The One Where Jacky Leaves.

Written by: Jeniffer

This fanfic takes place a few months after TOW Jacky I , II, letīs see, Jacky is Ross's new Girlfriend, a 20 year old woman.  Rachel felt jealous at first, but then she understood how much Ross loves Jacky.

If you want to know more about it just read TOW Jacky I, II

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Disclaimer: This fanfic script is based on the characters and settings of the TV show "Friends", which is the property of Warner Bros. and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment." J


[SCENE: Rachel and Monicaīs appartament]

(Everybody is there watching a movie, Ross is depressed, something funny happened in the movie,everyone except Ross laughs)

Monica: Whatīs going on with you??,Why are you so depressed??

Ross: (sad face) Jacky went to France one week ago, and she hasnīt called yet.

Rachel:Donīt worry , maybe she has called you, but the line was busy .

Ross: (with more spirit) yeah!! you are right!! Maybe she has called all the days but the line was busy, and I donīt have anything to worry about.

Joey: Yeah! The only thing you have to worry about is that she is cheating you with someone else in France, so she has forgot your number, and thatīs why she doesnīt call you.(everyone look at him like saying "Shut up")

Ross:(depressed again, sarcastic)Thank you Joey!!!

Joey: (Without understanding) Never mind!!

(opening credits /commercial)

[Scene: In the airport, Ross is waiting for Jacky with Red roses, Jacky see Ross, and she walk to him]

Ross: Hi!! (he gave Jacky the roses)

Jacky: Ohh!! You shouldnīt have!!

Ross:How was the flight?

Jacky: Well I donīt know I sleep all the flight.

Ross:oh…I see; Come on, letīs meet with the gang at Central Perk

Jacky: Yes, but first we need to talk.

Ross: About…?(he gets a little worried)

Jacky:uhm…I tell you later…but not here, can we go to your place?

Ross: Sure.

[Cut to Ross appartment, they are in the couch and Jacky is to serious, Ross is very worried thinking, that maybe in her travel, she cheated on him]

Jacky: You know why I went to France?

Ross: Yeah, for the conference…(starts thinking)or it was for another thing??

Jacky:You know that I am not a Paleontologist, but, with you I have learned everything about the museum,anyway, I went to France for a conference, but I didnīt tell you what kind of conference right?

Ross: Yeah, so I think itīs my turn to ask you what kind of conference was it?

Jacky: Well I never tell you but I am a model, and I go to France for an opportunity of a whole career as a model in France

Ross:(getting upset) so…(waiting for an answer)

Jacky:(Sad expression L ) So I am going to move to France in 3 Days…

Ross: And for how long?

Jacky: uhm…5 years, I think

Ross: Oh my god!! Thatīs a lot!!

Jacky: I know, I have already rented a beautiful apartment, in France...

Ross: (very depressed),Well, at least we can enjoy these last days, donīt you think?

Jacky: No, I donīt want to feel depressed my last days in New York, so…I think we should break-up now.

Ross: What?!, Why…why donīt we wait until you leave??

Jacky: You donīt understand I wonīt be able to pack anything, or to be ready to leave if I am with you,(starts to cry) because everytime I am with you ,it doesnīt matter if I am cooking, or I am holding a very ancient bone, if I am with you , I forget all the things that I donīt do with you, I cancel everything just to be with you, so if we donīt break up today, probably I won't be able to leave you…and this move to France is so important to me, understand me , my whole life depends on it…the only thing that stops me from going to France is you…and you know why?…(he looks at she waiting for the answer)…because I love you too much…

[they hug, and share a looong kiss, they are crying,then Jacky says to him]

Jacky: You know I will always love you, but I know we wonīt be able to wait for each other…so if you find someone with the one you feel like the way I feel with you, I would be soo happy for you, and I hope that if I found someone like you , you would be happy for me.

Ross: (depressed)Of course I will, but even if you are in France we can talk to each other and be friends donīt you think it?

Jacky: Yeah , of course!

[She is preparing to leave, when he suddenly kisses her in a very pasionate moment, after the loong kiss they hug and she leaves his apartement]


Central Perk, Everyone except Ross is there.

