The One With the Valentine's Day Surprise

An original fanfic script by Sandra.
NOTE: ( this episode would be taking some place at the middle of the third season, Chandler and Janice had already broke up. Ross and Rachel were still together.)
Scene 1: Central Perk [Everyone is there except Joey]

Phoebe: Isn't Valentines day coming up soon?

Ross: Yeah, it is.

Monica: Ahh yes. Another reminder of not having a boyfriend.

Phoebe: ( to Ross, because Rachel is working ) Ross, what are you going to get Rachel?

Ross: ( only half listening ) Getting Rachel for what?

Chandler: Ross, you're the most pathetic guy that I know. You've had a girlfriend for like a year. That longer than me combined with any women that I've gone out with. I can't believe you haven't thought about Valentines day. Men are unbelievable, I would know. I am one.

( Everyone gives him the weird look )

Chandler: What? I'm just stating the facts.


Phoebe: ( to Ross again ) Well...

Ross: Well what?

Phoebe: What are you going to get her?

Ross: I don't know yet. I've had a lot of things in mind. What do you think she wants?

Phoebe: Well.. ( sticks out her hand as she was wearing a ring )

Ross: Huh?

( Phoebe does hand motions but Ross still looks confused )

Monica: Ross a ring dummy!

Ross: A ring? What for? ( long pause ) like an engagement ring?

Phoebe: Duh.

Ross: ( speaking in a low tone ) I dunno, I've thought about it it's just that I'm kind of scared.

Chandler: ( very loudly ) Scared of what?

Ross: I'm scared.. I'm scared ( takes a deep breath ) I'm scared that every women that I marry... you know... will change and stuff.

Phoebe: Change what? Ross what are you talking about?

Ross: You know-

( he gets interrupted, Joey walks in )

Joey: Hey guys.

Rachel:( who is pouring coffee ) Hey Joey.

Everyone else : Hey.

Joey: Monica, I found this slipped under your door.

Monica: What is it?

Joey: I think that it's a love letter ( give her a wink )

( Monica opens it )

Monica ( reading ) : "Dear Monica, I miss you. I need you in my life again.: Wow!!!!( getting excited) Who do you think it's from? Richard? Oh my god, maybe it's from Richard!!!!! ( Monica clutches the letter ).

Scene 2: Monica and Rachel's [Everyone is there.]

Monica ( still looks like she is in heaven ) Richard, I bet it's Richard. ( Sniffs the envelope ) It sure smells like him.

Rachel: I'm going to take a quick shower.

Ross: Can I come?

Rachel: Honey, if you came it wouldn't be too quick ( kisses him ).

Chandler: Yeah, it would be even quicker.

( Ross gives Chandler a glare ).

Ross: Please?

Rachel: No way. ( kisses him, and goes into the bathroom ).

Phoebe: Now Ross, let's finish our little ringy conversation. What were you trying to tell us before?

Ross ( sits down ) Well, you know how Carol... changed teams. Well, I don't want to go through that again.

Monica: Ohh Ross.

Chandler: Look Ross, do you love her?

Ross: Yeah, sure I do.

Chandler: Do you think about her all of the time?

Ross: Yeah.

Chandler: Well, we all know that she is totally in love with you. I say that you go for it.

( Everyone looks at Chandler like it isn't him talking )

Joey: Hey Ross, I have a question.

Ross: Shoot.

Joey: What's the sex life like?

Monica and Phoebe: Joey!

Joey: What?

( Monica and Phoebe start talking )

Ross ( to Joey ): Better than you could ever believe!

( Joey gives Ross two thumbs up )

Scene 3( the next day ) Monica/Rachel's [The girls are eating breakfast.]

Monica: Is Ross up yet?

Rachel: No he's still sleeping..

( Phoebe and Monica giggle, Rachel looks confused )

Rachel: What?

Phoebe: Nothing.

( long pause )

Rachel: I think that something is up with Ross.

Phoebe ( clearing her throat ): why would you think that?

Rachel: Last night, we were having this totally romantic dinner, but all he could do is stare at my hands. Usually when we are at dinner he wants to go at it right there. He can't keep his hands off of me. Not that that's a bad thing ( Rachel smiles then focuses ). It's weird Monica, but food turns your brother on so bad. One time when you were shopping one morning, we were eating breakfast and we sort of did it on this table.

Monica: ( shocked ) this table???

Phoebe: That is so sweet. Well, what hand did he keeping looking at last night?

Rachel: Left.

Phoebe: Ohhh!!!

