F.R.I.E.N.D.S2 Series1
The One With Out A Wedding Ring

Written By: Chandler

Disclaimer: The characters and their stories belong to Bright, Kaufman, and Crane and NBC and Warner Brothers. I mean no infringement and make no profit.

[Scene: The Wedding Chapel]

Chandler, Ross, Joey, Monica and Rachel are in the Chapel and so are the police

Monica walks over to Chandler

Monica: What’s goin on sweetie

Chandler: Nothing honey, it’s just that the police are here to investigate something

Monica: What?

Chandler: A crime

Monica: Yes, but what crime

Chandler: A very, very bad crime

Monica: Okay you know what are you going to tell me what’s going on or not

Chandler: Okay, well apparently this Chapel was being run illegally and all marriages here are void

Monica: (Shocked) Oh my god!

Chandler: I know, but the way I see it this is a good thing, now you don’t have to tell your parents you were married in a chapel by Elvis

Monica: (Sad) Yeah

They hold each other

Joey, Ross and Rachel come over to them

Rachel: Hey what’s going on you guys

Chandler: This chapel is illegal and everybody who ever got married here, well it didn’t count

Joey: That’s great!

The other four look at him

Joey: (Seeing Them) Oh well for you guys (pointing at Ross and Rachel) and emm bad luck for you guys (pointing at Chandler and Monica)

Chandler and Monica: Oowhhhhhhh!

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The One Without A Wedding Ring

[Scene: Central Perk]

The whole gang are sitting in their regular seats drinking coffee

Chandler: Well I can definitely say that was the most interesting trip we have ever taken

Phoebe: And don’t forget we owe it all to Joey

Joey smiles

Ross: So what did the police say about the wedding ring?

Chandler: Well one of the officers said it was nice, but there tracking the guy down who ran the scam they said that there going to try and get it back as soon as possible

Rachel: So are you guys gonna get married now again, well not really again but for the first time

Monica: Well, you know what we don’t know

Ross: What!

Chandler: Well we actually just want to spend a little more time together first, before we get married which we most definitely will

Joey: And Ross, you and Rach must be relieved now that the marriage was void

Ross and Rachel: Yeah

Rachel: Yeah well I guess we were lucky, you know

Phoebe: But, what are you going to do with the wedding ring when you get it back Chandler?

Chandler: Well I guess I’ll just put it safely away for when we get married

Rachel: Well at least everything is back to normal

Ross: Yeah now we can go back to the way we were

Monica: And what way was that exactly?

Ross: (looks at his watch) Well I’ve gotta go, back to work, in a museum of history

Chandler just looks at him, and then Ross just leaves in a mood

Chandler: Alright children I gotta go too

Monica: Where?

Chandler: Out

Monica: Where out

Rachel: (Whispering to Phoebe) Look at that there acting like a married couple already

Suddenly Monica grabs Chandler by the ear

Monica: Where?

Chandler: Oww, oww okay I’m going to see a work colleague

Monica: Male or Female?

Chandler: Female

Joey: Who is she, would I like her

Rachel: Joey, honey you like any woman that walks on two legs

Phoebe: (interrupting) Except Ginger

Joey: Yeah alright

Chandler: Do you want me to introduce you two?

Joey: Yeah! That I’d be great, thanks man!

Monica: (excited) That’s excellent

Phoebe: What’s her name?

Chandler: Vanessa, she works in my section

Joey: So when can I meet her?

Chandler: Well now if you want I’m in no rush

Joey: Okay

He gets up and puts his coat on and Chandler and Joey exit Central Perk

Phoebe: Great, just the girls

Monica: So what do you wanna do

Rachel: Nothing

Phoebe and Monica: Okay

The three of them sit back and drink their coffee

[Scene: Chandlers Office]

Chandler, Joey and Vanessa are seated around a table

Vanessa: So who’s your friend Chandler?

Chandler: Oh sorry, Vanessa this is Joey Tribbiani and Joey this is Vanessa Casnnol

Vanessa: Hey

Joey: Hey

Chandler: You know what I’m going to out for some coffee, you want some you two?

Vanessa: Sure, you  Joey?

