A Special One

Written By: Kit

Before we start, being a hardcore Chandler and Monica fan that I am, I should warn you that this fic is ALL about them…and it is quite sappy…or so I think…

Disclaimer: with the exception of Hannah, Shawn, Derek, Bryn, Vivian, Nick and James, none of the other characters belong to me, but to Bright, Kaufman and Crane Productions and Warner Bros.  Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment.

By the way, I must say thanks to Meggs and Jenn for helping me out with this story…gals, I don’t know what I’ll do without you…

Let’s get started, shall we?

* * *

(The screen is blank as we hear various noises of a typical night in New York City. Then, an apartment, the same familiar apartment that we see on T.V. every Thursday night, slowly becomes visible. The lights outside shine through the window and illuminate the place. It is absolutely empty; No T.V. set, no couches, no kitchen table…nothing. Suddenly, the door opens and a young woman (Hannah), and her twin brother (Derek) come in.)

Hannah (turns on the lights): This is it! (She looks at her brother excitedly as he walks in and looks around the place) So what do you think? (Puts her hands on her hips and smiles proudly.)

Derek (shrugs casually): Not too bad, I guess.

Hannah (her smile fades a little in disbelief): Not too bad? Derek, this is fantastic! An apartment like this doesn’t come around that often, you know. (Goes to the centre of the living room and spins around with open arms) Oh, I think I am in love!

Derek (looks at her like she’s overreacting to something): Hannah, it’s just an apartment. I mean, you are gone at least eight hours of the day anyway.

Hannah (concerned): What’s wrong with you? Why have you become Mr. Pessimisto all of a sudden?

Derek: Nothing, I just got a lot of stuff in my mind.

Hannah: What kind of stuff?

Derek: Work. (He stops for a sec as his sister looks unconvincingly at him) I saw Vivian today.

Hannah (surprised): Vivian? You mean the one from high school? The one that swore on her grave that she would not get out of Long Island?

Derek (nods): Yeah, she was shopping with her friends. (Beat) Do you know that she’s getting married to some rich lawyer?

Hannah (shocked): No, I haven’t heard from her in almost three years! (Pauses as if she is remembering the old times. Then she looks at Derek.) Why are you so upset? She was my best friend for crying out loud! If anyone should be upset, it’d be me.

Derek: You know how I felt about her! I thought I grew out of it…but when I saw that HUGE engagement ring on her finger today…its like I am that dork in high school again, hoping that the guy she went to the dance with is me.

Hannah (sympathetic): Oh, I’m sorry. (Goes to hug him) I didn’t know you liked her that much. (Bitter) She didn’t even send me an invitation.

Derek (while hugging her): Well, it is kind of hard to track you down since you moved three times this year.

Hannah (pushes him away impulsively): Hey! Whose side are you on anyway?

Derek (changing the subject quickly): So which one is your room again?

Hannah (face lights up immediately): Oh, you should see the closet space in this room!

(Excitedly, she pulls her downhearted brother toward what would’ve been Monica’s room. Just as they are about to enter the room, the cell-phone rings. Derek clumsily searches his jackets and answers it.)

Derek: Hello. (Pauses to listen) Okay, I’ll be right here.

Hannah: Let me guess, that’s Bryn and she needs your help in the hospital…

Derek (Puts his phone back into his pocket): Yeah, I have to go right now. She messed up one of the labs. (Walks toward the door anxiously) Are you coming with me?

Hannah: Nah…I’ll stay here for a while.

Derek (standing in the doorway): Alright, do you want me to come to get you later? It probably won’t take that long.

Hannah: Sure…Good luck Bro.

Derek (closing the door behind him): Thanks. I think I’ll need that.

(After his departure, Hannah stands in the empty living room for a while. Then, with immense satisfactory and fulfillment, she looks around the place one more time. Finally, the brilliant lights outside capture her attentions. As she admires the view, she walks slowly toward the window with a big smile on her face. Suddenly, her smile fades when she notices something from the building across the street.)

Hannah (squinting her eyes a little bit): Ewww!!! (Quietly to herself) That’s not the way you’re supposed to do it…or isn’t it?

(Deep in thought, she turns around and sits promptly on the wooden bench against the window. Upon sitting on it, she notices a faint squeaky noise coming from the wood. Curious, she stands up and sits on it again. Once more, the noise is heard. She then carefully inspects the wood.)

Hannah (touching the wooden surface with her fingers): Hummm…I wonder. (She quickly gets on her knees and tries to see if she can lift the piece of wood up. And she succeeds.) Ah-Ha!

(Quickly, she puts the wooden board beside her feet and bends forward to look inside her newfound secret compartment. But she coughs immediately when the dusts and the smell get to her.)

Hannah (covering half of her face with one hand while the other waves incessantly): Oh man!

(After the dusts are cleared, she looks inside the compartment again. Full of curiosity, she pulls out some Christmas lights tangled with a worn-out sock bunny. She examines them briefly and places them gently on the floor. Then, something shiny catches her eyes, and she can’t help but to pick it up to look it. It is an old, but yet beautiful earring.)

Hannah (holds the earring up): Wow…(Put her arm inside again) now where is the other one?

