOE: (voice from inside the room) who is it?

CHAN: (fake voice) Room service (laughs)

PHOE: ok! Come in!

(they open the door as shocked expression is on their face)


(we see Joey and Phoebe in the bed)

PHOE: Since when did you start to work in room service?

[Scene: the royal suite Ross puts his shoes on while Rachel sleeps on the chair as her head is laying on the table near the clock which shows the time 10:00.Ross tries to walk away quietly but then his foot gets hit by the bed he screams without voice and jumps his way to the door]

[Cut to:: Phoebe's room MON, CHAN, JOEY & PHOE]

CHAN: so... after we all drank coffee... got dressed... and basically went out of the shock... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

JOEY: well... I had the most terrible dream (Monica glares at him as Chandler laughs silently) and when I woke up I heard a knock at the door it was Phoebe and she told me about the really most terrible dream that she had (Chandler glares at Phoebe as Monica laughs silently) so we went here and talked about the dream and...

PHOE: suddenly you knocked on the door and... that's it!

MON: and the naked-in-bed part?

PHOE: um...

CHAN: we got it!

PHOE: ok! I’ll tell you! the dreams was a sign and the fact that they happened to both of us told the bond between them anyway that told us that we meant to be couple

MON: that's sweet!

JOEY: yea!

MON: well we won’t interrupt you!

CHAN: yea... continue in... the thing that you do!

JOEY: ok! Bye!

(CHAN & MON walk out)

JOEY: that was a nice tale

PHOE: I know!

JOEY: So... let's do what Chandler said

PHOE: ok! Let's continue the... thing!

JOEY: alright!

[Cut to: Chandler and Monica listening behind the door]

CHAN: that's it! That's where I stop listening!

MON: me too!

[they walk away]

[Scene: Mon’s room she and Chandler walks in]

MON: I'm exhausted!

CHAN: me too! I'm going to sleep!

MON: good night!

CHAN: no! it's morning! good morning! (thinks) never mind!

(they go to sleep)

[Scene: Phoebe's hotel room, Joey and Phoebe are dressed and near the door as they about to leave]

PHOE: so what's now?

JOEY: I don't know! Let's go to Monica and Chandler's room

PHOE: no! leave it! They must be out somewhere

JOEY: yea! I mean it's... 12:00 they've must been out by now it's an hour since they left us here!

PHOE: so let's go to Rachel and Ross

JOEY: do you remember where is it?

PHOE: well... yea!

[Scene: near the royal suite Joey and Phoebe arrive, they knock on the door]

RACH: (Voice from inside) Ross?

PHOE: no it's me

RACH: is Ross with you?

PHOE: no

RACH: is there a man with you?

PHOE: yea

RACH: so tell him to go away

PHOE: but it's Joey!

RACH: yea?! So tell Joey to go away!

PHOE: do you remember Joey?

RACH: yea! Tell him to go away

PHOE: I’ll remind you about Joey

JOEY: no! let me! (Commercial tone) your most lovable actor ever! Pinocchio! Freud! Almost Al Pachino’s butt!! Virus victim in Outbreak 2!!! But most important Dr. Drake Ramore!! Now in 99.95! oops! Forget that last line!!

RACH: Joey? Are you listening?

JOEY: yea!

RACH: ok so... you're not allowed to go into this room Phoebe the door is open you can come in!

JOEY: let me guess... did you and Ross fight?

RACH: non of your business! It's girls thing!!

PHOE: did you and Ross fight?

RACH; um... yea!

JOEY: I’ll go find Ross

PHOE: good idea!!

[they separate with a kiss]

[Scene: the Hotel Bar Ross is sitting there with an empty glass]

ROSS: bartender! Another glass of beer

BRTNDR(bartender): it's non of my business but doesn't it too early for drinking? I mean... it's 12 :00

ROSS: well...

BRTNDR: in the morning

ROSS: remember how did you opened the sentence?

BRTNDR: it's non of my business...

ROSS: exactly! Non of your business!

