TOW... An Egg at the End Part II of TOW Ross's Wedding

Written by: Ashley Greene

    Hey! Please note that this is my first time at writing any fanfic. Sorry if it sucks, but glad you like it if it's really good or okay. Also, this is a continuation of what I think the Season 5 Premiere should be like, ya know after the Season 4 Finale - TOW Ross's Wedding (thanks to BSW and Tina Neillis for the idea of FanFic!!)

Hope you like it,
Ashley Greene
PS I'd love to hear what you thought of the script and if you'd like me to continue!
PPS Ok, now here's the script!  

[Scene: We see Phoebe in Rachel & Monica's Apartment on the phone, just like she was on Season 4 Finale: TOW Ross's Wedding]

Phoebe: Oh my goodness! You just missed it! [talking into the camera] What? What , like I'd tell you? Just kidding! Lots of things just happened these last few days. You want the long version or the short? The short? Ok, here it goes, So the whole gang minus me & Rachel were going to go to Ross's Wedding in London. Remember Ross was getting married to that british chipie Emily from England? Oh good, you do, so I don't have to explain that one. Any ways, they all went to London and I heard from Joey that they were all having a great time. Joey said [show scene, but Phoebe voice over of scene w/ Richard Bronson] he got this really cool hat!!! And he met [in a English accent] [show Joey's video tape of meeting Fergie] the royal duchess herself, Fergie!!! [back to normal accent]

Monica: [She's in the red bridesmaid dress that we saw her in at the end of the finale last season] Oh, sorry I had to cut in on Phoebe, but Chandler and I actually slept together! [show scene w/ Monica's voice over of Chandler and her in bed] It was amazing, but Shh! No one else knows but you, me & Chandler! Here's Pheebs...

Phoebe: Oh and then Rachel realized she still loves Ross when Duh! we all knew that! So she went nuts and went to London to ruin the most happiest day of Ross's Wedding! [show Rachel walking in on seeing Ross & Emily kiss before the wedding] but luckily somehow she didn't tell him she still loved him and watched the wedding. Oh and then as Ross was saying his wedding vows, well, I'm listening to the wedding so, Shh! Oh, here is the big surprise, but that's it for me, I want to hear what happens,

[show scene of Ross's Wedding vows]

Priest: Emily say, I, Emily, take thee Ross

Emily: I, Emily, take thee Ross

Priest: To love Honor and Obey In sickness and health until death do us apart.

Emily: To love Honor and Obey In sickness and health until death do us apart.

Priest: Ross, say I take thee Emily,

Ross: I take thee Rachel...........Emily, uhh Emily.

Priest: Shall I go on?

[cut to Ross's face, cut to Emily's Face, cut to Rachel's face, cut to Joey & Chandler's faces, cut to Monica's Face, cut to Phoebe's Face at home on the phone listening in, cut back to Rachel's Face]

[cut back to Joey]
Joey: [ to Phoebe on Cell Phone] Pheebs, I gotta go.

Phoebe: No, come on.

Joey: No Pheebs, I mean I really gotta go. Bye! [phone hangs up] Uh, Chandler, where's the bathroom?


[same scene as before]

Priest: Well, shall I go on?


Ross: uhh, yeah.

[Emily runs out]

Ross: Emily! Emily! wait! [runs out to Emily]

[Rachel runs out another way, with Monica following]

[cut to Mon&Ross's Parents in the chairs]

Mr. Geller: [to Mrs. Geller] Should I go talk to him?

Mrs.: Geller: No, leave him to handle it himself.

[cut to Joey & Chandler, still standing in front]

Joey: [to Chandler] So, Can I use that bathroom now?

Chandler: Yeah, go ahead, I'll entertain the crowd while we wait.

Joey: ok man [joey runs to out to the bathroom]

Chandler: Hello, My name is Chandler Bing, I'm from America. And um, I'm one of the best men. So, while we wait to get this wedding on, So, any of you know the song 'Shout'?

[Scene: Outside on the curb near the church, Monica and Rachel are there]

[Rachel is shocked by what Ross said]

Rachel: Ohmigoodness! Now what, Mon?

Monica: I don't know , I don't know. I guess we just wait here.

Rachel: Y' know the real reason I came here?

Monica: Its so obvious!

Rachel: Yeah, I guess it is.

Monica: Let's just go walk around, ok?

Rachel: Sure, Maybe that will clear my head a little.