(As her arm searches everywhere for that other earring, it stops abruptly when she feels something laying at the edge of the wooden compartment.)

Hannah (frowns lightly): What the… (Yanks out a leather-covered notebook. She looks at it for a while, and hesitantly, she wipes the dust off the book and turns the cover over with extreme delicacy.)

(She begins to read…)

* * *

November 12, 1998

(The scene changes into what’s written inside the notebook while Monica Geller’s voice takes over the reading.)

When I was little, I used to write in my diary everyday. I don’t know why I stopped, but I did.

(Slowly, the apartment appears again. Only this time, the place is back to what it used to be when Monica and Rachel lived there. It is dark and the only source of light in there is the lights coming from the outside. The camera is focused on the window, where Monica is now sitting as she writes in her notebook busily. She pauses to think for a moment, and then she resumes her writing. Her voice continues to read…)

Come to think about it, I haven’t written in twelve years. And the saddest part is: I still remember the exact moment when I put my book away in my drawer knowing perfectly well that I would never write on it again. I guess it was because of the complicated process of growing up…how everything was happening so fast around me that I simply don’t have the time or the courage to record every single detail of my life anymore. Besides, who would want to write down her thoughts and feelings when every incident of her life reminds her of her flaws and how painful it was to deal with them?

But tonight, years after I’ve accepted and overcame these flaws of mine, I want to write again. Tonight, of all nights, when the sky is so clear that the stars are almost as bright as the lights of the city, and everyone is asleep except for me....

(Monica stops writing for a brief moment and looks out of the window thoughtfully. But then she sighs and shakes her head as she casually adds something to her notebook…)

and the ugly naked guy across our building, I have a sudden urge to tell my story. It is a simple tale to be told really…just a little story about life, special friendships and most of all, love.

The course of my love- life was never a smooth sailing one. After so many failed relationships with men, I have had my share of heartbreaks throughout the entire twenty-eight years of my life. Even so, I do not regret any of the pain I felt nor the tears I shed along the way.

(Monica leans her head against the window and closes her eyes.)

And if I were given the chance, I would not change a thing about it, because all these tears and heartaches led me to him.

(She smiles and looks up at the beautiful sky contently.)

After years of taking his friendship for granted, it never occurred to me that he is the one. He is the guy who has been around ever since I can even remember, the same guy who always reaches out and pulls me back on my feet with his stupid jokes every time I fell into one of my depression. He stood by me through literally everything. Hell, he even knows me better than I know myself. He’s my neighbour, my advisor, my best friend…my all.

(She shakes her head as she quietly chuckles to herself.)

I guess I should thank my mother for being so critical, my brother for getting married, again, and London for being such a beautiful city. In their own little way, each of these factors above contributed greatly to the story of us…

(We have a close up of Monica’s face as she dreamily closes her eyes again and remembers how the relationship between her and Chandler began.)

* * *

(Flashback: TOW Ross’s Wedding- right after Chandler did his infamous toast where nobody laughed.)

[Scene: Later that evening at the rehearsal dinner. Chandler and Monica are sitting on a sofa. Chandler is covering his face in embarrassment because of the toast.]

Monica: I was laughing. (Patting him on the knee.)

Chandler: Out loud?

Monica: Well I didn’t want everyone to think I was stupid.

Chandler: So how are you doing?

Monica: My mother’s driving me crazy, but Ross is getting married. I’m happy. (A drunken man approaches.) I’m not going to let anything spoil that.

Drunk Man: I just want to say that Ross is a wonderful young man.

Monica: Well, thanks, we like him.

Drunk Man: My god!! You must have been a teenager when you had him. (Monica stares straight forward after the comment. Chandler tries to console her by patting her on the shoulder.)

* * *

(Later in the episode: Chandler’s trying to console Monica.)

Chandler: The guy was hammered, okay? There’s no way, you look like Ross’s mother.

Monica: Then why would he say it?

Chandler: Because he’s crazy. Okay? He came up to me earlier and thanked me for my very moving performance in Titanic.

Monica: Oh, my mother’s right. I’m never going to get married.

Chandler: Ahh, you know what? That is...Who wouldn’t want you?

Monica: Ohh, Please?! I’m a single mom, with a thirty-year old son!!

* * *

(Author’s note- Okay, this is where my story really starts…)

Chandler: Well, uh…(gently turns Monica around) hey, you are the hottest woman I know in real life…there is no way a single mom with a thirty-year-old son can look as awesome as you do. (Pauses for a moment to takes a deep breath and continues softly) And if I’ve just met you now, I’d sweep you off of your feet, ride you off to the sunset like (snaps his fingers) that…and I’ll never let you go.

(Surprised at the sincerity of his speech, Monica stares at him dumbfounded. She then suddenly realizes that her cheeks have somewhat become warmer and warmer. Embarrassed by her vulnerability, she lowers her head to hide her blushing face.)

Monica: That’s…very sweet. But…(sighs sadly and looks back up at him again) if what you said is true, my mother wouldn’t be on my case like that, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

(Chandler is about to protest but she stops him by holding her hands up and goes on…)

Monica (softly): No Chandler…don’t you see? My lifestyle is utterly unacceptable to her standards! All the stuff she said during this past few days make it painfully clear that she is disappointed in me, and it makes me feel THIS big. (Holds up her thumb and her index finger to show Chandler how “big” she actually feels.)