Rachel: Am I missing something?

( there's a knock at the door, Phoebe gets up to answer it )

Phoebe: hi, can I help you?

Delivery Man: I have a delivery for a Miss. Monica Geller. Please sign here.

Phoebe: Ok sure. thanks. ( closes the door ) Ohh Monica look another letter/

( Monica grabs it from Phoebe and tears it open )

Monica: ( reading it ) " Monica, I want to meet you again. I will come to your door at 8:00 on Valentines day. I can't wait too see you again." Ohh Richard ( sighs )

( Ross comes out of the bed room )

Ross: Morning ladies.

Phoebe: Quick hide the food!!

Ross: Morning Rachel ( they kiss for a really long time, Monica and Phoebe observe )

Phoebe: Hello? ( they continue kissing )

Monica: I thought that they had enough of that last night? Boy, talk about energy.

Phoebe: Do you want us to leave so you two bunnies can put this kitchen table to it's real use. ( they finally break it off )

Ross: I have to get going.

Rachel: I'll walk out with you, I've got to get to work ( gets up )

Ross: See ya guys.

Monica: Bye.

( in the hallway )

Rachel: Where are you going?

Ross: Shopping.

Rachel: Shopping with out me?

Ross: Don't worry, I'm going shopping with the guys, plus you wouldn't be interested in what we were buying Anyways. ( kisses her on the nose )

Rachel: Good.

Ross: Oh yeah, Before I go, I have something special planned for Valentines day.

Rachel: Really? ( she wraps her arms around him, much like she did in the one where Ross and know )

Ross: Yeah. So Umm... could you be ready by seven?

Rachel: Anything for you.

( they kiss once again )

Scene 4: Downtown in a Jewelry Store [The Guys are there.]

Chandler: Ok Ross. The price range?

Ross: I'm not too sure yet.

Joey: How about this one? ( pointing to a ugly ring )

( Ross and Chandler both groan )

Joey ( takes the women's ring and puts it on ) Well, it looks great on me. ( holding out the ring )

Salesperson: Hello gentlemen, how may I help you?

Ross: Yes, I'm looking for an engagement ring.

Salesperson: Please don't tell me that it's for him ( pointing to Joey who is still admiring the ring from before )

Ross: What? God no. It's for my girlfriend.

Salesperson ( looks relived ): Ok good, well what's the price range that you are looking for?

Ross: I'm not too sure me what you've got.

( in the background you can hear a struggle, with Chandler and Joey's voices )

Joey: Pull Harder...Harder Chandler harder!!!!

( Chandler goes flying across the room, Ross and the sales person turns around.)

Chandler: ( sheepishly ) We were trying to get off the ring.

Scene 5: Central Perk [Everyone is there except Rachel]

( They are all passing around the ring )

Ross: SO what do you think?

Phoebe: It's beautiful. This must have cost you a fortune.

Ross: Yeah well it's going to be worth it.

Monica: Ohh Ross. Rachel is going to be my sister in law ( kisses him on the cheek ).

Joey: Oh yeah, well she's going to be my....friends. So ha-ha!

Scene 6: the next day: Monica and Rachel's [Monica and Rachel are eating breakfast.]

Rachel: So are you excited about today?

Monica: Why would I be excited?

Rachel: I don't know, just trying to make conversation.

Monica: So what did you get Ross?

Rachel: A watch.

Monica: How much?

Rachel: A lot, lets just say it was worth a life time of tips.

Monica: Hmm... well I guess that it wasn't to expensive then.( Rachel gives Monica a sarcastic ha ha look )

Scene 7: Later that night [Monica and Rachel's]

( Ross set up the balcony very nicely, with candles and wine. He looks great dressed up in a black suit )

Rachel: ( dressed in a black evening gown. Ross is leading her out of her bedroom blindfolded ) Ok where are we goin'?

Ross: Some place familiar. ( leads her through the window )

Rachel: Ahh yes, the balcony. I think that I have been here before.

Ross: Ok ( takes off the blindfold )

Rachel: Wow! Oh Ross, you are so wonderful. ( long pause. Rachel walks and looks over the ledge ) It's such a wonderful night. I can't think of anything that could make this night anymore prefect. ( Ross joins her and she leans against him ) Ohh look, Ugly Naked guy...

Ross: Isn't Ugly Naked guy anymore, neither is Ugly Naked Gal.

Rachel: Wow, he's wearing clothes. He must really be in love.

Ross: yeah, the things that you do for love. ( kisses Rachel ).

Scene 8: Chandler and Joey's [Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler are there.]