Monica: Me too.

[Scene: in the foyer of the church: Ross is approaching Emily, who is crying hysterically]

Ross: Emily?

Emily: Please Ross, Leave Me Alone.

Ross: Emily, please, we have got to talk.

[Joey walks by]

Joey: Sorry, just getting back to the ceremony, you two better hurry up!

[Joey leaves]

Emily: Fine.


Emily: Ross,

Ross: [at the same time as Emily says above line] Emily,

Emily: You go first.

Ross: No, you.

Emily: Ok,

[Scene: Back in NY, Phoebe is in Joey & Chandler's Apartment reclined in the chair, The X-Files Credits at the end is on the TV]

Phoebe: [to herself] I'd really give anything right now to get these babies out of me to fly to London. But of course, I can't I'm pregnant, and as the OBGYN says, [ in June Cleaver accent] "The babies will decide when to come out" Ugh!

[Duck & Rooster comes walking out of the bathroom]

Phoebe: It's about time you all are out of there! I've been needing to go since the 6 o'clock news!

[Phoebe gets up and walks in the bathroom]

[cut back to the auditorium of the church where we see Chandler & Joey , along with the whole church singing 'Shout']

Chandler: [Singing, but not really, sounds like yelling] Put your hands up and

Everyone: Shout!

Joey: Hey Hey Hey Hey!

Everyone: Hey, Hey Hey Hey!

[Scene: Back to Ross & Emily, continued from earlier]

Emily: Ok, Ross, I still love you...

Ross: I love you too.

Emily: [almost in tears] But, This wedding can't go on.

Ross: Yes it can,

Emily: [in tears] No, Ross it can't.

Ross: What I said earlier meant nothing to me.

Emily: Ross, I know what you said and I can tell you meant it about Rachel. You're still in love with her.

Ross: [defensive] I am not.  Rachel and I are history.

[Rachel and Monica walks in, at the right time to hear what Ross just said.]

[cut to Rachel's Face, which is hurt, cut to Ross's face, which looks shocked, just about the same face Rachel had at the last scene of TOW Ross's Wedding]

Commercial Break

[Scene: Continued from earlier with Ross, Emily, Rachel and Monica walking in to the church foyer]

Ross: Rach


Emily: See you two are in still in love, its so obvious Ross. I see you...

[Rachel begins to leave, oh and she's teary eyed]

Emily: No, Rachel , don't go, I want you to hear this as well.

Monica: Umm, I'm going to go see what Chandler and Joey are up to. Uh, bye! [to Rachel quietly] Rach, I'll be right in there if you need me.

Rachel: Thanks Mon. [tear drops from her eye]

Ross: Emily, we can still get married.

Emily: No, Ross, I told you I loved you so I want what is best for you.

Rachel: Maybe I should go check on Chandler and Joey with Monica.

Emily: No, Rachel. Let me just finish what I was going to say. [ Rachel nods] There is still Chemistry between the two of you, what I mean is I see you Ross look at Rachel a certain way with a sparkle of love in your eyes, but then when you look into my eyes, I don't see that. I'm sorry Ross, good-bye. [Emily gives Ross a peck on the cheek, begins to exit door, then says] Rachel, I know the real reason you came at the last minute to London and I think you should tell Ross what it is... [Emily exits]

[long pause between Ross, they each keep looking at each others eyes, but trying to avoid direct contact]

Rachel: [shaky voice, teary eyes] Well, I should...

Ross: [no emotion whatsoever] yeah, I better tell everyone there isn't going to be a wedding.

Rachel: ok

[Ross exits to auditorium, Rachel wipes tears from her eyes]

Commercial Break

[Scene: Central Perk, Phoebe is there sitting in couch, no one else is on couch, or the 'ordinary' seats]

Phoebe: [out loud, but to herself] [imitating Joey's voice] Guess what I got for free at the Salvation Army? This kewl swiss army knife. [in Chandler's voice] Could that knife BE anymore Swiss? [in Monica's voice] Joey, that's dirty, can I sterilize it for you, please? [in Ross's voice] Look I got this long letter from my my college buddy, Timothy Markus Reinhart the third. [in Rachel's voice] Oh and look what I got at the mall, Two new bikinis! [in her normal voice] Awesome guys, [realizes no one's there - looks sad]

[Scene: Church Auditorium, everyone is sitting on the floor in a circle, all chairs are moved aside. Emily's step mom and dad are on two chairs talking]

Mrs. Waltham (Emily's Step Mom): I can't believe we are stuck in this wretched building with America's Most Geekiest Men watching them play some childish game.