Chandler: She’s just doing the best job she knows how to do. It may not seem that way right now, but she cares about you. (Frowns thoughtfully) At least she takes the time to nag you instead of constantly hitting on boys half of her age…(starts to get depressed himself and points at Monica’s drink) where can I get a glass of these?

Monica (guiltily): Oh honey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring you down like this.

Chandler (hugs her): Hey, if my dysfunctional family brings you comfort in any way, I don’t mind at all. (Pauses) Are you feeling better now?

Monica (holds him tightly with her head resting on his shoulder): Not really…but thanks for trying.

Chandler: You want to get out of here? (Gently pushes her away with his hands on her shoulder and looks at her sensitively) We can walk around the city and, you know, be depressed together.

Monica (chuckles lightly): Yeah, I’d love that. There is no one else I’d rather be miserable with but you.

Chandler (smiles): Come on. (Takes her hand tenderly and leads her toward the door.)

(As Monica is following him, she can’t help but looks at Chandler with gratitude and admiration. This is not the first time when he goes out of his way to console her when she hits rock bottom. A comforting smile slowly appears on her face. Suddenly, just as they are about to reach the door, her other free hand is grabbed by Judy.)

Judy (anxious): Where have you been? I’ve looked everywhere for you!

Monica (points at Chandler): Uh…Chandler and I are about to leave…

Judy (interrupts impatiently while dragging Monica, who in turns pulls Chandler away from the exit): You’re not going anywhere dear. (Leads them toward a pleasant looking man) Monica, I want you to meet Mr. James Whyte. (To James) This is the daughter I was telling you about…(Emphasizes) she is single.

(Monica immediately looks at her mother in shock and anger.)

Chandler (mumbles in the typical Phoebe way as he shakes his head disapprovingly): Oh no…

Monica (quickly pulls Judy aside and grunts through her teeth): Mother, what are you doing?

Judy (surprised at her daughter’s hostility): What do think I’m doing? I am trying to find a man for you!

(Monica opens her mouth several times, trying hard to say something. But she is totally speechless. Instead, she shakes her head with extreme frustration.)

(Meanwhile, Chandler is watching his friend with concern. He is about to come to her rescue when he notices that James, who is standing nearby, smiles at him strangely. Not wanting to be rude, he smiles awkwardly back at the guy.)

(At the same time…)

Judy (still oblivious to her daughter’s despair, she urges): What are you waiting for? You are not getting any younger…this may be your last chance!

Monica (fed up): You…you know what? I am sick and tired of this. (Wearily, she turns around to walk toward Chandler and James.)

(As soon as he sees Monica walking toward him, Chandler forgets about James’ uncomfortable staring and quickly rushes to her.)

Chandler (worriedly): You okay?

(Monica doesn’t answer him. Instead, she looks at him sadly. Without saying another word, she approaches James courteously.)

Monica: Look James, I am sorry about all this, but we have to go right now. It was nice meeting you anyway. (She extends her hand as a final gesture of politeness.)

(Completely ignoring her, James pushes Monica aside and grabs Chandler’s hand instead.)

James (still holding his hand tenderly): You’re leaving so soon? How can I keep in touch with you?

(Chandler’s eyes widen with horror while Monica stares straight ahead emotionlessly, still holding out her hand.)

Chandler (pulls his hand away from James quickly): Let’s get out faster!

(He takes her hand and practically runs to the door. However, Monica doesn’t budge a bit. Being on an emotional roller coaster all day, she has finally had enough. She forcefully pulls Chandler back with her freakish strength as she angrily confronts James.)

Monica: Listen buddy, he…(points at Chandler) is taken. (Sees her mother coming toward them and continues loudly) That’s right. (To both James and Judy) We…(points back and forth to Chandler and her) are taken.

(To prove her point further, she impulsively grabs Chandler by the face, pulls him toward her and kisses him on the lips. Although this is not the most passionate kiss she has had, in fact, this is hardly a romantic kiss at all, but she feels all kinds of new, unexplainable emotions she never knew before. Slowly, she pulls away and looks at him inquiringly as an unfamiliar dizziness runs over her. Not knowing what to do, she quickly pushes the feeling aside and walk pass the very astonished Chandler.)

Monica(quietly): Let’s go sweetie. (She continues to walk out the door with the little pride and self-esteem that’s left in her.)

(Chandler stands still for a moment to sort out what just happened, and then pensively takes a few steps back. Abruptly, he sprints out the door to find Monica, leaving James and Judy behind.)

James (puzzled and yet bitter): Isn’t she supposed to be single?

Judy (casually): Oh yes she is.

James: But they…

Judy (interrupts): They are just really good friends. (Notices his hopeful expression) I don’t think he’s your type anyway.

* * *

(Cut to: Monica is walking through a typical street in London downheartedly as an out-of-breath Chandler catches up to her from behind. Without saying a word, the two walk side by side quietly.)

