The One With The Promises

Written By:  Jemma

Disclaimer: The characters and their stories belong to Bright, Kaufman, and Crane and NBC and Warner Brothers. I mean no
infringement and make no profit.

Hi my name Is Jemma and this is my first fanfic if you thought it was good, well great. If you thought it was bad, that’s ok too. Please send me some feed back at (it’s my dad’s e-mail address)

This is kinda like an alternative to TOW everyone finds out except Rachel doesn’t know either. Only Joey knows. So enjoy ?

[Monica and Rachel’s apartment: everyone but Ross, playing hearts (card game)]

Monica: Ha! I win! Look I have twenty-five hearts. That means I get zero points and all of you get twenty…(realizing she was wrong) six points. (Whiney) Oh man.

Chandler: (holds up the 6 of hearts) Oops? I guess that means I get one point they (points to Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe) get zero, and you get (pretends to be counting on his fingers) TWENTY-FIVE!

Rachel: (rubs Monica’s arm) I’m sorry hon but everyone knows that there’s twenty-six hearts in this game.

Joey: Well I guess not everyone

All: laughing (except Monica)

Monica: Ha ha very funny. (Looks at the clock) Hey where’s Ross shouldn’t he be here by now?

Phoebe: Yeah he should.

Chandler: Ok let’s start playing again, I could use a good laugh. (Looks at Monica)

Monica: (pretending to be mad while dealing the cards staring at Chandler) I’m gonna get ALL of the hearts this time, you’re dead!

{Time passes}

Ross: (running through the door) uh hi sorry I’m late. I had to do this thing.

Joey: What thing?

Ross: uh nothing just uh turn on channel eleven. (That’s NBC where I live) The 6:00 news.

TV voice: We’re here with the man who found this rare and unusual bone

Joey: hey that guy looks like you!

Rachel: Joe hon that is Ross. But why?

Ross: well there was this dig up state and Donald my boss, said “Hey Geller do you wanna take a day off work and go to this thing?” so I said sure I’ll see if I can find anything interesting.

Chandler: and you did

Ross: it was really cool

Monica: well why didn’t you call and tell us

Ross: because I wanted to surprise you

Phoebe: and you did that’s great!

Monica: well I have to do my laundry, but when I’m done do you all wanna go out?

All: yeah sure

Chandler: hey Mon I’ll help you because that looks like a big load and I have some uh clothes to wash too, yeah

{Chandler and Monica leave}

Ross: I have to pick up Ben for a few hours so when Carol gets him I’ll try to come back before you leave

[M&R’s door is still open from when C&M left]

Ross: (pointing to Joey and Chandler’s door while walking out) hey I never saw them leave. How long does it take just to get some clothes?

Joey: (realizing why they haven’t left) Oh I uh… yeah I saw them leave a long time ago.

Rachel: really I never saw the door open.

Phoebe: me neither.

Ross: well let’s go over and see what’s going on.

Joey: (a little too quickly) NO! I mean no because we can’t.

Rachel: why not?

Joey: because we just can’t do I need a “good” reason.

Ross: yes and since you don’t I’m going over. (Starts to go into Chandler and Joey’s apt.)

Joey: (trying to act normal but wanting Monica and Chandler to hear him) OK SO WE’RE GOING INTO CHANDLER

(Chandler and Monica start putting their clothes back on really fast)

Rachel: yes Joey yes we are… so can we go in now?

Joey: (nervously) uh… uh… yeah

Ross: Joey is there something you want to share with the class?

Joey: no? Fine let’s go in

(All walk in. they see Chandler and Monica walk out of Chandler’s room)

Monica: (trying to act casual) are you sure you have EVERYTHING now?

Chandler: yeah I think so? NO wait I have to get one more shirt I need to wash.

(Chandler goes back into his room)

Monica: (sees everyone and they all look confused) uh hi what are you all doing here?

Phoebe: well you guys took so long and we never saw you leave so we came over to see if you guys are okay

Monica: thanks but we’re fine. It’s just Chandler takes forever to get his things

Phoebe: okay ‘cause for a minute it seemed like you guys were just lying about doing laundry so you could “do stuff”

Rachel: Pheebs what kind of stuff?

