The One Where Chandler Left -- Part 1

Written by: Listya

Disclaimer: The characters and their stories belong to Bright, Kaufman, and Crane and NBC and Warner
Brothers. I mean no infringement and make no profit.

I've assumed that everybody knows about Monica and Chandler. I'm a big C&M fan, so the story's a little bit centered on both of them. The scene takes place at February 10, 4 days before Valentine's Day.

[SCENE: Chandler's office. They are having a meeting. Actually the meeting's over.]

Doug: Thank you everybody. See you tomorrow.(Slaps everybody's butt except Chandler)

Chandler: Whoa, whoa, wait!! I thought we've agreed that everybody gets the slapping on their butt, INCLUDING ME!

Doug: You will, Bing. Actually I wanted to say something to you. (Pause) You will be transferred to San Francisco.

Chandler: (Mouth drops) What?? What are you talking about? When?

Doug: Two weeks from now. You'll be heading the fine-food section there.

Chandler: I don't know what to say, Doug. Can't I just stay here?

Doug: But you'll be the boss there! You'll be ...

Chandler: (Cuts him) I don't care, I ... (Realising what Doug just said) Are you sure? I'm the boss?

Doug: Yeah. You have to take this chance, Bing! Think about it! Well, I gotta go. See ya tomorrow. (Leaves the office, then comes back to slap his butt, then leaves again)

Chandler: I will think about it. (Pause) Now, what should I say to Monica??



[SCENE: Monica & Rachel's apartment. It's two days before Valentine's day. Everybody's having breakfast there]

Ross: Gee, nice pancake, Mon! Next time, remember not to put KIWI in the syrup.

Monica: Oh, sorry sweetie, but Chandler wants the kiwi. I'll make you another one tomorrow.

(Ross gives 'sarcastic thank you' look to her)

Rachel: Oh great, Valentine's Day is coming and I don't have a boyfriend, not even a date! (frowning)

Phoebe: (Sarcastic) Me too! Ugh, this sucks. What should we do on Valentine's Day? Maybe we should do something together, Rach, you know, we have already, right? (Remembered something) Remember when we burned those things from our ex-boyfriend? Maybe now we should do the stick dancing, you know, NAKED.

Rachel: Thanks, Phoebs! But I have a better plan. What if we rent movies and watch it together? What do you think, guys?

Joey: Well, I already have a date for Valentine's Day. Her name's Tracy. (Grins) I met her at the coffee house yesterday. She's hot, you know?

Phoebe: (Agreed) I'm free, Rach! I'll take your plan. Ooh, we can go to the rental together. Yay!! Maybe we could watch romantic movies? (Rachel glares at her) Oh, sorry, it reminds you the moment of Valentine's Day. (realising) Maybe some thriller?

Ross: Sorry guys, I have to babysit Ben. Carol and Susan's having a dinner together on Valentine's Day.

(Rachel and Phoebe are looking at Monica and Chandler. Monica is sitting on Chandler's lap)

Chandler: Uhh- do you remember? Me and Mon?? We're dating now! Of course we already had plans!(Smiles at Monica. She's blushing)

Rachel: Okay, okay. Then it's just you and me, Phoebs!

Phoebe: Okay! Yay!

Joey: Alright, everybody, I've got an audition today. (Stands up from his chair) Bye!

Ross: I'm leaving too. Wait for me, Joe!

Rachel: Umm, Phoebs, can I ride with you? Umm, with your van?

Phoebe: Okay, but I have to go to Frank and Alice first, is it okay? Bye Mon, Chandler!

Rachel: Okay, the babies are there, right? (Phoebe nods) Cool! See ya later, guys!

Chandler & Monica: Bye/ See ya!!

( Realising that they are alone. Chandler kisses Monica, who's still sitting on his lap)

Monica: (Breaking the kiss) Where are we going for Valentine's Day, Chandler?

Chandler: Let's see here, I'm taking you to a candlelight dinner at some place. I haven't decide it yet. But it's gonna be you and me, alone, together. Is that alright?

Monica: Now I love you even more! (Kisses him passionately, suddenly she breaks the kiss, AGAIN) Oh, no! I'm late for my appoinment with the doctor.

Chandler: Oh- okay. Mon, there's something I want to say to you...

Monica: (Cuts him) Can't you wait until tonight? I'm already late, you know, for like...(Sees her watch) 15 minutes. (Kisses him on the cheek) I love you! Bye, honey. (Leaves the apartment)

Chandler: (Quietly) I love you too, Mon. (Disappointed) Bye...

[SCENE: Mon & Rach's. In the evening. Monica is sitting on the kitchen. I seems that she's been thinking]

(Rachel enters)

Rachel: Hi, Mon! (No response) Mon! Honey!

Monica: (Surprised) What? Oh, hi Rach! (Back to thinking)

Rachel: What's wrong, Mon? (Takes a seat beside her)

Monica: Umm, but promise you won't tell anyone about this, okay? I mean, NO-ONE should know about this now! (Stare her right into her eyes) I'm ... (Hesitant)

Rachel: What?

Monica: (Lowers her voice) pregnant...

(Rachel still can't hear what she said)

Rachel: Louder, sweetie!

Monica: Pregnant! (This time she can hear it. Loud and clear)

Rachel: (With a very surprised look) Huh? What?? Oh my God...

Monica: I went to my doctor today. And I took a test. The test said that I'm pregnant for three months. I'm pregnant with Chandler's baby!

Rachel: (Excited) I'm so happy for you! Are you sure we will keep this a secret? (Hugs her)

Monica: Yeah, I'm gonna tell him on Valentine's Day. I'm so scared that he will freaked out about this.

Rachel: But Mon, it's his baby. I'm sure he'll be fine.

Monica: Keep my fingers crossed!

