The One With The Coma

By: Sarah-Jean and Neesha

Well, this is our fourth fanfic. Hope you like it. Once again, we didn't create the characters, etc. We copyright it to our club Coge. Email us please, it doesn't have to do with our story, (anything to do with friends is fine) at rati_and_mnm_coge@hotmail.c= om

[setting, Rachel's hospital room. Rach is still in a coma. Joey is there talking to her. Ross is asleep in one of the chairs.]

JOEY: So Rach... Can you hear me?... Well I guess you can't answer that cos your in a coma. [tries to laugh] ... so in case you've forgotten, Ross said Emily, Monica backed out, Ross and Emily kissed and you fell down and ended up in a coma... Guess you knew that last part. Umm... So how are you?... Still can't answer me huh!...[Gets upset like a little kid. He runs out of the room crying] She's not answering... Chandler she won't answer my questions.

[setting, same as before except it's now Monica and Chandler. Monica is sitting and Chandler is standing behind her.]

MNCA: Oh Rach, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. If I hadn't told Ross he should ask you.

CHAN: Calm down Mon. Rach, we're all so sorry. I shouldn't have opened the door. I didn't know!

MNCA: No kidding. I *really* had to pee.

CHAN: At least someone still has a sense of humor.

[setting, same as before except it's now Phoebe]

PHOE: Don't worry Rach! I still have lots of love potion left, even though Ross bought most of it. Oh my god. He must have accidentally spilled some on Emily! Oh my god. I'm so sorry Rach. All my products have caused is trouble. I'll return them. [wailing] I'm so sorry!!!! [Phoebe stands up, wakes Ross and drags him out]

Opening Credits

[setting, hospital waiting room. Ross is pacing, Joey's passed out in a chair, Phoebe is meditating, Rachel's mom and dad are sitting on opposite ends of the room, Ross's parents sitting with each one. The camera is focused on Chan and Mon, who are talking]

CHAN: So Mon, you wanted to talk about something?

MNCA: Yeah! Umm... Chandler what are we going to do?

CHAN: What do  you mean? We're going to stay here in the hospital until Rachel gets out of the coma.

MNCA: No, I mean about us.

CHAN: Ohhh!!!! Umm... I don't know.

MNCA: Well do you want to stay engaged?

CHAN: Well do you?

MNCA: Okay, you just answered my question with a question... I don't know. I don't think I can get married anytime soon.

CHAN: You mean we're over?

MNCA: Of course not idiot. We're just not engaged anymore.

[Chan sighs with relief. He and Monica move together for a kiss. Monica walks away and Chandler whispers to himself]

CHAN: Umm... the ring!?

[Setting, waiting room. Everyone is asleep except for Ross, Chandler and Monica. Ross is sitting on the opposite side of the room. Chandler and Monica are talking]

CHAN: Umm, Mon, when we agreed to break off the engagement for now, I thought, umm, I'd get the ring back. [Monica glances down at her ring, then slowly looks back up at Chandler. She starts crying a bit.]

MNCA: Uh Uh. That wasn't part of the deal. Besides, I-I-I was the one that *proposed!*

CHAN: Then why did *I* give *you* the ring?

[Monica shrugs and starts covering the ring protectively]

MNCA: I don't know, but it's my ring now.

CHAN: Come on, Monica. I paid good money for that.

[Monica is horrified]

MNCA: You mean you were thinking of taking it back? What does this mean Chandler?

CHAN: No, i wasn't thinking of taking it back!

MNCA: What are you going to do with it then? Give it to someone else?

CHAN: No, I don't know!

MNCA: Well, you're not getting it from me.

[Setting, Rachel's hospital room. No one is there except Rachel. She wakes up and sits up in bed.]

RACH: Oh my God. Where am I? [calling] Is anyone there? Hello? [Urgently] Oh my God. Oh my God. Where am I? [Rachel suddenly screams and drops back on to the bed. Chandler and Monica come rushing in, followed by doctors. Monica and Chandler sit down beside the bed. The doctors start doing whatever it is they do. Meanwhile Monica is sitting and crying, Chandler is holding one of her hands, (hint, hint, the one with the ring!), his other hand is patting Rachel's arm. Chandler is eyeing the ring.]

MNCA: Oh, Rachel, please wake up. I promise I'll help you rip my brother apart limb by limb. I promise I'll help you put him back together again. I promise I'll never make him propose to you again.

