The One Where It's Been Ten Years

The One Where It's Been Ten Years

Written by:Zoey

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright, Kaufman
and Crane Productions and Warner Bros. Their use is not intended for
profit, only for entertainment.

This is in season 7, the season that hasn’t been yet... it’s about time for the
season’s end, about three episodes away... Monica and Chandler are

{Scene 1: Central Perk}

[Chandler is sitting on the couch, his left arm around Monica’s knees, who
is sitting on the arm of the couch. Phoebe is sitting next to him, Rachel
next to her. Joey and Ross are sitting at the table, Ross reading the
newspaper over Joey’s shoulder.]

Chandler : I know, I know, it’s horrible, but I haven’t seen him in like... ten
years... why does he have to come now?

Rachel : [pushes back her hair] Honey, he’s your Dad. You’re getting
married. Isn’t there some *little* part of you that’s happy?

Chandler : [sighes heavily and pushes back his hair] I don’t know. It’s
like, you know, he never wanted anything to do with me when *I* wanted
him there...

Phoebe : [nods her head] And now that *he* wants to be there, you’re like,
Ha... I don’t want you here!

Chandler : [bites his lip and tilts his head] I think... yeah, I think that’s it.

Rachel : [smiles and hits Phoebe’s arm.] Wow Phoebs, how’d you know that?

Phoebe : [looking pleased] Well, you know, it’s just a gift I have.

Chandler : [gives a reluctant laugh and shakes his head at Phoebe] Well,
that’s some gift you got there Phoeb.... [trails off as two men enter in front
of him] H...H... Hiyyaaaaa

Monica : [leans forward and puts her hands on his back] Is that him?

Chandler : [nodding and standing quickly, nearly knocking Monica off
the couch] D.... Dad, Hi! [he says in an incredibly loud, nervous voice]

Dad : Hello son.

Chandler : [smiling slowly, tears in his eyes] Hey. [he says quietly}

[Chandler reached out a hand to shake his Dad’s hand, but his Dad
bypasses the hand and hugs Chandler to him tightly. After a bit of
flustered hand placement, Chandler closes his eyes and hugs him back]

Chandler : It’s... It’s really good to see you again, Dad.

Dad : [smiles widely and holds Chandler at arms length] You look good

Chandler : [runs a hand over his bright green shirt] Thanks, you too.

Dad : [steps back and surveys the group] So... who’s the lucky fella?

Chandler : [flabbergasted] D... the fella... I ..... wh wh wha .....

Dad : [laughs and puts a hand on his shoulder] Joking Kiddo.

Chandler : [clearly not amused, laughs choppily] Ha ha huhhhhhhh.
Good one!

{Opening Credits}
~*~So no one told you life was gonna be this way...~*~

{Scene 2: Central Perk}

[Chandler is sitting next to Monica, who is sitting on the couch now.
Phoebs and Rachel have moved to the chair, Chandler’s Dad sitting next to
him, the other man sitting on the arm of the couch, his arm around him]

Chandler : [uneasily eyeing the man with his arm around his Dad] So...
uh, you gonna introduce us to your... your uh... um....

Monica : [squeezing Chandler’s arm] Your friend? Who’s your friend?

Marty : [I’ve decided to name Mr. Bing Marty... I don’t know his real
name!] Oh, I’m sorry, how terribly rude of me, this is Emilio. He’s my...
my... [looks away from Chandler’s less than open expression.]

Ross : You know, my first ex-wife... Carol... she’s a lesbian.

All : ROSS!

Ross : [realizing what he just said] What?! Well, I mean, we all know!

Marty : [laughs] Well, now that it’s all in the open. [he looks adoringly at
Emilio. Looks back at Chandler] I hope you don’t mind me bringing him?

Chandler : [licks his lips.] Nah, no, it’s fine Dad.

Emilio : [Smiling widely, he really is very cute] I’m so glad. He was so
worried you know, what with not having seen you in so long... [sees Marty
looking at him sternly] He’s... he’s very proud of you.

Chandler : [smiles sincerely at Emilio.] Well, ah, good to meet you Emilio.

