The One After The Accent

A Fanfic after the episode The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance in Series 6

By: Mo Jamy

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright, Kaufman and Crane Productions and Warner Bros. Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment."

Previously on Friends

Rachel: Ross!! Are you crazy?! I am still your wife!! What, were you just never gonna tell me?!! What the hell is wrong with you?!!!! Ugh, I could just kill you!!!!

Ross: (in British Accent) Well, hello Rachel!


Introductory Scene

[Scene: Still at NYU, the class just got dismissed]

Rachel: How could you do this to me

Ross: Look I cannot…I cannot have…


Ross: well uh…three…UNSUCCESSFUL marriages

Rachel (crying): I cannot believe you, first you sleep with another woman when we were going out (Ross tries to say something but Rachel stops him) then…after you "agreed" that everything that went wrong in our relationship was your fault and then…(cries more)…Ross I can’t…I can’t believe this…I need to go…somewhere…I just can’t stay around you…god I need to get out of here

Ross: Rachel wait…

(Rachel runs out the door, Ross runs to the door but stops before he reaches, then we cut to Rachel who is still crying and standing in front of the door, then she leans on the door, then we cut to Ross who does the same thing)


[Scene: Rachel and Monica’s apartment, Rachel is lying down on the couch crying and Monica is right next to her, hold a tissue box and crying too, because Rachel is crying]

Rachel: I just…my god I just can’t believe he would do this to me

Monica: Don’t worry Rachel…

Rachel: You know what Mon..

Monica: What…?
Rachel: I don’t think I want the divorce anymore

Monica (Gets up and looks surprised): What? What do you mean?

Rachel: I’m falling in love with your brother…actually I’ve always been in love with your brother

(Zoom to Monica’s face who is surprised)


[Scene: Central Perk, Chandler and Joey are on their couch]

(Chandler Yawns)

Joey: Oh so your bored of the Coffee Place now?

Chandler: What?
Joey: You were yawning!

Chandler: SO??

Joey: Nevermind…GOD Where is Phoebe!

Chandler: I don’t know...why?

Joey: Because me and her are suppose to sing in 5 minutes

Chandler: What? What do you mean sing?

Joey: You know what you do in the shower every morning!

Chandler: HEY! That is not singing…I’m clearing my throat

Joey: By singing the Spice Girls?

(Chandler looks embarrassed, Phoebe comes in with her guitar)

Joey: PHEEBS? Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for so long!

Phoebe: Oh, um…yeah ok…So how ya been?

Joey: What? Phoebe we are suppose to be on stage in 3 minutes

Phoebe: Oh yeah about that…I don’t want to do that anymore…Hey Chandler!

Chandler: Hey….SO JOEY!

(Phoebe looks at him weirdly and looks at Joey who is dumbfounded)

Joey: What do you mean Pheebs?

Phoebe: Well you see I am not in the mood.

Joey: How can you be not in the mood

Phoebe: Um…Well you see I was coming over here in a cab and then the cab driver ran over a cat!

Joey: Ouch!

Phoebe: Yeah uh huh and I’ve been down ever since then

Chandler: Why did you take a cab you live just around the corner

Phoebe: Well I was with Ursula

Joey: Ohhh My!

Chandler: How does that turn you on?

Joey: Anything turns me on!

Chandler: Then what turns you of

Phoebe: Anyway…um she’s getting married and she wants be to be the maid of honor so anyway, where are the girls?

Joey: WHAT?

Chandler: And right now I guess you’re turned off!


[Scene: Rachel and Monicas]

Monica: How can you not tell me

Rachel: Because I could never…you know get it out

Monica: What do you mea….

(Just then…the doorbell rings and Monica runs to open the door, its Ross, with divorce papers)

Monica: Hi Ross

Ross: Hey is Rachel here

Monica: Yeah…I mean no…. I mean

Rachel: Yeah I’m here

(Ross steps in to see Rachel on the couch, buried in a pile of tissues)

Rachel: Im sorry you have to see me like this

Ross: No its ok, I’m gonna leave in a minute, I just…I have the divorce papers

Rachel: No Ross…No..

Ross: huh?