(the bartender gives him another glass of beer)

(Joey comes)

JOEY: hi Ross! (seeing the glasses) wow! Isn't it early to drink?

BRTNDR: I wouldn't do that!


JOEY: you see?

ROSS: I talked to you Joey!

JOEY: ohh!!

[Scene: the Royal suite - Rachel and Phoebe]

RACH: (almost crying with a glass full in some drink in her hand) so then... he told me that I am boring and he tore up the letter (drinking)

PHOE: I never thought I’ll tell it again about him but what a dinkus!

RACH: and then he... (knock on the door) who is it? Ross?

MON: (voice from outside) no! it's me! And Chandler!

RACH: tell him to go! He is a man!

MON: (voice from outside): so...

RACH: only girls!

CHAN: (voice from outside): come on Rach it's Chandler it's almost girl!

RACH: bye Chandler!

CHAN: (voice from outside): come on! I'm gay! Forgot that?

RACH: no!!! are you coming Monica?

CHAN: (voice from outside): I’ll search for Ross

PHOE: fine! And if you see him! Tell hi to Joey for me!

CHAN: (voice from outside): o... ok!

MON: (voice from outside) bye Chandler

CHAN: (voice from outside): bye!

(she goes inside)

[Cut to: outside Chandler walks away]

CHAN: and so once again he gets thrown out from his own hotel room!

[Scene: the bar , Joey and Ross are drinking]

ROSS: so then I told her quietly that if she want to express her feeling express them with out the letter and she told me : then go away! I don't want to see you!

(Chan comes in)

CHAN: hey! (seeing the glasses) isn't it...

BRTNDR: I wouldn't offer you to...

CHAN: what? Isn't it a little early to drink?

BRTNDR: please depressed boy, Italian boy wait a sec (Covers his ears) now you can...


CHAN: I guess that Ross had a little fight with Rachel ... again!

ROSS: no! it's not a little fight! It's over! All over! I don't want to talk to her anymore!

[Cut to: the royal suite]

RACH: and that's it! He won’t hear my voice anymore! I don't want even to look at him! It's definitely over!

MON: don't do it to yourself! You know you love him! Ands he is a asshole sometimes but...

[Cut to: the hotel Bar]

CHAN: ... it still doesn't mean that it's over ‘cause you know that you will get back together

ROSS: not this time!

CHAN: when was the last time I heard that? Oh! I remembered! 2 months ago!!

[time lapse]


[Cut to: the royal suite]

RACH: (imitating) WE WERE ON A BREAK!

[Cut back to the bar]

ROSS: do you think that I'm being wrong about all of this

JOEY: (drunk) well...


CHAN: shhhhhh!! Ok! That's it! as the far interest I have in you two idiots relationship I have plenty other things to do! Joey? Are you coming?

JOEY: huh? What? O... o.k.!

CHAN: o.k .Ross...I’ll talk to you when you'll be sober, bye!!

[they walk away leaving Ross alone]

CHAN: I can't believe I spent two hours to listen to : “it's definitely over” and “we were on a break!” stories!

JOEY: huh? What?

CHAN: you had to drink too! I'm telling you this thing is too annoying! We have to do something about it!

JOEY: yea... right ... what?

CHAN: I think that we need to talk to Monica and Phoebe

[Scene: near the royal suite]

CHAN: (to the door) Monica? you and me need to talk!

[Cut to: inside the royal suite]

RACH: (drunk) you told her that you love her?

[Cut to: outside the royal suite]

CHAN: what?

RACH: I asked if you told her that you love her?

CHAN: I... I....

[Cut to: inside the royal suite]

RACH: you see? A typical man! To others he says that he loves you but really he just want to abuse you!

CHAN: I... Monica?  we need to talk!

JOEY: Hey? what about my Phoebe?

CHAN: She's over there? ok... Monica! Come and bring Phoebe with you!

RACH: see! He is trying to possess you!

MON: we really need to go!

RACH: no! (blocks the door!) don't do it! They'll abuse you!

PHOE: I think that we can handle it!

