The One With the Time Machine

An original fanfic script by Liam Smith
[SCENE: Chandler's Bedroom. Chandler is asleep in bed.]

Joey's voice from Chandler's memory: Keep rubbing your head that'll turn back time.

[Chandler wakes up.]

[SCENE: Joey & Chandler's apartment. Joey is there.]
[Chandler enters.]

Chandler: You know how we were wishing Ross and Rachel never broke up?

Joey: Yeah.

Chandler: Yeah well what if Rachel never found out Ross's feelings?

Joey: I dunno.

Chandler: Yeah, well I want to show you something.

[SCENE: Outside Their Apartment Building. Joey & Chandler & a delorean are there.]

Chandler: I built a time machine.

Joey: Cool.

Chandler: Let's choose any old episode.

Joey: How about The One Where Monica Gets A New Roommate?

Chandler: Okay.

[The two get inside the delorean. Chandler taps something on the dials.]

Chandler: Okay, we just have to get up to 88.

[Outside of Car. We see the car shoot off and vanish leaving fire marks on the road.]

[SCENE: A highway. The delorean appears and knocks another car off the road.]
[Inside car. Joey and Chandler are screaming. Chandler, who is driving, hits a button on the panel. The windscreen flashes blue light and Chandler hits the brakes.]
[Outside car. The car swerves neatly in front of the apartment building as if it were parked.]
[SCENE: The hallway between Monica & Rachel's, Chandler & Joey's apartment. Ross & Julie are there kissing. Joey & Chandler enter.]

Chandler & Joey: ROSS!!!!!!!! JULIE!!!!!!!!! KISSING!!!!!!!!

Chandler:(fast) What about Rachel and Mark and the break and The Xerox Girl and the List and the Prom Video and and and.......

Joey: How you dumped Julie for Rachel!!!!

Ross: Who's Rachel?

Chandler: Monica's friend from high school who ran out on her fiancee on her wedding day.

Ross: She got killed remember? Some crazy person driving a delorean hit her and knocked her off the road!!!!!

[Chandler and Joey look at each other and run out of the hallway.]
[SCENE: Inside car. Chandler is pressing buttons on the panel.]

Chandler: Alright we'll go back to this morning and the lock the door on our apartment.

Joey: Good, then we'll never chnage history.

[Outside car. The car shoots off leaving fire marks on the road.]
[SCENE: The hallway between Monica & Rachel's, Chandler & Joey's apartment. Joey & Chandler enter, run over to their apartment and lock the door from the outside.]

Chandler: YES!!!!


[SCENE: Joey & Chandler's apartment. Joey & Chandler appear from nowhere.]

Chandler: It worked.

Joey: Now we can go back in time to stop Ross from sleeping with the Xerox girl.

Chandler: Yes!!!!

[They run over to the door but it's locked.]

Chandler: Oh no!!! We locked the door from the outside.

Joey: I know, we'll call Monica!

[Chandler picks up then phone and dials her number.]

Chandler: Monica, It's me Chandler.

Monica's voice from phone: Chandler, why did you call from across the hall.

Chandler: Somebody locked the door from the outside.

Moncia's voice from phone: The outside? The only person who has the keys are you and Joey. You mean you locked yourself in?

Chandler: It is not funny.

[Rachel opens the door.]

Rachel: Hey guys.

Chandler: Hey Rach.

Monica's voice from phone: While you're in there and not able to get out I'd just like to say that I'm the one who swapped your whipped cream with your shaving cream.

[Chandler puts down the phone and leaves. He comes back pulling Moncia by the neck of her T-Shirt. He picks up the shaving cream and sprays it all over her hair.]

Chandler: Alright Joey let's go.

Joey: Okay.

[Joey & Chandler leave. The window flashes blue light.]
[SCENE: The Xerox Place. Chloe & Chandler & Joey are there. Chandler is trying to convince Chloe to say no to his past self.]

Chandler: Alright look you can't do this! I think I'm from the future. How scary is that?

Chloe: That's sexy.

Joey: Well what about this?!

[Past Chandler & Joey walk in.]

Past Joey: Cool!

Past Chandler: This is too weird.

Chandler: Alright this is it. I'm going.

[SCENE: Outside Xerox Place. We hear from inside sounds of a fight. Joey & Chandler leave the Xerox place.]

[Chandler pulls out of photo of Ross & Rachel in the middle of yelling at each other. The photo fades to Ross & Rachel kissing.]

Joey: Yes!

Chandler: Come on! Let's go!

[Chandler & Joey get inside the delorean. The delorean takes off and gets struck by lightning. The delorean vanishes the way it normally does.]
[SCENE: The young Ross from TOW The Prom Video. Walking across the road. The delorean appears and hits Ross. The delorean screeches to a halt. Chandler & Joey get out of the delorean.]

Joey: What happened?!

Chandler: I don't we got struck by lightning and we flew back in time and hit Ross.

Joey: Well what are going to do just leave him here.

Chandler: I don't know!

[Young Chloe comes running out of a house.]

Young Chloe: Oh, oh what happened?

Joey: We accidently saw some guy hit this guy with a car.

Chandler: Yeah.

Young Chloe: Oh, he's cute! He goes to my school, I think I'll go with him to the Prom.

[Chandler gets out his photo of Ross & Rachel kissing and it changes into Ross & Chloe kissing.]

Chandler: Let's get out of here. I've got an idea.

[Joey & Chandler get in the delorean. The car drives off.]
[SCENE: Prom night outside the high school. The band is there. Chandler & Joey enter and knock two of the band members while the others aren't looking. The band turns around.]

Band Guy1: What happened?

Chandler: Oh this crazy maniac came and hit these two on the head.

Band Guy2: Oh nuts!!! He's the only guy who has the keys to the car.

Band Guy3: That means we can't pick up Chip!

Chandler:(happy) Bummer.

[Chandler takes out his photo of Ross & Chloe kissing. The two fade away altogether.]

Band Guy4: That means we have no lead singer and no lead guitarist for the prom. We'll tell the school they'll have to call it off.

Joey: I got an idea.

[SCENE: Inside Prom. Chandler & Joey are on the stage. Joey is playing the guitar, Chandler is singing.]

Chandler: Earth angels, earth angels, Will you be mine? My darling dear, love you for all time.......

[Young Ross is dancing with Young Rachel on the dance floor. Chip walks up to Young Rachel.]

Young Rachel: Hey, Chip.

Chip: May I have this dance?

Young Rachel: Well, I...... (looks at Young Ross) I think I want to spend the rest of the prom with Ross.

Chandler: I'm just a fool, fool in love with you!

[Young Rachel kisses Young Ross.]

[SCENE: A fair. The delorean appears from nowhere. Joey & Chandler get out. Ross, Moncia and Phoebe are there. Rachel walks up.]

Ross:(singing) I got chills there multiplying and I'm losing control 'cause the power of love it's electrifying.

Rachel:(singing) You better shape up. 'Cause I need a man and I've got my heart set on you.

[The two kiss. Pretty similar ending to Grease huh?]