Written by Silvia 

The chapel. Ross and Emily's wedding has started, Emily's just said her vows and now it's Ross'turn.

Minister : Now Ross, repeat after me. I Ross ...

Ross : I Ross ...

Minister : Take thee Emily ...

Ross : Take the Rachel ... Emily ... Emily.

A moment of shock.

Minister <to Emily>: Uh ... Shall I go on?

Emily dissents, looks at Ross and runs away.

Ross looks at Rachel then tries to get to Emily.

Rachel looks at Ross then comes out from the chapel followed by Monica and Mrs. Geller.


Ross's reached Emily.

Ross <fearful> : Emily???

Emily : What?

Ross : Well, we have to ...

Emily : No, we have to do nothing.

Ross : I'm very sorry, I don't know what the hell ...

Emily : Oh Ross, you know very well what the hell you .... You are still in love with her, you never stopped loving her, you are living for her and (slow) she's living for you.

Ross : What? Listen, I will marry you Emily.

Emily : No, you won't.

Ross : Yes I will.

Emily : Allright you will, why?

Ross : Cos' ... cos' I feel very good with you cos, I ...

Emily : You are right, you feel good with me cos' in this way you don't think or you try not to think of her, but don't tell me that you are in love with me cos' that isn't the truth!

Ross : No Emily, I ...

Emily <sweetly> : Ross I love you but I don't want you to marry me not at least while you are still in love with Rachel. Now, listen to your heart, then look at my eyes and tell me that you want me to marry cos' you love me. Do it Ross and I'll come back in that church with you and I'll get your wife.

There is a moment of silence then Ross look at her straight in her eyes gasping for a while and definitely lowers his eyes.

Ross : You are right Emily, I can't.

Emily <raising his face>: I knew. Well, I believe there's nothing more to say.

She is going to leave.

Ross : Emily, wait ...

Emily : Why?

Ross : You could need me to be with you, so ...

Emily : There is someone else who needs and loves you more than me and you know very well who she is. She's come as far as there for you, Ross.

Ross : But you ... are fine ... you ...

Emily : Don't worry about me, Ross. <she breaths> Well, I can't tell you I'm happy cos' I'm not, but I should be still less happy if you marry me being in love with her.

Ross : Right! Well, I guess we are going to say good-bye, Emily.

Emily : Yeah.

She stretching out her hand to Ross but he closes her to him kissing her mouth for few seconds.

Ross : Well, I'll never forget you Emily.

Emily : I know, I could bet on it! Goodbye Ross.

Ross : Goodbye, Emily.

He looks at her who is moving away then makes for the church.

Somewhere outside the chapel. Rachel, Monica and Mrs. Geller.

Rachel : God, why am I here? Phoebe was right, I had to stay at home, I've ruined his wedding.

Mrs. Geller : Darling, calm please. It's not your fault.

Rachel <hitting her breast with her finger> : Yes, it's ... it's my fault. He was so happy, this should be the best day of his life and now he'll be so sad, he'll feel awful, he'll ...

Mrs. Geller : Oh Darling, you really love him very much, don't you?

Rachel looks at Monica who has been quiet till now then at Mrs. Geller nodding a "YES" with her head and throws herself in Mrs. Geller's arms.

Mrs. Geller : Listen, trust me things are gonna be fine, Ross has been in love with you since he went to high school. <giving her her tissue> Blow!

Monica : Did you know?

Mrs. Geller : Sure, it was so clear!

Monica : Why I never realised that?

Mrs. Geller : Maybe cos' you was always busy with your hamburgers, your sandwiches, your pieces of cake, your ...

Monica : Ok, I've understood!

Ross approaches at them.

Mrs. Geller : Oh boy you are here. Well <to Monica, removing Rachel from her> I think we must go.

Monica <getting away> Really, really was it so clear?

Mrs. Geller : Yes darling, yes!

Ross : Hey.

Rachel nods a greeting.

Ross : Weird day, today, isn't?

Rachel nods again.

Ross : Well, I really don't know what you say. I mean ...

Rachel : You have to say nothing. You were just wrong saying your vows, that's all! How ... how is Emily?

Ross : Well, she's well, I hope, she went away.

Rachel : Away?

Ross nods.

Rachel : Oh, away ... Are you fine?

Ross : Yes, fine. Listen Rach, I ...

Rachel : There's all ... all that people in there waiting for you, for an answer, for a sign.

Ross . They'll wait for a while! We have to talk about.

Rachel : Really? What about?

Ross <losing a bit his patience> : Oh Rachel please, have the courage to tell me the truth about your coming here. Be a woman!

Rachel <angry> : Well, do you want to know the truth Ross? Ok, ok, I came here to stop your wedding Ross, ok, cos' cos'I love you, yes I love you and I don't want you to lose, that's the truth and you want me to be a woman, ok do you know what? I'm ready to enter there and get your wife right now. Allright Ross?

Ross <quietly> : Allright, come with me!

He takes her hand moving towards the church, Rachel realising what she's just said and what probably is going to happen is amazed.


In the chapel. Some of Emily's folks have already gone away, but some of them very nosy are still in.


Ross <firmly keeping Rachel's hand> Ehm, excuse me, please sit down the wedding is going on. There's just a small detail to change.

Ross approaches the Minister and whispers something in his ear.

Minister : Y'sure?

Ross : YES!