[he enters ]

Ross:Hi (The depressed one)

Monica: What happen??, you look very sad.

Ross: Jacky is gonna move to…France…in 3 days

Phoebe: How long?

Ross: 5 years, for a her career as a model.

Joey:She was a model?

Ross:Yeah, and her career depends on that move…

Rachel:But, what are you doing here, if she leaves in 3 days go with her!!

Ross:No , I canīt , we have already broke up…

Rachel:Oh… I am sorry.

[everyone hugs Ross]

Monica: Why donīt you come with us to our apartment?

Ross: Ok I will go later…

[everyone leaves, except Rachel]

Ross: You are not going with them?

Rachel : I think you may need to talk with someone

Ross: Yeah, but you donīt know how much I love her.

Rachel: Maybe not, but if there is something that I can do for you, just give me a call, you know my number.

Ross: Yeah, I know it.(Very depressed)could you leave me alone for one second please?

Rachel: Ok I see you at the appartment.

Ross: Thanks.

[Rachel leaves and he stays there thinking for a while then he goes to Rachel and Monicaīs appartment and enters as if nothing happened to him]

Chandler: Where have you been, you stayed there for a while!

Ross: Oh…no when you left I just stayed 10 minutes more then I went for a walk.

Monica: But , you are ok?

Ross: Of course I am ok, why shouldnīt I be ok?

Joey:Because you broke up with your girlfriend, and she is gonna move to France, maybe.

Ross:oh…the "girlfriend thing", no Joey I am over that donīt worry

Phoebe: That wasnīt what you said in Central Perk, there you were depressed!!

Ross: Yeah I know, but I told you Pheebs I am over Jacky ,ok. Now can we talk about something else please!!

[No one understands Ross, but they change the subject, and try to, skip everything related with Jacky]

Joey: Monica, where is the jam??

Monica:I donīt know Joey, I think you have already eaten all the jam jars!

Joey: Oh youīre right, I will go to my place to look for jam…

Phoebe: I'll go with you!

[They leave]

Chandler: Monica, didnīt you have to be at work 1 hour ago?

Monica: Oh my god!! You are right, my boss will kill me…Why donīt you come with me?

Chandler: Ok!

[they leave, Rachel turns on the radio and, sits in the couch next to Ross, the song With Or Without You, is on the radio]

Rachel: oh…that song brings back, so many good memories…(starts to remember)

Ross: Yeah, I havenīt heard it in a long time…

Rachel: Yeah…me too…

[They look to each other,and they say at the same time]

Ross/Rachel: I have something to tell you

[both giggle]

Ross/Rachel: No, you go first…

Rachel: Please go ahead.

Ross: Ok, well you know I am afraid, because, Jacky left me and first I felt so lonely and I missed her so much, but then, something happened and I didnīt miss her as much as I think I would, suddenly it was as if nothing happened before…I think that I have never been able to love someone as…as I loved you before the "break" and all the other things…(a tear rolls down Rachelīs cheek)

Rachel: Well, I have to tell you something too, I still love you soo much, and when I saw you with Jacky, I thought I have lost you forever…and I was very jealous, but then I saw how happy you were with her and I understood, that maybe, we wonīt be a couple again, but we were friends…[Ross interrupts she]

Ross: Stop…Because I love you too.[ he take Rachelīs face and kiss her, they keep looking at each other and then kiss again]

Ross: Do you think that we could…be a couple again??

Rachel:You donīt know how much I wanted you to said that!!

[they kissed again, and in the same moment Phoebe and Joey enter, they stop and look at them]

Joey: Are you two back together again?

Rachel: Yeah, we are…

Phoebe: Oh…I knew it you two are lobsters!!


[Central perk, Ross,and Rachel are hugged,Joey is eating jam,and Phoebe is singging ,Monica and Chandler enters]

Chandler: Did I miss something or you two are back again?

Ross: No , you didnīt we are back again.

Monica:Oh I am so happy for you two

Joey:I knew that they would be back together someday!!

Phoebe: Of course they are lobesters!!


End J