The One Where Chandler Left -- Part 2

Written by: Listya

Disclaimer: The characters and their stories belong to Bright, Kaufman, and Crane and NBC and Warner
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Author's note: Hi! This is my 2nd part of my fanfic. Before you read this one you should read the 1st part. I don't know what you think about this, so give me your feedbacks at Ready for the continuation? 1..2..3..

It's two days before Thanksgiving. Chandler has gone to San Francisco for more than eight months. Monica has already had her baby, it's a girl. No one told Chandler about this because Monica forced them to. Apparently, Chandler's being transferred to New York again, to replace his boss Doug. Anyone doesn't know about this yet, because he's going to surprise them.

[SCENE: M&R'S apartment. Rachel's babysitting Monica's baby because she has to go to do some catering thing with Phoebe. Chandler is coming to their apartment. He wants to surprise them]

Rachel: (Talking to the baby) yes, you are.. who's the little cutie.. it's you.. (Shakes her head to entertain the baby)

(There's a knock)

Rachel: Come in you guys!

(Chandler pokes his head in)

Chandler: Hey! Rachel!

Rachel: (Still carrying the baby) OH - MY - GOD!! Chandler! What are you doing here? Oh my God! Oh my God!

Chandler: (Cutting her) OK, stop saying that. It reminds me of Janice. Umm- where's... where's Monica? (Sees the baby) Who is he? Is he yours? Oh, God! Rachel...

Rachel: First, she's a girl. Second, I'm not her mother. I'm her GODMOTHER. This is little Jasmine. Nope, not Yasmine!(Bleeth)... J-ASMINE!!!

Chandler: Well, who I she?

Rachel: Umm - I'll give you hints. (Playing along) She is Ben's cousin...(Chandler shakes his head, not knowing what she meant) I'm her godmother, well, Phoebe too! (Chandler is still confused) Ross' niece!! (Chandler is TOTALLY confused)

Chandler: Nope. Not getting a clue.

Rachel: (Give up) Ugh - Chandler, she is MONICA'S BABY!! You're not Joey! You should've solved that puzzle easily!

Chandler: Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Monica has a baby??

Rachel: Now you're the one that sounds like Janice!

Chandler: Oh my God! Oh my God! Richard's daughter? Oh my God!

Rachel: Chandler!! You're so stupid! She is YOUR BABY! JASMINE IS MONICA'S DAUGHTER AND YOU... ARE THE FATHER! She's two months old now. I.. I happen to know that she's three months pregnant when you left to San Francisco.

Chandler: Oh my God! (Comes closer to Rachel to see little Jasmine) Why didn't she tell me?

Rachel: Because she didn't want to ruin your career. (Gives little Jasmine to Chandler) Here, hold her. She's your daughter anyway.

Chandler: Hi, little Yasmine, I mean... Jasmine. Here's your Da-dah! Your Da-dah! (The baby's laughing)

Rachel: (Smiles) You like your Dad, don't you, Jasmine?

(Monica and Phoebe enter)

Monica: Hi, Rach! (Sees Chandler carrying Jasmine) Hi, ... Chandler...(Nervously, she is totally shocked)

Phoebe: Hey! Chandler's here! Oh, good! Yay! (Comes to him and hugs him)

Chandler: Hi, Phoebe. Hi, Monica! Or should I call you, Mommy?

(Monica goes into her room. Chandler comes after her, with little Jasmine, of course)

[SCENE: Monica's room. Chandler and Monica are sitting on the edge of the bed. He gives Jasmine to Monica]

(Monica is crying)

Chandler: Why did you do this to me? I'm her father!

Monica: I guess Rachel told you. (He nods) This is hard to explain, Chandler.

Chandler: (Stops her) Then don't. I see your point. At least I will be beside her when she grow up. (Monica looks at him, surprised) I'm replacing Doug. Here, at New York, Mon.

Monica: (Smiling) Really? Does it mean you will live here again?

Chandler: Yeah, I didn't like San Francisco that much. Besides, I love you and of course OUR baby!

Monica: I love you too, Chandler. Or should I call you, Daddy?

(Chandler kisses her)

Chandler: (Remembering something) Of course, two months ago, you didn't call me that night. I remember the date. 9th of September right? I guess that it's her birthday. Joey told me that you went to that culinary fair or something. It's awkward, we always talk every night, and you never, EVER, mentioned anything about Jasmine.

Monica: Yes, you're right. It was her birthday. But the next day, when I called you, I was holding her. And I was like, crying, wanting so much to tell you that I'm having your pretty baby. Remember that night?

Chandler: Yeah. (Pause) God, she is so cute. She has your beautiful eyes. (They both look at little Jasmine)

Monica: And your face. (Looks at him, he wipes her tears and kisses her again. She breaks from the kiss and put Jasmine in her baby-bed.

Chandler: C'mere, Mon. (He gaze into her eyes, kisses her passionately. They fall onto her bed)

[SCENE: Later on Mon's bedroom. Monica and Chandler are lying at her bed, cuddled. He hugs her tight]

Chandler: Mon, promise me something...

Monica: What?

Chandler: Never criticize her like your mother did to you.

Monica: Of course not. I love her so much. I would never hurt her, or ... her father.

Chandler: (Hugs her tighter) Thanks Mon. (Again, they do the French kiss. Imagine it, it's sooo sweet you guys!)


[SCENE: Thanksgiving. The gang are all in M&R's apartment. Ben is watching little Jasmine, who's sleeping in her box]

Joey: (To Chandler) I wish you daughter will be as pretty as Yasmine Bleeth, Man!

Ross: So you can flirt on her? No way, Joey! Not my niece.

Phoebe: Stop it you guys! Let's eat.

Monica: Oh, Ross, don't eat that pie. There are kiwis in it. Chandler loves it. So...

Ross: (Cuts her, to Chandler) Man, how come you like kiwi so much? Not Mango or peach or...

Rachel: (cuts him) Shut up, Ross. We like it too. Thank God Chandler came back. We never eat kiwi while you're gone, Chandler. (Chandler gives her a 'thank you so much' look)

Chandler: Well, would you listen to this, guys? (He takes a box of ring and goes over to Monica. He gets down on one knee) Monica Geller, will you marry me? Well then, our daughter will get his father's name. Plus, I love you so much. So...

Monica: (Bursting into tears, yeah she cries a lot, sounds like Rachel?)Oh my God! Umm- Chandler, what should I say?

Chandler: Please say yes.

All: (Whispering) Say yes! Say yes!

Monica: Yes. Yes, I will. (He puts the ring on her finger. They hug and then they kiss , VERY passionately)

All: Awww-

Chandler: You're right, Mon. Thanksgiving really really means a lot to me now. (Monica smiles, they kiss again)

(They break away. He wraps his hands around her)

Chandler: Umm- Mon... Would you like to try... Umm... having another baby? (Looks at Jasmine) Jasmine needs a friend... And, I kinda like the feeling of having a baby.

Monica: (Smiling) We can talk about it later, honey. Wow, my daughter has really changed you!

Chandler: What do you mean YOUR daughter? We both made her! (Monica glares at him. Everyone laughs)