Mr. Waltham: Can I make it up to you by buying you the 100 Kt gold  necklace that you wanted?

Mrs. Waltham: I suppose...

Joey: Ok, ready everyone.

All: Ready.

Joey: [Begins walking around the circle, touching one head at a time saying you-guesses-it] Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, ... oh I miss my duck, its at home. [Joey all sad]

Monica: Come on Joey continue.

Joey: Sure, Goose!!! [on Chandler]

[Joey gets to Chandler's seat right before Chandler tags him]

Chandler: Aw Man! That's my 15th time!

[Ross enters]

Ross: uh, everyone could Uh, I  have your attention for just a moment? [pause, everyone shuts up] Ok, um the wedding of um, me and Emily is off.

[everyone 'awws']

Ross: I'm sorry.

[everyone gets up and leaves minus the gang]

[Ross's Parents, Chandler, Monica, & Joey come up to Ross]

Chandler: What happened man?

Monica: yeah Ross, what happened with Emily and Rachel?

Joey: Woah Rachel? would about her?

Monica: Emily said something to Ross and Rachel just when I came in here and you all were playing TV Tag.

Chandler: Oh that's right.

Mr. Geller: So, son, what happened?

Ross: Well, i told Emily I loved her and she said somehow she could tell that I was still in love with Rachel, [defensive] but, I'm not. Ok?

Everyone: ok.

Monica: You sure?

Ross: YES! I'm Sure! [Ross storms out]

[Scene: Central Perk, Phoebe is on the couch there with 2 other women, one has black hair, one has reddish hair, and three guys, one is thin with brown hair, one is muscular with black hair, one is sophisticated with brown gelled hair]

Phoebe: [to the 2 girls and three guys] remember your all's lines.


Phoebe: [impatient] ok, Moey has the first line!!!

Muscular Man w/ Black Hair: [in a Joey impression] Me and that babe the popy frachine girl did it in 3 minutes, that's a new record for me!

Phoebe: no, your voice is not right Moey! Lets skip you and go to Honica.

black hair woman: [doing Monica impression]  I was so mad at Tachel today! She just left all the magazines unalphabitized.

Phoebe: Great job Honica you'll definitely get your 100 bucks. Tach, your line!

Reddish Hair Girl: [impression of Rachel] So, Woss, how's the the fritish bipie going? Uh, What's her name? Yimily?

[Scene: Monica & Rachel's Hotel Room, evening after the 'wedding' was supposed to take place, Rachel is sitting there looking at a picture album.]

Rachel: [talking to herself, she's looking at a page in the album that has a picture of Ross in her together] Oh, Ross where did we go wrong?

[enter Monica, Rachel stuffs the album in her opened suitcase.]

Rachel: Hi Mon.

Monica: Hi Rach, how you feeling?

Rachel: Better, y'know I just have to keep telling myself that it's over, Ross will always love Emily.

Monica: No, he won't. Ross doesn't love Emily.

Rachel: Then why was he going to marry her?

Monica: Because he thought he loved her, he just faked the whole thing to get you jealous.

[both laugh]

Monica: Was that a smile I saw from you, Rach?

Rachel: Maybe.

Monica: I have an idea that will definitely cheer you up.

Rachel: What?

Monica: Let's call Phoebe.

Rachel: all right.

Monica: While you call her, I'm just, y'know going to go see uh, the guys.

Rachel: k

[Monica leaves. Rachel dials the phone to Phoebe]

[scene: Monica & Rachel's Apt. Phoebe is on the couch watching TV]

[phone rings]

[in a millisecond Phoebe answers it]

Phoebe: Hello?

[on tv screen , you see Phoebe on one half, and Rachel & Monica on the other with a line in between them]

Rachel: Hey Pheebs. How are you?

Phoebe: Taco, [clears her throat] I mean Rach. I missed you. I'm good.

Rachel: Anything exciting there?
  Phoebe: Nope, absolutely positively nothing. Boringville here.

Rachel: Oh, sorry.

Phoebe: So, how was the wedding after Ross said, "I take thee Rachel, ooh oooh, that's You! So uh, what happened?

Rachel: Well, Emily & Ross talked later and the wedding was called off, so everybody's packing to go home tomorrow.