The minister looks at Rachel that imperceptibly nods.

The crowd is in trouble, everybody has the same question on his mouth "What's happening?". Emily's folks still in, are stunned. Monica inquirily looks at Rachel who can't keep her tears.

Monica : Honey, will you tell me what the hell is happening?

Rachel <in a whisper> : I believe I'm getting married with Ross.

Somebody gives her a bunch of flowers. Joey is still talking on the with Phoebe.

Minister : Where are the best men?

Joey <to Phoebe> : Well I think I have to go now.

Phoebe : No, no, please I have to listen to, I have to know, I have to see, oh damn, people reached the moon and nobody helps me to see what is happening there! Joey, Joey please

Joey, moves to pity, puts the cell in one of his pants-pocket and takes his place.

Minister : Well, friends and family, we are gathered again to celebrate the joyous union of weird Ross and Rachel, may the happiness we share with them today be with them always, and now I'm asking for you if there's someone in there who knows any reason for which the two of them can't get married speak now or keep silent forever.

No sounds come from the crowd, there is absolute silence, suddenly from Joey's pocket comes a "quack quack" just followed by a"ssshhh", the minister glares Joey who seems very embarrassed then looks at the crowd.

Minister : Y'sure?

Silence, but ...

Voice : Well, I ...

Everybody turns towards Chandler.

Chandler : Hey I just wanted to relax you guys!

Minister : Please this is a serious thing.

Chandler : Sorry.

Minister : Allright, now Ross you first, repeat after me. I Ross ...

Ross : I Ross

Minister : Take thee ...

Ross <interrupting> : I Ross take thee Rachel as my lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health till death parts us cos' I love you, so much.

Minister : Good. Now you Rachel repeat after me, I Rachel ...

Rachel : I Rachel take thee Ross as my lawfully wedded husband <breath> as my husband in sickness and in health <sniff> till death parts us.

All the women in the crowd are crying.

Minister : Good, where are the rings?

Chandler gives him the rings.

Minister : These rings will be the sign of your love.

He hands one of the rings to Ross, he takes Rachel's hand and slips it onto her finger.

Ross <keeping her hand for a while, whispering> : You are my wife now, Y'know?

Rachel, totally tearfully, can't answer, she takes the other ring and trembling slips it onto Ross'finger.

Rachel <looking at him straight in his eyes> : I love you, y'know?

Ross tearfully too nods and pushes her against him strongly hugging her.

Minister : Well, now a really can declare that this wedding has finished. Ross and Rachel are husband and wife <thinking "Thanks God!">.

Monica, crying, gives hint of an applause that just bursts all over the church.

Ross : God Rach, could you imagine such of an unbelievable thing was going to happen? <She dissents> I love you Rach, I love you very much. <They kiss very very passionately>.

Wedding Party. A nice restaurant somewhere in the green English country.

Mr. Geller : Ehm, please may I have your attention. Thank you. Well guys raise your glasses and drinking with me to our newly-weeds. Rachel, welcome in the Geller's staff.

Rachel <very touched> : Thank you. Thank you very much everybody.

Mr. Geller : And another toast to my new son father and mother-in-law that, for obvious reasons, aren't here.

Rachel : Oh my God, it's true! Mon and dad still know nothing!

Ross <holding Rachel on his knees> : Hon, we'll tell them at our return. Well as for your mother, for you father ... I believe we can wait a bit, I mean at least 2 years!

Rachel <smiles fondling Ross'lips> : Honey, I can assure my dad adore you!

Ross : Uhmm ...

Rachel : I swear it!

Ross : Y'know what I'm thinking of?

Rachel : What?

Ross <smiling> : Well, of a big, huge bed where I can throw you and myself and stay in there for at least 3 days.

Rachel : Ross, we have to come home tomorrow.

Ross : Well, don't waste our time! Listen folks and friends, we are going away, but you go on drinking!

Chandler : Enjoy!

Ross : You bet!

Toilet restaurant. Joey are in, peeing in total relax.

Phoebe : Joey please will you explain me what is happening? What's this noise?

Joey very very embarrassed looks around, there's no-one, he heaves a sigh of relief and switches off the

Phoebe <at Central Perk> :Joey, ehi Joey???

Gunther : Hi.

Phoebe : Hi.

Gunther : Ehm ... Where is Rachel?

Phoebe : In London.

Gunther : Oh, for job?

Phoebe : No, for love! Oh, you don't know. Nobody knows! <catching the mike> Listen guys, I want to announce you that our ex-waitress Rachel, do you remember her?, yes ok, well, our ex-waitress Rachel and our, our Ross, Y'remember Ross too?, well double ok, just married in London!


Gunther <wrenching the mike off Phoebe' s hands> : Listen guys, Central Perk in closed <crying> please go away. Thanks.


On the plane. The gang is going to sitting down their places.

Rachel : Oh, you are!

Passenger : Oh my God, no! Please miss, if you are going to telling me about your Ross Meller, Beller again, just tell me so I can change my place!

Ross : Geller, Ross Geller, and she's no more a miss, she's a mistress now, my lady!

Passenger <totally shocked> : No, it's not possible! Il n'est pas possibile! No esta posible! Non possible! Es ist nicht moeglich!

Rachel <putting his headphones> : But so it is!


This fanfic is based on the characters of serial "FRIENDS" created by K.Bright-M.Kaufmann-D.Crane.