The One With Monica and Chandler, Part Two

Written by: Sally Zahnle

This is my third script. I hope it is as good as the rest. Feed back goes to

   Scene one-Chapel. Monica and Chandler are at the alter facing each other and holding hands. The priest is standing behind them.

PRIEST: Monica, please repeat after me. I Monica Geller.

MONICA: I Monica Geller.

PRIEST: Take Chandler Bing.

MONICA: Take Chandler Bing.

PRIEST: As my lawful wedded husband 'til death do us part.

MONICA: As my lawful wedded husband 'til death do us part.

PRIEST: Chandler, please repeat after me. I Chandler Bing.

CHANDLER: I Chandler Bing.

PRIEST: Take Monica Geller.

CHANDLER: Take Kathy. Oh damn. Take Monica.

    Cut to Chandler's bedroom. Monica and Chandler are in bed. Monica sits up quickly. She looks at Chandler.

MONICA: At least you didn't say "Janice". (Pushes him out of bed and lays back down)

CHANDLER: What the hell?

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    Scene two-Central Perk. Monica is sitting between Phoebe and Rachel on the couch. She is holding a coffee and looks upset.

MONICA: And then he said "I take KATHY". Is it a sign? Am I not really suppose to marry him?

RACHEL: Of course you are! Your just thinking of Ross's wedding. If you really love him and he really loves you too, then don't worry about it.

MONICA: I know, but I can't really help worrying. Maybe we should put the wedding off for a little while.

RACHEL: If your ready, then go get married. If not, well, your the one who has to decide that.

    Chandler enters, goes to the counter, and orders a coffee. Rachel notices he's here and motions to Phoebe that they should leave. They get up and leave. Chandler gets his coffee, goes to the couch and sits next to Monica.


MONICA: (Distracted) Hi.

CHANDLER: Are you okay?

MONICA: (Snapping out of her trance) Huh? Oh, fine.

CHANDLER: What's up with you? First you pushed me out of bed and then you space out, which is totally not the Mon I sleep with.

MONICA: I've just been thinking. Do you think we have been rushing into this marriage?

CHANDLER: Maybe a little, but I can't stand living another day without being married to the most beautiful woman I know.

MONICA: (Smiles) You are so sweet! (Kisses him)

    Cut to a chapel. A priest is standing by the alter.  Monica and Chandler are standing in front of him. It is the rehearsal so they aren't dressed up.

PRIEST: With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. (Chandler and Monica kiss) Great rehearsal! I'll see you two later. (Exits)

MONICA: Bye. (To Chandler) I better go get my dress on.

CHANDLER: 'Kay. (Kisses her) See you at the alter.

    Monica smiles, touches his face, and walks away.  Chandler gets a dreamy look on his face while watching her walk away. Joey comes up to Chandler from his left wearing  a tux.

JOEY: Hey man.

CHANDLER: (Snaps out of it) Hey. How was I?

JOEY: Pretty good for a guy who has never gotten married before. What's up with Ross? (Camera cuts to Ross, who is wearing a suit and sitting in a pew staring strait ahead at nothing. Cuts back to Chandler and Joey at the alter)

CHANDLER: I don't know. I better go talk to him. (Leaves Joey. Camera cuts back to Ross. Chandler comes up and sits next to him.)

CHANDLER: Hey man. What's up with you?

ROSS: Nothing.

CHANDLER: I know what your thinking. Your thinking "They are going way too fast. Monica is in over her head and she's gonna get hurt." You don't need to worry man. I would never do anything to hurt her. I have been waiting for this day for, well, forever. I never even imagined loving someone as much as I love her.

ROSS: Actually, that wasn't what I was thinking.

CHANDLER: Oh. Sorry.

ROSS: I was thinking how much I screwed up at my wedding. What a big mistake it was to take it so fast. And then saying the wrong name.

CHANDLER: It's not your fault you guys went so fast.

ROSS: Okay, what the hell is wrong with you? Of course it's my fault. I said the WRONG name at my WEDDING. That's worse than saying the wrong name during sex.

CHANDLER: I've done that.

ROSS: What if what I did at the wedding was a sign. What if I wasn't really suppose to marry Emily. What if there's someone else for me. I mean, I really thought she was the one.

CHANDLER: Well ya know, third times the charm.

ROSS: So if I went and married a hooker, then I would never get divorced from her? Face it Chandler, I'm hopeless.

WOMAN'S VOICE FROM BEHIND: (Quietly) No your not.

    Ross and Chandler turn around to see who it is and their faces show complete shock.

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    Scene three-same place as before. Chandler and Ross are still staring with surprise and a little horror on their faces. We can see the back of the head of the person that had talked to them.


CHANDLER: What are you doing here?

    The camera swings around and reveals our mystery woman.  It's (gasp) Emily!

ROSS: Emily! What are you doing here?

EMILY: I've been thinking. I need to talk to you.

CHANDLER: I'll leave you two alone. I have to change anyways.

EMILY: Thanks. Oh Chandler! Congratulations.

CHANDLER: Thanks (Exits)

ROSS: You still haven't answered me. What the hell are you doing here? And how did you find out where I was?

EMILY: (Sits down in the pew behind Ross) Since Chandler's apartment was your last phone number that I knew, I called and the machine goes 'Hey this is Chandler. I'm getting married at St. Catherine Church. If I don't know you, don't come 'cause if you don't know me I probably don't know you'.  I figured you would be here seeing as your best friend is getting married.

ROSS: Not only is my best friend is getting married, Monica is too.

EMILY: A double wedding? How romantic.

ROSS: No no no. They're marrying each other.

EMILY: Oh! When I first met them I thought they were an issue.

ROSS: Nope. They've been at it since London.

EMILY: Oh. About why I came here. I miss you. I want you back.

ROSS: I miss you too, but I can't.

EMILY: Is there someone?

ROSS: No. Nope. I just can't. I'm over you. I know it hurts. I've had it said to me many times. I just can't.

EMILY: Well, I can't say I didn't give it a chance. I better leave. The wedding looks like it's going to start soon.

ROSS: (Looks around and notices a bunch of people are sitting in the pews) I guess so. I'll see you.

EMILY: (Smiles) Bye Ross.

ROSS: Bye Em.

    Emily leaves. Ross watches her go. Cut to room.  Monica is standing on a platform thing. Rachel and Phoebe are fluttering around putting the finishing touches on the wedding dress.

MONICA: Are you sure I look okay?

RACHEL: You look perfect.

PHOEBE: Perfect.

MONICA: I'm so happy! It's finally happening! I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! (She screams the last part)

MR. GELLER: (Enters the room) Its time!

MONICA: Oh! This is it! I'M GETTING MARRIED!!! (Again, screaming the last part)

MR. GELLER: Oh my little harmonica's getting married to Chandler! (Thinks for a minute) Isn't he the gay one?

MONICA: Daddy!

MR. GELLER: Just kidding. Lets go.

    Cut to Chapel. Chandler is standing at the alter.  Joey walks up the isle with Phoebe. Ross follows with Rachel. After they walk to the alter and get in there places, Ross and Joey on Chandler's left and the girls on his right, everyone in the church turns around to watch for the bride. Monica and her dad walk down the isle. They get to the end and Monica kisses him on the cheek. She then walks up the Chandler and smiles. He takes her hands and smiles back. The preacher begins.

PRIEST: Dearly beloved. We are gathered her today Scene starts to fade out.

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