Rachel: Ross, I don’t want a divorce

(Ross is speechless, and Rachel is smiling)

Ross: Oh my god….what made you change your mind?

Rachel: My mind was always set on one person for the past six years

Ross: My mind was always set on the same person for a lifetime

(They Hug, then Monica bursts into tears, runs over and hugs them)

Rachel: I love you

Monica: and I love you

Rachel: Monica I was kinda telling your brother that

Monica (stands and wipes the tears): Oh ok..Im cool with that

Rachel: But I love you to

(she goes over and hugs her, then hugs Ross)

Ross: I love you

Rachel: and I love you too

(they kiss)

Monica: GOD! Where’s Chandler when I need him!

(Chandler walks in and Monica runs over and kisses him)

Chandler: Hey Hey!I like (looks at Rachel and Ross) OH MY GOD

(the stop kissing and look at Chandler)

Ross and Rachel: What?
Chandler: You! guys are back together

Ross: Actually

Rachel (Looking at Ross): Were Married

Chandler: Oh that’s great! Congratulations (Goes over and hugs them, then to Ross) Now Ross, her name is R-A-C-H-E-L not E-M-I-L-Y

Ross: Very Funny Ha ha!

(Ross and Rachel kiss again, but they get a bit into it)

Chandler (in disgust): God, get a room!

(They stop and look at Chandler in an angry way, Chandler goes and hides behind Monica)


[Scene: End Credits Central Perk, everyone is there]

Joey: So are you guys gonna have a wedding

Rachel: Of course

Joey: Can I sing there?

Chandler: Joey Shut up

Joey: No I’m sorry, Chandy Spice here can sing at the wedding

Phoebe: HEY! That’s a good idea! Sing at my sisters wedding

Ross, Rachel, Monica: WHAT???

Phoebe: Oh by the way, Ursula is getting married!

Monica: WHAT!!!



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The next Episodes are going to be

After Monica finds out of Ursulas wedding, Monica decides to pay her a little visit to see if she can cater the wedding. Ross and Rachel have big dinner to tell their parents that they are married. Chandler stays up all night working on a project for work.

Joey gets a letter from Days Of Our Lives saying that they want to shoot a scene Dr. Drake Ramorays Ghost. Chandler moves out of Joeys Apartment and moves in with Monica, Rachel Moves in with Ross, and Joey asks Phoebe to move in with him. Phoebe still hasn’t answered Ursula about being the maid of honor.

3 Days before the wedding and everyone is excited, Ross and Rachel have booked everything and Ross tells Rachel about his surprise Honeymoon for her. Rachel, Monica and Phoebe want to surprise Ross by sewing a Wedding Dress for Rachel, which is an exact replica of Emilys wedding Dress. Everyone meets Ursulas to-be husband Mike.

Chandler and Monica want to do something with Rachels room but don’t know what, Monica wants it to be a guest room but Chandler wants it to be a game room but none of them agree with each other. Rachel calls Emily to invite her to the wedding. Ross suggests to Phoebe that Ursula should have her wedding the same day as theirs so it would be one big wedding.

Since Ross and Rachel are very busy with the wedding, and Chandler and Monica are still arguing about Rachels room and Phoebe is with Ursula, Joey has no one to talk to and gets very bored.

The day before the wedding, Ursula and Mike get into a fight and want to call the wedding off, Rachels Mother doesn’t want to come to the wedding because she found out Rachels father is going to be there.

Ursula and Mike try to patch things up, then think their not meant to be. Rachel convinces her Mother to come to the wedding, who tries to make her ex-husband jealous by bringing a date to the wedding, but she then falls in love with her ex-husband. Emily suddenly shows up at the wedding.

After Emily shows up, just 15 minutes before the wedding, Monica tries to stop her from going in because she thinks she will try and stop the wedding like Rachel tried to, Rachel sees them and tells Monica to stop. Emily goes in to see Ross, and congratulate him and apologize. Ursula and Mike decide to get married, and the wedding starts.

After the wedding reception, Ross and Rachel head off to the airport for their honeymoon. At the airport while Ross is doing the baggage, Emily runs in to say goodbye to Ross and Rachel and wish them luck. Then Rachel notices that Emily has a wedding ring on.