The One Where They're Having A Girl And A Hawaii

Written by: FRNDSNPO5 ( Rachel) and PicPerfict (Carly)

Disclaimer: The characters and their stories belong to Bright, Kaufman, and Crane and NBC and Warner Brothers. I mean no infringement and make no profit.

Scene 1 Monica and Rachel's

Monica is pacing around the apartment. Rachel enters

Rachel: Hey Mon

Monica: Hi

Rachel: Are you ok? You seem like you're a nervous wreck.

Monica: That's cause I am a nervous wreck.

Rachel: What's wrong?

Monica: Okay remember last week when I went to the doctor for my cold?

Rachel: Yeah.

Monica: I didn't go cause I had a cold. I went to take a pregnancy test.

Rachel: Oh my god.

Monica: The doctors just call and I am pregnant.

Rachel: OHMYGOD MON that's great.
Monica: (whispering) shhhhh!!!....... Keep your voice down, I haven' t told
Chandler yet!
Rachel: (whispering) ohmygod Mon that's great. .....(gives Monica a BIG hug)

>>>opening credits<<

Scene 2 -- Joey and Chandlers

Joey Ross and Chandler all in kitchen/livingroom, Joey's one night stand ( as usual) is still asleep in his bedroom.

ROSS: So did you ask her yet?

JOEY: Yo, dude don't you think that'd be a little weird, I mean I barely know her! (under his breath) - although she was the best sex i've had since last week.

ROSS: sorta laughing, man - not you!....... Chandler, did you speak to Monica about your little va-ca-tion?

Chandler: Nope not yet. In fact I was on my way over there to tell her.

Ross: Ok cya.

Chandler: Bye.
> > In the Girls apartment> > Chandler enters Monica is in her room. Rachel is in the kitchen.

Chandler: Hey Rach.

Rachel: Hi.

Chandler: Where's my Monica?

Rachel: Your Monica is in her room resting.

Chandler: ( Getting worried) Why? Is she sick?

Rachel: She's fine don't worry.

Chandler: Alright.

( He goes off into her room)

Monica has a pair of shoes sprawled out in the middle of the floor, she is lieing on her bed, and doesn't realize Chandler has walked in the room.


Monica: AHHHHH - don't do that!!

Chandler: Hunny, you have your shoes, they are.... well they.....ok, they are in the middle of the floor!, That's so un-you!

Rachel runs in

Rachel: OH MY GOD!..... You guys what happend?! Monica are you ok?...

Chandler: Would somone please tell me what's going on here?!

Monica: what's going on?.... Nothings going on, why would something be going on, and if somthing was going on, don't you think I'd tell you?.... and since I haven't told you anything, something must not be going on.

She pauses, and gasps for air

Chandler: Alright. Rachel could you please excuse us?

Rachel: Sure.

Rachel leaves

Chandler: Honey I need to talk to you.

Monica: I need to talk to you to but I'm awfully tired so can you lay here with me and we can talk about it later.

Chandler: Ok sweetie.

He goes to the bed and lays down with her. He feels her forehead.

Chandler: Sweetie your warm. Are you sure you're ok?

Monica: Alright Alright I am not fine?

Chandler: What's wrong?

Monica: Chandler I'm.... I'm.... I'm pregnant.

Chandler jumps up.

Chandler: Pregnant?... hmm... ok you're pregnant, pregnant.

He starts pacing and trips over the shoes on the floor.

Monica: You see that's why we don't keep shoes in the middle of the floor (in a whinning vioce)

Chandler sits next to Monica. Monica starts to cry.

Chandler: Honey, wha... why, why are you crying?

Monica: I don't know!!!

Chandler: Honey I think its great.

Moncia: You do?

Chandler: Of course. We are gonna be parents together.

Monica: I love you.

Chandler: I love you too. I'm have a surprise tonight for you okay.

Monica: Alright.

Chandler: So dont make any plans.

Monica: I won't.

They hug:

Commercial break

Out in the living room, Rachel is sitting there on the couch when Phoebe enters.

Phoebe: Hey.

Rachel: Oh Hi Pheebs.

Phoebe: Where is everyone?

Rachel: Well Monica and Chandler are in Monica's room.

Pheebs: ok good, cause I have a surprise for you!

Rachel: ooo really?... what what what?

Pheebs: Yeah ok, stop your nagging toots, it's coming.

Rachel looks at her weirdly. Joey enters.

Pheebs: Oh no.

Joey: What's w/ the third degree?

Pheebs:, I give up I don't know!?

Rrachel seems to of fallen asleep in the arm chair --- though neither of them realizes it.

Joey: oh, ok... So a, Pheebs, how you doin?

Pheebs: Yah, Joey, not going to work!

Joey: Aw man!,

They both leave. Rachel is asleep.

That evening Chandler and Monica have gone out for a romantic dinner now they are walking in the park.

Monica: Its so nice out to night.

Chandler: Yeah it is.

Monica: So what was the big surprise you have for me.

Chandler: It's right her in my pocket.

Monica: Ok I cant take it any longer. What is it????

Chandler: Ok sit down.

He leads her to a bench and she sits down.

Monica: Ok.

Chandler: Close your eyes.

Monica: Alright.

She closes her eyes and Chandler takes something out of his pocket:

Chandler: Ok and open them.

She opens her eyes.

Monica: OHMYGOD 2 tickets to go to Hawaii

Chandler: Yep for me and you and we can have a romantic vacation together.

Commercial break

Rachel and Monica's

Camera focuses >>2 hours later scrolled on the bottom of the screen>> Rachel shown sleeping, all lights off, she's all alone in the house.

Scene: Central Perk -- Everyone sitting around the coffee table ( all but Rachel). Monica and Chandler run in all giggly.

Ross: Hi guys, what's going on!?

Chandler: Well hello boys and girls....

Monica: Where's Rach?... We have somthing to tell all of you!

Pheobe: Out w/ it, what's the news??


Everyone stares at her.

Ross: wha, what?

Chandler: What she means is that we are having a baby girl and me and her are going to Hawaii.

Phoebe: Ohmygod that's great.

Monica: I know.

Pheobe and Monica hug.

Ross: When did you find out?

Monica: This morning.

Ross: And you didn't tell me?

Monica: Ross I had to tell Chandler first.

Phoebe: Oh this is so great you two are gonna be parents.

Monica and Chandler: We know.

Then they kiss.

Closing credits

Rachel Wakes up, looks around, changes position and falls back asleep