( Chandler is watching Baywatch.....Phoebe and Joey are talking in the kitchen )

Joey: You know, it really sucks spending Valentine's day alone....especially the night.

Phoebe: So do I. I really wish I had somebody.

Joey: Yeah, me too.

( They stare at each other and hold the gaze until Chandler starts yelling the background.)

Chandler: Run Yasmine!! Sprint!!!

Joey: Seesh. So, do you think that Ross has asked Rach yet?

Phoebe: I don't know. I have an idea, ok if you really want to find out we'll climb up the fire escape.

Joey: Wouldn't that be spying?

Phoebe: Yeah...

Joey: Cool.

Scene 9: The Balcony [Ross and Rachel]

Rachel: Oh Ross, this is so nice and romantic. Here, I've got something for you. ( hands him the gift )

Ross: ( opens it ) Cool!!! This is an awesome watch. My god, Rachel how much did this cost you?

Rachel: It doesn't matter. Do you like it?

Ross: Of course. Thank you. ( takes a deep breath ) I don't know how to start so here it goes.( Rachel once again looks confused )

( You can hear Phoebe and Joey. They are climbing the fire escape. The camera cuts to them )

Joey: How much more?

Phoebe: another floor. You're not tired yet are you Joey? Joey? ( long pause ) Joey! Stop staring at my butt.

Joey: Huh? What? Oh sorry, it's hard to ignore if it's right there in front of you. I ya know what I mean. ( they continue climbing )Whoa, check out the babe in that apartment. Hey Phoebe, mind if I take a look.

Phoebe: ( annoyed ) I don't care.

( cut back to the apartment )

Ross: What will you - ( he's cut off because you hear Joey screaming from a few floors down, they run to the edge )

Rachel/Ross: Joey?

Joey: I'm fine.... ( hanging off the ledge ) Umm... I need some help!

( Rachel and Ross go through the window just as Phoebe reaches the top, the window is locked so Phoebe is left by herself. )

Phoebe: Oh well, I'll just climb down ( she looks over the ledge ) I think that my fear of heights is coming back.....


Scene 1: Balcony [Phoebe is there looking over the edge]

Phoebe: Oh shoot. Where's my earring? Great, I can't find my earring. ( she looks around ). Here it is. ( she trys to put it back in ). I can't find my hole! I can't get down, I'm stuck and I can't find my hole! ( very loudly ).

( some lights in some apartments turn on )


Scene 2:
Rachel and Monica's Apartment [Rachel and Ross helping Joey in very slowly.]

Rachel: Tell me again, how did this happen?

Joey: Well, my and Pheebs were climbing up the fire escape.. to Umm... spy on you.

Ross: You two were spying on us?

Joey: Yeah, sorry. Anyways, some hot babe moved in Heckles' old' out apartment so I thought that I would go and take a look. She thought that I was a robber so her dog came after me and bit me in the but. ( Ross and Rachel help him sit in a kitchen chair ). Owww. Oh I'm sorry, get back to your evening. Monica! I need you to put antiseptic on my but! Shoo. Enjoy your evening. ( Rachel goes back to the window, Joey pulls Ross back ) Have you done it yet?

Ross: I was just going to but, you and your but came in the way. I will don't worry. ( walk to the window, sees Phoebe on the balcony ). Pheebs, how did you get here?

Phoebe: ( thinking ) Umm.. the Good Year Blimp dropped me. Well, I'm going to get going ( climbs through the window ).

Rachel: Wow, well we've had plenty interruptions for tonight.

Ross: Yeah...

Scene 3: Joey and Chandler's [Chandler is there]

( Chandler is asleep in his chair when the phone rings )

Chandler: ( sleepy ) Hello? ( pause ) Pardon me? ( wide awake ) Yeah right. Why would she be calling me? ( pause ) Meet me? ( pause ) Yeah sure. You know Central Perk in the village? ( pause ) Ok nine o'clock then ( pause ) bye. ( hangs up ) Wow.

Scene 4: the balcony [Ross and Rachel are there]

Rachel: Well, this has been quite an evening.

Ross: Sorry, about all of the interruptions. Ok, now I'll get back to what I was saying ( thinks for a minute ) OK...Umm the reason that I want this to be so special is because for a reason. I really can't explain how much I love so I'll make this short. Rachel will you-

( you can here Joey screaming from the apartment )

Ross: ( groans in frustration ) What now?

Scene 5: Central Perk [Chandler is waiting]

Gunther: Excuse me Chandler, we have to close soon.

