The One After The Proposal

Written by: Cloken

I spent a month reading every single episode of Friends, and really much Fanfic's so this will be perfect. (I know it's kinda Monica-isch) I didn't really know what to do. A future episode or a pick-up-where-they-left-of-episode. So it's kinda like The One With The Thanksgiving Flashbacks, only it's a flash forward. It's about the six friends "dreaming" about the future, and we get to see the real thing. It takes place after Chandler proposes to Monica, cause that was the perfect opportunity to start dreaming about the future. I'm babbling, uh?

Disclaimer: I don't own these guys (and girls), I'm not making any profit, it's pure entertainment. (Or so I think)

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[Central Perk: The gang is just hanging out, like always.]

Phoebe: I still can't believe you guys are getting married.

Chandler: Why? Regrets?

Phoebe: Yes, acutely, I think it's sad, if you found out your true feelings wen you met, you now could be where you are in like five years.

Ross: Yeah, but where are they in five years?

Rachel: If it were you probably divorced…or sleeping with the girl from the Xerox place.

Ross: We were…

All: On a break.

Joey: We know that, Ross.

Ross: (trying to change the subject.) So, where will we be in five years?

Opening Credits

(Imagine if U like what they would look like in season 7)

[Chandler and Monica's: They have a house now, and everyone is present, and a few more.]

On the screen appears 2005

Ross: So, Public Access Magazine asked me for an interview.

Chandler: Why? To talk about your fifth (yes, FIVE) divorce?

Ross: No, about that bone I found. Plus you can't blame me for the fifth time, she was cheating on me!

Rachel: And that makes your four other divorces okay?

(Two kids, a boy and a girl, about the same age come out of the kitchen)

Andrew: You SO do not!

Kate: And what about you? Look I'm Andrew Bing, could I BE anymore stupid!

Joey: They sure take after their father.

Monica: Kids, we have company.

Kate: I'm sorry mom, but Andy and I were having this argument.

Chandler: We can see that, but what's it about?

Andrew: Well, I was saying that Phoebe is getting married to Dave.

Kate: They aren't even engaged yet!

(Dave and Phoebe a little uncomfortable)

Phoebe: That's kinda what we wanted to tell…

Dave: We got engaged!

All: Congrats! That's great! Etc.

Rachel: Well, now Joey is the last one to get married.

Monica: Well, he kinda was 5 years ago…

Joey: Hey, I got Allyson, but she's not that ready to get married.

Dave: She or you?

Joey: I have no idea.

Mark: (Not the one that got R&R to break up.) We should really be going, Rachel, we kinda have reservations.

Rachel: Okay, in a sec, Ross, Ben is really okay with babysitting Andrew, Kate and my little Seth?

Monica: Yeah, where is that no-good son of yours?

Ross: My no-good son is working on his "How to seduce women" paper.

The scene fades into Central Perk…


[Central Perk: The scene goes on like there never was a flash forward.]

Monica: I don't know, probably married to Chandler, a kid, I don't know.

Phoebe: Yeah, how are you gonna name the kid? I think you should do me a favor, because I named my kid Chandler.

Chandler: (In a childish voice) But she's a girl.

Monica: Well, I love Anna.

Chandler: Or Sara?

Monica: Yeah, but Anna is cuter.

Chandler: How's that?

Joey: You guys, you're not having a kid yet…


[Chandler and Monica's apartment: Yeah the real, they live in it now apartment.]

On the screen appears 2001

Monica: So, we're having twins.

Chandler: I know, isn't it great!

Monica: That's twice as much names, and because there boy and girl, twice as much chose…

Chandler: Céline and Josh

Monica: Kim and Frank

Chandler: Kim and Josh

Monica: Josh? You're kidding right?

Chandler: Why, I like that name.

Monica: What about Andrew?

Chandler: I like it!

Monica: Andrew and…, Andrew and…Kelly?

Chandler: Kelly, nope, I don't really like Kelly.

Monica: I like it, but then what about Kathy?

Chandler: No! Remember my earlier relationships? But how do you feel about Kate?

Monica: YES! Kate and Andrew Bing. That's so perfect! I love U!