Phoebe: like ~ you know ~

Monica: funny (nervous) what ever gave you that idea? (Glaring at Joey)

(Everybody looks at Phoebe weird)

Phoebe:  who knows where I get these ideas the just come to me

All: okay yeah etc.

Chandler: (comes back out) okay NOW I’m ready

Monica: (to Chandler) okay let’s go. (To everyone else) we’re doing something tonight?

All: yeah

Ross: well I have Ben tonight so I might not see you. Bye

All: bye             (Ross leaves)

Chandler and Monica: well we’re going to go too see ya later (they leave)

Rachel: Pheebs, what the hell is the matter with you, Chandler and Monica yeah right                      [scene- Chandler and
Monica at the laundry mat]

Monica: (worried) did you hear Phoebe up there? I think she knows

Chandler: no way does she know. Unless, no there’s no way he would tell

Monica: you think Joey told her don’t you

Chandler: no way! He wouldn’t do that… would he?

[Scene- Joey and Chandler’s apt.]

(Chandler and Monica running in)

Both: Joey? Joey? (looking around)

Chandler: he’s not here!

(both run into Monica and Rachel’s apt.)

Phoebe, Joey, and Rachel are there}

both: Joey? Joey?

Joey: (mouth full) what

(Chandler and Monica grab him and throw him into the hallway between the apts.)

Chandler: (closing the door) we’ll be right back

Monica: (pushing Joey against the wall) okay how does Phoebe know about us?

Joey: (totally clueless) what?

Monica: did you tell her?

Joey: NO!

Chandler: (to Monica) honey I think he could talk better if you let him breathe a little.

(Monica let’s up a little)

Chandler: (to Joey) well then how does she know about us

Joey: I didn’t think she did

Monica: if Phoebe doesn’t know then why did she come up with the idea that me and Chandler are together?

Joey: who knows what’s going through her head

Chandler: or if there IS anything going through her head

Monica: (looking at Chandler) oh shut up. Okay guys let’s just go back in

(the three walk back into M&R’s apt.)

Rachel: what was that all about?

Chandler: nothing, uh… Joey didn’t tell me my… my uh, yeah my friend, no my boss, Doug called yesterday

Monica: and Joey told Chandler what I was getting him for his birthday uh… yeah

Rachel: ooookay. Well Ross should be here any minute. He said he had to pick up something. So are we still going to go see a
movie or something?

All: yeah sure

(Ross enters holding Ben)

Rachel: hi we’re going out tonight are you coming or not

Ross: (putting Ben down) I want to but I can’t ‘cause I have Ben and he’s not feeling to well. I just came by because I need to
barrow something from Chandler

Chandler: sure buddy anything what do you need

Ross: do you still have those Disney sing-a-long videos?

Chandler: (looks at Ross with a “I can’t believe you just said that” look) uh… I don’t know why?

Ross: because Ben really likes that song from Aladdin you know “A whole New World”

Monica: yeah Chandler you have it in the middle drawer next to your underwear

(All give her the “how do you know that” look)

Monica: (notices the looks) uh… that’s what Joey said any way. Yeah

(Everyone looks at Joey)

Chandler: (pretend angry) I told you not to tell anyone

Joey: (playing along) oh yeah oops I guess

Chandler: come on Ross let’s get the video

(Ross and Chandler leave)

[Cut to Chandler’s room]

(Chandler and Ross enter)

Ross: (notices a bra on the floor) uh who’s is that? (Points to the bra)

Chandler: (thinking fast) it’s Monica’s see…
Ross: (interrupting) why do you have my sister’s bra

Chandler: whoa calm down. You see when we getting my laundry I bumped in to her and she must have dropped it

Ross: oh because for a moment what Phoebe said this morning was starting to make sense

Chandler: (handing Ross the video) ha ha well we don’t want that now. Do we? (Looking at Ross for some kind of approval
for him and Monica)

Ross: (in total confusion) what?

