The One Where Chandler Askes

Written by: Sally Zahnle

This is my first script. It takes place after TOW Everyone Finds Out except Ross doesn't see them. Please send me feedback at   I will be writing two every week if posible. Just to let you know, Monica and Chandler are my favorite charactors so I will be favoring them a little. :)

   Scene one-Monica's bedroom. Monica and Chandler are in bed. Monica is wearing a blue tank top and yellow shorts. Chandler is wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of plaid boxers. Monica is on her side facing away from Chandler.  The clock next to Monica on the bedside table reads 4:59. Clock changes and alarm goes off.

CHANDLER: (Reaches over Monica and turns off alarm. Gently shakes Monica's arm and whispers in her ear) Hey Mon, the alarm went off.

MONICA: (Turns onto her back) Do you really have to go?  Ross doesn't get up til 9 and Rachel wakes up at, like, noon.

CHANDLER: Okay, but only til 8:30


CHANDLER: Deal (They kiss)

    Cuts back to Monica's room. The clock reads 9:13

MONICA: (Yawns and looks at clock) Oh shoot! (Quickly gets out of bed, runs around the bed and shakes Chandler) Chandler, get up. It's 9:15.

CHANDLER: (Jumps out of bed) Is anyone out there?

MONICA: (Walks to door and puts her ear against it) I don't hear anyone.


    Cuts to living room. Monica opens door and walks out with Chandler behind her.

CHANDLER: I better go (Starts to walk towards door)

MONICA: Hey you (grabs Chandler's shirt and pulls him back) Where's my kiss?

CHANDLER: Oh yeah (Starts kissing Monica. His back is to the balcony.)

    Ross enters and makes a noise. Instantly Monica and Chandler pull away from each other and Monica turns toward Ross.

Opening Credits

    Scene two-Monica and Rachel's living room. Ross is standing by the door. Monica and Chandler are standing next to each other by the balcony. Ross has a suprised and discusted look on his face. Chandler and Monica have a guilty-as-charged look on their faces.

ROSS: What is going on here?

MONICA: We were...

ROSS: (Cuts her off) I don't want to know! Chandler, can I talk to you privatly for a minute?

    Chandler walks into Monica's bedroom with Ross close behind. Cuts to Monica's bedroom. Ross walks in and closes the door behind him. He turns around to face Chandler.

ROSS: Dude (pauses for a moment) my sister? When did this start?

CHANDLER: Do you really want to know?

ROSS: Would I ask if I didn't want to know?

CHANDLER: Okay, if you really want to know.

ROSS: Just tell me!

CHANDLER: In London.


CHANDLER: I told ya, you didn't want to know.

    Cut to living room. Monica is sitting on the couch staring at the blank T.V. You can hear yelling in the other room. The door opens and Chandler rushes out.

MONICA: Chandler...

    Chandler ignores her and exits. Monica turns to face Ross.

MONICA: What did you say to him

ROSS: (Starts to speak but Monica cuts him off)

MONICA: I don't want to know. You probably told him off. I love him. Why can't you ever just be happy when I find a guy I fall in love with. Are you the king of relationships on an off day, because I don't see you in one right now.

    Monica charges to the door, grabs her coat and exits.

Commercial Break

    Scene three-Apartment building hallway. Monica is sitting on the floor leaning against Chandler and Joey's apartment door. She is now wairing her coat un-zipped over her begining outfit and a phone is on the ground next to her.

MONICA: (Pounds on the door) Come on Chandler, open up.

    Monica picks up the phone and dials a number. Split screen with Joey on the other side.

JOEY: Hello?

MONICA: Hey Joey.

JOEY: Oh, hey, Monica.

MONICA: Listen, Joey. I need you to come here as soon as you can.

JOEY: (With a concerned voice) Why? What is it?

MONICA: Ross and Chandler got in a fight and Chandler locked the door of the apartment and won't let me in.

JOEY: Okay, I'll be right over.   

    Apartment hall takes up whole screen. Time lapse.  Monica is pacing back and forth wringing her hands with worry. Joey comes up the stairs with a key in his hand.

JOEY: Here's the key.

MONICA: (Grabs the key) Oh thank you so much.

JOEY: Okay I have to get back to work. I hope everything works out.

MONICA: Thanks Joey.

    Joey exits down the stairs. Monica unlocks the door and goes in. Cut to Chandler and Joey's apartment. Chandler is sitting in one of the chairs facing away from the door and is still wearing the white T-shirt, but with a pair of jeans.

MONICA: Chandler?

CHANDLER: Did Joey come and give you his key?

MONICA: Yeah. Are you okay?

CHANDLER: (Turns around in the chair until he faces Monica) I guess so.

    Monica walks over to him. Chandler gets out of the chair. They hug.

MONICA: You know I don't care what Ross says. I'll always love you.

CHANDLER: Me too. In fact, (Releases Monica and grabs her hands) I have something to ask you. Will you...

    Ross enters. Chandler stops talking and drops Monica's hands.

ROSS: Hey. Uh Monica? Could I speak to Chandler?

MONICA: Sure. (Starts toward door and stops by Ross) Be nice. (Exits)

ROSS: Chandler, I'm...

CHANDLER: (Cutting Ross off) You're right man. We should have told everyone from the beginning.

ROSS: (Firmly) No. I was wrong. You guys have a right to privacy. I guess I was just hurt that you or Monica didn't tell me.

CHANDLER: So no hard feelings?

ROSS: None what so ever.

CHANDLER: Okay, can you leave and send Monica in. There's something really important I have to ask her.

ROSS: Oh, yeah, sure. I'll get her.

    Ross exits and Monica enters after a minute.

MONICA: Ross said you have to ask me something. But first, how'd it go?

CHANDLER: Fine. There are no hurt feelings. Okay, here goes. (Walks to door and locks it. Then walks back to Monica, grabs her hands and takes a deep breath) Will you marry me?

MONICA: (Has a suprised look) Really?


MONICA: Oh God. Um, yes.


MONICA: Yes. Oh come here.

    Chandler and Monica start kissing. There is a loud thump at the door.

JOEY: (From outside the door) Hey! Who locked the door?

Ending Credits

    Scene four-Central Perk. Monica, Chandler, and Rachel are sitting on the couch. Phoebe is sitting in the chair on the right side. Ross is sitting in the chair on the left.  Joey is sitting on the arm of the couch with an ice pack held up to his nose. Rachel is sitting on the couch next to Joey. Monica is sitting next to her and Chandler is sitting next to Monica. He has his arm around her. She now is
wearing a black sweater and jeans on.

RACHEL: (To Monica) So where are you two going to live?

MONICA: Well, we were thinking of switching rooms every week, until we find our own apartment.

PHOEBE: When is the wedding?

CHANDLER: We don't know.

RACHEL: What about the honeymoon?

MONICA: We're not sure yet.

ROSS: Do you know who is going to be in the wedding?

CHANDLER: Other than you guys, no.

JOEY: (Takes off the ice pack revealing a very swelled up nose) Don't lock the door when you are deciding these things, okay?