The One Where Chandler Learns

Written by : Vicksteria

Disclaimer: The characters and their stories belong to Bright, Kaufman, and Crane and NBC and Warner Brothers. I mean no
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Hello again 'fellow friends fans'. Well, I'm back with the continuation to my previous fan fiction - 'TOW the babysitting'. Hope you all liked it. As usual, a little feedback from you guys/gals would really help a lot. Anyways, read on....
Oh yeah, and one more thing, I am a 'he' and not a 'she'. The ppl at made a little error. but thats ok. :)


Ben : Well, as you all saw it last time, Mommy Carol and Mommy Susan had to leave for some work and so Dad had to take care of me for the whole week, but for the first night itself, he left me with Uncle Chandler because of a date. Uncle Chandler is really cool except for the hair on his chest, but thats ok. He told me I'll have it when I am as old as he is now, so I should get used to it. Anyways, meanwhile Aunt Rachel just got a new job at the same place where she works currently, but the sad part about it is that she'll have to leave us all for it if she wants it. Well, thats all there is to it and its about time. I gotta pee!

(Opening credit)

(Chandler And Monica's - Phoebe, Chandler and Ben  are at the dining table, Monica's in the Kitchen making breakfast for everyone. Everybody is silent and Ben keeps looking at each of them)

Ben : I dont feel so good.

Phoebe : Is everything ok lil Ben?

Ben : I dont know, maybe its all the silence.

Chandler : C'mon Ben, lets watch some cartoons while Aunt Monica makes breakfast.

(Chandler gets up and picks up the remote control to the t.v.)

Ben : I dont wanna watch cartoon, something's wrong with my tummy.

Monica : Have some milk Ben, maybe that'll help you.

(Monica gives Ben a glass of milk. Ben takes a few sips of his and starts gargling)

Phoebe : Ben! Stop it! Its so......ewww!

Ben : Uncle Chandler thinks it cool! Right Uncle Chandler??

(Monica and Phoebe glare at Chandler)

Chandler : Ahem.(clearing his throat). Oh Look Ben, its the bugs and daffy show!

Ben : Uh Oh....

Phoebe : What??

(Ben gets up and throws up on the floor)

Phoebe : Ben?? are you alright???

Monica : Oh my god! (Rushes towards him picks him up and takes him to the bathroom, Phoebe and Chandler follow her)

Chandler : Hey lil buddy, are you okay??

Monica : Sweetie, whats wrong? Is it something you ate yesterday??

Ben (clearing up) : I dont know, all I had was a burger, french fries,coke and a choclate fudge.

Monica (Looking at Chandler) : You fed the poor little all that???

Phoebe : all of that???

Chandler (looking at Monica, and then at Phoebe) : Aww c'mon! You cant blame me! He was the one eating it!
(Monica and Phoebe glare at him) Ok, I think I should call the doctor now.

(Scene Cut to Rachel's office)

(Rachel is on her desk, going thru some files, Kim buzzes her on the intercom. She gets up and walks into Kim's office.)

Kim : So Rachel, have you decided yet?

Rachel : About?

Kim : The promotion dear..!

Rachel : Oh yeah. When do I have to leave?

Kim : Oh! So you are taking it??

Rachel (smiling) : Only if the plane ticket is paid by you.

Kim : Well Congratulations Rachel. You still have 6 days more to go. So start with all your shopping, and you can take the whole week off from now. You'll get the ticket later.

Rachel : Thanks a lot Kim (She turns around and walks out of the office as Kim keeps smiling).

(Cut To Joey's apartment)

(Joey is sitting on his chair looking glum, Chandler walks in)

Chandler : Hey buddy.

Joey : Hey. Where were you dude?

Chandler : Ross left Ben for a stayover at our place last night and he fell sick last morning. Been throwing up since morning. Had to take him to the doctor.

Joey : Man, is he okay???

Chandler : Yeah he's fine now. Took his syrup and went to sleep. The doctor says he just over ate a bit. Ross should've been here hours ago. Wonder where he is. (Looks at Joey's face, quite gloomy.) Man whats wrong with you? Looks like sumone stole your penguine Hugsy.

Joey : Naah. I'm okay.

Chandler : You dont look like you are. (walks over to Joey) Whats wrong man? Sumthin went wrong with Laila?

Joey : Yeah...sorta.

Chandler : Tell me. what did you do now? Tell her that you sleep with your penguin every nite???

Joey: No! (looks at Chandler) Thats not the problem, she sleeps with a teddy bear. So no big deal!

Chandler : Then what is it??

Joey : Well she...(pauses)

Chandler : Yes..
Joey : She thinks I am....(pauses)

Chandler : Go on..

Joey : She thinks I am a dumb...(pauses) dodo.

Chandler : (Looking at Joey in disgust) Noooo!

Joey : Yeah..

Chandler : You let a girl who sleeps with a teddy bear call you that????

Joey : She said it jokingly, but it really hurt me a lot man. (makes a baby face)

Chandler : Awww...lil baby's hurt.

Joey : Stop joking man. I've been thinking about it too. Am I really dumb???

Chandler : No you are not! Childish and immature maybe, but not dumb!

(Joey glares at Chandler in Anger)

Chandler : Look . I know a way you could get back at her and prove it to her that just because you think Superman and Spiderman are for real that doesnt mean you are listen carefully...