[Monica smiles, proud.]

Marty : [standing} Well, we’ve gotta run. I have some business to take care
of while I’m in town.

Chandler : [looking a little crestfallen] Oh, well, yeah, sure... I

Emilio : [stopping on their way out] Hey, why don’t the four of us have
dinner tonight?

Marty : [turning to Emilio] Em, he may not be ready for that yet...

Chandler : [turning in his seat to catch his Dad’s hand] No... no, I’d like
to have dinner with you... with you both. [he looks at Monica] Is that

Monica : [nodding] It’s perfectly alright, honey.

Marty : [smiling sadly] Chan... I... I really am happy for you son.

Chandler : [a little confused] Thanks. That... that means alot to me.

[Marty and Emilio exit]

[Monica kisses Chandler passionately]

Chandler : [smiling goofily] What was that about... NOT that I’m

Monica : [smiling widely] I’m so proud of you.

Chandler : [shrugs] Well, I figured, it’s been ten years... it’ll probably be
another ten... why not be nice the few days I see him?

Rachel : [leans forward] He really was nice. He really did look happy to
see you.

Chandler : [looks down sadly] Yeah... only took him ten years. [All but
Chandler share a sad look] Hey, guys, don’t do that. I’m fine.

Joey : Do what man? We didn’t do anything?

Chandler : [shakes his head] That look. That pitying look... That “awww,
poor Chander” look. [He looks at Monica lovingly.] I have Mon now, I
don’t need anyone else.

{Scene 3: Monica’s and Chandler’s}

[Monica is standing behind Chandler, hugging him from behind.]

Monica : [concerned] You okay?

Chandler : [shaking his head slowly.] I thought I was. Imean, it’s been ten
years... but I can’t help it... I’m... yeah, I’m angry with him! [he stands up
with tears in his eyes] I... I don’t think I can handle this right now Mon...

Monica : [crossing arms, looking at him with her own tears in her eyes]
Honey, you’re gonna have to deal with him eventually.

Chandler : [holding onto a chair, wiping his mouth with his left hand]
Why... why why why why why?! [he picks up his chair and slams it on the
floor] Why did he have to come around now? I’m happy! I’m so happy

Monica : [rushes forward and grabs his hands in hers] Hey, calm down.
[She looks at the chair wich is still clutched in Chandler’s hand] Come on,
I’ve... I’ve never seen you like this.

Chandler : [letting go of the chair he scratches his head] I know... I know
[he hugs Monica to him.] I’m sorry.

Monica : [runs her hand down his shirt] No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you’re in
pain. I’m sorry I can’t take it away. I’m sorry he’s here now and that
you’re angry.

Chandler : [sighs and hugs her to him tighter] Hey, come on, don’t cry, I’m
sorry. And you don’t need to apologize... it’s him. It’s always been him.

[Joey walks in abruptly, stuffing a meatball sandwich in his mouth.]

Joey : Hey guys! This is the BEST sandwich EVER!... [pausing he sees the
serious expressions on Monica and Chandler’s faces] Oh, God, what’s

Monica : [steps away, running her hand down Chandler’s arm
comfortingly, knowing he would want to talk to Joey alone.] I’m gonna...
I’m gonna go to the store... to get... um.... [she twidles her hair] to get stuff.

[Monica exits]

[Chandler groans loudly and leans over the table]

Joey : [now very concerned] What’s going on man? Talk to me.

Chandler : [straightens up.] Man, it’s... I thought... I thought I was okay
with it... but... I ... I was wrong.

Joey : [walks over to Chandler and puts a hand on his arm.] Your Dad?

Chandler : [nods and sits in the chair, Joey sitting in the next one, pulling
it over and rubbing Chandler’s back as he buries his head in his hands.]
It’s too... God, I don’t know, but it’s *too*!

Joey : [nodding] The whole gay thing?

Chandler : [looking up at Joey abruptly] No, no, I’m not *that* shallow.

Joey : [backing up a little, surprised at Chandler’s bitter tone] Betraying
your Mom?

Chandler : [shaking his head] No, Joe, that’s not it either.