Joey: Oh yeah, I’ll have a cappuccino please Chandler

Chandler: Sure, I’ll only be gone a minute, I’m sure you two can behave yourselves when I’m gone

Vanessa: Sure, bye

Chandler exits the office with a smile on his face

[Time Lapse]

Chandler comes back into the office to find Joey and Vanessa kissing on his desk

Chandler: (Coughing) Ahemmmm

They both look at him startled

Vanessa: (Fixing her hair) Oh sorry Chandler

Joey: Oh yeah, sorry man I didn’t think you’d be back so soon

Vanessa: Actually I’d better go I’ll see you on Monday Chandler

Chandler: Sure goodbye, see ya Monday, take care now, bye bye then (she’s walking out the door) Chaos,

Joey just sits there and then Chandler sits at the desk in front of him

About twenty seconds go bye


[Scene: Chandler and Joey’s Apartment]

Joey is on the phone and Chandler is watching Baywatch

Joey: (On the phone) Great, great so I’ll pick you up, around eight ish

Joey: Great, sure, okay, bye

He hangs up the phone

Chandler: (Not looking away from the TV) Who was that?

Joey: That was Vanessa, were going out tomorrow night at eight…ish

Chandler: That’s great

Joey: What baywatch is this?

Chandler: It’s the one where they have to save the baby from the white shark, while searching for the bomb on the beach and also stopping the Colombian drug smugglers

Joey: Yeah, I love that episode

Chandler: You know what they should make a Baywatch movie!

Joey: Yeah! And maybe I could get a part in it!

Chandler: Yeah, I wouldn’t think that you’d get a part on Baywatch Joe

Joey: Are you un-supporting me again?

Chandler: No, I’m just saying that there just such fine actors on Baywatch that it’d be hard to break into something like that, not that you couldn’t I’m sure that you could

Joey: Thanks man

Rachel bursts in the door holding the phone she looks scared

Chandler: What’s going on? Are you trying to kill me or something?

Rachel: No, no sorry it’s the police there on the phone for you Chandler

Chandler: Me? (points to himself)

Rachel: (frustrated) Yes!, will you answer or something before they send me to prison for wasting “valuable” police time

Chandler: Yeah give it here

He takes the phone of Rachel

Chandler: Hello, Chandler Bing speaking

Voice: Emm, Hello Mr. Bing we have some news on your ring

Chandler: (jumps in the air) Yes, that’s great thanks

Voice: Well we’ve recovered it and it’s in our police station in 22nd Precinct

Chandler: That’s great thank you so much I’ll collect it as soon as possible

Voice: Goodbye

Chandler hangs up the phone

Chandler: They found my ring!

Rachel: Hey that’s great Chandler

Joey: Yeah your lucky

Chandler: Yeah they have it in their 22nd Precinct

Joey: Hey, that’s on the way to Vanessa’s apartment, I’ll collect it for you on the way

Chandler: Hey, Joe that’s great thanks a lot and oh don’t tell Monica I want to surprise her

Rachel:  Okay sure and oh sorry about bursting in your door like that

Okay we’ve reached half way again which is great as I didn’t think that I’d actually continue to write these episodes. I hope your enjoying this episode, because so far this has been the most fun for me to write. This is episode two and hopefully there will be more. Check out the new Friends2 Web Site which I’m hoping to launch by September, I’ll give an address for the site in later episodes and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter in which you receive a subscription to Friends2  so enjoy the rest of this episode. See ya next time

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[Scene: Rachel and Monica’s Apartment]

Ross, Phoebe and Monica are there. Monica is cooking and Chandler and Phoebe are watching TV

Ross: So do you know if your going to get your wedding ring back Mon?

Monica: No

Phoebe: Well you better because I haven’t seen it yet and if I don’t see it that’s just bad luck for the bride and groom

Monica: But Phoebe I’m not married

Phoebe: Oh no

Monica laughs

Chandler walks into the apartment

Chandler: Hey

Monica: Hi honey

She gives him a kiss

Chandler: So I’ve got tickets to the Rangers game tonight Ross you wanna go

Ross: Sure

Monica hits him

Monica: Hey what about me

Chandler: You don’t like hockey

Monica: I know but your supposed to ask me do I want to go first

Chandler: Okay do you want to go to the hockey game tonight?

Monica: No thanks

Chandler: Okay Ross would you like to go to the hockey game tonight

Ross: Yeah, but where’s Joey

Chandler: He’s out on a date with Vanessa

Ross: Who?

Monica: A female work colleague of Chandler

Chandler: Yes and Joey is a male outside of work colleague

Ross: Okay so what time

Chandler: 20 mins, I kinda got home a little late

Ross: Okay come on, I just have to go over to my apartment to get my coat

Ross walks out the door

Chandler: (mimicking him) My Apartment To Get My Coat

Chandler walks out the door and closes it behind him

Phoebe: So Monica what’s it like almost getting married

Monica: Well actually when I thought I was married it was great

Phoebe: Well I was married before but not in your way

Monica: Yeah and I’m sure me and Chandler will get married properly, now that he’s not afraid of marriage

Phoebe: Yeah, I guess so

Monica: What do you mean you guess so

Phoebe: I mean you never know what could happen between now and then

Monica: Trust me nothing is going to happen

Phoebe: Okay

[Scene: Police Station]

Joey has gone into the station to get Chandlers ring back, he walks up to the desk

Joey: (To Police Officer) Emm hello I’m here to collect a stolen property

Officer: And what property would that be?