Chandler (finally breaking the uncomfortable silence): What the hell was that?

Monica (stops as if she’s brought back into reality): Um? What the hell was what?

Chandler (trying not to make a big deal out of it): You…you kissed me!

Monica (also trying to figure out her actions earlier): I…(becomes defensive) I was proving point! That you (points to him) are not gay, and I (points to herself) am not desperate!

Chandler (raises his eyebrows and says tactfully): I don’t think kissing me was a very good way to prove how un-desperate you are...

Monica: Well I was angry! Okay? Who the hell does she thinks she is? Going around, telling every guy how hopelessly single I am…Do you have any idea how cheap I felt back there?

Chandler (tries to calm her down): Mon…

Monica (rambling on): Chandler, if these were the medieval times, she would’ve sold me to some old horny guy already! But this is not the worst part…(starts walking furiously) the worst part is that the old horny guy was hitting on you! He was turned on by you! You!

Chandler (attempting to keep up with her): Oh come on, this is ridiculous!

Monica (starts talking to herself): Oh my God, even Chandler is more sexually appealing to guys than I am!

Chandler: That has nothing to do with you! (When he notices that she is too stressed to hear him, he grabs her arm, turns her around and says loudly) Monica, the guy is gay!

(Breathing heavily, Monica stares into his eyes and slowly she calms down a little bit to listen to what he has to say.)

Chandler (lets go of her arm and continues softly): He doesn’t care how sweet or pretty or how…how sexy you are, he just isn’t interested in women like that. So…(tries to find a better way to say the following, but can’t) get over it.

(Monica just keeps looking at him with an unreadable expression on her face.)

Chandler (worried that his remark offended her): You are going to hit me in the head now, aren’t you?

(As soon as he says that, she can’t help but burst out laughing.)

Chandler (becomes annoyed): Now what?

Monica (still chuckling): You…(gestures to his face) got lipstick smeared all over your mouth.

Chandler (not expecting this response from her): Oh…

Monica (softly): Here, let me…(she reaches out to wipe the lipstick mark off of his face gently. Gradually, her smile fades as she caresses his face. Unaware of their surroundings or anything else for that matter, they look deeply into each other’s eyes. Then, she continues quietly.) You are such a wonderful guy.

Chandler (also stares at her intensely): And you are an amazing woman.

Monica (flustered, she pulls her hands away quickly and starts walking again to avoid Chandler’s eyes): Look, I know I don’t always show it, but I really do appreciate you being here for me all the time. I…(can’t help but stops and look at him again) I don’t know what I’ll do without you.

Chandler (walks up to her sincerely): Mon, I’ll always be here for you, just like you’ve always been there for me. No matter how things turn out, you can count on me…and Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey.

Monica (smiles sadly): Even when you have your own spouses to please, and kids to take care of? Things change, Chandler. In fact, they are changing right now. Ross is getting married to Emily; Phoebe is having triplets…

Chandler (throws in his hands in the air): Okay, if you are bringing the whole “dying an old maid” thing up again, the only way I know how to make you feel better is to offer to be your boyfriend…(thinks) again. You wouldn’t want that now would you?

Monica (serious): What makes you think I wouldn’t want that?

Chandler: Well…uh…let’s see, Miss Geller, (pretends to remember) the last time I asked, you said no and then laughed at my face.

Monica (defensive): That’s because you peed on me Mr. Bing!

Chandler (Justifies): That was way before the peeing.

Monica (shrugs): I thought you were joking.

Chandler (Impulsively): Well I wasn’t!

Monica (Shocked): What?

Chandler (realized what he just said): I…I…was…uh…trying…uh…

Monica (interrupts suddenly): Let’s be lovers.

Chandler (confused): Uh?

Monica: What time is it?

Chandler (looks at his watch hesitantly with a puzzled expression in his face): Quarter to nine…(totally confused) did you just say what I thought you said?

Monica (ignoring his question and continues to explain): Okay, from now on, until the day is over, you’ll be my boyfriend and I’ll be girlfriend.

Chandler (now it is his turn to be surprised): Are YOU asking ME out?

Monica (starts to get neurotic): Okay, so it is a silly little idea…but think about it…this will help us improve our relationship skills big time.

Chandler (the way he was talking to Joey in TO in Vegas about the identical hand twin thing): How?

Monica (puts her hands on his shoulders): Chandler, we are good, normal people. And I don’t understand why, or how we always ended up with failed relationships, which we put a lot of effort in. Is there something wrong with us? I don’t know about you but whatever problems I may have, I want to know what they are!

Chandler (takes a big breath because he can’t believing how irrational Monica has become): Let me say this one last time, (emphasizes by holding her face with his hands) there is nothing wrong with you.

Monica (takes a few steps backward): Look, if you can see me as more than a friend, just for today, maybe you can tell me what my problems are. (Pauses thoughtfully and continues) Don’t you want to know why you suck in relationships?

Chandler (defensive): I don’t SUCK in relationships. (Thinks for a moment and says unconvincingly) I can be very good in relationships…if I want to…

(Monica crosses her arms, sceptical.)

Chandler: You know what? Let’s do it. Let’s be a couple. (Walks toward her with determination.) And I’ll prove to you, that I have what it takes to make a relationship work.