Joey : [stands] Hey, man, I get it, you’re upset... no reason to take it out on

Chandler : [looks up and sees Joey’s hurt expression. He sighs and pulls
Joey back down into his chair.] I’m sorry... I’m not handling this too well.

Joey : [nods, still a little stung, but understands] Okay, so if it’s not the gay
thing... and it’s not the Mom thing... then what is it?

Chandler : Ten years! That’s what it is. It’s been ten years, man. Not a
call. Not a postcard. Not a letter... Nothing!

Joey : [frowning] Yeah, that is harsh.

Chandler : Harsh? Harsh? Oh, no, that’s not harsh... what’s harsh is that
even when he was around... he *wasn’t* around. He never did anything
with me. He never... he never hugged me. He... he never played football
with me... no... no no no no no, he was too busy with Mr. [adopts wierd
accent] “More Turkey Mr. Chandler?!” [shakes his head] I don’t even know
why he’s here. How did he find out about... oh.... [Chandler motions
sarcastically to Joey] Ofcourse! Mommy dearest probably called and
bitched at him til he caved.

Joey : [sqeezed Chandler’s shoulder] Hey, come on man... maybe she didn’t
have to. Maybe he wanted to see you but was too scared, ya know? I mean,
it *has* been ten years... maybe this was just the excuse he needed to reach
out to you again.

Chandler : [stands and smiles slightlya t Joey] Maybe. [sighs] I don’t
know. [walks over by the couches] It just.. it hurts you know? I... I didn’t
neccessarily wanna tell him about me and Mon... but even if I had... *I*
didn’t have a number to call.

Joey : [stands and faces him] So... talk to him. Ask him. Have it out... like
you did with Nora when she kissed Ross. Tell him off man.

Chandler : [shrugs] I... [shakes his head no] No, I can’t.

Joey : [crossing arms] Why?

Chandler : [looking down and shuffling his feet] Cause... what if I’m
right... what if he really just doesn’t give a damn?

{Scene 4 : Fancy Restaurant}

[Chandler and Monica sit on one side of a table, picking at their food,
Emilio and Marty on the other, doing the same]

Emilio : [awkwardly] So... So, Monica, Marty tells me you’re some kinda

Monica : [smiles at him, releived to finally have someone talk besides her
mindless chatter] Yeah, I’m a...

Chandler : [snorts] How would he know...

Marty : [putting down his fork, giving up on eating] Nora told me.

Chandler : [snorting again, still avoiding eye contact.] Yeah, and isn’t
that how all Dad’s get their information about their son’s fiance... through
the Mom. Not through the son... no, that would involve actually *talking*
to him.

Monica :[ looking awkwardly at Emilio} I’m a cook, yeah. I love to cook...

Marty : [angry] What is this Chandler? It’s been such a long time, and
you can’t even be nice to me?

Chandler : [throws his fork on his plate and faces Marty] It’s been so long...
[he says sarcastically] And yes... *that* was *my* fault.

[Marty and Chandler stare at each other, each one glaring, neither one
willing to admit the pain they felt to each other]

Emilio : [shifts uncomfortably] Ah, yeah, well....

Chandler : [turning his glare to Emilio] Why don’t you shut up? You don’t
know me! You don’t know what *he* has put me through! This is *none* of
your business...

Marty : [standing] I shoulda known better than to come...

Chandler : [standing as well] That’s right. Why the hell should you
anyway... it’s not like you ever gave a Damn about me!

Marty : [shocked] That... that’s not true...

Chandler : [throwing about forty bucks on the table, turns to Monica] You

Monica : [looking up at Chandler] Chandler...

Chandler : [turning to leave] Cause I’m going, Mon. I’m sorry, I thought I
could do this, but no... no, I can’t.

Marty : [grabbing Chandler’s arm] Son...

Chandler : [shoving his arm off in disgust] Get off of me. [he turns and
leaves, leaving Monica behind to quickly scramble off after him.]

[Monica catches up to him in the hallway. He’s leaning on the doorjam,
his head forward, eyes closed.]

Monica : Honey?

