The One With The Ten Bucks

by: Clara

*This is my idea of who the should put Ross and Rachel back together
*It is part of a spoiler I heard

Mon and Rach's apt.

Chan(dler): has anyone noticed that Ross is been acting really weird lately?

Mon(ica): ya I went to talk to him and he slammed the door in my face

Jo(ey): ya me too

Rach(el): I'll try to talk to him

Mon: you think you'll be OK

Rach: ya (she leaves)

Chan: I bet someone they sleep together tonight

Pheo(be): how much?

Chan: $10 bucks

Pheo: OK sure

Mon: isn't this like against your rules?

Pheo: no I took a new oath

All: ahh (weird looks)

Ross' apt.


Ross: just a sec.

Rach: hi it just me buzzes her in she knocks he lets her in

Ross: hiiiiiii

Rach: hey what's going on?

Ross (unconvincingly): nothing OK no um I need to talk to you

Rach: sure

Ross: well OK um, I am um, still in love with you!

Rach: Ross stop saying stuff you don't mean

Ross: Rach I do mean it

Rach: your not in the right state of mind

Ross: please stay the night

Rach: no, I'm leaving will you be OK?

Ross: no not if your not her too

Rach: bye Ross

Ross grabs her by the waist, pulls her in and kisses her

Ross: now will you stay?

fade to black

Ross' apt. (his room)

R&R there they wake up

Ross: hi honey

Rach: hi (kisses him)

Ross: what was that for?

Rach: for being born

Ross: I love you

Rach: I love you too

They start to kiss she notices the time

Rach: shoot I need to be to work in 20 minutes

Ross: OK lets go wait I'm gonna bring you to a nice restaurant tonight k?

Rach: how can i say no

Ross: you cant

Mon and Rach's apt.

(all but R&R there)

Mon: Rach did not come home last night

Pheo: maybe they (thinking) watched a movie

Chan: or maybe they didn't

R&R walk in

Both: hi

All: hi

Mon: (to Rach) where were you last night?

Rach: where do you think I was?

Mon: ohhhhhh

Rach: must change

She leaves

Pheo: so did you guys you know?

All: Pheobe!!

Pheo: sorry

Ross: yes

Chandler: oh yeah I'm so happy sooooooo happy Pheobe 10 bucks now

Pheobe: hands him 10 bucks

Ross: whoohoowhat pa thar you you bet on us?

Chan: come on!

Pheo: yeah its you and Rach you know the whole lobster thinly

Ross: yeah I guess

Rach: comes out

Rach: (to Ross) how do I look?

Ross: your wearing that to work?

Rach: no this is for tonight

Ross: well than you look in a word wow

Rach: leaves

Pheo: so are you guys gonna get married?

Ross: I don't know I mean we really need to trust each other again y'know?

All: ya I guess

Mon: but wouldn't that just be like the greatest thing?

Ross: yeah

Rach comes out

Ross: I love you

Chan: and don't love you

Ross: hahaha no I love you Rachel

Rach: I love you too

Ross: can I talk to you for a sec

Rach: (confused) sure

They go to the balcony

Ross: I love you so much and ....

Rach: is this good news or bad?

Ross: good I hope

Rach: go on

Ross: and I want to be with you forever Rach will you marry me?

Rachel is silent

Ross: you OK i should not have asked you I still want..

Rach: (interrupting) yes

Ross: really?

Rach: yeah I love you Geller

They kiss


All: ahhhh

Pheo: I wonder what they said?

Chan: maybe he asked her if he could suck her brains out, would you look at them?

Pheo: doy, they are lobsters!

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