Chandler: yeah alright man. ( starts talking to himself in his head )I bet that all of this is some big joke.

( the door opens, from the rain comes in a women in a black raincoat )

Chandler: Be calm Chandler, be calm.

( as the light reflects against her face it's...Yasmine Bleeth )

Yasmine: Hello Chandler.

Chandler. ( drooling ) Wow. I...I.. mean HI! Wow. How did you know about me?

Yasmine: A fellow named Eddie.

( Chandler looks shocked )

Yasmine: He said that you were a big fan, and that you were single. So I thought that I would take my chances.

( Chandler still looks shocked )

Scene 6: the balcony [Ross and Rachel ( it has started to rain )]

Ross: Oh great! This is just wonderful.

Rachel: Ross, don't worry it's ok.

Ross: It's not ok, you go inside so you don't get wet.

Rachel: Are you coming in?

Ross: Yeah, soon. (sighs and kicks that side of the apartment, but hurts himself even more)

Scene 7: Monica and Rachel's [Phoebe, Monica, Joey and Rachel are there.]

( Ross is still out on the balcony looking very very upset )

( Chandler bursts in )

Chandler: Guys!!! There's someone that I want you to meet. ( Yasmine walks in )

Joey: Oh my god!

Yasmine: You must be Joey ( Joey is speechless )

Chandler: Yasmine, this is Phoebe, Monica, Rachel and that guy outside standing in the rain is Ross.

( Ross bursts in )

Ross: Alright. I said that I was going to do this tonight and I will. ( sees Yasmine )Whoa, Yasmine Bleeth ( focuses back ) Anyways...( walks up to Rachel ) Ok, I've been trying to say this all night. Now nothing can interrupt me, not the rain or Joey getting bit in the ass by a dog. Ok Rachel, I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you ( gets down on his knee ) Will you marry me?

( Rachel is totally shocked )

Phoebe and Monica: Ohh!!!

Rachel: Oh my god, yes, yes, of course!! ( Ross places the ring on her finger, she pulls him up and hugs him even though her is socking wet from the rain )

Phoebe: That is so sweet.

Rachel ( to Ross ) Come here, now we can go take that shower together.

Joey: Now that's what you call sweet.



Chandler and Joey's: Everyone is there is expect Rachel and Ross

Monica: ( to Yasmine ). What are the chances of you hooking me up with David Chokachi?


Scene 1: Monica and Rachel's.( Ross and Rachel are fooling around on the couch )

( Monica enters humming, not knowing what going on )

Rachel[giggling]: Ross!

Monica[annoyed]: Come on you guys. Why do you have to be messing around all the time. Get a room!!

Ross: Ok!

(Ross trys to lead Rachel into her bedroom but she's hesitant)

Rachel: ( straightening her shirt ). Monica is something wrong?

Ross: Rachel, a man has needs!!!

Rachel: Hold on there cowboy. I'll be there.

Ross: Fine. Monica, don't keep her long.[kisses her on the lips then on the top of her head and goes into Rachel's room)

Rachel: So Mon. What's going on?

Monica:[sighs] Sorry for yelling Rach. It's just that I'm jealous. I want someone in my life so badly.

Rachel: Honey, I know. I wish that I could do something. [hugs her]

Monica: Before you go and get vertical with Ross, did you check the mail?

Rachel: [points] Yeah, it's on the counter. Are you sure that you're going to be ok?

Monica: Yes. Thanks. Go, your man has needs.

Rachel: Thanks Mon. [sprints to her bedroom]


Scene 2: Monica and Rachel's [ Monica is checking the mail]

[Joey enters]

Monica: Bill. Bill. Bill.

Joey: Who's Bill?

Monica: [rolling her eyes] Another day, another stupid comment. Hello Joey.

Joey: Hey.

Monica: What's this? [looking at a red envelope] It smells really good.

Joey: How good?

Monica: Really good.

Joey: How good it real good?

Monica: [rolls her eyes again] Wow. [starts opening the letter]

Joey: Where's everyone?

Monica: Everyone?

Joey: Yeah. Ross, Rachel...

Monica: Rachel and Ross are where they usually are.

Joey[smiles]: What a lucky guy.

Monica: [takes out the letter and starts reading out loud] "Monica, we were so great together. You make me a person. You understand me. I want you back, I need you. I want to be able to hold you in my arms again, like a once did. Please meet me at Central Perk Feb 22nd at noon." Wow.