Chandler : [looks at her] I’m sorry [tears fall down his face. He clears his
throat.] Can we go now?

Monica : [taking his arm] Anything you want Chandler... whatever you
wanna do.

[Marty walks around the corner, but stops short as he sees Chandler, with
tears in his eyes, lean down to kiss Monica on the forehead.]

Chandler : [choked up] I’m sorry, it hurts to just look at him.

Monica : [stroking his arm] I know... come on... let’s go home.

[Marty leans against the doorframe, wanting so bad to call after him as
tears fall steadily down his own face]

{Scene 5 : Chandler and Monica’s}

[Chandler is sitting on the couch, Monica curled up on one side. Rachel is
sitting on his other side, her arms through his. Phoebe and Joey are
sharing the chair, and Ross is sitting on the floor.]

Ross : You gonna be okay man?

Chandler : [smiling slightly, adopting a singsong voice] I’ll get by... with a
little help... from my friends.

Phoebe : OOOOH! I LOVE that song!

Chandler : [laughs for the first time] Why don’t you sing it Phoebs. You
could do the Beatles.

Phoebe : [claps her hands] Ooooh.. okay.... What would you do, if I sang
outta tune... would you get up and walk out on me....

[Chandler catches Ross’ eye and smirks, raising one eyebrow... Ross has to
try really hard to not laugh]

[There’s a knock at the door and Rachel gets up to answer it.]

Rac hel : [gasps and covers her mouth as the group looks at her]
Chandler... Chandler, oh God you better....

Chandler : [hurries to stand up, tripping over his feet in his hurry] What....
wh wha what? [He hurries over to the door and grimaces as he sees Emilio,
his face caked in tears] What? [he asks, his cold]

Rachel : [stares at Chandler] Okay, Chandler... just... just listen to him.

Emilio : [taking several deep breaths] Chan.... Chandler... ah...

Chandler : [with a sinking feeling in his stomach] Yes?

[Monica comes up behind him and wraps her arms around him.]

Emilio : Chandler... there was an accident...

All : [gasp]

Chandler : [the breath taken right out of his chest] Wh...

Emilio : It’s bad.

Chandler : [stepping back] Is he... is he....

Emilio : [shaking his head] No... but it doesn’t look good. He could... any
minute now.

All : Oh God/Oh No/Oh Chandler

Chandler : [shaking his head] No.... no no no... it’s not true. He’s fine... it’s
a trick... it’s all his sick way of trying to get me to forgive him....

Emilio : [grabs Chandlers hands and forces him to look at him. He opens
his shirt and Chandler stops his rambling as he sees the blood caked on
Emilio’s formerly pristine whie shirt. Behind him Monica gasps.] This is
*his* blood... you can take my word for it, or see for yourself... Regardless, I
am going to go back to the hospital with the man I *love* and.... [ his eyes
tear up again] hold his hand and pray that he’ll make it through the

{Scene 6 : The Hospital}

[Emilio is pacing back and forth, his hand to his mouth. Chandler is
sitting on a chair, Monica holding onto him. Joey, Ross, Rachel, and
Phoebe are all sitting behind them, their hands on Chandler’s shoulders.
Emilio has explained to them that the cab they had taken back to the hotel
had gotten into a wreck and thrown Marty out the door on impact...
amazingly he remained unscathed... he had been wearing a seatbelt]

Chandler : [scared] You guys, what am I gonna do if... if he... if he dies?

Rachel : [sobs] Honey, don’t think like that...

Chandler : [stares blankly at the wall in front of him] Why not? [laughs,
but it’s more of a covered up sob] I would deserve it... God, the way I treated

Monica : [crying silently] No, no honey. Don’t do that. You don’t deserve
this.. he doesn’t deserve this... this isn’t something you deserve... it’s
something that happens.

[The group goes quiet as Nora Bing walks into the emergency room.
Chandler stands and walks to her. They hug without saying a word.]

Nora : Oh, honey, I’m sorry.

Chandler : I was so horrible to him... I was so angry at him... I yelled at

Nora : [leans back and smiles sadly, wiping away a piece of wayward hair]
Oh honey, it’ll be allright. It’ll be fine...

