The One With All The Checking

Written by Rebecca


{Rachel is leaving work, coming out of elevator, she see's Joshua}

Rachel: Oh my god..Joshua!
Joshua: Rachel!
Rachel/Joshua: How are you?/How've you been?
Rachel: Not to good actually, yourself?
Joshua: Not to good either.
Rachel: Why what's up?

{scene cuts to Rachel & Joshua having dinner at some restaurant, you can
tell they have been talking about Joshua's problem}

Rachel: Wow. That sounds tough. How long were you together for?
Joshua: About 4 months. Enough about me, anyway, tell me what's
wrong with
Rachel: I guess it all started when Ross got engaged...



{ Monica & Rachel's apartment - All there, except Rachel}

Monica: So, everyone's still on for Rachel's surprise party on
Chandler: Yeah, I was meant to be visting my Dad this weekend,
but I'm sure
he won't mind spending some time alone with his new
(Monica pats chandler on leg, all sympathetic, then
quickly moves on)
Monica: So, has everyone organised there allocated sections?
from a note book) Decorations?
Phoebe: Check.
Monica: Nibbilies?
Ross: Check.
Monica: Meal. Check! Alcohol?
Chandler/Joey: Check!
Joey: Excuse me. I believe I was in control of that
Chandler: Yes, yes you were. But I thought I better take over
after I
caught you drinking all the beer you bought with our
Joey: (Stuttering) well...well..that's because...
Monica: (Interupting) Look, Joey, can you be trusted?
Joey: Yes, Mam.
Monica: Ok, let's go people, we have work to do. (Gets up, grabs
her bag
and gets ready to leave, Chandler turns TV on, Monica
glares at him)
Chandler: TV working? Check!
(Chandler turns TV off, they all start writing
things down and discussing
their allocated jobs)


Scene 3

(Hallway between Chandler & Joey's & Monica & Rachel's apartment, Rachel is
coming back from her date)

Joshua: So, I guess this is it.
Rachel: Unless you want to come in, for um...desert?
Joshua: Sure, ooohh have you got any chocolate cake, because their
was this
cake on the menu, but I was kinda full)
(Rachel gives him a look, as know what I
mean...not desert)
Joshua: ooohh
(They walk in cuddling and kissing and realise the
whole gang is there
and stop suddenly)
Rachel: Oh...what happened to the movie?
(It' obvious that they said that to get rid of
Rachel so that they could
plan the party, as they hide their notepads)
Phoebe: It was closed.
Rachel: Closed?
Joey: Yeah, their film broke.
Rachel: Ok then....
Monica: Oh my god...Josh! Rachel??? Got something to tell us?
Rachel:'s Joshua, and we bumped into each other yesterday.
Joshua: Hey peoples!
The Gang: Hey Joshua!
Chandler: That's great, say ah...I take it you're back
Rachel: Yep. Say ah, guys, how long you gonna be here for? Haven't
got some other place to be?
Joey: No. Why you so eager for us to leave?
(Rachel gives him a look like she earlier gave
Chandler: Sorry, Rach were kinda busy.
Rachel: doing, what exactly?
Monica: Watching Friends on TV. (Quickly turns on TV)
Chandler: must be finished now. Oh well, seinfeld's
on next.
Rachel: OK!! (to the gang) (to Joshua) Is your place free?
Joshua: oooooohhhh yeah. (They both run out together)


(Scene: Monica & Rachel's apartment, the surprise party, The gang are there
minus Rachel, Gunther and other guests fill the room.)
Chandler: Mon, can you just relax for one moment, please?
Monica: I can't just yet, I've got to
(Chandler grabs Monica and kisses her very
Ok...maybe I can just a little.
(They kiss again)
Joey: ooooohhhh....there coming!!!!
(Joshua & Rachel coming back from Rachel's birthday
date once again)
Rachel: Well, the place is definately empty this time. They all
went to
the Knicks game, leaving me alone on my birthday. Well
not totally
alone..(goes to
kiss Joshua, but her pulls away from her)
Rachel: What? What is it?
Joshua: Look, Rachel..I
Rachel: Why do I get the feeling this isn't good news.
Joshua: I'm sorry Rachel, but you know the Melanie - the girl I was
you about? Well, she wants us to get back together?
Rachel: (Walks round in circles) Wh, wha, what? (Angrily & upset)
Joshua: Look, I'm sorry I never meant to hurt you.
Rachel: Well I'm glad you doged that bullet. Look I've got to go.
inside and slams the door, turns the lights on)
Rachel: Oh my god (sees monica) Monica!! (Sees Pheebs) Pheebs!
Joey & Chandler) Ross, Joey, Chandler, Wow, I didn't
see that coming!


(Same as before, but time as lapsed)

Chandler: (Obviously drunk) (to monica singing) ooohh
baby I love your ways..
Monica: (Also drunk) (to chandler singing) everyday, yeah yeah.
(They kiss, and dance funny)
Ross: (Interupting) have you two seen Rach?
Chandler: About 1m 60, brown hair, brown eyes?
Ross: Gee, thanks for your help guys.
Monica: You are so cute (to chandler) they kiss again
Ross: (Entering Rachel's bedroom) Rach?? Rach, you here?
(Turns the
light on and see's Rachel lying on her bed crying)
Rachel: Ross.
Ross: Rach, what's the matter? Had some of that Punch
hey? Strong isn't
it!! Mind you Monica & Chandler seem to be enjoying it's
side effects!
Rachel: (Starts balling her eyes out) It's Joshua.
Ross: (Looking round for him) where?
Rachel: No, he dumped me..again.
Ross: Oh my god sweetie, I'm so sorry. (Hugs her)
Rachel: What's wrong with me? (Cries in his arms)
Ross: (Quietly) Nothing's wrong with you Rach. (He moves a
strand of hair
away from her eyes)
Rachel: (Looks into his eyes) Ross.
Ross: (Looks into her eyes) Rach
(They lean into kiss, Rachel, stops for a moment,
then they go into the
kiss, very passionatley)
Ross: Wow.
Rachel: Shhh. (Grabs him and they kiss again)


(the party scene everyone has left)
Phoebe: Do you get the feeling, that the two of us, are beginning to
left out of everything?
Joey: Yuh huh! Look....maybe we should pretend to be a
couple, to get some
attention, y' know?
Phoebe: Ok, so let's plan it.
(Monica & Chandler walk in, very drunk just singing
Jingle Bells)
(Joey & Phoebe kiss, so that Chandler & Monica can
Chandler: Good night guys, great party.
(Ross & Rachel walk in, hugging, amd being all
lovey-dovey & kissing)
Ross: Hey guys!
Monica: Are you two????
Rachel: Yep! Isn't is great?
(Monica & Chandler run over to hug them both, and
the 4 of them walk
(Phoebe & Joey have sad looks on their faces.)