Chandler: First: well I'm also perfect and second I love U, too!


[Central Perk: And we are back in the past…or present?]

Rachel: I'm going for a refill, anyone want something?

All: Yeah, I could you some (cake, coffee, latte,…)

Rachel: I said anyone, not everyone!

Ross: That's kinda the same, if you're asking a question.

Monica: Ross?

Ross: Yeah?

Chandler: What did we say about correcting grammar?

Ross: Do it?

Phoebe: As punishment you are going to help Rachel bring the coffee.

(He goes and does so…)

Phoebe: Now that he's out of the picture, will they ever get back together?

Joey: For the what, billioned time?

[Ross's place: Rachel and Ross are making out on the chair.]

On the screen appears 2002

Rachel: How did that happen?

Ross: We were talking and then…

(she kisses him again…)

Ross: That happened…

Rachel: But… why?

Ross: Because…

Rachel: You don't except me to come back to you because you kissed me?

Ross: No, just take it in consideration, and you'll discover your true feelings.

Rachel: Witch are?

Ross: I don't know for you, but I know that in my case it's love…

Rachel: You love me?

Ross: I never stopped doing that.

Rachel: I don't get it, I knew I loved you but, I don't know if I still do, it's been so long.

Ross: I know, think about it.

(Rachel didn't really hear that, she's just thinking -out loud)

Rachel: If you were asking me, do I love you? I don't know, but have I forgiven you? Kind of, you earned my trust back…but do I love you? I, I, I'm gonna try, no matter what.

Ross: Does that mean what I think it means?

Rachel: If it means that we're getting back together, yes!

(They engage in hug, that quickly becomes a kiss, and evolves in -you-know-)

[Rachel and Phoebe's: They still live together but Phoebe is seriously involved with Dave so she's not home.]

On the screen appears "eight months later"

Rachel: Ross! We have a problem!

Ross: But we can work on it!

Rachel: No, Ross, not anymore! What you did was soooooo low, it's the most low thing you have ever done!

Ross: And the time I slept with the girl from the Xerox place?

Rachel: Ross! Don't put gas on a burning fire!

Ross: Look, I don't know what is so bad! We just kissed!

Rachel: You kissed?

Ross: You didn't know that?

Rachel: No, I thought you just went out!

Ross: But it's not like she's the love of my life!

Rachel: The point is, that you did it again! You just, ugh!

(Rachel goes into her room and shuts the door in Ross's face.)

Ross: Rachel?!

Rachel: Just go!

Commercial break

[Central Perk: The gang is still there, dhuu…]

Chandler: So, honey what do you think our future looks like?

Monica: Very beautiful.

Chandler: I can't wait to start a family with you.

(The kiss on that remark.)

Phoebe: I wonder…

Joey: Bout what?

Phoebe: I just can't see Chandler like the fatherish type…

Monica: How come?

Phoebe: I don't know, he just has the reputation of non-committed kinda guy, and a family is like the biggest commitment you'll ever make.

Joey: No, it's not, look at Ross, he divorced 3 times and has a kid, you don't see him walking around like he's committed.

Rachel: But after all those years, we know that Ross is one of a kind.

All: Yeah…

[A hospital room: A BIG Monica is in there she's in labor, Chandler is there, a nerves wreck, an Ross is on his sell-phone.]

On the screen appears 2001

Ross: (yells) I didn't! And you know it! Maria! Come on! What you threw out my dinosaurs?

(A nurse tikes a plaque with silence please.)

Chandler: Okay, okay, I called our parents and Joey and Rachel and Phoebe, they're gonna be here any sec.

Monica: It's okay honey, calm done a bit.

Chandler: Okay, okay and we are…calm.

Ross: What? You want a break-up? You'll get one, when I get home, you're gone!

Monica: I feel another contraction is coming up.

Chandler: We'll get threw!

(The rest of the gang enters.)

Rachel: Are the babies here yet?

Joey: No, I don't see any babies.

Phoebe: This is so great, now you are gonna feel the excruciating pain I went threw.

Chandler and Monica: What?!

Phoebe: Okay, okay, I'll stop scaring you.