Chandler : [shakes his head] But what if it’s not, Mom...

[They are intterupted as a doctor walked in the room]

Doctor : Family of Mr. Bing?

Chandler, Nora, and Emilio : Yes/What is it?/Is he gonna be allright?

Doctor : [consulting his chart] It’s really too soon to say, but he is in stable
condition. We were able to stop the internal bleeding.

Chandler : Can we... can we see him?

Doctor : [eying the three of them] Only for a short period of time, and one
at a time.

[Chandler looks at Emilio]

Emilio : [nodding] He’d wanna see you.

Chandler : [walking over to Emilio] Thank you. [he almost cries but
swallows it away. He hugs him suddenly.] I’m sorry for how horrible I was
to you Emilio.

Emilio : [half-hearted smile] I know. Go on kid.

{Scene 7 : Marty Bings Hospital Room}

[Chandler has entered but is unable to walk past the door at first. Taking
a few deep breaths, he is able to force himself to walk to the bed and sit
beside his father.]

Chandler : [taking Marty’s hand] Dad... [he croaks, bending his head]
Dad I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you.... I’ve just been so angry
for so long and I... I never dealt with it... You... you made me feel like I was
some accident you had... like I was some problem you wanted to deal with
and get out of the way... but... but I guess I could have tried too... I guess I
could have tried to find you too instead of hating you for never coming to
me.... [he slowly takes his hand and allows the tears to fall down] I guess...
I guess what I’m saying is... Dad... Dad you can’t die on me here... I love
you, I always have. [he bends his head over and touches his forehead to his
dad’s hands.] don’t you die on me now....

Marty :[unbeknownst to Chandler, he had opened his eyes.] I love you too
son [he whispers]

Chandler : [head popping up quickly.] Dad?! Dad?!

Marty : [managing a slow smile.] I’m not that easy to kill ya know.

Chandler :[ laughs tearfully] Good... I was... I was afraid we’d never get to
finish this fight.

Marty : [squeezing his hand.] There’s nothing I want more than to fight
with you. [Chandler smiles] But now... now you have to let me rest... no
fair you being well and me being bed ridden... gotta have all my strength
back to fight with you... [his smile widens] and to see my son get married to
the most beautiful woman I’ve ever know in real life.

Chandler : [laughing out of releif] I thought you were into guys?

Marty : [barely audible] Son, just because I enjoy wool doesn’t mean I
can’t admire the fleece.

{ending credits}

{Scene 8 : Central Perk}

[sitting same way as in beginning... Chandler is sitting on the couch, his
left arm around Monica’s knees, who is sitting on the arm of the couch.
Phoebe is sitting next to him, Rachel next to her. Joey and Ross are sitting
at the table]

Phoebe : So, Chandler, how’s Marty?

Chandler : [smiling] Fine... he’s doing good. They moved him outta ICU
and into a private room.

Joey : [smiling widely] Niiiice..... [ all look at him strangely] Well, I
mean, if you have to be in a hospital, might as well be a private room.

[All shake their heads]

Ross : So... he’s gonna be okay then?

Chandler : [nods] That’s what Dr. Stefone says.

Rachel : [running a hand through her hair] So... how are you feeling
about it honey? You still... you still mad now that he’s okay?

Chandler : [shrugs] Well, I mean, ya can’t just make all the pain go
away... but now... now at least I think I’m ready to deal with it.

Phoebe : [nods, smugly] I already knew that.

Chandler : [smiling] Did you Phoebs?

Phoebe : Yuh-huh

Monica : [skeptically] And how is that?

Phoebe : [looking at Monica annoyed.] I already told you.... it’s just a gift
I have.... Doi.

Chandler : [laughing now, pulls on Phoebe’s hair] Well, that’s some gift
you’ve got Phoebs.

Phoebe : [air kissing Chandler] Only works on the men I love. [giggles
untils he sees Monica’s glare.] Ohhhh... oh, strictly platonic... I swear.
[Waits till Monica looks at Ross and blows Chandler a kiss, who silently
catches it and puts it to his heart, genuinely touched)