Phoebe: That's so great! Just how you planned! You and Ross back together! I knew you going to London was a great idea!

Rachel: Pheebs, you hated the idea and also Ross and I are not back together nor are we talking.

Phoebe: Oh I'm sorry. So what's up with 'nor' Rachel?

Rachel: I guess a day of England is a little too much for me, huh?

Phoebe: Yeah.

Rachel: gee, Pheebs I've been talking to you for a while now and I owe like 100 bucks to the hotel now, so bye Pheebs, love you!

Phoebe: Bye Rach!

[both hang up]


[Scene: Chandler & Joey's apartment]

Joey: [takes off bow tie.] It  feels so great to get this bow tie off!

Chandler: Yeah.

Joey: So, uh, where's Ross?

Chandler: Probably in that honeymoon suite, with no one.

Joey: Yeah

[Monica enters]

Chandler: Hi

Monica: Hey Joey, CHandler.

Joey: So, how's Rachel holding up?

Monica: Pretty bummed. Y'know she's so in love with Ross and he is so in love with her that it's just depressing that they have really bad timing.

Joey: Tell me about it.

Chandler: What up with that? 'tell me about it' She just did Joe!

Monica: Anyway [ignoring what Chandler just said] I think one of you should go and talk to Ross.

Chandler: Yeah, Joey, I think that should be you!

Joey: Well, ok.

Chandler: Oh why don't you just sleep on that couch in his honeymoon suite?

Joey: Why? Oh My buddy Chandler's got a girl, Mon. You better leave.

Monica: Yeah. I'm leaving, just gotta y'know....[Joey leaves]

Chandler: It's about time he's gone. Now where did we leave off from last night?
***Note: For all you C& M Fans, you can just imagine their whole night. As for the R&R fans and other fans let's get with the story!

[Scene: Honeymoon Suite - Ross is there sitting on the couch]

Ross: [looking at a pic of the whole gang, Touching Rachel's Face in the picture] Gee, why on what should the most miserable night of my life,[pause, Joey walks in, Ross doesn't notice] I'm thinking of Rachel. Why did I say, ' I take thee Rachel' Why am I not sad that Emily is gone? Why? Ugh![punches the coffee table]owwww!!!

Joey: [approaching] You okay man?

Ross: Yeah just broke my hand, but it's ok. How long have you been standing there?

Joey: Just for a second.

Ross: Did you uh, happen to hear anything I said?

Joey: Umm, nope, not at all.

Ross: [quietly]phew! [normal voice] So, you ready to leave and get out of here tomorrow morning?

Joey: Yeah. You?

Ross: Yeah. [yawns] I'm going to go to bed now, we have an early flight, so uh, can you leave so I can lock this door?

Joey: Umm, no because Chandler's got a girl in there.

Ross: Fine! Joey you can bunk on the couch.

[Scene: Chandler & Joey's Hotel Room, Chandler & Monica are in bed cuddling asleep]

[Monica wakes up]

Monica: Oh My! I forgot to call Phoebe to remind her to pick us up in the morning!

Chandler: [barely awake] Can't you [yawn] Can't you just call in the morning?

Monica: No!!!

[Monica picks up Phone and dials, after a few rings,]

Phoebe: Hello?

[we see Phoebe watching The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in the guy's apartment]

Monica: Phoebe, Hi! I know its late, but I just wanted to remind you to pick us up at JFK airport at 6:10 pm at Gate 5-A, Virgin Airways, got it?

Phoebe: Yeah, I have it already written down.

Monica: Ok, good night.

Phoebe: See you tomorrow.

[both phones hang up]

Phoebe: Woo-hoo! They are coming back tomorrow! Let me sing a song!!! [sings to the theme of Row Row Row your Boat] [gets her guitar]
No, no, No more sadness,
Monica and Chandler,
Rach, Ross, Jo -ey
are coming back tomorrow.

Then Then THen I
can hang out with them
and and and and
[rooster enters]
the chick shall be merry

[duck quacks]

Quack Quack Quack
goes the duck,
so it know-o-ws
that its not left out

Whatever, Whatever, Whatever, Whatever,
Life is gettin better!

[Scene: Morning at breakfast in restraunt at hotel, Monica, Chandler, and Rachel are eating at a table set for 5.]

