The Wedding - A Monologue From Ross's Point Of View

Written by Tina Nellis

Emily, wait, where are you going?

Yes, I realise you can't marry me now, but can't we at least talk about this?


I guess not.

Alright, everyone, I don't think you're going to be seeing a wedding today... especially seeing as the bride has suddenly turned into Psycho and run out of the church.

Yes, it would have helped if I didn't say the name 'Rachel' instead of the name 'Emily' at the altar, Joey.

Chandler, don't even think about saying it!

Whatever it is, just don't!

Yes, Joey, you can go with Felicity, after all, there is no wedding!

Monica, I'm not Dad!  Do what you want!

Chandler, I don't care!

Rachel, why are you crying?  I didn't mean to make you cry.

Come here.

Okay, no need to hug me so hard.

Rach, I mean it, I'm having trouble breathing.

That's better.  I think we need to talk.

Yes, about me getting tongue-tied.

You do?  Well, why didn't you tell me earlier?

How can you not know something like that?

Freudian slip.  I have a PhD, you'd think I'd know that...  I just did that.

Well, maybe we can.  But not right this minute.  I've just been dumped at the altar, I need some time.

You don't need to blame youself, it was my fault.  I should never have done that to you.

You did?... You are?... We were?!... Are you actually saying this?

No, I didn't mean any offence!  I just... can't believe you're saying it now, of all times.

Somewhere down the line, we will be.  But not now.  I just need time.

Yes, I know I look pretty damn good in this tux.  It's a gift.

We'll just be friends for now, and see how it goes, okay?

Yes, thank you Chandler for interrupting us.  What do you need to tell me now?

You did WHAT with Monica?!