[Chandler slips the ring off of Monica's finger. She doesn't notice.]

MNCA: I promise I'll clean you room everyday forever. I promise I'll...

[Chandler smiles slyly]

[Setting, Rachel's hospital room. She's still in a coma. Emily walks in. Rachel stirs and opens her eyes]

RACH: Where am I? [everything comes back to her, she looks at Emily] What are you doing here?

EMLY: I wanted to apologize. I didn't mean to put you in a coma. Though I did mean to ruin your wedding.

[she laughs evilly! Rachel screams and slips back into a coma. The gang rushes into the room, a nurse right behind them. Monica stops when she sees Emily. Everyone crashes into her. The nurse hurry's over to Rachel's side. All of a sudden a loud beep goes off. Everyone but the nurse turns to look at the monitor that shows the heart beat. It's a straight line! Monica screams. A bunch of nurses run into the room. They kick the gang and Emily out of the room. The gang exit looking upset. Is Rachel going to die? Read on to find out!]

[setting, hospital waiting room. Emily's now gone and everyone who was in the last waiting room scene are there. Ross is pacing around making everyone mad. A doctor comes towards the group. Everyone jumps up]

CHAN: How is she? Is she... is she... [can't get the word out]

ROSS: She's find right?

DOCT: She's going to be all right! [everyone sighs with relief] But she's gone back into a coma! [Everyone is shocked and most start to cry]... Does everyone or anyone know what got her so upset? We need to know everything.

ROSS: Umm... Well you see, Rachel and I were about to get married. During the wedding I [pauses and looks upset. After glancing at Monica for reassurance continues] ... I accidentally said my ex-wife's name. [Doctor looks shocked]... I didn't mean to. Emily walked in at that crucial moment. Later, we never made it through the wedding, I was talking to Emily. I was telling her what she did was wrong. She wouldn't listen. And then she... and then Emily kissed me. Chandler opened the door behind us. Rachel saw us before we could break away. That's how she went into the first coma. This last time was because Emily snuck by us and went to see her.

DOCT: Umm... Okay, I don't know how to say this. Ross, I don't think you better see Rachel for a while. The... we need to stabilize her condition first. You can wait here, but not see or talk to her for a few days.

[Ross is shocked. He starts crying hysterically. Monica and Chandler try to comfort him. He shrugs them off and runs out of the room]

DOCT: I'm so sorry!

[setting, a park somewhere in the middle of New York. (Not the same one as in the last episode). Ross is walking around. We can hear his thoughts]

ROSS: I can't believe I said Emily's name. Maybe I'm jinxed or something. All because of one word Rachel's in a coma... okay a word and a kiss. But a coma! She has a little chance of waking up is she stays in the coma much longer. This is the second wedding I've ruined... I can't believe that I'm not allowed to see Rachel for a few days. What if she wakes up and I'm not there? She'll never forgive me if that happens. [looks up and you now see he's in front of the museum he works for. He sits down on one of the steps and puts his head in his hands]

VOICE: I knew you'd be here! [Ross glances up to see Chandler]

CHAN: Since you're thinking about Rachel I knew you were bound to come here. I mean this is where you and Rachel... umm... well you know!

ROSS: How'd you know about that?

CHAN: Well... Rachel was so happy about your relationship at the time and she was telling me everything!

ROSS: Chandler, what am I going to do? It was hard enough being at the hospital and only allowed to see her for so long! But now... now I can't even see her for a minute.

CHAN: You have to come back. Everything's gotten a lot worse since you left. Everyone's fighting...

ROSS: Did  you and Monica have a fight?

CHAN: NO, but were about the only ones!... Don't you want to be there when Rachel wakes up?

ROSS: Of course I do! It's just it seems pointless when I can' see her. This is killing me!

CHAN: You are coming back okay! [Ross doesn't respond] I'm not even going to give you a choice. [He grabs Ross's arm and starts to drag him along behind him]

[Setting, hospital waiting room. Joey is sleeping, Phoebe is meditating and Monica is cautiously talking to Phoebe]

MNCA: [hissing] Phoebe! [Phoebe doesn't notice so Monica talks louder] Phoebe! [Phoebe comes to]


MNCA: Have you seen my ring?

PHOE: What ring?