Monica: Okay, when the clock strikes midnight, we’ll be friends again. And I’ll tell you if you do have what it takes to be in a successful relationship.

Chandler: And I’ll tell you if there is anything wrong with you…(extends his hand) Are you gamed?

Monica (takes his hand and shakes it firmly): I’m gamed!

* * *

(A few minutes after Chandler and Monica made their little “pact”, they just walk aimlessly down the streets of London. Monica walks in front while Chandler follows her from behind with his hands in his pockets and his eyes to his feet. They look nothing like a couple. Finally, she can’t take the silence between them anymore. She turns around suddenly, causing Chandler, who is deep in thought at the moment, to almost bump into her.)

Monica: If this is your way of proving just how good of a boyfriend you are, (shakes her head) it is not working.

Chandler: I…am taking things slowly, you know, one step at a time.

Monica (sighs): Chandler, you haven’t spoken to me since we’ve been going out, that was (takes his hand to look at his watch) half an hour ago. By the time you actually start talking to me, I might as well die an old maid already.

Chandler: Monica, you have to understand that it is not easy to change from being friends into something more within an hour…(childishly) it's scary….

Monica: What are you so afraid of? It’s me!

Chandler (blurts out loudly): That is exactly what I am afraid of!

Monica (taken back and hurt): You…you are scared of me?

Chandler (realizes what he said): Oh no no no no no! I’m not…(thinks for a second) well I am, but not that way….

Monica (tilts her head to one side inquisitively): So tell me, in what way do I terrify you, Chandler?

Chandler (knows that he is digging the hole deeper and deeper and there is no way out): It’s not you…it’s me…(pauses) and you, you know, US…together…(gives up by waving his hand) look, this is not going to work…so let’s just go back to the hotel and forget about this whole thing, okay?

(He turns around and begins to walk back to the hotel, silently cursing himself for being such a coward. Meanwhile, instead of following him, Monica stands still and asks loudly.)

Monica (Hurt and angry at how easily he gives up on their “relationship”): So you didn’t mean it when you told me that you’d be the guy to sweep me off of my feet and ride me to the sunset?

(Chandler stops as he runs his hand through his hair. He DID mean everything he said to her earlier; but has an extremely hard time believing the fact that he is now given the chance to actually make them all a reality. Somewhere in the back of his mind, there are voices of doubt that remind him that this whole “pact” is only a charade. He is in too deep already, and he can’t afford to get his hopes up and invests his feelings into a fake relationship, only to lose them all after midnight.)

Monica (taking his silence as an insult, chuckles sadly): Oh, so you were just humouring me? (She interrupts him before he can even answer.) You are such a hypocrite!

Chandler (slowly heats up as he walks toward her): Hey! You are not exactly the easiest woman to please! So forgive me for feeling a little bit under pressure!

Monica (angrily): Well I guess I should take the pressure off of you by doing this then…(turns around and walks away)

Chandler (wants to go after her, but his pride got the better of him. He yells after her): Fine! Do whatever you want, I don’t care…(mutters to himself) I’ll just add this to my list of dating disasters.

(Monica’s voice takes over again and starts narrating the following as the camera continues to show her walking away from Chandler.)

I knew I was out of line. After all he did for me, he didn’t deserve to be treated that way. It scared me to realize just how mad I was when he refused to make his moves on me. It scared me even more to know how deeply it hurt me when he said that he didn’t care. I had to sort out my feelings, which were jumping all over the place at that point.

Did I make that pact with Chandler because I want to be closer to him? Or was it just the result of my irrational, super high-maintenance nature?

I didn’t know…

(The scene fades from London to New York, where Monica is now recounting her story in her apartment. She shakes her head as she continues to write.)

I still don’t.

* * *

(Monica stares straight into the dark blankly. Suddenly, the apartment lights up. Startled, she looks up to see a very tired Rachel standing by the lamp. She is looking at Monica with her arms crossed.)

Monica (closes her book quickly): Rachel! What are you doing up?

Rachel: Getting a drink of water…what the hell are you doing in the dark at 3am in the morning?

Monica (quickly): I…uh…I am planning the next two week in my agenda…you know me, always planning ahead. (Laughs to uncomfortably.)

Rachel (stares at her friend sympathetically): You need to get a life. (Goes to the kitchen to and pours herself a glass of water. After taking a sip, she walks toward Monica and continues.) And writing in the dark? You should know better than that!

Monica (Smiles): Okay okay!! I get your point. (Heartfelt) Thanks you.

Rachel: Seriously, being organized is one thing, but straining your eyes while doing it, that’s pathetic.

(Rachel goes back into her room with her glass of water; but she turns around and adds before entering the room.)

Rachel : You should take better care of yourself.

Monica: Good night Rach.

Rachel (mumbles while closing the door): Yeah yeah! ‘Night. Don’t overwork yourself…

(After Rachel disappeared into her room, Monica stares off into space again. A moment later, she opens her book and continues to write again.)

When you were mercilessly criticized, mistaken for being your OLDER brother’s mother, ridiculed by a gay man to whom your mom introduced you, AND lost your very best friend all in the same day, you tend to lose that logic and common sense that often keeps you from doing things that you don’t normally do.