Monica: Ok, guys we got 15 minutes to eat, then 10 minutes to go upstairs, then 15 minutes to check out, then 35 minutes to go to  the airport, then 8 minutes to get to the gate and board. We can do it!

Rachel: Come down hon.

Chandler: Yeah, I mean not even Rosie the Robot maid on the Jetson's couldn't get a schedule like that set out.

[enter Joey and Ross]

Joey: Hey!

Ross: Hey [ camera notices Ross looking really well at Rachel]

All: Hey

Joey: So, Chandler, how was that girl you slept with?

Chandler: Umm, she was just y'know an ordinary girl.

[Monica gives chandler a look]

[Ross sits next to Rachel]

Ross: Hey Rach.

Rachel: Hey Ross.

Ross: Can we talk later?

Rachel: Sure, of course.

Ross: ok.

Monica: Ok, only 9 minutes to eat, hurry up!

Chandler: Someone's a little grouchy!

Rachel: Hey, MOn where were you all night?

[CHandler and Monica look at each other]

Monica: Umm, I was , I was just ...

Joey: [interrupts] out with a hot guy huh?

Monica: Yep.

Everyone: ooh!

[Scene: Hotel Lobby, Whole gang is there with their luggage, Chandler is at the counter checking out while everyone else is there talking]

Monica: Great timing guys, we got, by the looks of my watch 3 minutes to spare!

Joey: [gives Monica a high five]Yes!

Ross: Hey Rach, can we talk now?

Rachel: Yeah Of course. Sure, What's up buddy? [gives him a friendly punch in the shoulder]

Ross: Umm, I was, actually can we go somewhere private?

Rachel: Sure.

[they walk off to an empty exercise room]

[Chandler walks back,]

Chandler: All done checking out Mon, we ready to get a cab?

Monica: Yeah.. wait where are Ross & Rachel?

[Scene: Phoebe's in the guy's apartment]

[duck quacks]

Phoebe: What?!

[duck quacks again]

Phoebe: You want me to sing a farm song?

[quack goes the duck]

Phoebe: Ok, here it goes. [sings]

Oh the duck in the pond goes quack,
Oh the duck in the pond goes quack,
mate it with another one and that's how we get eggs.
la la la la la la la...

[duck quacks hysterically]

Phoebe:[stops singing] Oh my! Sorry! I had no idea what I was saying!

[Scene: Exercise Room in hotel where Ross and Rachel are standing]


Rachel: So, what did you want to talk to me about?

Ross: Umm, This might sound a bit all-of-a-sudden, but,

Rachel: Yeah?

Ross: Rach, lately I've been thinking about you and us and how we were great and I think that the only reason I was got together with  Emily was just to get you out of my mind so I wouldn't think of you. But that never happened and I have always had these big feelings for you.....

[Ross [what a sensitive guy :o)]is starting to tear up, Rach is too]

Rachel: Ross...

Ross: I know what you're going to say, this is too soon  and......

Rachel: Ross, That's not it at all, I have been having the same feeling since like we'll the big 'break' and I'm sorry for all I've put you through, especially yesterday, you wanna know the real reason I came to London?


Rachel: For you Ross, I have always loved you!

Ross: Me too.

[they kiss passionately]

[Scene: Chandler, Joey, & Monica are standing in the lobby]

Monica: [perturbed] Ok, we've got the cab, luggage in the car, all we are missing is my idiot brother Ross and my spoiled roommate Rachel. WHERE ARE THEY?

Joey: I donno.

[Joey backs away]

Chandler: RElax Mon, they'll be here.


[Scene: same as before , in hotel Exercising Room]

[Ross & Rachel are kissing passionately]

[they break it up]

Rachel: Wow!

Ross: I know.

Rachel: So, I guess this means we're us again huh?

Ross: Yeah!

[kiss again]

[Monica runs in]

Monica: [yelling] Ross, this better be something important if...[sees Ross & Rachel kissing, they see Monica and stop kissing] [in a aww type of voice] Continue you two, we can always catch another flight.

[Ross & rachel Smile at her, then all hug]

[Scene: Lobby, Joey & Chandler are there]

Chandler: Gee, I'm going to miss this place.

Joey: I won't!

Chandler: Why not?

Joey: Cause I'd rather be Home!!!

[enter Monica, Ross & Rachel, R&R have arms around each other]

Chandler: Oh my goodness!

Joey: Awww [starts to cry] I always knew you'd two would be together again.