Scene 3: Phoebe's Apartment [she's watching TV]

Phoebe [talking to herself]: That is so sick. Why? Why? Those poor animals. Drop the turkey Martha!

[phone rings]

Phoebe: Hello? [listens] Speaking. [listens] No way![listens] MTV? Wow. I'll be there right away.

Scene 4: Monica and Rachel's [Rachel, Ross, and Joey are watching TV]

Monica [calling from her bedroom]: Rach? What should I wear?

Rachel: Something that shows that you aren't too anxious, you know.

Joey: What if this guy is some dog?

Ross: Why would he be a dog? Monica's dated him before.

Joey: I rest my case.

Rachel: Joey, come on. It's not like all the women that you date are goddess.

Joey: You're one to talk? [Ross glares at him] [Joey laughs]

Ross: What's that suspossed to mean?

Joey: Nothing.

Monica[Walks out of her room]: This alright?

Rachel: Yeah. So any idea who this guy is?

Monica: Not a clue. I guess that we will have to wait and see.

Rachel: Good luck.

[ Monica leaves to go meet the mystery man]

Joey: Change the channel.

[Ross starts flipping with the turner. They stop on MTV and hear a fimliar voice being interview]

Voice: At first, I wrote the song because I saw this women throw out her cat because it stunk. That why it's called "Smelly Cat".

Rachel: It's Phoebe!

Scene 5: Central Perk [ Monica is sitting at the table closest to the main doors]

Monica[ Thinking to herself]: Who could this be?

[ the door opens]

Voice of a Man: Hello Monica.

[she turns around]

Scene 6: Monica and Rachel's [ Ross and Rachel are sitting at the kitchen table. Joey's watching TV]

Rachel: [Looking through a magazine] What about this one? [pointing to a dress in a Bridal Magzine]

Ross: [thinks] It's ok. What about this one? [points to a dress]

Rachel[raises an eyebrow] Ross? It's our wedding not our honeymoon.

Ross: Sorry. [kisses her]

[Chandler enters]

Rachel: Hey there Beachboy!

Chandler: Hello.

Joey: Hey man.

[Chandler can't stop smiling and starts humming the song to the Love Story]

Ross: Well, someones happy.

Chandler: [sighs] Yeah.

Joey: So, you got any mouth to mouth yet?

Chandler: I'm taking it slow. This not something that I wanna lose. Where's Mon?

Rachel: Meeting the mystery letter man.

Scene 7: Central Perk [ Monica is shocked ]

Monica: Richard is that you?

Richard: Yes it's me.

[ they hug ]

Monica: I've missed you so much.

Richard: Me too. I need you back in my life Monica. You made me so happy. I love you so much!

Monica: Ohh Richard. I love you too.

Richard: Ok then. Will you marry me?

[Monica is again shockeed]

Scene 8: Monica and Rachel's [ Chandler and Joey are watching TV, Ross and Rachel are still at the kitchen table]

Rachel[ Writing on a pad of paper] Who's going to be your best man?

[Joey smiles, likewise with Chandler]

Ross: I'm not too sure. I haven't really thought about it.

[Joey and Chandler both frown]

[Phoebe enters]

Joey: [running to Phoebe] Can I have your autograph?

Rachel: Pheebs, how could you not tell us?

Phoebe: It was a spur of the moment thing. I got a call this morning.

Ross: Wow. So what does MTV want from you now?

Phoebe: Well they want me to do this animal song thing. It's kinda cool.

Chandler: So, what's the next song going to be? Smelly Dog?

Phoebe: You're a mind reader Chandler. No really you are.

Scene 9: Central Perk [ Monica and Richard]

Monica: What did you just say?

Richard: Will you marry me?

Monica: I've dreamed for this day for the longest time YES!!!!

[they kiss]

Scene 10: Monica and Rachel's [ Phoebe's writing by the window, Chandler and Joey are still watching TV, and Ross and Rachel are still at the table]

Rachel: What about Barry and Mindy? Should we invite them?

Chandler: [butting in] Why? So you can have a reason to sing Copcabana again?

Ross: No way!! That jerk. He treated you like dirt.

[Monica and Richard walk in. Everyone turns]

All: Richard?

Richard: Hi guys!

Monica: We're getting married!

Joey: What else is new?

Rachel: No way?

Monica: Yes!!

Rachel: [runs to Monica] Oh my god Monica! [hugs her]

Phoebe: Wow this so cool. Congratualations!

Chandler: [shakes Richards hand] So are ya looking for a best man?


To Be Contiuned. Look for Part 4 to come soon!

SSP Productions 25/01/97