The one with Cinderelly

Written by: papermachegirl

Central perk

Phoebe is sitting on the couch as Rachel enters.


Rachel : Hi Pheebs ! I'm so glad you're here . I met this incredible cute guy who was playing guitare and I so want to impress him . So please please please can you do me a favour and teach me?

Phoebe: ok but are you sure you're ready for that . I mean this is really hard and it's a job you need to work on.

Rachel : Ok. No problem . Where could I find a guitare?

Phoebe : Uh Rach don't you think you're rushing into it . I mean are you sure you deserve one 'cause that's commitment you know.

Rachel : yeah !oh yeah!

Phoebe: Ok! then i guess gunther can lend you one

Rachel to gunther :Would you mind lending me your guitare for a bit ?

Gunther: Oh… Uh no no no .You want lessons?

Rachel:Phoebe already offered me lessons

Gunther:so come home at five and I will give it to you…..dear

Rachel leaves surprised


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Monica and Rachel's

Chandler and Monica are together discussing on the couch


Monica: So .I went to one of Joey's hearses and he asked me to play with him.

Chandler: Oh yeah! Great!

Monica : Yes, but the only problem is that we have to kiss

Chandler: Whywhywhy would you kiss him!

Monica: That's in the play .There's nothing I can do to avoid it.So is that Ok?

Chandler: Yes (gives her a really good kiss) but don't you dare forget that kiss!

Ross entering with Ben

Ross: Guess what ! Ben just asked me if he could be a model!

Monica : And what did you say?

Ross: I said yes .I mean why not?

Monica:Uh… hello… doesn't he have to go to school?

Ross: Yes but he asked me so …I guess i'll accept. But the only thing is that I gotta make his book..So I'm begining a new carrier as photograph

Rachel :At least it would be better than your dinosaur thing!

Ross slaps his elbows

Rachel: I gotta go at gunther's

Monica: But Rach it's only three

Rachel : I know but I have my date at five so…


Gunther's hallway

As Rachel knocks Gunther opens surprised

She enters and sees that it's a real sanctuary . There's photos , drawing and poems about her all over the place.


Gunther : I was just planing a surprise party for you !

Rachel : What!? You know my birthday is may fifth!

Gunther :Oh yeah!

Rachel : You know what Gunther… you're sick

Gunther: Oh! no no no Rach( knees down and sings) "don't leave me girl"!


Monica and Rachel's

Rachel enters in horror


Rachel: Gunther is crazy. He's kept all my heprons, the old commands I took at the coffee house.

Monica: I thought you knew he was in love with you.

Rachel :No I didn't!

Monica :well ...then you know now!

Rachel sits in shock

Monica: well, I gotta go hearse with Joey.

Rachel : enjoy!

Monica thinking:I think I will!


At the Theatre


Joey :Hi!

Monica: Hi Jo!

Joey: Ready to play Cinderelly

Monica :Yes my prince!

Commercial break

The theatre

Monica and Joey kissing


Monica : well that was the hell of a kiss!!

Joey proudly : Thanks. So Mon …can I ask you a question?Not that I doubt but… am I better at that than Chandler?

Monica :Well… That's different!

Joey : Good differrent?

Monica :Uh… actually yes .But please don't tell him that!

Joey: Ok sure! (leaves happilly)

Central perk


Rachel: Hi Gunther. So how come I saw that. 'Cause excuse me but I don't believe in that surprise party thing.

Gunther :Well… you know .In fact (starts singing again) "only you"…

Rachel : Ok ok. But why didn't you tell me?

Gunther : I was too afraid

Rachel :Oh! you know .I can't date you I mean you're like a really good friend and I don't wanna jeopardise our friendship.


Gunther : Ok ,but please (do it one more time) "love me tender"

Rachel :I know I disapoint you but that's the way it is.

Gunther (almost crying): But Rachel "I will always love you ,I will always loooooooove youououououou"


Rachel leaves

Ross's place

Ben in indian

Ross: please do as if you were an indian

But Ben doesn't seem to understand

The same happens as ben is wearing G.I Joe costume

Ross: Ben .Please just say"GO JOE"!

Ben doesn't answer

Ben looking like Rambo all covered in mud

Or else like Romeo

Ross: it's easy …just imagine you have a Juliet!



Monica and Machel's


Ross upset: I don't get it. I tried to help him becoming other characters,but he doesn't seem to understand.

Monica : Don't you forget that he's only four.

Ross:I know but I choose some celebrities like: Romeo G I Joe Rambo and I could'nt make great photos.

Monica : Maybe he's not ready for it . Maybe it's a schedule problem I mean maybe is he very asked .So you should forget that for a while.

Ross: But I can't .I mean he really wants to do that.

Chandler: Easy Pirelli!! Maybe that was just a crush and now it's gone.

Ross: Yeah. I guess you're right.But I still have plenty of characters for him like:The Lion King, Bagheera…

Chandler: you know what pal !just forget it!

Ross leaves


Chandler: so Mon how was it?

Monica: What ? Oh… oh yeah .Well it went well!

Chandler: Joey told me how you guys were playing Cinderelly and how you were Cinderelly and he was the prince.

Monica :yes !exactly !Cinderelly is so right for me you know. I think she was created for me!

Chandler: well I guess so!but there's a big kiss at the end right?

Monica :oh yeah! but that's actually not that big of deal.

Chandler :Ok !so! Am I better than he is?

Monica thinking: well… That was different .But the bottom line is that I love you.

Chandler : What I can't believe you'd say that .You cheat on me with myt best friend.

Monica:Honey I didn't cheat on you .See… i'm an actress so it wasn't for real

Chandler :as if

Monica kisses him to let him know that something amazing is about to happen.


Later at monica and rachel's

Rachel and Phoebe

Rachel's playing guitare on a mop

Phoebe:Ok. Are you ready. First you have to feel the sound and hear it in your head.

Rachel: Yeah !So which one is A?

Phoebe: Don't go too fast . Before notes let's talk about your real ambitions.

Rachel : What Pheebs?! I wanna play period.! Iwanna impress that guy.

Phoebe : Wow wow wow! You use it to seduce him . You can't do that . How don't you hate yourself a little bit more!

Rachel : Ok !you know what Phoebe ! I should have asked Gunther first.

Phoebe : Please be my guest.

Rachel: Oh you perfectly know I won't do it.

Phoebe: Well …you 're gonna have to pay more attention and feel your sentiments.

Rachel : You won .I'm gonna tell the guy I can't play (storms out)

Central Perk

Rachel is with the guitare guy


The guy : Hi !Hey !you forgot your guitare.

Rachel : well…actually ….uh…I broke it.

The guy : Nevermind , you can borow mine if you want.

Rachel : Ok, but play first please.

The guy : Ok !why not(starts to play some heavy metal so everybody get out of the coffee house)

Rachel : Uh..Well that was….noisy!

The guy : Yeah I know . Do you want another one?

Rachel : I gotta go but let me know if you play sometime.

The guy : Please. What about I see you tomrrow night and maybe you'll play me a little song.


Rachel : You know what uh… kurt.I think it's not gonna work.

T.G : What ?why?

Rachel : Yes .I mean , I love Tracy Chapman , Eric Clapton and you're more like Nirvana , Metallica so I don't think it's gonna work ,sorry.


T G : well… I can change my tune for you.


Rachel : No please. You're great at that . Keep making noise.


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Central perk

Rachel trying to play with Phoebe

Gunther : Rachel can I play?

Rachel : Yeah !why not!

Gunther in the microphone: Now I'm gonna play a song for a girl I used to love

"Rach now go

walk at the door

just turn around now

'cause you're not welcome anymore……"