(Flashback back to London, where Monica is now sitting on a bench in the middle of a park. She looked downhearted and distraught.)

I ended up sitting on a bench in some beautiful park, watching local Londoners all wrapped up in their own businesses. After what seemed like an eternity of watching and thinking, I came to a conclusion…that I had to see him. I didn’t know what I’d say or do when I find him; I just knew that I couldn’t lose him. I needed him.

(Suddenly, she stands up with a determined expression on her face as she starts to walk back to the hotel. Her voice continues to narrate...)

Along with a pack of beers as a peace offering, I went straight to his hotel room. Unfortunately, nobody was there when I knocked on the door. Feeling extremely depressed, I decided to go with plan B, which was drinking the beers in my room all by myself.

(The scene cuts to the hallway of the hotel. The elevator doors slide open, revealing a disappointed Monica. She walks down the hall dejectedly while carrying the beers.)

When I reached my room, my heart stopped at the sight in front of me. There he was, sleeping outside of the room as he sat against the door with a pack of beers beside him. Apparently, he had the same idea in mind too.

(The camera shows her walking through the hall, and then stops suddenly when she notices Chandler, who fell asleep while waiting for her return. She looks genuinely surprised. Knowing that she is not going to lose her best friend after all, she smiles to herself and walks slowly toward him. She tilts her head to one side as she looks at him. She then kneels down and continues to watch him lovingly. Hesitantly, she bites her lower lip as she touches his face gently, and leans forward and kisses him on the forehead. This wakes him up immediately.)

Chandler (startled): Um? Mon?

Monica (softly): Hey.

Chandler (tiredly): Look, I just want to say how sorry I am for being such a jerk…

Monica (interrupts by covering his mouth with her hand): No! I am the unreasonable one. (Takes her hand away as Chandler listens to her intently) I mean, one moment I was saying how thankful I am to you, and the next minute I was forcing you to make that pact with me, and then I yelled at you when you said you didn’t want to do it…I was the one who is a hypocrite…I’m sorry.

Chandler (accepts her apology by saying casually): I brought you beers!

Monica (stands up): You know what? Great minds think alike…(holds up her pack of beers) I got us beers too. Come on. (She extends her hand to help him up.)

(Chandler takes her hand and gets up clumsily. Still holding each other’s hands, they look at one another in silence. It is Chandler who speaks up first.)

Chandler: Oh yeah, before I forget…(bends down to pick something up) this is for you… (Shyly hands her a wilting flower with only a few pedals and a long stem) you know, as a peace offering…but the pedals fell off before I even made it back to the hotel. (Embarrassed) It was a really pretty rose before it turned into THAT…

Monica (stares at the “rose” and then back at him): That is…(laughs) very nice. (Takes the flower appreciatively) Now let’s go in and drink some beer!

(She takes the key out from her purse, opens the door and enters her room with Chandler following her from behind.)

* * *

(Few hours later, Chandler and Monica are lying side by side in bed, fully clothed, JUST talking and enjoying each other’s company. There are a few empty beer bottles on the floor and on the bed. Both are a little drunk, but very mildly.)

Chandler (looking at the ceiling): …And I chased her down the streets, just to say hi to her. That’s when I knew I loved her…or so I thought.

Monica (also looking at the ceiling): When I was little, I always thought that when you’re in love, you’ll have that tingly, dizzy feeling in your head…(turns to look at him) you know what I mean?

Chandler (looks at her): Like the dizziness I’m feeling right now? (Looks back up at the ceiling) But I think that’s just the booze talking …

Monica (laughs): Now that you mention it, I feel a little dizzy too.

Chandler (smiles): So were you right? (Looks at her seriously) It that how you feel when you fall in love?

Monica (pauses to think): I…I don’t know. I never really felt it before…I mean, with Richard, I felt safe and…there WERE other nice feelings…but not the ones I imagined or anticipated. (Looks at him) Maybe that’s why he’s not the one.

Chandler (thoughtfully): If I found that special someone, my commitment-phobia would just automatically disappear; and that’s when I’d know that I’ve found the right woman because I won’t be scared of the thought of putting all my faith, my trust, my hope and my time into that one person anymore. (Chuckles to himself) As you can see, it hasn’t happened to me…not yet anyway.

(He turns to see how Monica would react after pouring his heart out to her, but sighs immediately when he realizes that she has fallen asleep.)

Chandler: And you haven’t even heard a word I said.

(After a while, he decides to go back to his room. He gets up and stretches. Then, he covers Monica with a blanket, and bends down to kiss her gently on the forehead. All of a sudden, he finds himself staring at her beautiful face. He simply can’t take his eyes off of her, those eyes, those rosy cheeks, her nose…and most of all, her lips. Wondering what it would be like to kiss those lips, he hesitantly leans forward to kiss her. At that moment, Monica stirs a little bit, causing Chandler to jump back away from her.)

Monica (in her sleep): Chandler?

Chandler (steps forward with concern): Yeah?

Monica (slowly opens her eyes and looks at him inquisitively): Do you think I’m beautiful at all?