[Joey hugs Ross & Rachel]

[Chandler joins in]

[Monica looks left out so she joins in]

Ross: [they are all still in a group hug] Mon, what time is it?

Monica: [all release] OH MY GOODNESS!!! We have ten minutes to get there , come on!

[outside, Joey pushes the cab driver out of the cab and takes control, all others quickly hop in, we hear the cab skid its tires as it takes off, we see the cab on a billion little roads, going 100 MPH, and about to get in a billion crashes, while we hear the theme to mission impossible playing, finally the cab arrives at the airport]

[Outside of Cab at airport]

Monica: HURRY! Two Minutes to spare!!! RUN!

[ We see the whole gang running through the airport at a fast forward way, then we see them getting on their plane]

[Scene: Plane All out of breath,]

Monica: Phew , we made it. I'd just like to  thank you all for being so darn FAST! Way to go!

Joey: Happy Birthday Mon!

Monica: What? Its not my birthday.

Joey: I know, but what we just did was your birthday present from me.

Monica: [sarcastically] O--k.

[Scene: Central Perk, Phoebe is sitting on the couch all alone, Gunther comes up]

Gunther: Hi Phoebe.

Phoebe: Hi Gunther, What's up

Gunther: Not much. Bye

Phoebe: WAIT!

Gunther: What?

Phoebe: You know how the whole gang went to Ross's wedding in London?

Gunther: YEah?

Phoebe: Well, I've been lonely, so I have tons of things to tell you. Sit [he sits] [Phoebe is talking now like that guy in that Micro Machines Commercial - really really fast - she says everything that she knows to him]

[she's done]

Phoebe: [in normal voice]So?

Gunther: Nice story Phoebe, SO Rachel's coming back tonight?

Phobe: Yeah, oooh, better get to the airport bye!

[Phoebe leaves]

Gunther: Hallelujah! I couldn't go another day without seeing my Rachel!
[Scene: On plane, Ross, Rachel, and Monica are on one side, JOey & Chandler are on another]

Rachel: [giggling something to Ross]

Monica: Rub it in, why don't you!?

Rachel: Sorry Mon.

Ross: Yeah Sorry [both giggle]

Captain on plane: [on itntercom]We have just flown over Boston, Massachusetts, Only Twenty Minutes until we reach our destination, JFK Airport, New York City. Please fasten your seat belts for landing.

Joey: [with enthusiasm] YEs! We are home in good ole America.

Chandler: Yep Joe, only twenty more minutes until I'm just boring Chandler again.

Joey: Don't worry bud, your boring ole CHandler now.

[Chandler gives him a look]

Monica: I can't wait to see Phoebe and see how big she is now.

Rachel: Mon, its only been a few days since you last saw her.

Monica: I know. Oh, I wonder if she did the dishes the way that I told her.

Ross: I can't wait to tell Phoebe the good news.

Rachel: Me either

[they kiss]

[Scene: Airport Gate Phoebe is there with her guitar]

Phoebe: [singing] America, America, God Shed this Grace on me, and crown thy hood with Brotherhood from sea to shining sea!

[people come up and give her money]

[lady opens door to the gate]

On Intercom: Virgin airways, flight 36329 has reached Gate 5-A at the current time of 6:14pm.

[Gang walks out the door, they all run up to Phoebe and hug her]

Phoebe: Hey!

All: Hey Pheebs! Missed you!

Phoebe: You all are so happy! Why? What happened to the big wedding disaster?

Rachel: Its a long story Pheebs, I'm really tired, I just want to go home take a nice hot shower and go to sleep in my own bed cuddling with Ross.

Phoebe: Woah! Ross??

Ross: We're...

Monica: they' re back together!!!

Phoebe: Congratulations!

[Phoebe hugs Ross & Rachel]

[Monica joins in]

[Chandler and Joey join in]


[Scene: Guy's Apartment, Joey & Chandler are walking inside]

Joey: Its so great to be back in New York!

[duck & rooster come walking inside from the bathroom]

Chandler: My Duck & Rooster!

Joey: Hey Guys, you miss us? Or Did you have fun with Aunt Phoebe?

[we see the duck laying an egg]

Chandler: Uh, Joe, I think the duck might of had a little TOO much fun while we were gone. 


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(C) May 1998
For Legal Reasons, please note that I am just a fan of the show, not official or anything. This script is based on the characters used in FRIENDS on NBC.