Chandler: never mind

(Chandler and Ross leave)

[Monica and Rachel’s apt]

(Ross and Chandler come back in)

Ross: (picking up Ben) come on Ben let’s go

Ben: bye- bye

(Ben and Ross leave)

Monica: oh he is so cute

Joey: yeah uh-huh let’s go

(All leave)


(All come back in)

Monica: (tearing) that was a great movie

Rachel: yeah, but it was so sad that she had to die. Well I gotta go to sleep. Good night everyone

All: good night

(Rachel goes to her room)

Phoebe: I have to go too bye

All: bye Pheebs

(Phoebe leaves)

Joey: (to Chandler) hey you coming?

Chandler: yeah hold on

Joey: see ya. Good night Mon

Monica: yeah good night and I’m sorry for accusing you earlier

Joey: that’s okay

(Joey leaves)

(Chandler and Monica start to make out)

Chandler: I have something to confess

Monica: (a little concerned) yeah what is it

Chandler: I love you. I love you so much that when we’re not together, even for five minutes, I miss you so much it hurts

Monica: (almost crying) I love you too

Chandler: Monica I’ve been in love with you for so long. My heart just couldn’t get the message to my brain so I could tell you

Monica: (half crying half laughing) your heart probably couldn’t find your brain

Chandler: (laughing too) hey I’m the one who makes the jokes here remember. Anyway I have a surprise for you, tomorrow, but you have to promise right now that you won’t freak out. Okay?

Monica: okay I promise

(They kiss)


[Central Perk]

{Everyone but Chandler is there}

Chandler: (running in and grinning) Monica, I promised you a surprise. Are you ready?

Monica: (standing up nervously) yes but when you’re done I have a surprise for you too, but now YOU have to promise you won’t freak out either

(Everyone else staring in confusion)

Chandler: okay well you go first

Monica: no you

Chandler: um okay (getting down on one knee)

Rachel and Phoebe: (in unison and in awe) oh… my… God!

Chandler: (sarcastic) whoa did Janice just show up? (Serious) Monica Geller will you marry me?

Monica: (speechless) oh my God. Oh my God

Ross: (standing up immediately) WHAT

Joey: it’s about time

All: (in unison) WHAT

Joey: well Chandler before you guys even going out you were always talking about Monica, and barely anything else, well
maybe Yasmine Bleth and Baywatch. Then you guys DID start to go out and just. Just I could tell that you were in love

Chandler: (staring at Joey) I’m… I’m sure most of that made sense to someone

Ross: (still in shock) WHAT! You and my SISTER… MY SISTER!

Chandler: uh… yeah?

Rachel: for how long?

Monica: since London

Ross: WHAT!

Phoebe: so I right yesterday?

Ross: WHAT!

Rachel and Phoebe: (giving Monica a hug) that’s great… etc.

Chandler: (to Monica) so what’s your surprise?

Monica: well number one yes I’ll marry you

(Chandler kisses her)

Monica: number two, I’m sorta um

Chandler: yeah

Monica: (whispers in to his ear)

(Chandler faints)

Ross: WHAT!?

Monica: I’m pregnant with Chandler’s baby

Ross: WHAT!

(everyone else is silent)


[still at Central Perk]

Chandler: (waking up) huh what happened

Monica: (to Ross in the corner) it, it’s okay

Ross: (yelling) wha… you’re pregnant with my best… ex- best friend’s baby!

Monica: actually soon-to-be-brother-in-law

Ross: (still yelling) you guys didn’t even tell me you were going out!

Monica: uh we…

Ross: (interrupting and of course still yelling like crazy) AND JOEY KNEW! How come he knew and I didn’t

Monica: well he found out on his own. We didn’t tell him

[Back to Chandler]

Chandler: (still dizzy) she’s pregnant I… I’m gonna be a daddy

Joey: yeah buddy

Chandler: I’m gonna BE a dad (now doing the “Chandler dance” singing) I’m gonna be a daddy. I’m gonna be a daddy.

Monica: (stops talking to Ross and goes over to kiss Chandler) yes you are


Chandler: see ya

(Ross chases Chandler out the door)