Chandler (stares at her intensely as he caresses her face): I’ve never seen anything more beautiful in my life…

Monica (smiles and closes her eyes again): Liar.

(As Monica falls back asleep, Chandler keeps looking at her intensely.)

(Author’s note- that’s when we bring in some music into the background…)

I Try- Macy Gray (I love this song!)

Games, changes and fears

When will they go from here

When will they stop

(Ashamed of his actions earlier, he backs away slowly from Monica’s bed, looking very conflicted.)

I believe that fate has brought us here

And we should be together, babe

But we’re not

(Dejectedly, he walks toward the door. Just as he’s about to open the door and leaves, he turns around and looks longingly at the sleeping Monica one more time.)

I play it off but I’m dreaming of you

I’ll keep my cool, but I’m feeling

(He shakes his head and exits the room.)

I try to say goodbye and I choke

Try to walk away and I stumble

Though I try to hide it, its clear

(Cut to outside of the room: Chandler closes the door behind him. Somehow he lingers there, unable to leave.)

My world crumbles when you are not near

(He leans against the door and closes his eyes, silently laughing at himself for being such an idiot. Finally gathering up his common sense, he walks away and goes back to his room.)

Goodbye and I choke

Try to walk away and I stumble

Though I try to hide it, its clear

My world crumbles when you are not near

(Back to Monica’s room…)

I may appear to be free

(After Chandler’s departure, Monica sits up and looks at her door sadly. Wondering what would really happen if she let him kissed her, she couldn’t help but curse herself for being so rational and gutless all of a sudden.)

But I’m just a prisoner

Of your love

I may seem alright and smile when you leave

But my smiles are just out front

Just out front

(She put her face in her hands and says quietly to herself…)

Monica: Oh I’m in trouble…

I play it off but I’m dreaming of you

I’ll keep my cool, but I’m feeling

I try to say goodbye and I choke

Try to walk away and I stumble

(She looks up from her hand thoughtfully. After a moment, she gets up abruptly and leaves her room with determination.)

Thought I try to hide it, its clear

My world crumbles when you are not near

(Fade to Chandler’s room…)

Goodbye and I choke

Try to walk away and I stumble

(The door opens and he comes in downheartedly. Deep in thought, he throws his jacket mindlessly on the bed and then sits on it.)

Though I try to hide it, its clear

My world crumbles when you are not near

(As he tries to figure out his newfound feelings for his long time friend, the music slowly fades, but you can still hear it in the background.)

Chandler (mumbles to himself): This is not happening…damn it, Chandler! You know she is off limits! What the hell were you thinking?

(Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Thinking that it is Joey back from his fling with that British Bridesmaid, Chandler walks over to the door grumpily and opens it. But it turns out to be Monica. She looks as confused as he does.)

Chandler (not expecting her): Monica! (Notice how tensed she is) What’s wrong?

Monica (trying hard to think of something to say): I…I can’t sleep. (She lowers her head and fumbles with her fingers nervously) After you’re gone, I…I found myself thinking about you…and I got really confused. (Chuckles uncomfortably) That’s when I know that I have to talk to you because…(looks at him) well, you’re the only person I tell this kind of things to…even though it is about you. (Stares into his eyes) I…(gathering up her courage by taking a deep breath) I miss you.

(As she was pouring her heart out to him, he can’t help but to step toward her until they very, VERY close to each other. He looks at her in awe as he lifts her chin up with one hand and puts strands of her hair behind her ears with the other hand. Slowly, he leans forward and softly brushes his lips against hers. After their lips separated, he rests his forehead on hers and they both close their eyes.)

Monica (still resting her forehead on his): What are we doing?

Chandler (pulls away and stares at her longingly): We…are fulfilling the “pact” we made earlier.

Monica (smiles): Chandler, that pact expired two hours ago.

Chandler (thoughtfully): Technically, if we are in New York, that pact is still valid.

Monica (nods): You’re right. It hasn’t pass midnight yet back home…

(They continue to gaze into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, both of them let their radical side takes over as Monica pulls Chandler close to kiss him again. This time, the kiss becomes longer and more passionate as if it is the only way for both to release their emotions, which are bottled up for quite a while now. At this point, the music becomes louder again.)

I try to say goodbye and I choke

Try to walk away and I stumble

Though I try to hide it, its clear

My world crumbles when you are not nears

(While they continue to kiss, they somehow manage to shut the door close. Then, still smooching Monica, Chandler impulsively pick her up in his arms and carries her to the bed. He falls on top of her and looks at her with concern.)

Chandler: Are you sure about this?

Monica (seriously): I’ve never been so sure in my life.

(He smiles at her and they start kissing passionately again…I am not going into details so you guys can use your own imaginations.)

Goodbye and I choke

Try to walk away and I stumble

Though I try to hide it, its clear

My world crumbles when you are not near

* * *

(The camera fades from the kissing couple back to Monica and Rachel’s apartment. Monica sits on the wooden bench, smiling as she records her first night with Chandler in her leather-covered diary. Her voice starts to say the following…)

That was the best night of my life. When I kissed him, I melted into his arms and I felt that tingly dizziness I so longed for and anticipated as a child. That is the feeling that I’ve been searching for all along; and I found it in him, of all people. He could be right, that could be the effect of the booze…but I felt it. I knew at that moment, that I am going to fall head over heels in love with him.