MNCA: My *engagement* ring, duh!

PHOE: Oh... well, uh, what does it look like?

MNCA: It's a *diamond!* And I *lost* it. [At this moment Chandler walks out of the bathroom whistling] And I decided to give it *back* to Chandler! Oh, what am I gonna do? [Chandler's eyes widen, he spins around and then goes back into the bathroom]

PHOE: Well, I don't think I saw it since it was on you hand!

MNCA: Well, duh! [Phoebe and Monica drop to the floor and start searching. Chandler comes tiptoeing out of the bathroom and quickly slips around the corner before anyone can see him]

[Setting, Rachel's hospital room. The gang is hanging out there, minus Ross. He's still not allowed in to see Rachel. Joey, Phoebe and Chandler are having a pretend sword fight. Monica is sitting in the chair beside the bed holding Rachel's hand and talking to her. You don't hear what Monica is saying]

MNCA: OH MY GOD!!! [Everyone turns to look at her. She points at Rachel. Everyone is now looking at Rachel. Rachel is moving!! Slowly her eyes open. Monica grabs the button for the nurse and jabs at it impatiently. Everyone runs over to the bed and crowds around]

MNCA: Rach... Rachel can you hear me? It's Monica.

RACH: Monica! [Turns her head to Chandler, then Phoebe and then Joey.] Chandler... Phoebe... Joey! [She looks around to find Ross] Where's Ross? Why isn't he here? [She starts to become hysterical. A nurse rushes in]

NURS: Okay, everybody out. I need to do some tests, so shoo. You're upsetting her!

RACH: Ross?

MNCA: I'm so sorry honey! [pats Rachel's arm and then turns and follows the rest out of the room. You can see Ross and Monica's parents and Rachel's parents gathered by the door]

[Setting, hospital waiting room. Everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats. Chandler and Joey are trying to cheer up Ross]

CHAN: Come on buddy, cheer up!

ROSS: [Not hearing Chandler] I can't believe it. I wasn't there for her. She's going to kill me. I need to see her, to straighten everything out. [Chandler shakes him into reality]

JOEY: You've got to chill out man. She can't kill you lying down... Besides, don't worry about that, just be glad she's alive. You'll probably be able to see her tomorrow. She was asking for you.

ROSS: She doesn't hate me?!

CHAN: Umm... we don't know yet.

[Just then Rachel's doctor approaches and once again the whole group jumps up]

SAND: How's my baby? Is she all right?

DOCT: Rachel's up and fine. She can't go home for a few days of course, but if she stays out of a coma for the next twelve hours we'll be transferring her to a different room. Now that she's awake you can only go in one or two at a them. You can't go in for long either because she tire easily.

JOEY: But she was asleep for the last week!

[Everyone bursts into laughter, helping to calm the atmosphere]

DOCT: Umm Ross, [Everyone goes quiet] I don't know if I'm doing the right thing but... I think you better go in first, she's been asking for you.

[Ross heads out of the room while everyone else argues about who gets to go next.]

[Setting, Rachel's hospital room. Rachel is sitting up when Ross enters. The song the hardest thing to do by 98o is playing.]

RACH: Ross! I'm so glad your here. [Ross walks over to her and gives her a kiss on the cheek]

ROSS: I feel so bad about not being here when you woke up. I wasn't allowed in. The doctors were afraid I'd upset you. [starts to cry. He sits down in one of the chairs beside the bed and takes Rachel's hand in his] I'm so sorry Rach. It isn't what you think. Emily kissed me, ME, not the other way around...[Rachel's crying now too] I only  said her name because she walked in right then. I didn't mean to. I'm so sorry.

RACH: Ross... I don't know if I can forgive you. I-I think we need to go back to being friends for a few days. I need to get my thoughts worked out.

[The two sit there crying for a while. Then the doctor sticks his head in through the door]

DOCT: Ross... your times up!

[The doctor leaves. Ross gets up. He kisses Rachel on the cheek then heads for the door]

ROSS: I'm so sorry Rach... I'm so sorry.

[He leaves and after a moment Chandler and Monica walk in. They had won the spot of second place. They both sit down and for a while it's silent as Rachel tries to compose herself. Monica reaches out and brushes a tear off Rachel's face and takes hold of one of her hands.]

MNCA: Oh Rach! [Now the water works start again]

CHAN: [taking Rachel's other hand] We're so sorry.