Joey: A wedding ring owned by a Chandler Bing

Officer: Fine, fill out these forms

Joey: Awhhh

The Police Officer hands Joey some forms

Joey goes over to a table and begins to fill out the forms

Joey: (Reading the Form) Sex? I’m gonna be here for a while

[Time Lapse]

Joey gets up from the table and goes back to the desk

Joey: Here ya go

He hands in the forms

Officer: Thanks

He then hands Joey the wedding ring

Joey: Thanks, (looks at his watch) Oh god I’ve gotta go, I’ve got a hot date tonight

Officer: Congratulations

Joey: Thanks

He leaves the Police Station in a hurry

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s Apartment]

Chandler and Ross come in the door, Phoebe, Monica and Rachel are sitting down watching TV

Chandler: Hey, what are ya watching

Monica: Speed

Rachel: Maybe if they didn’t let buses go over 50 mile an hour they wouldn’t be in that situation

Chandler: Exactly, you know there making a new one about a bicycle, and if it goes under 5mph the bike shrinks

Ross: Yeah very funny

Chandler: No I’m serious it stars Rick Moranis and it’s going to be called Honey I Went Too Slow And Shrunk The Bicycle

Rachel and Monica both laugh

Ross: So is Joey gone to get your ring?

Monica: What?

Chandler: A condom ring

Monica: Oh! But I still think that’s weird

Phoebe:  Yeah I just don’t get it

Rachel: Get what Phoebs?

Phoebe: Well they made the first one on a bus, then the second and a boat so why are they making the third on a bicycle?

Ross: Well…… Never mind

Chandler and Ross sit down in the seats beside them

[Scene: Vanessa’s Apartment]

There is a knock on the door. Vanessa goes over and opens it and Joey is there

Joey: Hi

Vanessa: Hi come on in

Joey enters

Joey: (looking around) This is a nice place you’ve got here

He turns around and sees Vanessa standing there she kisses him

Vanessa: Let’s go to bed !

Joey: (Looking excited) Well I’m not going to argue with that

They go into her bedroom

[Time Lapse]

Joey and Vanessa are lying in bed

Vanessa: Oh Joey!

Joey: (Looking proud) I know

Joey goes into the bathroom

Joey: I’ll be out in a minute

Vanessa: Okay

She sits there for a minute, then she notices Joey’s coat lying on the end of the bed. (Just guess what happens next) She opens the coat and the wedding ring falls out

Vanessa: (Quietly) Oh what’s this?….. Oh my God

[Cut To Joey In The Bathroom]

Don’t worry he’s only fixing his hair

Vanessa bursts in the door

Vanessa: Oh Joey, I Do, I Do

Joey: (Dumbfounded) What?

Vanessa: It’s okay I’ve found the wedding ring

Joey looks shocked

Vanessa keeps kissing him

Vanessa: Are you happy

Joey: I’m in shock

[Scene: Monica and Rachels]

Joey enters, Rachel is sitting at the table reading a magazine

Rachel: So? How did things go with Vanessa?

Joey: Oh everything was great, she’s smart and funny, cute and there’s this other little thing she’s crazy!

Rachel: What?

Joey: Well she found Monica’s wedding ring in my coat

Rachel: Nooooooo!

Joey: (Nodding) Yes!, and she took that as meaning that I wanted to marry her

Rachel: Well it is a wedding ring Joey

Joey: And it’s also the first date!

Rachel: I see, so what are you going to do

Joey: I don’t know, well I’m going to have to think of some way to get the ring back off her and oh promise me that you will not say anything to Chandler or Monica, they’ll be furious

Rachel: Yeah

Joey: Yeah, but at me

Rachel: Don’t worry Joe your secrets save with me

Joey: Yeah that’s what you said about me crying over the Little Women book, but you told everyone you knew about that little secret

Rachel: Don’t worry this is a big secret

Joey: So was that!

Phoebe enters the apartment

Phoebe: Wait I’m getting a feeling, oh my god Joey your getting married!

Rachel: I didn’t say anything!

Closing Credits

[Scene: Monica and Rachel’s]

20 Years into the future

The six are all watching TV

Phoebe: I’m so glad we got this video it was the blockbuster of the summer

Ross: Yeah

[Cut To TV]

Voice over: And now for our feature presentation, the one you’ve all been waiting for Speed 9, when it’s just not safe enough for you to use a lawnmower anymore