The One With All The Doctor Appointments

Written by: Christi Haines

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters Bright, Kauffman, and Crane productions and warnerbros. and NBC do.This is only for entertainment not for profit

(This is what I think the last episode of the seventh season should be, Monica and Chandler have been married for about 3 months and Phoebe still lives with them and Rachel still lives with Joey, Phoebe and Joey are you now sneaking around like Monica and chandler did .Also they did at their wedding like Monica and chandler did it at Ross’.Also Ross and Rachel are going out again .....seriously going out .)

(Opening scene , Joey chandler and Monica are seated in chandler, Monica and phoebe’s apart.. chandler and Monica on the couch, Joey is on the floor)

Joey: and then........he touched me (makes a squirmy face grossed out)

Monica: Joey hes a fell asleep on the weighing scale anyways...he HAD to move you

Chandler: YEAH that’s true Joe

Joey: I know I was tired. not "doing it" for awhile makes me tired ( hes only joking cuz hes doing it with Phoebe)

Chandler:YES I know (looks at Monica)

Monica: (not realizing what he said) WHAT!! stop looking at me ....stop looking at me.......why are you looking at me like that

Chandler: no reason you’re just very you wanna go...mix it up (like he does in TOW Rachel’s sister)

Monica: You know I can’t I have to wait for the call from my doctor he can tell me when my appointment is for a check-up....

Chandler: (saddened) well OK then

Opening Credits

NEXT scene (next day later Joey and Rachel’s Apart.)

(Phoebe Joey and Rachel are there)all around the counter)

Rachel: We know Joey .....he touched you. You told us yesterday

Joey: I know that I did but it is just sooo bluhewwww (makes a face and shakes) that I had to tell you again

Rachel: (joking ) You know Joey certain doctor’s offices they have women that do know the moving of the sleeping should suggest that to your doctor

Joey: (happy again) smiles) not realizing it was a joke)

Phoebe: (not realizing it was a joke either ) You know I should get that job!

(Joey nods along ,.....Rachel gives the "you are so stupid look")

(Joey and Phoebe go over to sit down and turn the t.v on. On the TV the discovery channel is on and they are stuck to it for some reason) don’t ask me I couldn’t think of anything)

Rachel: well I’m off to my doctor’s appointment. BYE!

(Joey and Phoebe still mesmerized by the TV wave from behind them)

Joey: soooo. How you doin??

Phoebe: hehehehe (laughing)

Joey: so you wanna (points to the bedroom)

Phoebe :(excited) OK!

Commercial Break

Next scene~

(Monica is talking on the phone you can’t hear what she’s saying)

Monica: OK thank you doctor ( starts crying as Ross enters)

Ross: Mon , what’s the matter?? (goes over to her and tries to comfort her)

Monica: nothing (pulls away ) can you just go get chandler PLEASE ????

Ross: OK OK (backs away) (mumbles ) I’m afraid for him, whatever he did.. (he leaves goes into the hallway and into Rachel’s and Joey's apartment. where Chandler and Joey are playing Playstation)

Ross: hey

J/C: HEY (very into the game)

Ross: hey chandler ,wifey needs you across the hall

Chandler:ok ......but...... (points to the TV) just one more level.

Ross: GO ....shes crying man

Chandler: Joey I’ll be right back ....OK

Joey: (didn’t really listen) sure I’ll have some pizza

Chandler:ummm OK ...well Ross I guess you should order pizza

Ross: (confused still) uh Yeah Ok

(chandler exits to his apart. )

Chandler: Mon honey

Monica: I’m in here (in their bedroom ) she comes out)

Chandler:whats wrong?????

Monica: the doctor called with the results from my appointment (she’s still crying)

Chandler: well what did he say???(he is hugging her)

Monica:he said , (stops crying ,pulls away and smiles at him) whispers something to him)

Chandler: Oh I know what that means( smiles too) SOoo we really are going to have a baby

Monica:(nods) smiling)SO are we going to go tell everyone???

Chandler :YUH....(excitedly) come on (pulls her and runs out into the hall , but stops before joeys and Rachel’s apart.) why’d you do that anyways made me nervous.....