(Filled with satisfaction, Monica looks up and closes her book contently. Suddenly, there are a few subtle knocks on the door. Upon hearing the knocks, her face lights up immediately as she quickly puts her precious diary in the wooden bench, and goes to open the door. It is Chandler.)

Chandler (kisses her on the cheek lovingly): I can’t sleep.

Monica (laughs quietly): Um…that sounds familiar…

Chandler (wraps his arms around her waist): I am wondering if I can stay in your room for the rest of the night…

Monica (softly): Yes, but Rachel might hear us, she woke up a while ago.

Chandler (sincerely): That’s okay; we don’t have to do anything…I just want to wake up next to you.

Monica (smiles): Come on in.

(She takes his hand as they peacefully go into her room together.)

* * *

(Back to future…I know, we did a lot of flashbacks and flash-forwards…but hey, it’s my story. Anyway, Hannah, who is now the new owner of the apartment, falls asleep on the floor with her back against the wooden bench. She is holding Monica’s diary tightly in front her chest as if it is some kind of valuable treasure. All of a sudden, we see a hand tapping on her shoulder gently. Slowly, she rubs her eyes as she reluctantly wakes up. However, when she looks up wearily and sees a guy staring at her strangely; and she gets frightened.)

Hannah (scared): AHHHHH! AHHHH!

(Instinctively, she pushes the guy, who falls on the floor; she drops the diary and rushes toward the kitchen counter in order to grab her purse. Clumsily, she fumbles through her purse and takes out a small object.)

Hannah (points that object toward him alarmingly): Don’t move! I got pepper spray…and I will…spray…

(After being pushed, the guy cautiously gets up on his feet, causing Hannah to back up a few steps.)

Hannah (nervously): Don’t come any closer! I WILL spray you!

The Guy (trying to calm her down): It’s okay! It’s okay! I live across the hall, in apartment 19. Your door wasn’t closed properly…so I came in to check if everything is fine. I didn’t know you were here already.

(Still pointing the pepper spray at him, Hannah seemed more relaxed, but she keeps her guards up.)

The Guy (slowly takes a step closer and extends his hand): I’m Shawn.

Hannah (hesitate for a moment, then takes his hand firmly): Hannah.

Shawn (jokingly): You can stop pointing that thing at me now…

Hannah (puts the pepper spray down): Oh…I’m sorry I hit you.

Shawn (friendly): That’s okay…I seemed to have that effect on women.

(Hannah laughs while another man comes into the apartment.)

Man (to Shawn): Are you done? The show is about to start…(notices Hannah and nods his head coyly) hey! Who is this pretty chick?

Shawn (to Hannah; embarrassed by that man’s flirtatious behavior): This is Nick, my roommate. (To Nick) Nick, this is Hannah, our new neighbor.

Hannah (shakes Nick’s hand): Hi, nice to meet you!

Nick (holds her hand seductively and said): How are YOU doin’?

(As soon as he says that, Shawn shakes his head knowingly as Hannah continues to stare at him like he is some kind of freak or something. Before anyone can say anything more, two more people walk through the door. It is Derek and a woman with strawberry blond hair.)

Derek (totally engrossed in the conversation with the strawberry blond woman): How can you forget to turn it off? Now we have to do the lab all over again!

Blond Woman (obviously tired of the argument, retorts loudly): I was ON a break!

(Before Derek can respond to her remark, he notices that his sister has company.)

Derek: Hey Sis…(recognizes one of the guys) oh my God, Shawn, it that you?

Shawn (seems to recognize Derek also, gives him a manly hug): Hey man!!! How have you been?

Hannah (surprised): You guys know each other?

Derek: Yeah, we used to hang out during our freshman year in college…that was before he moved to France. I can’t believe you come back!

Shawn (casually): Ah, there is no place like home.

Derek: So I take that you’ve finally met my twin sister? (Gestures to Hannah.)

Shawn: Yeah…and she is quite a woman. (Changes the subject immediately when he sees Hannah smiling at him sarcastically) By the way, (pats Nick on the back) this is Nick, my roommate…we live across the hall.

(Derek shakes hand with Nick. He is about to introduce them to the blond, who is wrapped up in her own little world since she came into the apartment, but she suddenly blurts out.)

Blond woman (looks around the apartment in awe): Oh my God, my mom used to live here!

(As soon as she says that, she finally notices that there are other people around.)

Blond woman (smiles): Oh I’m sorry…I’m Bryn, Bryn Geller Bing, Derek’s colleague.

(The five young people get acquainted quickly and talk to each other for a while. Then, they all agree to leave when Derek suggested that they should all go get a drink downstairs. Following the others, Hannah is the last to leave the apartment. Remembering something, she turns around, goes to picks up Monica’s diary and put it back carefully into the wooden bench along with the others stuff she found in there. She hurriedly goes to the door again, but just before she leaves, she turns around and smiles as she looks at her new flat contently one last time, and then close the door behind her.)

The end