Written by: Alexandra

Authors note: This one takes part about 3 days after my last one. It is still part of my mini-series (which I don’t know when it will end) J . Anyway enjoy…

(Scene: Monica and Rachel’s: Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel are there)

Joey: I’m telling you I have never seen him so bad, he hasn’t eaten in like days and he doesn’t sound as if he goes to sleep.

Rachel: That’s the absolute opposite of Monica! She won’t stop eating and sleeping and she is STILL blanking me!

Phoebe: Poor Chandler!

Ross: Poor Chandler! Poor Monica more like, he has plunged her into a pit of depression!

Phoebe: What the hell are you talking about! Monica is the one who kissed someone else; it is definitely poor Chandler.

Joey: Hey, hey shut up you two. Anyway Rach, why is Monica blanking you?

Rachel: I don’t know! Wait a minute I’ll ask her.

(Monica enters with loads of groceries and eating a bag of chips)

Monica: Hey guys!

Rachel: Monica, I am just gonna be blunt about this, why are you blanking me?

Monica: Did anyone hear anything, you know like a little annoying bitch noise or someone sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend noise.

(Joey shrugs his shoulders)

Rachel: (stammering) you think I slept with Chandler? I don’t believe you, I can’t believe that you would accuse me of doing something like that.

Monica: What, you didn’t?

Rachel: Of course I wouldn’t, I couldn’t do that to someone I love!

Monica: It’s just that Ross said something.

Ross: Haha

(Rachel and Monica glare at him)






(Scene: Monica and Rachel’s: Same people as before except Joey and Monica)

(Chandler enters and he looks like he has been out all night, he looks very tired and very drunk)

(Poking his head round the door)

Chandler: Is Monica here?

Rachel: No

Chandler (coming the whole way in): I need to tell you two something.

Ross: What is it?

Chandler: (sitting down) I’m leaving, I don’t know for how long, could be weeks, could be months, could even be days!

Ross: What?

Rachel: Why?

Chandler: I just have to get away from everything, and from Monica, tell Joey I’ll send him the rent and say good bye to Phoebe for me.

Rachel: Chandler, you don’t understand you can’t just run away from your problems, that’s not solving anything.

Chandler: Listen, who died and made you Miss Psychologist? I am going, Bye!

(He leaves)

Ross: You know he was only joking

Rachel: Yeah, have you ever known Chandler to be serious about anything? Haha, (she looks away with worry in her eyes)




(Scene: Chandler and Joey’s: All are there except Chandler)

Joey: So I says to the guy "your flies are open", and he’s like "what?" And then he hits me!

Ross: You don’t just say it out of the blue, you have to be subtle about it.

Joey: What?

Ross: (throws his hands up in the air) never mind!

Phoebe: Hey I had the weirdest dream last night, it was

Rachel: Yeah Phoebes we know, you told us about four times!

Phoebe: Oh yeah, well if you’re so smart then what was it about?

Rachel: It was about when all the vegetables swapped flavors with the meat and then you and Ursula were eating the vegetable flavored meat!

Phoebe: Huh!

(Everyone goes silent)

Monica: Do you have any idea where he went?

Rachel: No sorry sweetie, all he said was that he had to go to clear his head.

Monica: This is all my fault isn’t it?

(No one says anything)

Monica: Fine! Well, I don’t need anything form you guys, not even your sympathy! (She walks out)

Phoebe: So does anyone want another beer?

(Scene: Monica and Rachel’s: Monica is there)

(The phone rings)

Monica: Hello?

Chandler: (OS) Monica, its Chandler

Monica: Chandler, I, I, I don’t know what to say.

Chandler: Just shut up and let me do the talking! Okay, here goes, Monica I love you and I don’t know why you did that to me but whatever your reasons are I am willing to forgive you if you reckon I am good enough for you. If you want to get back together then come to Seattle airport and I will see you there.

(Phone line goes dead)

Monica: Chandler, Chandler? YES!

(Scene: Chandler and Joey’s: Monica comes rushing into tell them the news)

Monica: Hey guess what, Chandler just phoned and he said that he was willing to work it out with me if I go to meet him at Seattle airport! Bye!

(Monica leaves)

Rachel: Well that’s great!

Joey: Finally I don’t like having to take the rent out of an envelope and the take it all the way downstairs and give it to the landlord! It’s soooooooo tiring!

Ross: Um well yeah!

Phoebe: I knew this would happen it’s so great!




(Scene: Seattle airport)

Monica: (Upon seeing Chandler) Chandler!

Chandler: Hey! You came, I didn’t think you would!

Monica: Why wouldn’t I?

Chandler: Because I’m such a loser!

Monica: Listen I was the loser to think that this relationship wasn’t any god, but it is Chandler, it soooo is!

Chandler: It’s good enough for me! (He kisses her)