[SCENE: A romantic, calm, luxurious restaurant. Monica and Chandler are there. They already had their meal. It's Valentine's Day, duh!!!]

Chandler: I can't believe that I'm Celebrating Valentine's Day with the most beautiful woman in REAL LIFE and also I love more than I love Yasmine Bleeth. (Touches her face gently and kisses her passionately)

Monica: (Smiles) Really? I don't know what to say, but I really really love you, Chandler.

Chandler: Listen, Mon. There's something I have to say. I'll be transferred to San Francisco. In, like, one and a half week from now. (Monica is surprised) Would you like to move there with me?

Monica: (Disappointed) I don't know Chandler. I mean, I can't leave my work, my apartment, my friends. Oh, there's much more I can't mention right now.

Chandler: (Also disappointed) But I'm getting promoted, Mon. I can't just let this chance go.

Monica: (Angry) Well, then go for it, Bing! (Leaves the restaurant with tears)

Chandler: Monica! Monica! Mon...

[SCENE: Mon & Rach's . Rachel and Phoebe are watching SCREAM]

Rachel & Phoebe: Aaaaaaaargh...!!! (Holding up pillows in front of their face)

(Pause, then they both look at the TV again)

Phoebe: This anchorwoman looks a lot like Monica! (looks at Rachel) Don't you think?

Rachel: (Gasps) Oh, my God! You're right!

(Monica enters)

Monica: Hi...

Phoebe: (Looks at Monica, then looks at the TV again) Hey Mon, if you put some highlights on your hair, you look so much like this Gale Weathers. (Points at the TV)

Monica: (Joins them) Who's Gale Weathers?

Rachel: She's that bitch anchorwoman... (Looks at her realising that she's been crying) Oh, honey, what's wrong? And why did you come back so early? I thought that you'd spend the night with Chandler. Well, Joey's gonna be at his date's, so...

Monica: (Starting to cry) He told me that he's leaving New York. He want it so much because he's getting promoted. I left him at the restaurant. I didn't even have the chance to tell him that I'm pregnant with his baby. (Cries uncontrollably)

Phoebe: (Shocked) You're pregnant with his baby??

Monica: (Still crying) Oh, Phoebs, you can't tell him now. (Stares at Rachel) You too! Please, you guys. I just don't want him to know about this. (Points at her stomach) I think I don't even want to see him now. (Goes to her bedroom)

(Chandler enters)

Chandler: (Losing breath) Is... Monica... here? Hh, hhh...

Rachel: She's in her room. But I think you shouldn't go there. You're leaving her. (Sarcastic)

Phoebe: Yeah, you are so mean!

Chandler: Guys, you... you don't know... (Leaves M&R's apartment, almost crying)

[SCENE: One week later, Chandler has start packing. But... oh, he's wearing sweatpants. It's even worse than his broke-up with Kathy. Monica keeps avoiding him. The others feels sorry for him, but they are also disappointed with his decision. He's decided to go to San Francisco tomorrow. It seems that he's hurt so much]

(Chandler has just finished packing, Joey enters)

Joey: Oh, man, you have done the packing?

Chandler: Yes, Joey. Umm - I will left you the foozball(is this correct?) table.

Joey: Awww, thanks. (Hugs him, then he realize that Chandler's wearing sweatpants) Wow, your girlfriend really affect you that much!

Chandler: What should I do, Joey?

Joey: Why did you ask me?? I have never been on a relationship before!

(Cut to M&R's place. Monica and Rachel are talking)

Rachel: Monica, the father of your baby is leaving tomorrow. For God's sake, pleeeeease, talk to him. I can't see you like this.

Monica: I can't. He's leaving me. Rach, please, don't you ever mention the baby in front of him. (She's about to cry again)

Rachel: (Hugs to comfort her) Oh - Mon, but you LOVE him, and he LOVES you!

Monica: If it makes him happy, he should go for it. At least, he left me something. HIS BABY!!

Rachel: I don't understand the way you think...

(Chandler comes in)

Rachel: I think I heard Joey called me over there... (Leaves)

Chandler: Hey, Mon. I want to talk to you.

Monica: (Nervously) Umm - Chandler - I... I don't think - Okay, ... What is it?

Chandler: I just want to tell you, I'll stay here if you want me to. I love you, Monica. (Monica's in tears) Please, say something...

Monica: I... I... I know that this means a lot to you. I don't want to block you from anything, especially your job. I mean, I love you too, but... you should go(Kiss him on the cheek, but Chandler's quickly kissing her on her lips, passionately)

Chandler: I don't want to lose this, I mean, you Mon.

Monica: (Still crying) Well, come here at Christmas, or Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving really means a lot to us, right? We first met at Thanksgiving, you said you love me at Thanksgiving...

Chandler: (Cuts her off) No, no, no ... I've already loved you since that Thanksgiving, the one where you cut my toe.

Monica: (Smiles) Aww - You're so sweet. But I really want you to take that job. We can still keep in touch. I want to make you happy.

Chandler: (Kissing her again) Thanks, sweetie. Call me every night, OK?

Monica: Yes, Sir!

(Chandler & Monica hug. Rachel comes in and sees them)

Rachel: Aww, that's so sweet...

Chandler: (To Monica, lovingly) Bye, honey! (To Rachel) Bye Rach!

Monica: (Lovingly) Bye!

(Chandler exits)

Rachel: Have you told him? (Monica's avoiding her stare, Rachel is shocked) You haven't told him?!? I can't believe you!(Almost screaming)

Monica: If he knew he'd stay. If he stay, he's gonna lost his job. If he lost his job, he'll kill himself. If he kills himself, I'm going to kill myself. Do you want me to die??

Rachel: OK, OK, enough, Mon!

To be continued to the 2nd part...