MNCA: It's so great to see you awake though!

RACH: Oh guys, why? Why me?

MNCA: I don't know.

RACH: Maybe I'm not supposed to be with him. Every time I am something goes wrong.

CHAN: That's not true. Ross cares so much about you. For the first few days he was in here the most. He spent nights and day stalking to you or sleeping in this chair beside you.

MNCA: Yeah! And whether he was sleeping or awake he was holding your hand. We had to drag him away from you side. Rach he feels so bad. You've got to forgive him.

CHAN: Rach, it's gotten to the point where he only sleeps when he's in the same room as you. He hasn't slept for the last three days. He won't take anything the doctors offer him.

MNCA: Rach, he's a mess. He's worse now then when you guys broke up after he slept with... you know!

RACH: Oh Mon, I don't want to break up but I don't know if I can trust him. So... how are things between the two of you?

[Monica and Chandler start talking excitedly. During this Rachel falls asleep. Monica and Chandler notice and quietly get up and leave]

[Setting, Chandler and Joey's apartment. Chandler and Joey walk in]

JOEY: Oh, I can't believe we're home. [Whispers to Chandler] I don't like hospitals.

CHAN: No one does Joey. I'm just glad Rachel's going to be okay.

JOEY: Me too! I was kind of scared for a while... Do you think Ross will be okay?

CHAN: Oh, I don't know. I hope so. Monica is still down at the hospital. She's been trying to comfort Rachel and Ross.

[Setting, hospital waiting room. Ross is sitting there by himself, holding his head in his hands. Monica walks in and over to him]

MNCA: Ross, you've got to calm down and get some sleep. I've never seen you like this. Not after you and Carol broke up, not after you and Emily broke up and not even after you and Rachel broke up.

ROSS: But we've just go back together again. I don't wanna break up. I-I just want to be with her... I love her so much Mon!

MNCA: Well, then why don't you tell her. I know she feels the same way. Whenever she's awake she's crying or talking about you. the doctor's are afraid she's becoming depressed. Supposedly when most people wake up from a coma their in good moods.

ROSS: I don't know... Whenever I go in to see her she either pretends to be asleep or if she's talking to someone she ignores be or shuts up completely.

MNCA: Well, if she's pretending to be asleep, she can still hear you. You've got to talk to her... [glances at her watch] Oh, I promised I wouldn't be gone long. [Gets up and leaves]

[Setting, Rachel's hospital room. (it's different now because she was moved.) Rachel is sitting up in bed watching, While you were sleeping. She's at the part where Lucy has to marry, sorry, is about to marry Peter. Rachel's crying her eyes out. Monica walks in and sits down beside her.]

MNCA: How are you doing?... I was just talking to Ross.

RACH: [Eyes never leaving the screen] That's nice.

MNCA: You don't care anymore?!

RACH: Well Mon, I was getting tired of being upset all the time. I decided that I'm going to for...

[Just then Phoebe comes running in, interrupting them.]

PHOE: Oh, I love this movie.

[Monica turns around to look at Phoebe. She shoots her a look that, well, if looks could kill... Phoebe sits down on the bed and starts watching the movie eagerly. Monica shakes her head and gets up and leaves]

[Setting, Central Perk. Everyone but Ross and Rachel are there. Phoebe is sitting in a chair. Chandler's on the couch with Joey and Monica on each side of him.]

MNCA: I'm telling you guys. She said that she's decided that she's going to for... and then Phoebe ran in.

PHOE: [defensively] I didn't know!

CHAN: So do you thinks she meant for as in forgive or forget?

MNCA: Oh, I don't know. I mean Rachel's gotta...

[Gets interrupted as Ross walks in]

ROSS: Rachel's gotta do what?

JOEY: Umm... Rachel wants to go back to work soon and we think she should rest for a couple of weeks.

ROSS: That's not what you were talking about.

PHOE: That's because Joey wasn't paying attention. Monica was saying she hopes Rachel will be leaving the hospital soon and returning to the apartment. She says the apartments to quiet and lonely.

ROSS: Sure!

JOEY: Isn't that a good thing? [looks at Chandler and Monica in such a way that only Joey can]

MNCA: Shut up Joey!

[Ross raises his eyebrows with disbelief but then lets it lie.]