-Time slip-

Doctor: Push! You are doing great!

Monica: That from a man who doesn't have any kids coming out of his uterus!

Doctor: I'll ignore that remark.

Chandler: Okay, I'm gonna watch.

(Does so.)

Chandler: Ow my god! I see a head! And shoulders and, and,… it's a boy!

Doctor: No, that's the umbilical cord, it's a girl.

Chandler: How my god, our little Kate, can I hold her?

Monica: Can I see her?

Doctor: She's perfect. But one more push and you'll have your boy too!

Chandler: Wow! Now, that's a boy!

Doctor: Yes it is!

Chandler: Kate (looks at the kid in his arms) and Andrew Bing (looks at the other).

-Time slip (again!!!)-

All: They are so perfect and pretty…

(the scene fades out to Central Perk)

[Central Perk: Nothing has changed…]

Ross: So, my friend from work is having this party.

Rachel: Is it that supernerd Fred?

Ross: Not, but Fred is kinda cool, he's no Dinosaur-dude, you know…

Chandler: Then who is it? (Sarcastic)

Ross: Drake from the paleontology department in the school.

Joey: Drake? Like in Drake Ramory? (How do you spell that?)

Phoebe: Yes, ow, ow, you should sue him!

All: Why?

Phoebe: Because he stole your name!

Monica: Sweetie, I think I kinda had it already, his parents probably chose it for him wen he was born.

Phoebe: Then you sue his parents!

Joey: O-K…So, do you guy's think I'll ever get my big break?

All: Of course! Yeah! Sure…

[Joey's place: A big beautiful house…all are present, again…]

On the screen appears 2008

Monica: So, you and Alyssa finally tided the knot?

Joey: Yeah, she really changed me.

Chandler: Monica did that to, I'm more at peace with myself. (Mad) Kate! Andrew! Stop running inside! Of course they keep me from falling a sleep.

Ross: Yeah, Ben did that to.

Dave: I still don't know how you could be married to 5 different women and still have only one kid.

Rachel: It's called birth control, or in Ross's place you "a divorce".

Ross: Haha! You and Mark only have one kid.

(A baby starts crying)

Monica: That's Lilly, I'll be back!

Joey: But you'll miss the show.

Chandler: Nah, it's a change my dipper call, not a let me suck you breasts call.

Phoebe: How do you know?

Chandler: The hard way…

Rachel: Seth! How many times did I have to tell you, no balls in Uncy Joe's house!

Andrew: I'm sorry, but Seth an I were just playing.

Chandler: (Kinda mad) Andy?!

Andrew: Okay, we'll stop hitting Kate with the ball.

Joey: How did you know?

Chandler: It's a father thing…

Monica: (With Lilly on her arm.) Okay all, set…

Joey: Good the show is about to start…Wow, It's like yesterday, the day I got my Big Break.

[Joey's apartment: All are present]

On screen appears 2006

Joey: (On the phone) Yes, I'll be there, okay, when exactly? (Motions the international singe for notepad and ends up writhing it on Ross's cheek) thanks, bye!

Ross: What's on my cheek and why?

Joey: I got an audition for Spielbergs new film "The neapet". He said he saw me in Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E and he liked it!

All: Great! Etc.

Joey: And the best part is… I get a million dollars!

All: Great! Etc.

[Central Perk: They're finally leaving.]

Monica: I'm gonna be soooo happy in ten months!

Chandler: Yeah, can't wait!

Joey: It would be so cool to know the future.

Phoebe: But some things aren't mend to know.

Joey: I guess you're right.

(They leave without paying the bill.)

Closing Credits

[Ross's place: All are present.]

On the screen appears "the next day".

(There's a knock on the door, Ross opens it.)

Policeman: I have to put you under arrest for not paying in Central Perk, some guy named Gunther sent me.

(Gunther comes in and stands next to Rachel.)

Gunther: Do you really want to be with a crock? I'm the good guy, but if you wand I can be a bad boy!

Rachel: I'm gonna go over there.


Did ya like? I suck, I know. And as for the spelling, I'm not English so I suck at that too. So feedback: Do you think I should be allowed to right ever again?