(Screens fades away as Chandler starts explaining..)

(Scene Cut to Chandler and Monica. Monica and Phoebe are sitting on the couch chatting as Ross comes in.)

Ross : Hey Mon, Hey Pheebs!

Monica (a little frightened) : Huh. Hi Ross. What took you so long? Looks like you had one hell of a date last night.

Ross : Yeah, we went over to her place and she showed me all her slides from her expedetion to Africa! We were up all night.

Phoebe : Ooohhh....romantic!

Ross : Yeah. So where's Ben?

Monica : umm....Ben is sleeping.

Ross : At this hour??? its 11.30 am. He never sleeps for so long. Was he up late night???

Monica  : Well actually, he kept us up all night with his frequent urges to visit the bathroom.

Ross : Yeah he does that. But he never sleeps so late.

Phoebe : Well actually, he wouldnt have been sleeping right now if he would've been feeling well.

Ross (walks over to Ben and places his palm on his forehead.) What happened to him?? He's having a temperature.

Monica : Its nothing Ross, we took him to the Doctor and...

Ross : What happened Monica??

Monica : Well, Chandler took him to the Burger joint for dinner and he kinda over ate. But he's really okay now.

Ross : Gawd I knew it! I shouldnt have left him with Chandler! He's the most irresponsible person on earth!

Chandler walks into the Apartment.

Ross : You! Come here!

Chandler (Looks at Ben first and then at Ross) : Look Man , I'm really sorry...

Ross : You are sorry, you almost poisoned my son!

Chandler : Looks its not that serious alright. He's fine now! He just took his medicine and went to sleep!

Ross : He was perfectly fine until I left him with you. I should've known! You cant take care of a little child Chandler! You really need to learn to be more responsible! (Turns to monica) Look, I am going now, let him sleep for a while over here. When he wakes up just give me a call and I'll pick him up ok?

Monica : Yeah ok.

Ross walks out into the living room as Phoebe follows him, Chandler sits down on the edge of the bed and Monica puts her arms around him trying to comfort him.

Pheobe : Ross, dont you think you were a little too hard on Chandler??

Ross : Phoebe, he has got to learn to be more responsible. He knows Ben is too small to have dinner a burger joints. Next thing you know he's be taking him a strip joint for breakfast!

Phoebe : I dont think those places open up so early.

Ross glares at Phoebe.

Phoebe : Look  Ross. Chandler has never had much of an experience with kids. But I am quite sure he'll be a totally responsible person when he becomes a father too. Just like you. You have to give him a chance.

Ross (thinking about what Phoebe just said) : Yeah...I guess I was a bit too hard on him. I'll go in and apologise.
(walks into the room again) Hey Man....

Chandler (Looks up) : Hey..

Ross : Look, I am really sorry about whatever I said but you gotta understand, Ben is my son...and he's just 4 years old. You've to be really careful with kids. They are really sensitive (looks at Ben)

Chandler (gets up and walks upto Ross) : Ross, I am really sorry about what happened. I admit that I know absolutely nothing about kids and I shouldnt have taken Ben's responsibility if I couldnt... ...I feel terrible about the whole thing...I am a very irresponsible man.

Ross : are a very responsible man...I would never have let my sister go out with a irresponsible guy. She's as dear to me as Ben is.You are just inexperienced with kids, thats all, I am quite sure this whole experience will give your own kids a very good father. (Hugs Chandler)

Chandler : Thanks man. I am really sorry.

Ross : Its okay, just do me one favour will ya?

Chandler : whatever. just ask.

Ross : Could you umm..take care of Ben tonite...I got a date with heather again....

(Monica and Phoebe just stare at Ross as Chandler smiles)

Chandler : Sure man. anytime. After all, he's my nephew. (Turns around and see's Ben smiling.)

(Ending Credits)

(Scene : A restaurant - Joey and Laila are on a date.)

Laila (taking a sip of her drink) : So Joey, You said earlier that you wanted to talk to me about something related to our previous date?

Joey : Huh..oh yeah yeah..Well, Its just that, your 'dumb as a dodo' comment has really disturbed me a lot you know.

Laila : Oh Joey, I am so sorry, I didnt mean to hurt you or anything.

Joey : Oh no its ok. Its not your fault, it was the situation that I was in at that time.

Laila : What situtation??

Joey : Well Laila, I didnt wanna tell you this at that time...but I was in a real off mood that day because my dad was just hospitalised that morning.

Laila : Oh my god Joey! I am so sorry.. I didnt know..what happened??

Joey : Well, he's a chain smoker...

Laila : Oh my! Is it cancer?

Joey : Oh no no no, he fractured his hands and legs.

Laila : Because of ciggerates????

Joey : Well, you know, he had this habit..of crushing the ciggerate bud with his feet after finishing the ciggerate, and that day, he was smoking in the Balcony, and after he finished it, and dropped it on the floor, he went to crush it, and not realising that he lives on the 2 know..

Laila : Oh...thats bad.. I am really sorry honey. (gets up and kisses Joey on the forehead.)

Joey (faking a sad face) : Its ok.

Laila : Well, atleast we learnt one thing here. You are just a chip of the ol' block! (giggles as she takes a sip of her drink.Joey smiles first too, but then realises what she just said and glares at her.)

(To Be Continued)