[Setting, Monica's apartment. She's making some coffee. Chandler walks in]

MNCA: Hey1 [She pours herself coffee] Want some coffee? [Chandler nods and she pours another cup]

CHAN: I'll need all the caffeine I can get for this. [Monica puts both cups on the kitchen table and they sit down]

BOTH: I have something to tell you. You first. No, you first. Okay I'll go first. [Chandler stops talking and gestures for Monica to continue]

MNCA: Chandler, I know you probably won't believe me but... I lost the ring. [Chandler takes something out of his pocket]

CHAN: You mean *this* ring? [Monica jumps up.]

MNCA: Oh where did you ever find it? Phoebe and I searched absolutely *everywhere!*

CHAN: Except my pockets of course.

MNCA: [smacking her head] Of course, how come I didn't think of that?... wait a minute, why *would* I think of that?

CHAN: I don't know, but I wish you had. [Monica smacks Chandlers head this time] I'm sorry Mon, I kind of... stole it from you.

MNCA: You *what?*

CHAN: I won't go into the details, but it's true. Now I want to give it back to you.

MNCA: Aw, that's so sweet. [She goes over to Chandler and reaches into his hand. She tugs at the ring.] Umm, Chandler, give me the ring! [Chandler doesn't let go] Come on Chandler! [Monica tugs really hard, the ring flies off and goes down the sink drain. They both run for the sink, yelling]

[Setting, Rachel's hospital room. Rachel's in the bed flirting with the cute doctor. Ross walks in. The doctor gets up and leaves.]

DOCT: See you later Rach!

RACH: Right, [waves and then ignoring Ross turns on the TV]

ROSS: Hi Rach. I-I've got to talk to you. [takes the TV control from Rachel's hand and turns off the TV]

RACH: Hey, I was watching that!

ROSS: Since when do you like wrestling?

RACH: Since when do you know me so well? Since when do you like to hurt me?

ROSS: I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't mean to say Emily. But it's like when someone tells you not to think of something you can help but think about it.

RACH: Are you saying that you were thinking about Emily?

ROSS: No! No! Of course not. It's just that I happened to see her just then Rach. It was an accident. Do you think I wanted my  fiancé to be in a coma? Do you think I didn't feel absolutely awful when I wasn't allowed to see you and I wasn't there for you when you woke up? Did you know that I haven't slept in the last three or four days because I was worried about you and I wasn't allowed to see you? Did you, come you, did you?

RACH: [Starting to cry] Does it matter that it was an accident? You still did it and I still hurt. You can apologize all you want Ross, but it doesn't change a thing. I don't think I can trust you not to hurt me Ross. How do I know that you won't hurt me again?

ROSS: Come on Rach. Look we can start over. For get the past! We'll learn everything about each other all over again. If you still don't love me then we'll break up once and for all.

RACH: [Pauses. Camera show the doorway. We can see the whole gang is gathered there watching. All of a sudden a change comes over Rachel] Hi, I'm Rachel Green. You are?

ROSS: Hi, I'm Ross Geller.

[Shows doorway. The whole gang is excited and giving each other high fives while still trying to be quiet. Goes back to Ross and Rachel. They turn towards the door]

MNCA: We're so happy for you guys!

[Chandler puts his arm around Monica's shoulders and leads her slowly away. Joey and Phoebe follow behind. Ross and Rachel start laughing]

Closing Credits

[Setting, Monica's and Rachel's apartment. The whole is gang minus Ross and Rachel are there. Suddenly the door opens and Ross and Rachel walk in. Ross is carrying a bag in one hand and is supporting Rachel with the other. Monica and Chandler rush over to help. Chandler takes the bag into Rachel's room and Monica helps her brother lead Rachel over to the couch.]

RACH: I can make it there myself you know. I'm fine! [Seeing everybody's disbelieving faces, she pushes away Monica and Ross and tries to walk on her own. She ends up falling, only to be caught by Ross. Now seeing everyone's face Rachel comments.] Okay, so I'm not perfect, but you don't have to hover so much.

MNCA: We're just so glad your home. We don't ever want you to go into a coma again.

CHAN: Though, some good did come of the coma.

[Everybody turns to look at him]

CHAN: Do you think they'd [gestures to Ross and Rachel. Ross is helping Rachel sit down. Ross then kisses Rachel gently on the lips] be together if the coma hadn't happened?