Monica: you know me......(chandler is still waiting for an explanation) (quietly)I thought it would be fun (excited)LOUDER) BUT AREN’T I A GREAT ACTRESS!

Chandler: yeah you’re better than Joey.....shhhh but don’t tell him I said that

Commercial Break

Next scene

(Joey and Rachel’s apart., Monica and chandler are still out in the hall talking)

Joey: ummm wheres Chandler......(hes still playing the playstation game)

(as chandler and Monica enter)holding hands)

C/m :Hey/hi

All : hi

Ross/Rachel: WE GOT ENGAGED!!

Monica: (whispers to Chandler) See it is possible ....

( remember TOW with Monicas Thunder Monica said that when they said got engaged she was going to announce that she was pregnant,and Chandler said "How is that possible")

(Rachel shows Monica and chandler the ring)

Monica: Oh my god you guys!!!!

Chandler: congratulations you guys!.... So what has everyone been up to??

Joey: well...... (interrupted by chandler)

Chandler: we know Joey he touched you!

Joey no ...but it is about that.....Rach told me that they have women who do know move the people that fall asleep......Phoebe said she might look into that job too!

(everyone is confused except Phoebe . And Rachel because she is now giving him "you are so stupid look") by this time everyone is drinking champagne to celebrate their engagement)

C/M : ( at the same time)......thats good Joey but we have good news TOO!

Everyone: WHAT!?


EVERYONE: YAAAAAAAA ( they all go into that hug thing that they did in TOW the Embryos)

All: when did you find out !

Monica: just a few minutes ago .Well see I was pretending that the doctor said something know for fun.....and I was crying and then I told chandler who I think was more excited than me.....(looks confused) anyways thats how we found out.

Phoebe: Ha ...I already knew!

EVERYONE : WHAT! ( confusion again)

Phoebe: I knew that already.....I’m physic.

Ross: Anyways........Congratulations you guys


Joey : Oh since we’re all telling something I’ll tell something too( he looks at

Phoebe , she looks at him) (he doesn’t know if he should ) (thinks) Never mind....Phoebe ...can I see you in the hall for just one minute

Phoebe: sure

(they exit to the hall)

Joey: When are we going to tell them .

Phoebe : I don’t know ....I think its exciting.....don’t you.???? no wonder Monica and Chandler kept it a secret for so long when they did it.

Joey : yeah I think its exciting ....but I can’t keep a secret .......(whining)

Phoebe: don’t worry about that now OK . Lets go congratulate ALL our friends OK

Commercial Break

Next scene

(Chandler is on the couch asleep) Rachel enters)

Rachel: (loudly) HEY!

Chandler:(is awoken by her) wha what

Rachel: Where’s Mon???

Chandler: I don’t know ( he hears a throwing up sound coming from the bathroom) (thinks) he points to the bathroom) in there........ (she walks towards the bathroom) I don’t think you want to go in ........

Rachel: Whoa... never mind hey chandler do you remember your engagement night??

Chandler: yeah I was THERE

Rachel: well anyways.....Remember when Mon said she would announce that she was pregnant on our engagement night.

Chandler: yeah

Rachel: I just thought that it was a coincidence. I was just wondering if she was just kidding know about her being pregnant........ ( chandler looks mad) ummmm nevermind ....bye-bye

Chandler: No don’t leave. why would you ever say that. Shes your friend she would never do that. You knew her longer than me and I even knew that Mon would never do that

Monica: (enters from the bathroom, talking to herself) I’m definitely sterilizing that WHOLE bathroom tomorrow. Oh hi Rach why are you here??

Rachel: Hi ( feels guilty now)

Chandler : nothing honey she was just borrowing your great spatelar! and shes leaving now (opens the door and pushes Rachel out the door) ok go to bed and I’ll be there in a minute.

Ending Credits

(Music playing same song that wason during the end scene of TOW the proposal you can see Ross and Rachel dancing to it and the flash to Monica , Chandler, and Phoebe’s apart. Chandler and Monica are dancing to the same song)

The End