RACH: no! no! no!

MON: (glaring at Rachel) Rachel!...

RACH: ok! But I warned you!

MON: fine!


MON: would you move from the door?

RACH: ok! [she moves from there and they walk out] but remember I warned you!

[Scene: Ross near the hotel bar he gets his drink and starts to drink and think]

[Scene: the royal suite Rachel opens the mini-bar and takes a drink from there opens it and starts to drink]

[we see a photo-montage of Ross and Rachel wander (each one in each side of the picture) suddenly a music is in the background : Aerosmith : I don't want to miss a thing]

[A montage: Ross and Rachel re-meeting (at TOW Monica gets a new roommate) and Ross asks her if he could ask her out sometime she agrees and he says “maybe I will...(same EP.) Rachel sit in Central Perk on Ross’s hand and Ross tries to sit too(TOW the sonogram in the end) Ross watches Rachel having a dream about him and then she wakes up(TOW the ick factor) Rachel kisses Ross in the laundry he gets up and bumps in the drier door (TOW the east German laundry detergent) Ross kiss Rachel and fades away (TOW Rachel finds out) Rachel on Ross trying to prevent him from listening the Phone until he hears “I'm over you”(TOW Ross finds out) Ross tries to explain Rachel about the list and she closes the door at him(TOW the list - near the end of the episode) Rachel opens Central Perk door and Ross and Rachel kiss (TOW Ross finds out) Ross tries to tell Rachel her Pro list and she closes the curtain (TOW the list) Rachel walks over to Ross and Ross and Rachel kiss (end of TOW the prom video) Ross and Rachel hug (TOW the bullies) Joey tells that Ross broke up with Julie ands Ross and Rachel hug (TOW the list) Rachel explains Ross that she and Ross have the best relationship she ever had and Ross tries to top on that (and on Paulo's)(TOW dr. Ramoray dies) Ross and Rachel starting to... (TOW Ross and Rachel Y'know) Rachel kisses Ross when he goes to meet the stripper (TOW all the jealousy) Ross and Rachel’s Fight (on TOW Ross and Rachel take a break) Ross hugs Rachel when they get together on the first time (TOW the morning after) Ross and Rachel kiss a few times and she laughs at the middle (TOW Ross and Rachel... Y'know) Ross and Rachel’s fight over Bonnie’s hair and kiss (TO at the beach) Ross tells Rachel “it Does” and they hug (TOW the jelly-fish) Ross and Rachel kiss after Chandler's leaving (This episode) Ross and Rachel talk in Monica & Rachel’s apt. in the blackout until Rachel gets up(TOW the blackout) Ross trying to reveal his feelings to Rachel on the porch (TOW the blackout) Rachel talking to Ross on the porch (TOW Ross’s new girlfriend) Ross and Rachel wandering he- by his apartment window she - by Monica’s apartment window (TOW Monica gets a new Roommate) Same scene - at night with rain (TOW the list) back to present Ross looks by the hotel bar window and she by the royal suite window, then the song as the scene fades...]

[Fade to black... to be continue title on the screen]

Closing Credits

[Scene: the Hotel bar Ross is there sleeping again the Bartender approaches]BRTNDR: um... excuse me Mr.

ROSS: (from sleep) mmm... Rach...

BRTNDR: um... excuse me

ROSS: I love you too....


ROSS: mmm....

BRTNDR: (louder) MR.?

ROSS: mmm...

BRTNDR: (shouting) MR.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROSS: (awaking) what?

BRTNDR: you just fell a sleep

ROSS: so?

BRTNDR: um...

ROSS: do you know what's the meaning of... NON OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!

BRTNDR: (shocked) um... yea!

ROSS: ok! So understand that! IT'S NON OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!

To Be Continued  Next on E's fan-fic "Friends" episodes: What about Chandler and Monica after Rachel's little reveal? What about Ross and Rachel? Will Phoebe stay ok or the TV people will catch her? What with the Chick and The duck?! Will they ever get back to their apartments? And finally WILL THIS THING END?